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Hillary Clinton: In Her Own Words


By Bob Shannon King William

Hillary Clinton made an appearance with Brett Baier on Monday evening allowing the Fox News Commentator to ask her questions as well as take questions from the audience. I suspect Clinton knowing she was in a favorable audience added to her confidence she could pull this off without a sweat. Her answers to several questions left me pondering how a nation would ever allow such a person to be even considered for this office.

When asked what she plans to do on health care she ran off the usual slogans, typical defense of the Affordable Care Act and how she wanted to “ lower co-pay’s , deductibles and other out of pocket expenses by “ making insurers provide more free services”

Even low information citizens by now have read the numerous reports of the insurance companies who signed on to participate in these government run exchanges are losing their financial shirts, a number of them deciding to end their participation all together. The cost shifting scheme ( which is what the ACA is ) by the folks who designed this horrible legislation has run its course and the increase in health insurance premiums have been well documented. Yet, here you have a candidate for President openly spouting such utter nonsense. Secretary Clinton knows better but she has a campaign strategy that is designed for a certain type of voter that has little economic intellect and believes in free lunches, her core supporters.

When asked about college tuition she again spouted the same tired lines about the burden of debt college students carry today and how she would promote “debt free tuition” . Secretary Clinton is too clever by half suggesting that tuition costs , born by students for 75 years is now going to be born by just whom , the new Debt Fairy ? Perhaps she has a new cabinet level position in mind….Department of Debt Fairy. Why not , her entire life has been made up of myths , lies, & deception. What harm is there in throwing in a few fairies.

Bob Shannon King William

Article written by: Tom White

Your Huddled Masses Yearning for Jihad On the Dirty Boulevard

The New Colossus

Not like the brazen giant of Greek fame,
With conquering limbs astride from land to land;
Here at our sea-washed, sunset gates shall stand
A mighty woman with a torch, whose flame
Is the imprisoned lightning, and her name
Mother of Exiles. From her beacon-hand
Glows world-wide welcome; her mild eyes command
The air-bridged harbor that twin cities frame.

“Keep, ancient lands, your storied pomp!” cries she
With silent lips. “Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me,
I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”

There was a time when America was the new world, full of hope and wonder. A land that welcomed the cast offs. The unwanted from foreign shores that yearned to live in a land that was free. A land where they could start over with a clean slate and they and their generations to come would build a land that was to be the envy of the world. The beacon of light that shone around the world. A land that welcomed all who would come and share the goal of freedom and human rights and the desire to belong to something where the whole was greater than the sum of it’s parts. Where immigrants, refugees and the ones already here by birth could work hand in hand with one another and form a new, better place and a society that afforded far greater opportunity than the lands they left behind.

And they came. And they built the greatest nation that the earth had ever seen.

A nation built on unity that shunned the diversity that is pushed on us today. For what is diversity but the opposite of unity? America became a great melting pot where people melded together in spirit and shared the best of their culture and history that was combined and forged into something new, unique, strong and wondrous. Diverse people with a single mind. And the goal was to create a new, different and better land.

And America prospered and grew to become a shining example of many people becoming one nation. E pluribus unum. From many, one.

It was immigration that made America great and immigration made America strong.

But those days are long gone. Today’s immigrants, by and large, come here not to help build an even greater society, but to suckle at the breast of American largess and revel in the bosom and enjoy the fruits of the labor of those that built this society.

Today’s immigrants come from horrible places that make their flight perfectly understandable.

But today’s immigrants are not interested in joining the prosperity of this new way of life. They are intent on making America in the image of the country they fled. Manf of today’s immigrants have no interest in blending in with America, rather their interest is in preservation and recreation of the abysmal situation where they once lived.

Entire communities of those from the Muslim world covertly and more and more overtly bring Sharia Law, persecution of homosexuals and women, a culture of child abuse and animal abuse to America. They are not interested in joining the nation, but rather intent on creating their repressive lifestyle in a new place.

And many Hispanics refuse to learn English, the common language in the US and they, too, recreate their old homeland, culture and ways.

And the Eastern Europeans and many other ethnic groups are not interested in joining America, but prefer instead to bring the undesirable place they left behind to America.

This is not immigration. This is colonization. This is invasion!

Diversity has come to trump unity. It is now considered a good thing. Heritage. Culture. And even the Socialistic and repressive governments they fled are becoming a way of life. Again. Unity is long forgotten. Even disparaged. “Where seldom is heard a disparaging word” as become commonplace. #BlackLivesMatter is the new racism which implies #WhiteLivesDon’tMatter.

