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Trump, Not Cruz, Picking Up Carson Defections?

DonaldThe general consensus, and one to which I subscribed, was that Senator Ted Cruz would pick up the evangelical support of Ben Carson as the doctor’s campaign declined. That is not, however, what the polls are telling us. I was astonished to look at the trends in the latest Georgia Primary poll, released by WSBTV, which shows that Doctor Carson dropped from 26% (in first place in Georgia in November according to SMN) to 6.7% in December. This remarkable drop made me confident that the next thing I’d see was a remarkable rise in Senator Ted Cruz’s numbers. My expectations could not have been more wrong.

In that same time period, wherein Carson dropped 20 points, Donald Trump rose from 24 to 43%, himself gaining 19 points. It does not appear that Cruz or Rubio gained anything from Carson’s furious decline in Georgia. This tells me two things.

First, it is clear that residents in Georgia have no intention of nominating a Washington insider. Anyone viewed as “establishment” is dead on arrival. Secondly, that Carson supporters may not be that different from Trump supporters, in that they aren’t voting on their religious or conservative views, but rather out of utter dissatisfaction with the Republican Leadership. Therefore, the assumption that Carson’s biggest voting block, being evangelicals, would make Senator Cruz their second choice, could be flat out incorrect.

That said, both of these polls are open to criticism and more than likely not an indication of how these States will look come SEC Primary time, but that does not mean that we shouldn’t evaluate them or learn what there is to learn.

While I do not believe Donald Trump will be the next Republican nominee for President, he has certainly uprooted everything we thought we knew about politics in the United States. Whether you believe Donald is the answer, or just another incredibly dangerous force, one thing is for certain – when Donald Trump got in the race, everything changed.

Article written by: Steven Brodie Tucker

Donald Trump Defies and Survives Unprecedented Onslaught

In today’s national Quinnipiac Poll, we find the Teflon Don, Donald Trump, untarnished from weeks of tireless assaults from the Democrat and Republican Establishments, the Media, and the Blogosphere. The Donald has not merely survived these attacks, he’s actually risen in the polls. I tend to use Quinnipiac because, of all the national polls, I believe their questions and results to be the most accurate, and over the last month, Trump has risen from 24% to 27%. Remarkable.

While this poll is a validation of the reality of Trumps’ staunch swath of unshakable supporters, it also demonstrates that Ben Carson is in quite a bit of trouble. Last week I wrote about how Senator Ted Cruz was capitalizing on Ben Carson’s inexperience – again, this is not merely true in Iowa and Massachusetts, but across the fruited plains. Ted Cruz has jumped from 13% to 16% nationally, while Carson has gone from 23% to 16%.

After breaking down the Iowa poll last last week, I argued that, “while Trump will hover in the upper 20% range, as other candidates drop out, Senators Cruz and Rubio will continue to rise”. This prediction appears to apply, not only to Iowa, but to national polls as well. Like Senator Cruz, Senator Rubio is seeing his numbers rise nationwide, jumping from 14% in October to 17% in November, elevating Rubio to second place.

Yesterday, Tom White wrote a full-throated endorsement of Donald Trump, wherein he began, “It seems that in my circle of Conservative friends, you are either a Donald Trump supporter or a Ted Cruz supporter”. Either Tom got to see the Quinnipiac poll before the rest of us, or his read of his friends was frighteningly accurate. Ted Cruz and Donald Trump each share 27% support from those identifying as “TEA Party”. Each share 24% support amongst Evangelicals. Amongst the “Very Conservative”, Cruz leads Trump by a marginal 4% (29-25). Indeed, amongst our circle of Conservatives and Constitutionalists, it does appear that we’re all utterly split, with neither candidate seeing much of an advantage.

Rubio’s surge comes with some impressive numbers as well. Senator Rubio now leads both Donald Trump and Senator Cruz (19%) on the question of who is best on Foreign Policy with 22% answering that Rubio is best prepared to lead in that area. While Cruz leads in this category in Iowa, Rubio leads nationwide, which could help Rubio in New Hampshire and South Carolina. Republican voters place a great deal of weight on Foreign Policy when it comes time to vote.

