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Conservatives need a leader — and all we’ve got are politicians

Since November 2020, conservatives have been adrift, something that won’t change until someone moves to the head of the pack and brings them together.

One of the things that makes leftists leftist is that they are pack animals. They move in unison. Even when they’re being insanely tribal, as with Columbia University having separate graduation ceremonies for Blacks, “La-tinx’s,” Native Americans, Asians, gays, and low-income people, they still have an overarching ideological lockstep.

Meanwhile, the very nature of conservativism is a kind of “leave me alone” attitude that doesn’t want to move in lockstep with anybody. That approach to life, if given free rein and tempered with morality, tends to make for a very good country. The problem is when conservatives find themselves facing off against insanely well-organized leftists.

That’s what we’re seeing now in America. It’s not just that the leftists have control over the federal government, it’s also that they are moving with the precision of a synchronized swimming team. At the same time, it’s impossible to corral Republican senators and House members to do anything together. Republicans have NeverTrumpers, RINOs, Chamber of Commerce types, core conservatives, and every other “diverse” form of conservativism. Across the aisles from them are Democrats who can count on every last person to climb on board. (To the extent that’s not always true, the exceptions are notable precisely because they are exceptions.)

When Democrats lose an election they know whom to attack: As one, they attacked the Republicans. The four years of Trump’s presidency stand as Exhibit A. When Republicans lose an election, they also know whom to attack: Each other. In Congress, you can always count on Democrats to vote the straight Democrat ticket. And you can always count on the Republicans to go to war against each other.

So what happens when you have a situation such as the one we’re now facing, where not only are the Democrats triumphant, but Republicans have lost completes faith in the system because they believe, probably rightly, that the election was strongly affected by fraud? What happened wasn’t just any fraud, either. Jay Valentine calls it sovereign fraud, meaning that it wasn’t just random actors, but was a coherent government strategy from Democrats at every level of the government.

Unfortunately, the only thing that will pull conservatives together at this point is a true leader. Trump, much as I love the man, is not a true leader. He is a systems man. In 2015, he realized there was something very broken with the American system and he tried his darndest to fix it. He had no idea he was swimming among sharks, and when he did realize that, he did not know how to handle the sharks. That’s part of why he lost the election. Now that Trump is down in Florida, he is making plans to get rid of his political enemies but he shows no sign of wanting to lead 80 million disaffected conservatives who feel utterly betrayed by the political system.

No other leaders are appearing either. I really like Ron DeSantis, but he is focused on Florida. I really like Kristi Noem, but I think she’s a politician, not a charismatic, constitutional leader. The same is true for Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley, Dan Crenshaw, etc. All of them are politicians, who mostly vote a conservative line, for which I am very grateful, but they are not leaders. They are not charismatic. They don’t bring people together. And right now the Republicans are seriously fallen apart.

I find this whole thing pretty darn depressing. So today, as I did last week, I went to a beautiful place called Magnolia Plantation and Gardens in Charleston. Spring is working its way through the gardens and I came back with some flower photographs which I always enjoy taking. I plan to go back every week for a while just so I can see the place come alive as Spring progresses:

Wolf pack image, with a powerful leader, by Thomas Bonometti on Unsplash

Can the 2016 election be rigged? Here’s How

Now, former Trump campaign staffer and political veteran Roger Stone is something of a a controversial figure, but he’s been around and he’s no fool.

Today in The Hill, he put forward exactly how easily the 2016 election can be rigged:

The issue here is both voter fraud, which is limited but does happen, and election theft through the manipulation of the computerized voting machines, particularly the DIEBOLD/PES voting machines in wide usage in most states.

POLITICO profiled a Princeton professor — who has demonstrated how the electronic voting machines that are most widely used can be hacked in five minutes or less! Robert Fitrakis Professor of Political Science in the Social and Behavioral Sciences Department at Columbus State Community College has written a must-read book on the strip and flip technique used to rig these machines. Professor Fitrakis is a Green Party activist. …

To be very clear both parties have engaged in this skullduggery and it is the party in power in each state that has custody of the machines and control of their programing. This year, the results of machines in Pennsylvania, Virginia and Ohio, where Governor John Kasich controls the machines, must be matched with exit polls, for example.

Illinois is another obvious state where Trump has been running surprisingly strong, in what has become a Blue state. Does anyone trust Mayor Rahm Emanuel, a longtime Clinton hatchet man. not to monkey with the machines? I don’t. He was using City funded Community groups to recruit anti-Trump “protestors” who posed such a threat to public safety the Trump Chicago event was canceled when the Secret Service couldn’t guarantee his safety.

