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Trump Bashing Cruz Supporters Can Dish It Out, but They Can’t Take It

While Ted Cruz has been mostly silent on criticism of Donald Trump, the same cannot be said about his supporters. There are a lot of people bashing Trump these days but none more vociferous than the Cruzers. And for the record, I am not blaming Cruz for the actions of his supporters.

And the Trump bashers seem to fall into 3 categories.

  • Ted Cruz supporters who are politically knowledgeable, conservative and, unfortunately far too willing to use spin and outright falsehoods to knock Trump down in order to build Cruz up. Many of these are people with whom I share a basic conservative political philosophy and usually find we are on the same team, supporting the same candidate. And I have no doubt that we shall align behind a candidate in the near future. So some of these attacks on my blog, Twitter and Facebook have been rather vicious and vitriolic, and most fail to mention Cruz at all. It takes some effort to draw them out and know their motive for the bashing. And I have been on the receiving end of this behavior for months. It is disappointing to see many of my friends take this tactic to build up their candidate by tearing down another with false information. It is reminiscent of the tactic Eric Cantor used to paint Dave Brat as a Liberal College Professor. And those spreading that lie refused to listen to reason and truth.
  • The RINO Establishment GOP, the Mainstream Media, RINO Blogs and Democrats. This is also a knowledgeable group who are willing to spread lies and make stuff up in a desperate effort to hold onto power. And Trump threatens this power because he will not play by their rules. And they know that. These are people who really do not care about America, just power.
  • The last category are the low information voters. Unlike the first two groups, these people are not trying to manipulate opinion, they are just reacting to what they hear and accept it without question.

And I get the appeal of Ted Cruz. If Donald Trump were not in the race, Cruz is the only other candidate I would consider supporting. Now I will vote for the Republican Candidate, whomever that may be, perhaps holding my nose again, but I wouldn’t waste my time campaigning for or working for any of the others outside of Trump or Cruz.

And one of the hardest things to do in politics is to back a different candidate than some of the allies you have found on other campaigns. It has happened to me many times over the years and I always intend to “reset” things after an election. We all find different things in different candidates and need to respect one another’s decisions when backing a candidate and make sure we don’t totally burn bridges. We will need each other in the future.

My disdain, contempt and distrust of the Establishment GOP, the big money fat cats that own the establishment politicians and the ruling class elitists is complete and eternal. These people are indistinguishable from the Socialists and Communists in the Democrat party and Ryan’s omnibus bill is absolute proof that the establishment Republicans are no more trustworthy than the Democrats. We worked hard to give these bastards a majority in the House and the Senate and, as usual, our efforts are rewarded with betrayal. And every time we have been betrayed my distrust and ire grows and the American people feel the same, judging by the rise of the outsiders in the polls. Trump, Cruz, Ben Carson, Carly Fiorina are all manifestations of the traitorous nature of the Republican Establishment’s failure to live up to their promises. It also shows that the GOPe has lost the consent of the governed.

So when it comes down to picking a presidential candidate, I would say in addition to the 4 mentioned above, I would have to add Rand Paul as a possibility. So there were 5 possible candidates for someone looking for a non establishment “outsider” to pick from. Paul has been a horrible candidate and has never picked up steam. Carson and Fiorina have had their 15 minutes and were unable to get past the scrutiny.

Which leaves Trump and Cruz.

As I looked at these two candidates, Cruz has a very short history in the Senate, not unlike our current president. He has no executive experience and as I documented in a post yesterday Cruz offered an amendment to Rubio’s Gang of 8 Bill that would not grant a path to citizenship for illegals, but would provide them “green cards” so they could “come out of the shadows”. He claimed at the time that this was a good faith effort and a compromise that gave the Democrats what they publicly stated that they wanted. And now Cruz calls it a “poison pill” that was designed to show the hypocrisy of the Democrats. So either that is a lie, or he was not being truthful in 2013 about the amendment being a good faith effort. Not a lot was said about this until Donald Trump had the courage to be open and honest about the illegal alien problem. The American public has found Trump’s Politically Incorrect statements on illegal immigration to be what they were all thinking, but afraid to say.

Cruz supported TPA, the trade authority that gives Obama the authority to bypass the Senate on what are essentially treaties. Global Warming, Gun Control, who knows what else? Cruz was for this until public sentiment turned against it.

Cruz wife is a VP at Goldman Sachs. Big money corporations are the difference between big money RINO’s and Conservatives. Very scary money connection.