Senator Rubio also leads Ted Cruz 5% to 6% on the question of who would you absolutely not support. Of the first tier candidates, only Cruz and Rubio are free of factional disgust. This is incredibly important for each of these candidates moving forward, since 95% of Republicans nationwide would consider voting for them. Donald Trump has the worst numbers, with over a quarter of Republicans saying that they absolutely do not support Trump (26%). Jeb Bush is equally burdened with 21% of Republicans saying that they would not support him.

Going forward, it’s important to keep an eye on the net favorability numbers. Senator Rubio leads the Republican field with a net favorability of 58%, Cruz with 56%, Carson with 54%, and Trump with 37%. Rubio and Cruz seem poised to rise in the polls throughout the month of December, setting us up for a three-way race between Trump, Rubio, and Cruz. This will work heavily in the favor of Rubio, since, as Tom White pointed out, Cruz and Trump are splitting the conservative base.


Article written by: Steven Brodie Tucker

The Rise of Cruz in Iowa Explained

In the most recent Quinnipiac Iowa poll, Senator Ted Cruz surprised analysts by coming in second to Donald Trump with 23% of likely caucus goers support. The ascendancy of Cruz in Iowa can be contributed to two primary factors. First, that Rubio and Carson supporters are not securely in the tent for those candidates. Secondly, the terror attacks in Paris and the return of foreign policy to the forefront of the campaign. Ted Cruz, having refused to attack his fellow candidates, has not angered those who currently have different favorites, nor has he done anything to hurt anyone’s favorite candidate in the polls. Senator Cruz has stayed above the fray and run an extraordinarily disciplined messaging campaign. Cruz does not go off topic. Cruz is not taken by surprise. Cruz does not make mistakes. So as other candidates, running less disciplined campaigns, make their mistakes, Senator Cruz is there to pick up their votes.

cruz2The top five candidates in Iowa are Donald Trump (25%), Ted Cruz (23%), Ben Carson (18%), Marco Rubio (13%), and Rand Paul (5%). Of the top four candidates, their supporters were asked “(If candidate chosen q1) Is your mind made up, or do you think you might change your mind before the caucus?” Donald Trump boasts the most certainty amongst his supporters with 51% saying that their minds are made up and only 48% saying that their minds could be changed. Ted Cruz comes in second with 41% saying that their minds are made up and 58% saying their minds could be changed. Both Trump and Cruz have built a large number of secured support and we haven’t even gotten into the thick of the campaign season (January/February).

Rubio and Carson, however, do not have a secure hold on their supporters. 33% of Ben Carson supporters say that their minds are made up and 65% say their minds could be changed. Rubio’s numbers are far worse. Only 22% of Rubio supporters say their minds are made up, while an astonishing 78% of people polled, who said they support Senator Rubio, say their minds could be changed. This is great new for the Cruz Campaign for 2 specific reasons.

First, of those who say they support Ben Carson, 18% consider themselves Tea Party, 18% consider themselves Very Conservative, and 24% consider themselves Evangelical. That means that 60% of Carson’s voters could easily fall into the Cruz camp, based on ideological agreement. Senator Marco Rubio, however, holds sway over fewer ideological allies. 5% consider themselves Tea Party, 8% consider themselves Very Conservative, and 6% consider themselves Evangelical, which means only 19% of Rubio Voters are likely to switch over to Cruz. However, remember that 78% of Rubio voters aren’t committed. What if ideological lines weren’t the only factor in the race?

Senator Cruz’s jump in the polls coincides with a jump in voters’ perception of the candidates on the issues. Recent terror attacks have brought foreign policy back to the forefront of people’s minds. Ted Cruz leads Trump, Carson, Rubio, and Paul when voters were asked who they thought was the best candidate on foreign policy. Ted Cruz received 24%, Donald Trump 18%, Marco Rubio 15%, and Ben Carson and Rand Paul each received 6%. Interestingly, it would appear that Cruz’s rise in the polls and Carson’s decline, was directly the result of the fact that Cruz is viewed as being the best on foreign policy and Carson, not so much. When asked about terrorism in particular, Trump still leads Cruz. Also, when it comes to the question of who is a “strong leader”, Trump continues to lead there as well. This is why Trumps numbers remain solid.

Another area of this poll that is particularly instructive, is the favorability of the candidates. When asked if there were any candidates likely caucus goers would NOT support, we see Ted Cruz with a huge advantage. Donald Trump, Jeb Bush, and John Kasich have the highest number of people who are absolutely resolute that they do not support them. 26% say the absolutely would not support Jeb Bush. 23% say they would not support Donald Trump, and 19% say they would not support John Kasich.