Today’s Americans hardly set a shining example of the unity we once had.

The new wave of immigration is not building America, it is destroying the once unified nation. Out borders are meaningless and we no longer control the flow of the invaders. And yes, they are invaders.

And now, despite the fact that some of the poor Syrian “refugees” who were displaced by war turned out to be terrorists in Paris, Obama still plans to import a few hundred thousand Syrians into America. Various numbers have been tossed out, 100,000 up to 250,000 Syrians will be resettled here, free to set up the same oppressive ways they knew in Syria.

But Obama claims they will be vetted. Vetted?

These people don’t even have birth certificates, the government from their homeland neither keeps nor shares criminal records. And the truth is, killing or wanting to kill non believers is not even a criminal act where they come from. It is simply not possible to weed out the would be terrorists from the ones that will simply go about setting up Little Damascus. But either way they will not assimilate into America. They will bring yet more diversity. Not unity.

And what percentage of the 250,000 are actually ISIS? Terrorist infiltrators that Obama will bring to our home towns? 1%? 1/2%? So 2,500? 1,250? There were only 8 who perpetrated the nightmare in Paris. Eight!

Today’s immigrants are not the same as those decades and centuries ago.

Today’s immigrants are Your Huddled Masses Yearning for Jihad. Muslim or not.

Article written by: Tom White

Forum: What Did You Think Of The Democrat’s Debate?

Every week on Monday morning , the Council and our invited guests weigh in at the Watcher’s Forum, short takes on a major issue of the day, the culture, or daily living. This week’s question:What Did You Think Of The Democrat’s Debate?

The Noisy Room : Boring. Flat. Torturous. The Walking Dead. Apathetic. Pathetic. Need I go on? That is what that debate last night was. All the print media this morning are claiming that Clinton nailed it. Nailed what? Propagandic lies? What a bunch of horse manure. Both Clinton and Sanders are revising history as they go – just pure fabrication. Donald Trump got more attendance live-Tweeting the debate last night than the debate did. In fact, I can’t find anywhere just how many attended. It must have been very, very bad. The attendance was the first thing you saw on the Republican debates. Not even the local press showed, much less national and international. They didn’t want to die from sheer boredom. I lived in Vegas for over 20 years… drag queen shows had far better attendance. In fact, I’ll bet that’s where a lot of the Dems were. That and the Bunny Ranch. Bill Clinton was in Vegas, but didn’t attend the debate. Any bets where he was? Unless the vote is entirely rigged, the Republicans are going to stomp all over the Democrats in this election. That is unless they deliberately hand it to Clinton.

From the Daily Mail:

This was the scene inside the press filing center at the first Democratic presidential primary debatejust an hour before the event began.

Empty seats. Lots of empty seats.

In all, 354 numbered seats were set aside for journalists at the Wynn Hotel and Casino – not in the debate hall, but in a separate ballroom lined with TV monitors and flanked by snack tables.

But two-and-a-half hours after the hard deadline for reporters to check in, 61 of those seats lay undisturbed, with the CNN- and Wynn-branded swag remaining neatly lined up where staff had placed it.

‘They’ve managed to bring apathy to Las Vegas,’ a reporter from a Washington, DC-based news outlet told on background. ‘Who’d have thunk it?’

Journalists on the scene with three separate media organizations said, also on background, that they had been offered more seats in the filing center than the number of reporters they brought to Sin City.

None of them would allow their names, or the names of their news organizations, to be used in print.

‘We don’t want to tick off CNN, to be honest,’ one reporter said. ‘It’s not their fault the energy is so low.’

After a pair of Republican debates that brought TV audiences of 23 and 24 million viewers, CNN has conceded that expectations for a repeat perfomance are low.

The elephant who’s not in the room – Donald Trump – could explain the dramatic difference between the two vibes.

Trump himself plans to live-tweet throughout Tuesday night’s debate.

‘Should be interesting,’ he wrote on Twitter just minutes before go-time, ‘but too bad the three guys at《1% will be taking up so much time – but who knows, maybe a star will be born (unlikely).’ was present at the first two Republican debates, in Cleveland, Ohio and Simi Valley, California.

Both events drew complaints on-scene from journalists who were denied entry because of overcrowding.

