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7th District Saturday Afternoon Meeting Cancelled!

The meeting that was scheduled Saturday January 8th at 4:30 PM for the 7th District has been cancelled due to the court redistricting decision.

Several of the voting members are no longer in the 7th and there was not enough time to give the required notice due to the change ordered by the courts.

This was confirmed with 7th District Chairman Fred Gruber.

Pleas spread this notice around to avoid inconveniencing anyone.


Article written by: Tom White

URGENT! Cantor’s Anti Conservative Group Meeting at RPV Advance Time Change – Now at 6 PM

The Anti Conservative Cantor group that spreads discontent and turmoil within the Republican Party has changed the meeting time tonight from 7PM to 6PM in the Lexington Room at the Omni Homestead Resort.

(Yes. You invited spies!)

I know a lot of my friends who are attending are planning to take pictures of the attendees and protest the anti Conservative hatred of the group with the typically unidirectional name of “Virginia Conservative Network”. This is the same naming convention used for things like the “Affordable Care Act”.

The attendees will be plotting their dirty dealings to purge Conservatives from the party and continue the downward spiral of the GOP in the state and nationally.

Below is the invitation with the new time:


Article written by: Tom White