If you’ve been hearing folks talk about the inevitably of a Cruz/Rubio showdown, the numbers I’m about to share with you are the reason why. Only 5% (the lowest number polled) of caucus goers say they would not support Senator Ted Cruz. In second place? Senator Marco Rubio with only 7% saying they would not support Rubio. Which means, Cruz and Rubio are likely to pick up everyone else’s votes as they drop out of the race. Donald Trump isn’t going to gain votes, but it is also very unlikely that his supporters abandon him. Which means that while Trump will hover in the upper 20% range, as other candidates drop out, Senators Cruz and Rubio will continue to rise, with each of them likely surpassing Donald Trump by February.

Article written by: Steven Brodie Tucker

The Inevitability of Ted Cruz

As the Republican Primary takes shape, I feel increasingly confident in the electoral viability of Senator Ted Cruz. While those who make a fortune working for, lobbying for, contracting with, and benefiting from the Republican Establishment in Washington D.C. will remain cantankerous toward the Cruz Campaign, the Senator has a great deal working in his favor.

atedcruzMoney? Check. He’s been an erudite fundraiser, drawing the magnitude of his contributions from small donors, who are likely to vote, likely to volunteer, and likely to spread the word-of-mouth praise and adulation that inspires others to get on board a bandwagon.

Organization? Check. Donald Trump, Ben Carson, Marco Rubio, and Jeb Bush also sport expertly crafted and experienced campaign staffs, but unlike Cruz, they have all been burdened by mistakes, by history, and by their inexperience. Senator Cruz is operating a mistake-free campaign. I’ve heard his campaign referenced to as “the little engine that could”, but that concept drastically misses the mark. What makes Senator Cruz a brilliant campaigner is not that he’s slowly chugging up the mountain, it’s that he has thousands of activists and organizers laying the track long before the train arrives.

Intellectual Support? Check. Conservative Review, Heritage Action, and dozens of other think tanks and organizations have ranked Ted Cruz as one of the most legitimate conservatives in America. Senator Cruz didn’t just become a conservative over the last couple years, nor has he crafted his conservative message in stages, piecemeal, over time. Unlike Carson and Trump who are having to spend an enormous amount of time and money manufacturing their conservative credentials, Ted Cruz has been a consistent conservative from our earliest investigations of his actions to present.

Debate Skills? Check. One of the best moments of the Republican Primary debate season came from Senator Ted Cruz.

Or how about that moment when Senator Ted Cruz took to the floor of the United States Senate and laid waste to Mitch McConnell? How about the fact that Ted Cruz hasn’t had to define himself as a conservative? From the very beginning Ted Cruz has been a Constitutional Conservative. And why are so many Libertarians like myself supporting Ted Cruz? Maybe because Ted Cruz has always been an advocate of those Constitutional Amendments this Republican Party has failed to adequately protect.

If Rand Paul or Ben Carson had the same fighting history as Senator Ted Cruz, maybe we’d be behind them. It takes more than having Ron Paul as your father to warrant support from the libertarian and constitutionalist right. It takes more than being a brilliant neurosurgeon to warrant our support. It takes more than being Donald Trump, Celebrity and Reality TV Star, to warrant our support. We want a lifelong, uncompromising, conservative who has been defending the United States Constitution for as long as we have, to represent us.

Ted Cruz hasn’t made many friends in Washington DC. The same Congressmen and Senators that have ignored us as their constituents have ignored and libeled Senator Ted Cruz.

The fact is, that Ted Cruz is the most likely nominee for the Republican Party. Donald Trump and Ben Carson are more popular, because they are better known, but as the nation gets to know Senator Ted Cruz, I have no doubt that he will ignite a fuse, a spark, a blaze, and a fire at the heart of the Republican Party. Those tired of losing, tired of watching the Republican Party legislating a Democrat Agenda, will embrace the Senator from Texas, as the next Republican Nominee for President of these United States.

Interested in joining the fight? Let me know. I’ll put you in touch with Shak Hill and Chris Shores. More importantly, I’ll put you in touch with your fellow republicans working to nominate an actual Conservative for President for the first time in decades.



Article written by: Steven Brodie Tucker

Our Weasel Of The Week Nominees!