How do the pols of both parties do it? As easy as determining, on the basis of honest polling, who is going to win. Then, if it isn’t your candidate, simply have the votes for the other guy be given to your guy and vice versa. You keep the total vote the same. This is where the “strip and flip” technique described by Professor Fitrakis comes in.

Maybe you don’t need all the votes the other guy was going to get. If you have a plan in mind involving votes and their redistribution, you can find a programmer who can design the machine instructions to produce that outcome.  Or you can hack the machine you are voting in with that $15 device that you can get at BEST BUY.

A computer hacker showed CBS how to vote multiple times using a simple $15.00 electronic device.

(1) Publish a poll contrived to suggest the result you are going to bring about.

(2) Manipulate the machines to bring about precisely your desired outcome.

As someone with great sentimental attachment to the Republican Party, as I joined as the party of Goldwater, both parties have engaged in voting machine manipulation. Nowhere in the country has this been more true than Wisconsin, where there are strong indications that Scott Walker and the Reince Priebus machine rigged as many as five elections including the defeat of a Walker recall election.

Mathematician and voting statistic expert Richard Charnin has produced a compelling study by comparing polling to actual results and exit polls to make a compelling case for voting machine manipulation in the Badger state.

When the Trump vs. Cruz primary took place, the same pattern emerged again of a Marquette University poll showing a 20 point shift from Trump ahead by 10% to Trump behind by 10%, which was simply absurd. Shifts like that don’t happen over brief intervals of time, absent a nuclear explosion. It didn’t make any sense — unless you knew what was going on was an “instant replay” of Walker’s victories. The machine Priebus built was delivering for Cruz big time.

Today, the polling industry has been reported to be “in a state of crisis” because they are altering their samples to favor Hillary. The Reuters poll actually got busted for oversampling Democrats in order to inflate Hillary’s lead. We even had the absurdity of a Gallup poll proclaiming that 51% of those who had heard Trump’s speech were less likely to vote for him, which was endlessly repeated by the shills at MSNBC.

I predicted that Trump would lead in the polls after his highly successful convention (despite the media frenzy over the non-issue of a Melania Trump staffer plagiarizing a handful of words). In fact, post convention polling for the Trump effort by pollster Tony Fabrizio in key swing states was encouraging. Perhaps this is why the establishment elites have gone into over-drive to attack Trump.

Hillary hasn’t exactly had smooth sailing. Julian Assange of Wikileaks said he had inconvertible proof that as Secretary of State Hillary Clinton armed Isis LINK. The IRS has opened an investigation to the Clinton Foundation and it’s many offshoots, and Hillary got caught lying about what FBI Director Comey did say about her.

But you will see less of Hillary’s problems in the mainstream media, which has gone completely overboard in its relentless, even hysterical, efforts to lambaste Trump and promote her. Every remotely objective commentator has been stunned. Trump will, however, have an opportunity to drive these points home in the debates.

We are now living in a fake reality of constructed data and phony polls. The computerized voting machines can be hacked and rigged and after the experience of Bernie Sanders there is no reason to believe they won’t be. Don’t be taken in.

Admittedly, I’m not sure I go along totally with Roger Stone’s allegations about prior hacking. And the idea of exit polls has already proven to be rotten with fraud, since the predominantly Left/Democrat media conducts them, and a lot of people, including yours truly simply walk right on by them.

Even many of the publicly revealed ‘polls’ are subject to being cooked and manipulated, as I’ve proven more than once by examining their mechanics.

But voter fraud and easily hackable electronic machines are a very different matter. And Stone is 150% right to say that the current crop of Pols can’t be trusted.

For some time, I’ve said that we need to go back to paper ballots counted under very careful supervision.

No one yet has been able to hack a piece of paper combined with pen and ink.

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Can the 2016 election be rigged? Here’s How

Article written by: Tom White

Can I Have 10 MORE Minutes with Mr. Trump Please?

I found this report in the Youngstown Vindicator interesting (hat tip to Breitbart where I found it) and it said that a thousand voters (who in Ohio only have to ask for a GOP ballot to be a Republican primary voter) had switched from Democrat to Republican so, some said openly, so they could vote for Donald Trump:

About 1,000 Democrats in Mahoning County so far have switched their party affiliation to Republican with election officials saying several did it to vote for Donald Trump, the GOP presidential front-runner.

“We are seeing something this election cycle I’ve never seen before to this degree,” said board Chairman Mark Munroe, who’s also the county Republican chairman. “Every day I take phone calls or get voice messages from people saying they’ve been Democrats all their life and they’ve had it. They want to vote for Donald Trump. I’m surprised at the volume of inquiries we’re getting. It’s remarkable.”

A number of Democrats taking a Republican ballot when voting early at the board “say they want to vote for Trump,” said Joyce Kale-Pesta, Mahoning County Board of Elections director.

