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Our Troubles With Islam

I am uncomfortable with the tone many conservatives have begun to take with regard to the religion of Islam. As always, my principle concern is with my own liberty, individual sovereignty, and constitutional rights. When we begin singling out religions for arbitrary treatment by the federal government, I immediately see red flags and slippery slopes and question if such rhetoric is either necessary or useful.

islam-crescentTherefore, over the past few days as our political establishments and the media have flawlessly failed to deal with Donald Trumps proposed ban on Muslim Immigrants (getting everything wrong from “It’s unconstitutional” to “It’s never been done before”), I have tried to thoughtfully consider the situation. My recommendation was to stall all immigration and to secure our borders. Clearly, this precarious situation is primarily precarious because we have a terribly flawed immigration system in the first place. I don’t see the point of focusing on “Muslims” or even “Muslim Countries” when Jihidists could come from any country, of any ethnicity, and simply banning the ones who self-report their faith is probably going to fail anyway. Not to mention, Islamist immigrants aren’t the only immigration problem we’ve faced over the last three decades.

With regard to Islam itself, however, I do believe that there is a general ignorance concerning Islam amongst Americans, who are only familiar with non-political religions. Islam is both a religious and political doctrine. American Muslims who keep to their religious faith, but who choose to recognize US Law over Islamic Law, are sacrificing half of their religious doctrine in order to enjoy the freedom and liberty in what used to be a Constitutional Republic. Any Muslim desiring to devoutly practice Islamic faith can do so free of suspicion or molestation in the Western World; and millions of Muslims avail themselves of that liberty without incident.

The threat we face is not men and women who worship Allah and attend Mosque. The threat we face is political Islam and those who believe that Islamic Law should be the law of the land. Many Muslims who have settled in the Western World seem perfectly happy living under laws derived from the Enlightenment. They avail themselves of the opportunities of capitalism and they do no harm. These Muslims, insofar as they do not ascribe to their political doctrines, are not a threat and should not be treated as a threat.

However, we Americans face an incredibly difficult challenge. It is a fact that Muslims throughout the world who only recognize Islamic Law have been trying to force or kill the people who do not. How can we tell the difference between a person peacefully practicing an Islamic Faith and a person who believes in Political Islam – that is, in the entirety of Islamic doctrine? The fact is, we really can’t.

So when Islamists (those who accept all of Islam, both the religious and political doctrine) start gunning down folks in Paris and California, Americans (with no means to tell a religious Muslim from an Islamist) are left feeling generally unpleasant about the entire thing. This isn’t bigotry. It’s fear. What are these Americans supposed to do? It is a fact that their lives are in danger because of Islamists who will kill them for their refusal to live under Islamic Law (Sharia). It is not irrational for them to desire to protect themselves.

Truly, until religious Muslims in the West figure out a way to differentiate themselves from those who believe in both political and religious Islam, how can they expect Westerners to feel comfortable with them? Though, maybe we ought not hold ourself merely to a standard of expectation.

I am not afraid of Muslims in the United States. Why? Because Muslims have lived amongst us for generations without incident. Before 9/11, how many of us had a problem with our Muslim neighbors? None of us. Christian, Jewish, and Muslim children attended school together without incident. We were neighbors without incident. We were friends without incident. Have we forgotten this so quickly? The power of liberty to join us of many faiths together into a peaceful coexistence has prevailed for hundreds of years.

I refuse to allow a large and frightening minority of Muslims, who believe in Islamic Law and Islamic Supremacy, to turn me into a fearful or hateful person. I understand why this situation is so complicated. Political Islam is no less of a threat than Communism or Fascism – and we are right to want to address that threat with the same strength and resolve with which we’ve addressed Communism and Fascism; but not all Muslims accept political Islam. These are facts.

All that said, were I a liberty-loving religious-Muslim, I would be doing everything in my power to establish a means of demonstrable separation between myself and those threatening the lives and liberty of so many innocents across the world. Some are trying, but far too few. If such a separation cannot be formed, then we will continue to face many dangerous and trying times ahead, where not only our lives, but our liberties, could be at stake. Even in the face of such confusion and danger, I will not hate another individual for their faith, their appearance, or because of my own fear. I despise fear with every ounce of my soul and I despise what it does to Man. With that fear I will take no part.