It’s time once again for the Watcher’s Council’s ‘Weasel Of The Week’ nominations, where we pick our choices to compete for the award of the famed Golden Weasel to a public figure who particularly deserves to be slimed and mocked for his or her dastardly deeds during the week. Every Tuesday morning, tune in for the Weasel of the Week nominations!

Here are this weeks’ nominees….
The Man Who Would Be President, Senator Rand Paul!

The Noisy Room : My nomination this week goes to Rand Paul:

Sen. Rand Paul on Tuesday said fellow Republican presidential candidate Ted. Cruz is “done for” in the Senate.

“Ted has chosen to make this really personal and chosen to call people dishonest in leadership and call them names, which really goes against the decorum and also against the rules of the Senate, and as a consequence, he can’t get anything done legislatively,” Paul told Fox News Radio. “He is pretty much done for and stifled and it’s really because of personal relationships, or lack of personal relationships, and it is a problem”. . .

“I approach things a little different, I am still just as hardcore in saying what we are doing, I just chose not to call people liars on the Senate floor and it’s just a matter of different perspectives on how best to get to the end result,” Paul said in the interview.

Paul backed McConnell’s 2014 re-election bid. Cruz had accused McConnell of lying to him about the way forward for the revival of the Export-Import Bank in the Senate.

Senator Ted Cruz attempted to offer an amendment to the must pass spending bill that would have halted the implementation of Obama’s Iran Deal and public funding to abortionists like Planned Parenthood… Cruz however wanted to make one last effort to put members of the Senate on the record, but GOP Senators were so scared of voting to strike funding for these Obama priorities that they opted to block Cruz from even receiving a vote. Cruz stood alone and did the right thing. No one backed him… no one. But he had the courage of his convictions and he stood.

For betraying a friend and a fellow Tea Party activist, Paul definitely has earned the Golden Weasel. For supporting the likes of Mitch McConnell and trying to publicly end Cruz’s political career, he should get it twice.
President Barack Hussein Obama!

Puma By Design : My nominee for Weasel of the Week goes to Barack Hussein Obama who began politicizing the death of nine people killed at Umpqua Community College in Oregon last week before rigor mortis set in (no disrespected intended, just trying to make a point).

I suspect that Obama‘s speech last week was actually written months ago, locked away in a desk in the Oval Office along with a batch of executive orders on gun control that the White House claims is being prepared for Obama’s signature.

From Breitbart:

“It’s a high priority and will continue to be until we start to see more progress on this issue in this town,’ White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest told reporters today at the press briefing…

‘I can tell you that they’re not stumped, they’re continuing to review the law that’s on the books and continuing to consult with legal authorities but also others who may have ideas about what steps that can be taken to keep guns out of the hands of criminals,’ Earnest said…”

Obama’s been stewing like a petulant child since his 2013-failed attempt to overhaul the gun laws has been anxiously awaiting the perfect crisis to add another chapter to his legacy memoirs even though it means dancing on the graves of those killed by mentally unstable nut jobs nudged over the edge by several years of hateful conflict-ridden Marxist propaganda often espoused by Obama himself and his sock puppets in the mainstream media and streets of America.

Finally, we have Obama’s double standard about when to call for gun control. The image below puts it all in perspective.

Well, there it is. Check back Thursday to see which Weasel walks off with the statuette of shame!

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Our Weasel Of The Week Nominees!

Article written by: Tom White

Va Right! Exclusive: Donald Trump REALLY IS Batman And We UNMASK Robin and Alfred the Butler too!

Newsweek ran a story this week about a 9 year old boy named William who took a free ride on The Donald’s helicopter at the Iowa State Fair.

The story walks the reader through the similarities between Billionaire Donald Trump and Gotham City Billionaire Bruce Wayne. After reading the Newsweek story one can see why William might be on to something.

The Newsweek story exposes the similarities:

Both Trump and Wayne made their fortunes in real estate: Wayne in antebellum Gotham City, Trump in Brooklyn and Queens in the 1960s and ’70s. Wayne’s name graces Wayne Tower, headquarters of Wayne Enterprises; Trump’s name is splashed across a string of luxury hotels in Manhattan, Las Vegas and beyond, as well as on a winery and several golf courses. Wayne mostly sticks to Wayne Manor, his family’s estate just outside Gotham’s city limits; Trump owns several homes, including Mar-a-Lago, a Palm Beach estate that formerly belonged to Marjorie Merriweather Post.

