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Time to Protest the Republican Party

1929031_80574207680_2531360_nWe wanted to send the GOP Establishment a message in 2010, so the grassroots sent a wave of conservative represenatives to the House of Representatives. In response, the House Leadership, under John Boehner, thwarted all their efforts and pressured them into obediance. Nothing happened. Boehner’s excuse was that without the Senate, there was nothing the House could do on its own. He intimated that it was pointless to fight without a Republican Senate. Mitch McConnell argued that, despite his unwillingness to fight between 2010 and 2014, that if we gave him the Senate in 2015, he’d fight for all the things we, the grassroots, cared about and fought for. So, we gave the Republicans and McConnell the Senate. Over the last seven months McConnell has thwarted all our efforts and continued to pressure his obediant lapdog, pathetic, Republican Senators into supporting the Obama-Agenda. Nothing has happened.

We’ve got to be honest with ourselves – this Republican Party is dilberately protecting every single aspect of the Obama Agenda and not only will they not fight for us, but they will attack any one of us who dares to take on this President. In the Senate, we’ve got Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, and Rand Paul. I used to include Ben Sass in that, but he seems as though he may have kneeled and kissed McConnell’s ring. So forget him.

mitch-mcconnell-john-boehner-2009-10-15-13-41-59I have a suggestion for the TEA Party (I suspect that Bob Shannon and another local activist, who I’ll mention if I get permission, would like this) – we should begin protesting the Republican Party outside of every establishment Republican office we can find. We stand outside of Rob Wittman’s office in Tappahanock with signs that say, “Wittman’s FOR Obama!” or “GOP FOR Obama!” or “Republicans Support Planned Parenthood!” or “GOP = Amnesty!” or “GOP = ObamaCare”, or “GOP = Aborted Babies”, or “Wittman, Boehner-Thug 4 Obama!”. I honestly don’t know much about designing angry TEA Party signs (I have no talent for marketing). The only one I ever carried said, “Hope and Change = Death and Taxes” (featured in the picture above). I honestly don’t care about the rhetoric so long as we are protesting the Republican Party’s support of the Obama Agenda. Believe me, if this happened outside of a few hundred Congressmen and Senators offices, they might start getting concerned.

We already elected Republicans. There is no reason to elect more. They have the Senate and the House. So, we need to begin protesting the Republican Party. We elected them, gave them the Congress, and they have failed to act. Our problem is not the Democrats. It’s the Republicans. It’s the Republicans, now, that should begin to feel the heat. 1929031_80574187680_4271833_n

Fact is, up until now, the only thing the Republican Party knows, is that the angrier the Grassroots becomes, the more Republicans there are in Congress. That’s a problem.

Groups of twenty to fifty conservatives, libertarians, and constitutionalists, outside every establishment Republican Congressman and Senator’s office, protesting the Republican Party’s support of the Obama Agenda or Obama/Clinton Agenda, should make a statement to the “ruling class”.


Article written by: Steven Brodie Tucker