For those who don’t know, Vegas is a Democrat town. The mayor is a Democrat – big time. The fact that there weren’t thousands demanding entrance says something. Sanders drew 20,000 in LA… I wonder why he didn’t have numbers in Vegas? Unless his rallies are somehow rigged by the Democratic Socialists of America. I wouldn’t be surprised. Clinton can’t fill a supply closet. Biden is in the mist somewhere and no one knows what gives with him. There are a lot of gays and feminists and liberals in Vegas… what happened? I’ll tell you what… it’s too boring even for them. Plus, the candidates just aren’t radical enough I guess. They also didn’t get the living dead and vampire vote in Vegas – bummer. Trump, Carson and Cruz are all beating Hillary hands down. The media is waxing poetic this morning on how wonderfully Clinton did, but I have one question… if a Marxist shrills into an empty forest of chairs in Vegas, does anyone hear them? Or give a crap?

Trump believes that Hillary won this snooze fest, but a Drudge poll tells another story. The geriatric, authentic socialist won. Bernie Sanders was perceived as the winner hands down. And if you really want to get grossed out, look no further than Joy Behar, who is hot for Sanders. He arouses her. May I just say, ewwww! I knew she was sick and twisted, but come on. It must not take much to turn a commie on.

The real winner of the debate was Donald Trump, who got more attention than any of the lame donkeys in Vegas. That guy gets more free air time than anyone I have ever seen. It’s brilliant.

They’ve got the moron vote locked… and the slacker vote. Looks like it’s up to the rest of America to make sure these Marxists don’t somehow slither into the White House. They’ll tax, regulate and bore us to death. That’s if we don’t get invaded or nuked first. Death or cake?

The Independent Sentinel :The Democratic debate was a real snooze fest and there isn’t much I can add to what people have said. Obviously they were all in competition for who could give away the most “free” stuff except for the one normal person, Jim Webb, who needs to rethink his shift to the Democratic party.

I don’t know how people can say Hillary won when her competition was a stuffy military guy, two really unintelligent people including a failed Governor, and last but not least, a crazy old and angry commie. Oh, wait , I’m being unfair, she didn’t fall flat on her face-that makes her a winner!

JoshuaPundit : I freely admit that being familiar with the specimens involved, my chief interest was threefold; how the actual event would play out as opposed to how the media would spin it, what it would signify in terms of the Clinton/Obama war and how Jim Webb would go over.

To put it briefly, here’s what I gleaned from it:

Even though many after-debate polls showed the old commie winning, the media uniformly crowned it a Clinton triumph, often in what seemed like a co-ordinated collusive effort – ah, but we’ve been there before, haven’t we?

It’s obvious to me that the Clintons and the Obama’s have come to a grudging rapprochement. The entire scandal surrounding the Clinton’s ‘charitable foundation’, the e-mail servers scandal and people championing a Joe Biden candidacy without going into hysterical laughter were all attacks by President Obama and his creatures on Mrs. Clinton.

However, as I’ve mentioned previously.Mrs. Clinton has some potent weapons of her own. First of all, a simple call from her attorneys to certain members of congress offering candid testimony on any number of issues she has intimate knowledge of in exchange for immunity from prosecution could make Barack Obama’s final months in office extremely complicated.

Second, even Barack Obama has to sometimes bend to reality. Ironically, the Democrats have a unique system where the party insiders choose the nominee via a vehicle called super delegates rather than basing it on the more democratic reliance on the results ofp[lo-0 votes in the primaries. That’s why Mrs. Clinton was not the nominee in 2008.

Apparently, a number of these female super delegates who are in positions of power in the party have anointed Hillary based on her gender and have let it be known that any attempt to sideline her would have extreme consequences. So it’s no surprise to me that the usual suspects would trumpet a Clinton ‘triumph’ in the media, that the noise about a Biden candidacy would be muted and subside into silence or that President Obama would take steps to curtail the FBI investigation into the Clinton e-mail scandal and the almost certain breaches of national security involved. Remember, they work for him.

In view of that, the response to Jim Webb was almost an anti-climax. I’m amazed he was allowed to speak at all.

The Democratic Party used to combine economic populism with love of country and the backing of a strong national defense. What they’ve morphed into is an American version of the British Labour Party – philosophically Marxist, anti-freedom, rabidly isolationist, anti-military, hysterically vitriolic towards those with different views. The party’s leadership and yes, much of the rank and file have hyper criticism of America combined with appeasement of the country’s enemies as their default stance. And I’d also add that like the British Labour Party, a good chunk of the Democratic party is now firmly anti-semitic, oh pardon me , ‘anti-Zionist,’ something a lot of American Jews are now struggling to come to terms with if they haven’t already chosen sides.