Article written by: Steven Brodie Tucker

Forum: Forum: What Is Your Reaction To The Terrorism In San Bernardino?

Every week on Monday morning , the Council and our invited guests weigh in at the Watcher’s Forum, short takes on a major issue of the day, the culture, or daily living. This week’s question: What is your reaction to the terrorism in San Bernardino?

The Glittering Eye : Since the murders by Syed Farook and his wife in San Bernardino last week, I’ve written fourteen posts. Five have been on the subject of the police execution of Laquan McDonald. I’m actually surprised that my fellow Council members have not latched onto this subject, considering their antipathy to the Democratic Party. Not only does it have the potential to throttle Hillary Clinton’s presidential aspirations, it could rend the whole Democratic coalition apart.

Four of my posts were on a variety of topics. The other five have been devoted to the murders in San Bernardino:

Folie à deux
The Faceless
Reasonable Inferences
These Are the Times That Try Men’s Souls

Rather than try to summarize them, I’ll just set out some bullet points:

  • As of this writing, the president has apparently decided that the most effective strategy for opposing such incidents in the future is gun control. What specific measures does he have in mind? I predict that no Democratic candidate (or very few and those running in safe seats) will run on a platform of gun control in 2016.
  • The Democratic talking points about the strength of our vetting process and the moral necessity of accepting women and children refugees are as dead as the victims in San Bernardino.
  • Why are we accepting immigrants from Pakistan, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, UAE, Libya, etc. at all? Why are we accepting immigrants from Afghanistan and Iraq other than those who worked as translators for our armed forces or their immediate families at all? And those after a rigorous vetting process? We need a moratorium on immigration to the U. S. from that part of the world and I include fiance, compassionate, refugee, and asylum visas in that.
  • Why do we allow CAIR to continue to violate the Foreign Agent Registration Act?
  • Indeed, why are U. S. imams who are supported wholly or in part by foreign donations not required to register under FARA?

JoshuaPundit : My immediate reaction, even before the names of the attackers were belatedly revealed by the media was ‘smells like jihad, but not ISIS.’

Baghdadi is smart, and he picks his targets carefully for maximum impact. A Resource center in a place like San Bernardino wasn’t it. I know the area pretty well, and San Berdoo as the locals call it is a midsize, fairly depressed inland city over two hours away from Los Angeles, traffic willing. Redlands where the jihadis were living is San Bernardino’s slightly more upscale college town neighbor to the east. Unlike Paris, there was little or no strategic value and what shock value existed was from the sheer body count. Jihad Barbi and Ken were essentially ISIS groupies. That doesn’t mean that they weren’t connected to like-minded individuals, even given some training and assistance but I doubt they were actually part of the team.

There’s a great deal we won’t find out since the FBI (almost certainly under President Obama’s orders) released the crime scene after only an unheard of forty eight hours and allowed the media to trample the crime scene and even handle physical evidence.

And of course, that’s the heart of the matter. We can make all the laws and take all the precautionary action we want, but with dysfunctional leadership that’s always going to sabotage it, we will always be stepping on our own feet. Impeachment is the first step towards winning this war.

I heard President Obama last night, and the only part of this dysfunctional jackass’s 13 minute speech that didn’t surprise me was that he failed to work in a mention of climate change. Of course, he will never admit the major part his policies have played in strengthening jihad in America and worldwide, like his illegal war in Libya and his protection and appeasement of Islamists. And that includes his role in arming, training and financing ISIS and later, al-Qaeda affiliate al-Nusra, now going under the name of Jaish-al-Fatah, The Army of Conquest. Or, as President Obama’s creatures refer to them, ‘the free Syrian rebels.’

I also wonder if anyone but me who was watching and heard the gun control part appreciated as I did the irony of someone whose administration sold AK-47’s to Mexican drug cartels and did his best to stonewall any kind of investigation of it talking to the rest of us about ‘sensible gun control.’