And I believe Cruz will face many, many legal challenges to be placed on the ballot, as I discussed in yesterday’s post linked above.

These are not B.S. claims, they are facts. We have very little to go on with the first term Senator, but I find these issues to be a pattern. And that is why I could not support Cruz.

And then there is Donald Trump.

I tell most people to disregard most of what you hear about Trump. It is spin, half truths and outright lies. Most of my friends write on Facebook or blog comments “How can you support Donald Trump because he supports …”. Fill in the blanks. And these type of statements are always taken completely out of context, mixed with other things Trump said, culled from 20 year old interviews and spun as if Donald Trump was a politician all his life. And it has been my experience that the Cruz supporters are the most prolific Trump bashers, at least with my statements and comments.

Just a few “for instances”. There are so many lies and distortions I could fill volumes.

Trump is Pro Choice. FALSE. Trump is pro life.

Trump is a Democrat. A Democrat plant. Best friends with Hillary. FALSE. Trump is a Republican. Where the confusion and half truths come in is that Trump was a businessman doing work in the deep blue Northeast. You donate to the people in charge. You mingle with the people in charge. You go to parties with those in charge and invite them to your parties. Schmoozing is the name of the game when you are a businessman. If Trump was a Republican Politician these things would be dis-qualifiers for me. But he did what he had to do to run a very successful business.

Trump is a bully. Trump is brash. Trump is outspoken. TRUE! Trump is a New Yorker. I spent a lot of time in New York in my life and I will admit the facade a lot of people living in The City adopt can be a put off. Loud. Braggadocios. Conceited. But if you think about it, all of these things are the opposite of Political Correctness. An acquired taste for sure. But I believe we need bold and loud to be heard above the spin, lies and deception. And does it work? Damn straight it does. The press hangs on every crude and outrageous statement. And all of these crude and outrageous statements are exactly what needs to be said and exactly what people are looking for. The normal flow for whatever “outrageous” statement Trump makes is:

  • The media reports the latest outrageous statement.
  • The media and the GOP sit around and talk about how this will be the one that finally sinks Trump
  • The people love the statement and cheer Trump for saying it.
  • Trump goes up in the polls.
  • His detractors sink because they are siding with political correctness.
  • His opponents finally adopt the same idea.

How many times we gotta do this before you get it?

Trump wants to shut down the internet. FALSE. Trump wants to control the Terrorists ability to use the internet to communicate and recruit.

Trump hates Muslims and wants to round them up and kill them and their families like Hitler. FALSE. These are two statements made at different times. Trump said let’s “pause” immigration from Muslim countries until we can get a handle on this. Pretty much an intelligent thing to do. Trump also said we need to stop worrying about collateral damage with airstrikes. These people use human shields, even their own family. The terrorists need to know if they kill us and our families, we will hunt them down, those that helped them and kill them. Right now, Obama is not giving the green light – often even buzzing ISIS convoys of oil carrying vehicles so the people will get out and run. They are selling oil for ISIS to fund terrorism. Blow them to Allah. Trump never proposed rounding up and indiscriminately killing Muslims here.

Trump will send blacks back to Africa. FALSE. And yes, I even heard this. I have no idea where this came from but I suspect it is something circulating on black radio. I would NEVER support someone with such a notion.

Trump is not a Conservative. Maybe. But then Eric Cantor always said he was a Conservative. He spoke eloquently of conservative principles and values. And the need for smaller government, lower taxes, bla, bla, bla.  So did John Boehner. And Mitch McConnell. In fact, pretty much all Republicans say this. And then they do the opposite. There are few exceptions to the fact that pretty much every Republican lies about being conservative. Dave Brat is one of those exceptions. And I do not know enough about Ted Cruz in his short time in the Senate to say he is not going to be the next Paul Ryan.

And I love the people that demand to know how Trump will build a wall, bring back jobs, kill ISIS and Make America Great Again.

Funny. No one asks Trump for his specific plans and details when he says he is going to build a great golden tower that will be the envy of the world. Or a hotel. Or golf course. They don’t ask. He lays down the vision and puts the right people in charge and it happens. No one doubts him. It happens.

So why doubt him on the wall, jobs, economy, etc.?

Many people try to look at things Trump said and did as a businessman and hang it around Trump’s neck as his current political policy. Trump could have eschewed any business dealings that were not 100% conservative, refused to use eminent domain and told Bill and Hillary to go to hell. But then he wouldn’t have a successful company. Someone else would have profited from the business he gave up. And he would probably be living an obscure life in a tri-level 4 bedroom in Hoboken.