As such, Jim Webb is a courageous dinosaur of what the Democrats once were, and yet another symbol of our dysfunctional politics – a man who might make a superb president, but whom hasn’t a remote chance of obtaining the office. Not as a member today’s Democrat Party.

Maggie’s Notebook : The Lincoln Chaffee –– Hillary Clinton exchange on the Iraq War caught my attention:

Lincoln Chaffee:

“If you’re looking at someone who made that poor decision in 2002 to go into Iraq when there was no real evidence of weapons of mass destruction, which I knew because I did my homework, that’s an indication of how someone will perform in the future. And that’s what’s important.”

Hillary Clinton response:

“I recall very well being on a debate stage about 25 time with then-Senator Obama debating this issue. After the election, he asked me to be Secretary of State. He valued my judgment. I spent a lot of time with him in the situation room going over some very difficult issues.”

I remember, well, when Obama announced he would put Hillary in charge of the State Department. I figured Bill Clinton had made it clear to Obama that Hillary would tell Obama’s life story better than he could ever tell it, if he didn’t appoint her to State.

I thought the questions were useless. They gave us nothing we didn’t already know. They all agree on almost everything, including what has since been estimated to be $18 Trillion in giveaways. I say “almost,” as I excuse Jim Webb from this sorry lot.

When Bernie Sanders made himself proud by saying “enough of the “emails,” the commentators failed to scale the remark down to facts. Why is everyone but Democrats concerned about the emails Bernie Sanders has had enough of?

1) March 2013, Hacker Guccifer released emails from Sidney Blumenthal to Hillary regarding the attack on our Special Mission in Benghazi. Various committees both in the House and the Senate were trying to get answers about the deaths of four Americans, and the life-threatening, and forever changing wounds of others. It’s my opinion that Congressman Trey Gowdy pushed long enough and hard enough that Speaker Boehner had to give in and allow a Select Committee to investigate.

There was more than sufficient reason to investigate, and Guccifer releasing correspondence with Sidney Blumenthal made it necessary. So, no we haven’t had “enough of the emails” because we, the peons out here following every smidgen of information about Benghazi, know some of what she did and didn’t do, and we are not amused that she has not been held responsible, at any point for sheer negligence and for trying to cover-up yet another America weapons smuggling operation out of Libya. We know one other thing for certain. She blamed an anti-Islam video for the attacks, and through her own videos, she spread her testimony of that clear lie around the Middle East, at taxpayer expense.

Martin O’Malley called illegals “new American immigrants.” He also said no one on the Democrat stage had spoken “ill” of another’s religion That was the only time religion was brought up, I think, and it was for the sole reason of protecting Islam. Damn the facts.

Late term abortions and the dismembering and selling of human tissue and baby parts was not mentioned on the stage. Neither was Planned Parenthood mentioned, along with the fact that taxpayers are forced to fund it annually. They have no shame, as Democrat Congressman Zell Miller once said.

Climate Change (not global warming) was the star of the evening. for one reason, and one reason only: Democrats rake in big bucks from their bogus Climate Change claims, and it binds us tighter and tighter to the United Nations.

While Syria and Russia were mentioned, I don’t think “ISIS” was uttered.

Nothing about our hideous debt or the seemingly insurmountable problems our Veterans face every day. The commentators were not alarmed at the surfeit of skunks in the room.

Laura Rambeau Lee,Right Reason : If I were one of the low information voters Rush Limbaugh speaks about who does not follow politics, I would believe Hillary Clinton won the debate and will most certainly be the Democrat nominee. According to CNN, “Hillary Clinton delivered a poised, polished performance”, while AP reported “Hillary Rodham Clinton’s polished performance in the first Democratic debate…” and US News and World Report wrote “The former secretary of state was feisty and polished…” One might think the media had collaborated with one another in their reporting, but that might sound conspiratorial, huh?

At several points during the debate I couldn’t help thinking about Oprah Winfrey years ago when she gave away cars to everyone in her studio audience. It seemed like a competition on who could give away more free stuff. Free college tuition… free health care as a right… you get a new Obama phone … you get a new car. Of course, I believe Oprah used her own money to give away those cars. The only ones mentioned who would be paying for the “free” stuff were the evil one-percent. It doesn’t take a numbers cruncher to know that does not compute. Who could out-socialist Bernie Sanders? Apparently Hillary Clinton is up to the task, although she prefers calling herself a “progressive.”