    GrEaT sAtAn”S gIrLfRiEnD : Practicing that ol’ time religion.

    It was maddening to hear press and political cats contort themselves into risible positions to find something – anything – to smoke screen the Cali Jihad.

    Again it was a big surprise to the jihadists’ family, his mosque members etc etc. Always the same Really strange too that CAIR was right on top of this with their other worldly press conference, the family attorneys press call and how about the FBI or whomever allowing the land lord to open up the apartment to the press and public before investigators were able to haul off anything.

    Almost like the FBI didn’t want to investigate the place, seize stuff, get fingerprints and all.

    Very tough to watch after the Chattanooga Jihad – in me very own back yard, yet a pattern seems to emerge. Boston, Chattanooga and now San Bernardino – the children of mohammedist immigrants are attacking us – and with ultra conventional weaponry – rifles and bombs.

    Despite the fact that the killers Boston and Chattanooga mosques are hip and haunch together in the North American ‘You Know What’ Trust – still awaiting to see in the Riverside mosque in Cali is hooked up with NAIT (same affiliated mosque that the Pentagon plane hi jackers went to in VA) and if any action can be taken against NAIT.

    Laura Rambeau Lee, Right Reason : I must confess when I heard of the massacre I was not surprised. I knew it was only a matter of where and when the next attack would occur.

    In the aftermath of the massacre in San Bernardino, CA by radical Islamic terrorists we discovered the two killers were named as Syed Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik. The media appeared shocked to learn a woman was involved in the murders. It took awhile for them to report the killers’ names although early on many of us were learning their identities via Twitter and Facebook. As the relationship between the two was revealed it occurred to me the K-1 visa bride more than likely radicalized her American born husband.

    With gun stores reporting record sales it appears the majority of Americans now understand, if they had not before, we are at war with radical Islamists. And it is not just America these terrorists have declared war against; it is all of Western culture and non fundamentalist Muslims. They have been waging a war on “infidels” for centuries, so anyone who says that we brought it upon ourselves must acknowledge this fight has been going on long before America was discovered.

    Americans have been preparing for this war and I pray more people will arm themselves and be able to stop or at least minimize any damage visited upon us by Islamic, or any domestic, terrorists. I have faith in our resolve and our courage.

    We know the potential threat of terrorists whether they are Islamic or any other fanatical individual or group. What is more concerning is a government consistently shifting the narrative away from speaking the name of our enemy and instead focusing on gun violence or climate change as urgent issues that need to be addressed.

    Speaking about the San Bernardino massacre and other attacks the Obama Administration and the left seems more concerned with not offending the Muslim community than recognizing and conveying the truth to the American people or taking measures to protect us. Attorney General Loretta Lynch even went so far as to say she would prosecute anyone guilty of what she considered violence-inspiring speech. So now we have the head of the Justice Department threatening to deprive the American people of their constitutional right to free speech if they speak out against radical Islam. Can we say “shari’ah?” Interesting we haven’t heard her say the same about the #BlackLivesMatter group who calls for the killing of law enforcement officers.

    Americans will not tolerate any gun control measures. We are born out of revolution and hold our God given rights sacred. Conservatives should be conveying to the American people that the Bill of Rights is a list of our human rights. These are not rights given to us by government; they predate any laws of man. The right to speak freely and the right to protect ourselves, our families, loved ones, and co-workers should never be the subject of political debate.

    This is our reality and will be for the future. We must realize electing a Republican will not immediately make this threat go away. The threat is in our country and in our cities. Learn how to protect yourself and your loved ones. Take firearms classes and learn how to use a firearm safely and properly. Get your concealed license permit. Refuse to be a victim.

    Stealing from the British World Word II poster, all I can say is KEEP CALM AND CARRY!

    Well, there you have it.

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    Forum: Forum: What Is Your Reaction To The Terrorism In San Bernardino?