So when you say Trump is not conservative, I don’t care. Neither are the rest of the Republicans once they get to DC.

When you say Trump supports this or does not support that, I don’t care.

We have been betrayed by the Republican Party time after time. I have reached the point that I do not believe most of them and don’t trust them either. So Trump supporters like me don’t worry about the minutia and litmus tests and playing those “gotcha” games of Trump said.

If Trump builds the wall and stops illegal immigration, brings back jobs that were sent overseas by our overly intrusive government rules and regulations, actually takes the fight to ISIS and other terrorist groups and understands that war is hell, then I will know America is turning around. When we make political correctness incorrect, I will know America is turning around.

I don’t give a rat’s butt at this point about eminent domain, 20 year old health care statements, donations to Democrats, spitting on the sidewalk or anything else. We are being over run by Terrorists and Illegals who likk us and take our jobs. They flaunt our laws and spit in our faves because we are weak. America is an exploited country. So to my Conservative friends who want to know why I support Trump and could care less about the minor stuff, it is the big stuff that is killing us.

Trump has brought up more major issues than all of the rest of the candidates combines.

Trump will be anything but business as usual. So while my conservative friends focus on their conservative checklist that will be tossed in the trash bin as soon as the swearing in is over, I am perfectly fine with Trump accomplishing the major tasks that has him sop far ahead of the pack. Once the country is safe and secure and prosperous, we can turn our attention to the Conservative Checklist.

And that is why Trump supporters are unwavering. We understand that while the rest of the candidates are fighting over insignificant issues and who supported amnesty and who didn’t, and counting angels on the head of a pin or pining for George Bush and apologizing to the Muslims who are killing us, Trump has his finger on the pulse of America. Jobs. Security. Prosperity.

So don’t believe most of what you hear about Trump. Look at the big picture.

Article written by: Tom White

Covert Republican Guerrilla Tactics Have Zero Chance of Success

I’ve heard it said that the secret to breaking the back of the Republican Establishment is to find ourselves an outsider, like Donald Trump or Carly Fiorina, to destroy the RNC from the inside. I’m told that this is how we defeat the GOP establishment once and for all. Smart people have listened to this strategy and have bought in to the idea that a Trump victory will be so humiliating, so destructive to the Republican Establishment that we’ll be able to refashion the GOP into something more conservative and constitutional.

Unfortunately, this strategy cannot do what the people want it to do. Who is the establishment? The establishment is comprised of politicians who’ve put their offices up for sale in Washington D.C. for all comers on Wall Street, K Street, and the Chamber of Commerce. Do you really believe that a Donald Trump or Carly Fiorina presidency is going to get rid of Wall Street, K Street, and the Chamber of Commerce? Powerful, Corporatist lobbying groups aren’t going away folks; and as long as they exist, the For-Sale Republicans will be well funded, well entrenched, and in positions of great power.

trumpfA political outsider isn’t going to change the nature of our Republic from the inside. The best a President can do is to fight the US Congress, refuse to sign bloated bureaucratic bills, refuse to sign legislation that increases the debt, increases the deficit, and increases our taxes. The best a Republican President can do is to use the bully pulpit to win over the American People to common sense conservatism and constitutional republicanism, then let the people pressure Congress for change. We need a Republican President that understands the corruption in Congress and if the choice is between a Ted Cruz or a Rand Paul, who’ve been fighting this corruption in our nations’ capital, and Donald Trump who has been taking advantage of this corruption for decades, how could any conservative go with Trump?

Magic does not exist. Wishing something could happen isn’t enough to make it happen. The Republican Crony-Capitalists are here and they are here to stay. No one is going to somehow wave a magic wand and pull the temple walls down upon their heads.

To win, we need to work hard, not hope hard. To win, we need to elect the smartest, best credentialed conservative we can find and get out there and fight for every vote, but we better make sure whoever we’re getting behind has a strong conservative record.

See, I think our problem really is tied directly to how often we’ve fought and failed. Now, tired of the toil and exhausted by defeat, we’re actually willing to burn the entire system down. If we can’t win, then nobody can! Let’s just have a Republican Fire Sale and rebuild. OK. Fine, but keep in mind that the Democrats won’t be affected. The Democrats will only grow stronger as Republicans tear each other apart.

Yes, there is already a civil war in the Republican Party and yes, its a good thing; but it’s only a good thing when we know what it is we’re fighting for! Constitutional conservatism versus establishment cronyism. But now we’re getting desperate. We’re abandoning constitutional conservatism for authoritarian populism.