Several other candidates mentioned our need to combat climate change and take America off of fossil fuels and completely transition to cleaner, greener energy in less than a couple of decades. Again, there was no discussion about the skyrocketing costs of alternative clean energy nor the billions of tax dollars wasted on failed clean energy companies.

Americans must be made to realize all of these utopian promises cannot and will not ever be kept. The sad fact, however, is there are an overwhelming number of low information voters too eager to drink the Koolaid and depend on the government taking care of their every need.

The Glittering Eye :Didn’t watch it. Don’t much care. I said what I have to say about it in my post on the subject:

I did not watch the Democratic candidates’ “debate”. I won’t watch it and you can’t make me. However, based on John Cassidy’s remarks I have a question. Did Hillary Clinton convince anyone not already predisposed to vote for her to do so?

Well, there you have it.

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Forum: What Did You Think Of The Democrat’s Debate?

Article written by: Tom White

Conservatives Have No Solutions!

“Conservatives have no solutions” – have you heard this? Maybe you’ve heard it phrased more like, “Well, if you cut Food Stamps, what’s your plan to feed the poor?” “If you don’t support the EPA, what’s your plan for saving the environment?” “Against Tax Increases? Well, what’s your plan for funding the government”?

For most Republicans and for almost all Democrats, the only “plans” and “solutions” that qualify as actual plans and solutions are those which utilize the federal government in a positive and pro-active way. When they hear you talk about “free markets”, they think, “you have no plan!”. The idea that poverty, health care, insurance, home ownership, the stock market, unemployment, and education are necessarily the governments’ problem is a premise that I don’t share, and so I find myself incapable of talking to Republicans and Democrats about the government, as we do not share any basic or fundamental premises.

never-sell-a-liberal-the-same-way-as-a-conservative-02-14-2012-road-signThe Big Government Virginia Republican Bloggers constantly tell you that regulation is not an affront to liberty and that centralized control is a fundamental component of societal efficiency, and not federal infringement on the society as a whole. So, obviously, those of us who do not believe that running the economy, redistributing wealth, and certifying all human activity is the job of the federal government have no language or capacity to compromise with the Republican or Democrat Parties.

I used to believe that the Libertarian Party was the solution, back when I believed that the Libertarian Party was a pro-constitutionalist enterprise. It is not – in fact, they are a counter-Utopian, reactionary, movement that exists as push back against the unconstitutional rule of Democrats and Republicans over the decades; but they themselves do not fully embrace free markets or our Constitutional Republic. They have their own ideals they would like to enforce without constitutional sanction. What we need is a Constitutionalist-Libertarian Party in this country.

I believe that the best thing we can do for the poor and the middle class is to slowly, but steadily, begin contracting the welfare state and the federal bureaucracy, creating a cheaper, less intrusive government, which requires only a small portion of our nations private capital relative to current levels. The federal government does a terrible job at running our country, because they are trying to run everything in our country. Nothing is off limits or out of bounds with our federal and state governments.

And that’s the problem. The solution to most of our nations problems is getting our governments out of the business of trying to solve problems in the first place. The American People are becoming a weaker, more dependent, and less ambitious population. The American People built this country, not the federal government. Our governments are there to protect our borders, police our streets, practice diplomacy with foreign nations, establish a currency, operate our courts and enforce objective constitutional law, to adjudicate between the States, and to operate our Armed Forces – oh, and fine, I’ll throw in our roads too, just because I know people will completely freak out if I don’t mention roads.

Everything else should be left to the States and to the sovereign citizen. I am saying nothing that is not peculiar to the United States Constitution, even it is baffling to the modern American citizen.

A free market is a relatively unregulated market. I want free markets, including free labor markets, and health care markets, and insurance markets, and retail markets. The federal government will have to write laws to prevent new and creative means of force and fraud within a free economy, but that does not mean regulating everything that’s made, sold, or provided.

Don’t any of you want to be free? Are we so insecure as a people that we actually need this government?

To Barack Obama, I say this, you didn’t build America. We did. You can’t take credit for the very thing you’re destroying. We don’t need you. At least, I don’t need him, I can’t really speak for anyone else. Less government is the solution. More government is the problem. If we can’t agree on this than there is nothing to be gained by having policy discussions because we are operating under entirely different fundamental premises.


Article written by: Steven Brodie Tucker