I remember how rural voters in Ohio saved George W. Bush in 2004 from possible defeat – they turned out in spite of the increased numbers in the Cleveland area presumably for Kerry-Edwards.  Many were believers and some had not voted in election after election.

And it is not limited to Mahoning County according to the article:

Election officials in Trumbull and Columbiana counties say they aren’t keeping track of how many voters are changing party affiliations.

“But we’ve had some people say, ‘I want to switch to the Trump party,” said Stephanie Penrose, Trumbull County’s elections board director.

“There are a lot of Democrats switching over,” said Kim Meeks, Columbiana County’s elections board deputy director. “We see a trend, but we won’t know details until after the primary.”

I would suspect this is happening all about the Buckeye State where I graduated from college (Wright State) and started law school (Dayton) just like what happened in 2004.
Why is this?  Unethical voting for the least popular GOP candidate?  Perhaps some.  But not all.  People are fed up with lying pols in BOTH parties and what seems to be Tweedledee and Tweedledum in both major parties:  Both for bad trade deals that gut our sovereignty.  Both for increased deficits and debt.  Both for bigger more intrusive government.  Both for the US to enforce UN resolutions with a billy club made up of wonderful men and women, some who do not return or return grievously injured in mind or body.  But someone has offered hope to many of these voters.  They want to see America great again.
Now if I had that ten minutes with Mr. Trump (and I understand he needs a speechwriter – I could do it part time but I must say – I disagree with the Muslim thing) I say:
Millions are placing their hope in you, Mr. Trump.  Don’t let them down.  Stop the silly stuff, the insults (never call Senator Sasse a loser – he won an election – call him right away and privately deal with it), and the vulgarity.  It is too important.  We might not get another chance.  The globalists are circling the US and UK with coveteousness.  Keep to the message.  Make US great again.  Stand for our sovereignty.  Fight Agenda 21 and other globalist ideals.  Say let’s build better schools and roads and infrastructure and leave the billy club to others.  You were right when you said we spent five trillion dollars in the Middle East and won nothing.
Consider this your greatest building effort, Mr. Trump.  Bigger than a building or the casino or a golf course.  Your nation calls on you.  Don’t let us down.

Article written by: Elwood "Sandy" Sanders

Poll: Evangelicals flocking to Trump

Among white evangelical Republican voters, Trump earned the support of 37 percent.

Donald Trump’s outreach to Christians is bearing fruit, if the results of the latest NBC News/Survey Monkey weekly online tracking poll out Tuesday are any indication.

Among white evangelical Republican voters nationally, Trump earned the support of 37 percent, while Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, whose father is a pastor and has played a key role in recruiting faith leaders to support his son, is at 20 percent. In the same survey conducted the previous week, Cruz registered 9 percentage points higher. Below the top two contenders, Ben Carson earned 11 percent among evangelicals, while Marco Rubio took 10 percent.


Article written by: Tom White

Is It an Alternative Universe or What? Report: Heath Shuler, former holder of the “Sandy’s Favorite Democrat” Title, is considering a run for US Senate!

National Journal is reporting that former Congressman (and former Redskin and Saint QB) Heath Shuler is considering a run (as a Democrat – rats!) for US Senate.  With there a real possibility that the GOP will lose control of the upper house in 2016, the Dems would like to have a shot in the Tarheel State and Shuler might be the answer they need.

Should he run, Shuler, a former NFL quarterback who represented a district in the state’s western half, would instantly become the Democrats’ top recruit for the Senate seat held by Republican incumbent Richard Burr. Earlier this year, former Sen. Kay Hagan turned down Democratic entreaties to run for office, and the party has since struggled to find another potential contender.

Still!  Is this an alternative universe or something?  First a socialist named Sanders runs for President and might beat Hillary Clinton and now Shuler, former holder of the coveted Sandy’s Favorite Democrat title (I know several fine Dem officeholders who could vie for the crown presently held by Senator Chap Petersen and I know several good solid, mostly local officials, I might have to divide the crown – much like weight divisions in boxing:  Local officeholder Favorite Democrat/State legislative Favorite Democrat/ statewide office Favorite Democrat [That one might be hard to fill!])  I think I’ll lay down for a few minutes…

But I am afraid that if Shuler becomes the nominee, he’ll have to repudiate so many positions he held in Congress, that he’d lose any chance of regaining the title!  Still I confess, I like Heath Shuler – he gives every indication of being a strong person of faith and he tried to integrate that faith into his politics.  It would be an interesting race.  My advice to Shuler:  Switch parties.  Run as a Republican instead in a future race for Governor of North Carolina.


Article written by: Elwood "Sandy" Sanders