Wayne never dates one woman for long: His past paramours include Selina Kyle (Catwoman), Talia al Ghul and Vicki Vale. Trump has had three wives: Ivana Trump (nee Zelníčková), Marla Maples and Melania Trump (nee Knauss).

Then there’s the question of wealth. Trump says he is worth $8.7 billion; according to most everyone else, Trump is actually worth about $4 billion. Still a princely sum, but not quite the $11.6 billion Wayne is reportedly worth.

There is also something to be said about how closely Trump’s entrance onto the political stage mirrors Wayne’s debut as Batman. Trump shows genuine support among blue-collar voters while alienating the Republican establishment; Batman’s nightly crusade on behalf of Gotham’s downtrodden has earned him not a few enemies among the city’s established elite. In other words, Donald Trump is the hero the GOP deserves, but not the one it needs (or wants) right now.

So if Donald Trump is Batman, who is Dick Grayson / Robin? Va Right! reporters and photographers have been hot on the tail of the dynamic duo and when our reporter came up on the unsuspecting  duo eating lunch in their car at a local fast food joint, they tried to run away. But our photographer, a former Richmond Marathon Champion, managed to outrun the dynamic duo and snap the photo above confirming that Robin is none other than Ted Cruz.

People have been puzzled as to why Cruz has been so supportive of The Donald.

The Washington Post wrote:

But there’s a notable exception: Ted Cruz. Shortly after the issue flared up last week, Cruz said that Trump “speaks the truth” and didn’t need to apologize. He kept defending Trump over the weekend, saying Friday on Fox News that he thinks Trump is “terrific” and, on “Meet the Press,” that he “salute[s] Donald Trump for focusing on the need to address illegal immigration.” The suggestion that immigrants are rapists? “He has a colorful way of speaking.”

So why is Cruz the outlier here? Let’s game this out.

And the New York Times wrote:

Donald J. Trump has made himself few friends lately with his inflammatory comments about Mexican immigrants, but he does have a defender in Senator Ted Cruz.

The Republican from Texas told Fox and Friends on Tuesday that he had no problem with the billionaire businessman’s suggestion that those who cross the southern border illegally are “rapists” and “criminals.”

“I like Donald Trump. I think he’s terrific, I think he’s brash, I think he speaks the truth,” Mr. Cruz said.

And both speculated as to Cruz’ motives in rushing to Trump’s defense. But Va Right! has exposed the true reason Cruz defends the Donald. Cruz is, in fact, the other half of the cave dwelling heroes.

Another mystery solved.

But we are not finished exposing the truth here at Va Right! There is one final piece of the puzzle.

Who is Alfred the Butler?

And in yet another exclusive, we can now disclose that Alfred the Butler is none other than Bernie Sanders. (I never trusted that guy!)


You’re welcome America.

Article written by: Tom White

My Personal Struggle with Senator Ted Cruz

Every morning I wake up with the desire to write one article: I Endorse Rand Paul for President. Every morning I want to pull that trigger. Rand Paul is the closest thing this country has ever had to a Constitutional Libertarian. I am a Constitutional Libertarian.

Every morning, I’m stopped from writing that article, because of Ted Cruz. I don’t agree with Cruz as often as I agree with Rand Paul. Though I find them both far more important to the national debate and to the value of the Republican Party than I do folks like Donald Trump – the Johnny Come Lately.

I want you to watch Ted Cruz’s Speech on the floor of the United States Senate.

Click here to view the embedded video.

ted-cruzI’m not withdrawing my support from Rand Paul. I am merely saying this: that I want a man like this to be President of the United States. I feel the way I felt when I watched Rand Paul filibuster the NSA. I’m saying that I have a decision to make. I think we all do. These are two great men who have been fighting tooth and nail against the Republican Establishment, despite all the hate and lies and media stories issued against them. They haven’t compromised. They represent you and I every day in a parliament devoid of any consideration of our lives and liberty. Both these men deserve our support, but only one of them can win.

I think it is a shame that all we can talk about is Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, though I fully understand the reasons for both.

Listen and watch this speech. This is leadership. This is greatness. This is something we desperately need in Congress.

Article written by: Steven Brodie Tucker