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Police, Private Eyes, and Democrat Lies.


As an ex-private eye, with a 35-year career, I can say I’ve unavoidably been rousted by police hundreds of times. Sometimes at gunpoint.

Actually, maybe a lot at gun point. But that’s okay. Nobody got shot. Because police are professionals, not TV gunslingers.

See—we all use the same sort of surveillance vehicles and we can all spot them immediately. It can’t be avoided.

At one time the Pennsylvania State Police were investigating the Philadelphia Police, and I was mistaken for a State cop by a Philly cop more times than I want to think about.

There were always certain ways of behaving that would help ensure I would be cooperating with police and not hindering them. I, personally, never had a problem with any cop. Every single one of them behaved properly. I even had my guns politely taken away a few times, but they were always returned on the spot.

And all this goes waayyyyy back, kids; beginning thirty-five years ago. Nothing brand new here.

Anyway, lately, I have been watching a lot of these cop incidents and cop shows on the YouTube. These are also searchable in the Google. You know—cop shows about  “stops,” encounters, arrests, and, sometimes, shootings.

Democrat Lies

I never knew or saw a cop who was busting to kill somebody. It’s a myth. Okay, there may be mistakes made in the heat of the moment—in the excitement and battle out there. Or maybe it was necessary for the policeman (or police woman) to shoot, in order to protect and preserve life, or stop a felony.

But I never knew a cop who actually wanted to kill or shoot somebody.

If they did shoot somebody, they would not be “hailed and celebrated back at the station.” They would be put on a desk job, their career in the balance, avoided by fellow police, watched, maybe disarmed, and maybe even fired.

Any shooting is microscopically investigated by “ginks,” or Internal Affairs. Such police effort is not dedicated to “clearing” somebody. It’s the policeman’s job to put lawbreakers in jail.

A policeman may try to help, assist, or save a perpetrator.

But where their own are concerned, “a law-breaker” cop is viewed as worse than “just a law-breaker.” That lawbreaker breaks Public and Professional Trust.

That law-breaker will be caught by other police, and legally punished by Law.

In watching many, many YouTube efforts, I am struck by several things.

But the main thing is:

An apparent utter fearlessness—a seeming, total sense of victimization, indignation, entitlement, immunity to law, Lies, and just mean, rotten, disgusting rhetoric from the mouths of those about to be possibly found with illegal guns, crystal meth, illegal cocaine, heroin, as spouse-beaters, or vehicle/license infractions up the wazoo.


AF6D645F-2D75-4DB7-9BAC-C86BA0589332 – “Talking to cops while biting into whole ham….”
See Different Video, HERE:

Same Guy, Different Night – Judge For Yourself



From common criminals, to woman and child beaters—from drunks, to “runners,” wild car chases, killers, gunmen, knifemen, resistors, “sovereign citizens,” and cop killers—the lies, obfuscation, and bad, bad, bad, fearless attitudes are truly mind-wrenching.

I don’t know where all this insanity could have come from.

Yes I do….

It comes from lies, doubt, and chaos, unleashed by Obama and his henchman Eric Holder. From the “conversation about race,” which they wanted to “have,” and initiated. From the “fundamental transformation” of American criminals into pseudo “jailhouse” and street “lawyers.”

Unneeded—unwanted, stupid, dumb, “Experts, Sovereign Citizens, Moors, and White drifters.”

Disrespect for a policeman is disrespect for America, for Law, and for You as a law-abiding American.

This attitude is now so out of control that a black mob in New York City recently felt they could freely and fearlessly dump buckets of water on New York Police officers, and to even throw the emptied bucket at one officer’s head.

At least nobody was killed. No cop was shot.

Not this time.

Plenty of blameless police have been killed in perp-initiated shootouts. Lots of perps do not seem to understand commands, like “drop the knife…drop the gun…hands up…don’t move…roll down your window…don’t run…step out of the car,” and “DON’T DO IT!”

(I can’t even look up a video here—all I see is smiling faces of police just doing the job—who were all, later shot dead. It’s too much.)

Plenty of lies about police have been perpetrated by mad-dog media, by drooling TV ghouls, by out of control moon-bat politicians, by ethnic “advocacy groups,” and by Hollywood and fricking Supergirl.

And by “the ‘hood” itself.

Rat and drug infested cities—mostly democrat-controlled cities and “‘hoods”—have lain down a lying, artificial, superstitious construct about “dangerous, out of control” police that may never go away.

It’s why so many perpetrators now claim they ran— or drove,shot, stabbed, or resisted and fought like a crazed animal—because they were “scared of you, man…you know how you people get, man….”

No. Cops don’t “know how you people get, man.” And there’s no reason to be scared of police that I know of—not in my long, long, long life. Unless you did the crime, but can’t do the time.

Cops don’t set out to kill people.

But people do set out to kill cops.

Obama and Ricky—you got your fricking “conversation.”


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