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[VIDEO] Paul Joseph Watson on extreme LGBTQ-ism

The LGBTQ movement has morphed from acceptance to cultural decay aided by aggressive, successful efforts to impose a subculture on the dominant culture.

I never considered myself a homophobe, because I was always willing to accept same-sex relationships, provided that the LGBTQ movement, as is the case with heterosexual identity, confines itself to relationship decisions. I have a huge problem, however, when sexual preferences become entangled with intersectionality and tries to force upon me the entire Leftist panoply of ideas, from open borders, to unlimited abortion, to “gender is an imaginary construct,” to anti-Israel sentiments and anti-Semitism, to Trump Derangement Syndrome, and everything else that today’s Democrat presidential candidates advance and that I find abhorrent. You won’t be surprised, then, to learn that I appreciate Paul Joseph Watson’s video about the LGBTQ movement (or, as I am calling it, the QueerBorg) and all of its attendant insanity:

Bottom line: If you want to be accorded the same treatment as others in society (a) stop acting is if you’re special and therefore more deserving; (b) stop forcing your entire political platform on me; and (c) start rejecting actions and ideologies that are so far out of the mainstream as to be perverse and dangerous (e.g., pedophilia, S&M, erasing your genitals, mutilating young children, etc.).

Here’s a bonus video, in which Watson talks about his planned new platform. He’s correct that the Big Tech guys will soon de-platform everyone. As soon as he has a PayPal option that I can find, I’ll give my mite.

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