    Article written by: Tom White

    Struggling With Islam: How a Tolerant Western Civilization has Caved to Intolerance

    Western Civilization had enough of religious persecution. Millions fled religious persecution in Europe for The New World in America, but the battle for tolerance and liberty was not only won here in The States, but all across the Western World in general. This is not to say that we have not had to continue to struggle for religious liberty and against religious bigotry. In fact, no freedom that exists today exists without the constant struggle to preserve it. Tolerance, however, has its limits – as does freedom. If intolerance is tolerated and if freedom becomes a conduit for persecution, then a society must push back and become intolerant of intolerance, and violent towards violence. Otherwise, we not longer live by our virtues, but rather die by them.

    6841The “Left” (primarily the Democrat Socialists in the Americas and in Europe) continue to bury their heads in the sand; so long as there is one peaceful Muslim left on earth, they will argue that we cannot address Islam as a problem itself, because not all Muslims are violent extremists. At the heart of the issue, and in principle, they are correct. We cannot condemn and destroy all Muslims because of the violent and vicious acts of those determined to enact Political Islam across the world.  On the contrary, we must not respond absolutely to a non-absolute. This does not mean, however, that we refuse to confront the dangers of Political Islam in the West and across the world.

    Let me define Political Islam: Political Islam is any strain of Islamic thought which includes the implementation of Islamic beliefs into government at any level. Our struggle is not merely against violent Islamists like ISIS and the Muslim Brotherhood, but against peaceful Muslims who seek to enforce Islamic Law and Culture in societies where these laws and norms are foreign.

    Tolerance for our worlds religions ought to remain only in accordance with the following principle: that no law or act of government shall come between any individual and their peaceful practice of their personal faith. That’s it. The moment any religious individual moves beyond the peaceful practice of their faith, into politics, policy, and law, we have a very serious problem on our hands.

    We must be intolerant of all politically motivated religious movements, regardless of their particular brand of religion. We must remain intolerant of intolerance. Therefore, we cannot be tolerance of people’s tolerance of intolerance. We cannot accept the excuse, that while peaceful Muslims are not engaging in violence that this is the end of their responsibility. Our society and our government, our Muslim, Jewish, Christian, Hindu, and Pagan citizens together must be intolerant of intolerance.

    Surprisingly, I cannot hear to the outrage in the face of Islamist terror across the world. Everyone seems to either want to ignore it or to excuse it. Why? Doing nothing is the same as doing something., It is the act of refusing to take responsibility for an evil in our world; and that is an act in support of evil.

    Now, I call it evil because what we are addressing is a violent movement aimed at achieving political and religious goals in absolute opposition to and with no tolerance for dissent.

    If we, as American citizens, are under constant threat from legal immigrants from Muslim Countries, then we must, as Rand Paul suggested, begin limiting immigrants from these countries. At the very least, we ought to be increasing our screening processes, but how we could refuse to limit immigration at this point is beyond me.

    This responsible reaction to Islamic violence is not an act of force, no one will be harmed, defrauded, or persecuted. We are simply stating that we are intolerant of religious violence in America and are willing to take steps to reduce that violence and to reduce that threat. This is an action which Europe has failed to take and is suffering greatly from today. We too, are being to see the folly in our permissive tolerance.

    Yet, I cannot see our politicians ever coming to terms with this. They are held hostage by absolutism. Not all Muslims are dangerous, therefore we cannot react to events and realities which are specific or isolated. Yet, if we do not react broadly to the specific, then we are essentially saying that we are willing to suffer the specifics and will simply deal with the consequences as they occur; because we refuse to put in place policies in general designed to nullify the particulars.

    Every peacefully practicing religious person in all of Western Civilization should be treated with love and respect; but we cannot ignore where the threats we face come from and we cannot choose to do nothing to prevent the violence we are seeing throughout the Western World. We cannot be held captive by our principles, by absolutist logic, or by our tolerance of intolerance. Our government must act to protect the American People. Political Islam is a threat to our freedom of religion, to our Bill of Rights, to our freedom of expression, and to innumerable other liberties won by the blood of patriots. Sacrificing our liberty or security in the name of religious tolerance is utterly absurd and will incur, if not cause, untold catastrophes.


    Article written by: Steven Brodie Tucker