I understand the desire to hurt the establishment, to embarrass them, and to watch them squirm, but there are serious issues facing this country and a Presidential Election has to be about those issues, and not some strategy for destroying the GOP from within.

Many of you are still undecided. I would like to encourage you to remain resolute in your conservatism. Do not stray from your values for some poorly conceived guerrilla tactic. If you are a conservative, you need to back a conservative. If you are a constitutionalist, then you need to back someone who is a staunch defender of the Constitution, or for the love of god, at least someone who actually knows whats’ in it! There are candidates in the field today who are staunch conservatives and consitutionalists and they deserve your support. You know how awful it feels when no one fights for you… well, Ted Cruz and Rand Paul, even Marco Rubio, have been fighting for you in the Senate, against the establishment you so desperately want to see destroyed. Bobby Jindal and Scott Walker have been fighting liberal special interests groups for years, and they’ve won battle after battle.

In the lead up to the Reagan Revolution, I believe it was George Will who referred to Reaganites as Kamikaze Conservatives. They weren’t. They were just conservative. A Kamikaze Conservative is a conservative who supports untested, unproven moderate to liberal Democrats/Republicans in pursuit of sinking the ship. That’s a kamikaze conservative. Reagan was simply a conservative who fought for conservative government, nothing more and nothing less, and look at what a difference his leadership made in America!

There are many excellent Republicans running for President today and they all have records and a past. Examine those records. Examine their history. Support whomever you believe to be the most consistent supporter of your values and philosophies, and you won’t be lead down the dock by some random piper.


Article written by: Steven Brodie Tucker

What This Republican Primary is All About

If you would have asked me in April, what the top 5 issues of the Republican Primary would be, I’d have said, without blinking, “Obamacare, Spending, Debt, a sputtering economy, and ISIS”. I would have been wrong on all counts. The Republican Primary isn’t about any of those things. It’s about Donald Trump, The Donald, Trump, China, and illegal immigration.

I’ve got to be honest, I didn’t see this coming. The grassroots, having fought ferocious battles with the Republican Establishment for six long years, seemed primed for the fight of their lifetime. But who would be their standard-bearer? Would it be Ted Cruz? Rand Paul? Scott Walker? Marco Rubio? Or would Bobby Jindal or Rick Perry improve upon their national popularity and unify the Republican Party? They all began positioning themselves to lead, tauting their records, their conservative bonafides. Ted Cruz kept reminding voters about the importance of a consistent record of Conservativism, and for the briefest of moments, conservatives were attentive.

Then, Donald Trump stepped out of an airplane and told illegal immigrants, the federal government, and the media to go screw themselves – and all hell broke loose. Conservatives, no longer interested in the long hard battle, lined up to throw fruit and garbage at all those elites that have always spat upon them from atop the towers of establishment hegemony. If only Rand Paul would have just come out and said, “Federal Government, Go F Yourself!”. He’d be leading in the polls. Conservatives would yell, “Somebody finally said it!”.

And I guess at the end of the day, that’s really where we are… ready to burn the whole damn thing to the ground. And why not? What’s left? As Mark Levin has said, it really doesn’t matter if we win one election. This is a century long battle staring us in the face and a century is a very long time. And sure, we’ve complained about all of Obama’s illegal executive orders, but what if, in the style of a South American Big Man, we elected a powerful American tycoon, to issue a couple illegal executive orders of his own and to use the depth and breadth of the Oval Office to lay waste to everything these corrupt Republicans and Democrats have built since FDR?

We don’t think Ted Cruz or Rand Paul can do it, but we think that Trump can. Why? Because he’s The Donald! He’s rich and powerful and he looks down on these lifetime politicians that he’s purchased for pennies on the dollar. See, we can trust Trump, because he knows how corrupt these establishment politicians really are. When Trump wants to take somebody’s land, he just buys the right politicians, and then, like magic, through eminent domain, the government just gives him the rights to the land and the plebes are shaken off. He knows how this system works! He can change it!

I don’t know folks. Maybe I’m reading this all wrong, but I don’t think Donald Trump is bread and circuses. I think he’s Caesar. I could be totally wrong. I mean, Trump is killing everyone in the polls. He’s more popular with African Americans and Hispanics than almost any other Republican candidate. He probably could win if he sticks it out. I just don’t feel comfortable putting my liberty and my constitutional rights in his hands. My greatest fear is that under such a President, we would no longer be citizens, but employees; and yes, his employees love him, right up and to the point he squints his eyes, extends his finger, and says, “You’re Fired!”.

