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Let’s Cut Through All The Polite Chit-Chat

Article By Jeffrey A. Friedberg

For a change: let’s cut through the polite chit-chat.

You know, the democrat bullshit, and “reasoned analysis.”

Reasoned analysis was invented by democrats and “progressives,” for Republicans And conservatives. To slow them down, twist their views, and to stop them. We say what they want us to say.

We are bound by democrat rules of writing, and speech. They have altered the English language to serve their wants and needs, and we are stupid enough to fight along by Marquis of Queensbury rules.

When do the gloves come off?

Every day, the democrats throw new bullshit at the wall to see if it sticks or slides off. Are we supposed to “analyze” and write politely about all their apparent insanity?

Democrats and other communists wrote the manual on applying lies, terror and violence to the palpitating breast of an American “Public,” that apparently believes in Mr. Rogers, Big Bird, Nancy Pelosi, and Raytheon Martin—or whatever the hell his name was, before he bought that lead ticket to a dirt nap.

We have to realize a few things here….

First: democrats are in a bare knuckle fight to the death–to win by any means, at any cost.

Second: we are not. We are a load of morons in a hay wagon.

We are playing by democrat laws, liberal TV, and other communist rules.

They don’t care. We do.

Republicans and conservatives need to realize—and soon—that we are at WAR, with democrats, and that they intend to win. At any cost. By any means. And that they intend to reign…forever.

Further, that for them, this is a Holy War—as serious as iron.

We have to realize, right now, that we currently have no comprehensible defense against the democrat onslaught of words, recrimination, and deeds. A sick, vulnerable America has “turned the other cheek,” to these savage bastards—to their TV lies, Hollywood magic, and international cabals.

And we are losing everywhere—every place where they will surely win.

If not in 2020, and not in 2024, then assuredly they will win in 2028 or sooner.

Because Americans always get what they want. And right now a lot of them seem to want full Communism, apparently believing it to be something “new,” never having been done the right way before. They will allow it.

…all, like, Star Trek, and stuff. No pockets. No money. Just benevolence, and—all, like—just love, and stuff.



“Emotionals”—Such As Our Millennials, Democrat Voters, and Suburban USA Housewives—Have No Reason. They Don’t, Or Can’t, THINK.

“Emotionals”—Such As Our Millennials, Democrat Voters, and Suburban USA Housewives—Have No Reason. They Don’t, Or Can’t, THINK.




There’s a  problem with Emotionals.

These are “folks” who don’t actually think, but react. They react with emotions—with feelings. Not with actual thoughts or reasoning.

They don’t think things through or maybe ask, “How did this work out the last time it was done?”

Because there are others whom they could ask. There are older, wiser, and more experienced people in the world. You know—from the generations who fought in WWII, Korea, Viet Nam, Iraq, Afghanistan, and elsewhere across the Earth.

Others, who came long before the current sea of lies, bullsht, and Hollywood make-believe.

Emotionals could learn, from those of us who INVENTED computers, transistors, lasers, CDs, video, the space age, and the Internet Itself.

But, no. Emotionals think all they need are their phones and digital devices. They never think how these devices are all programmed by OTHER Emotionals— who don’t think either.

”Emotionals” can include millennials, suburban housewives, and democrat voters. Instead of asking others outside their tribes, or investigating thoroughly for themselves, they seem to rely on programming. What they were “taught” in Government creches—the so-called, “schools.” The inculcation centers where they were originally brainwashed.

“THE MATRIX” (1999)

You know what I mean—the test tubes where they were trained not to think; not to question; not to have any real imagination, independence from the group, or any spirit of patriotism.

No, they were taught the opposite. By Captain Planet; by Sesame Street; by Fred Rogers; by hate groups; by Mr. Barack “Barry Soetoro” Obama; by kneeling athletes, Nike, Anderson Cooper, Chuck, Rachel, other talking nobodies on the “news,” and—oh—by Supergirl on Canadian TV.

And by all those make-believe freaks in Hollywood movies, who taught them there is no point resisting. There is no point in trying to go it alone. There is nothing they can do against real poWER.

You know—POWER pumped in your face by “social” media. POWER rammed inTO your orifices by “silicon valley.” THE POWER of propaganda, lies, obfuscation, and deletion.

Power of The Nothing.



No—now they “know everything.”

They tell me I am old, and should die.

Well—fck you, pal—I’m not, and I won’t.

They ignore witnesses to the past. They avoid elders as unclean. They “KNOW” what their pre-programmed emotions and feelings tell them.

They have zero need for logic. They already have the answers.

They have been told what to think.

To them “It’s a new world.” —Noit’s not.

It’s the same world with the same bullsht, same lies, same propaganda, and same totalitarian aspirations. It’s the same old crap, “bro.” …seen it three times already.

What’s different, is: for the first time in human history, the science exists to enslave a world. Earth.

WE invented it. But THEY are harnessing it.

Will electing Trump in 2020 stop them?


Will it slow them down?


Will it get rid of them?

No. The only thing that can do that—is they, themselves. If they decide to open those gates.


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