Article written by: Steven Brodie Tucker

Imagine a Dirty Word – and that the Word is Compromise

Most of the patriots I know who serve as the life-blood of the Republican Grassroots movement in Virginia, will never compromise with the Republican Establishment in this State. I can’t think of a single argument I could use to coax them toward compromise. Every compromise they’ve ever made has backfired and blown up in their face. They’ve been lied to, often. They’ve been smeared, often. They’ve seen none of the promises made to them fulfilled in Washington DC or Richmond.

That said (and I hope that was clear enough), I am open to real compromise and cross-faction diplomacy. Now, I know that Eric Canter and Linwood Cobb, Goodlatte, Rigell, and Wittman will never sit at this mythological table that I’m about to imagine. They are a part of the McConnell-Boehner mindset, which believes conservatives, libertarians, and constitutionalists ought to be “crushed”, using McConnell’s language. But, I have witnessed acts of compromise achieve success.

Now, it is important to understand something fundamentally true about compromise. Compromise can achieve a success, but never victory. The grassroots conservatives should never compromise and go home happy. Compromise exists to stave off utter disaster and defeat. You don’t become friends with the people who’s stubborn inefficiency forced your hand in the first place. That notwithstanding, compromise has its’ place.

gop_meanNewt Gingrich compromised with everyone. Democrats and Republicans, grassroots and establishment. He had a very specific set of goals he wanted to achieve and was willing to compromise on battles in order to win the war. Big picture? Newt Gingrich as Speaker of the House was successful in waging his war against Bill Clinton and against an out of control spending addiction. In fact, Newt Gingrich is responsible for making President Clinton’s tenure as President look comparatively successful, when nestled beside the numbers of President George H.W. Bush, George W. Bush, and Barack H. Obama. Newt Gingrich was a vicious Parliamentarian, unlike those soft, empty-suits currently running this supposedly Republican Congress.

I’ve never seen so many do so little, as I’ve seen from this “Republican” Congress.

Now, in Virginia, as I reach out and get to know the movers and shakers, I’ve discovered that, maybe, the only establishment boss willing to compromise with the Grassroots is Ed Gillespie. Now, I don’t trust him, but I can respect the fact that he isn’t motived by the same crush-the-TEA-Party sentiment that has infected Boehner and McConnell. So, let’s imagine what battles we could win and what battles we’d be willing to lose in a compromised Virginian Republican Party.

I’m not going to lay down a platform or a list, but I want to focus on what we ought to demand – what could we win that we would be willing to lose elsewhere on?

I ask you, the grassroots, what three things do you want, more than anything else, that you’d be willing to compromise on?

The real war between conservatives and establishment revolves around spending, taxes, and debt. They are all co-mingled. What if, a magnificently unlikely if, there was room to negotiate on spending, taxes, and debt. What if the elected officials in Virginia were willing to go after spending and tax cuts, what would the conservative grassroots be willing to give up in return? And what if some establishment Republican like Ed Gillespie, did stand up, dismiss the big money interests, and offer a compromise?

I’m not buying into the idea that we ever see Gruber and Cobb, Brat and Cantor, on stage together somewhere. But I am wondering if somehow the Republican Party could find some way to cut spending, taxes, and debt, and still satisfy the “we’ve got to demonstrate that we can govern” establishment types out there.

I don’t know.

Maybe this really is all out war and progress will be impossible until one side decisively defeats the other. I have simply heard some things about Gillespie that reminds me of Gingrich, and winning some battles and controlling the war is better than losing all the battles and losing the war – so I’m kind of thinking out loud here.

If it is all out war we’re dealing with, then we need to get qualified candidates to defeat everyone that stands in our way. We’ve got to raise money and defeat the wealthy elite with both dollars and votes. I’m comfortable with that if that is where we are at; but if it isn’t and if there is a way to better Virginia by working together, then maybe that is something worth considering as well. I understand that the word “compromise” is a bad word and that our guttural reaction is to stomp our feet and protest; but how can it be something we refuse to consider, if and when, such opportunities might arise? I’m not talking about letting anyone off the hook – but rather, actually experiencing what we all desire – less spending, fewer taxes, a reduction of debt, and a streamlining of our regulatory services. Wistful thinking, this is; not wishful thinking. There is a difference.

I recognize that in writing this, I may be taking the temperature of the grassroots in the thick-glass old fashioned way, and I apologize for the discomfort; but I am honestly looking for data and honesty.


Article written by: Steven Brodie Tucker