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In Opposition to Cultural Depravity

Every once in a while I stop… and look around at the America we live in today. I marvel at the arbitrary, abstract, obtuse, petty, self-indulgent, low-expectation culture inculcated in some swirling sense of mindless idealism, sophistry, and utopian fantasy. We have become, as a society, bereft of substance and seriousness, mired in a thicket of slow-witted causes conceived through some caustic resentment Man feels toward a reality intolerant of his ridiculous reveries.

Cause after cause – our attention narrowly and laser-focused on subjects instantly forgotten. Remember Ebola? Remember Obama’s “red line”?

Culture matters – Intellectual and aesthetic, social and personal, historical and traditional, religious and academic culture matters. Virtue, education, and productivity matters. Music and art matters. The strength of our religious communities matters. Our social ethic, morality, and philosophy matters.

Yet, the Ellsworth Toohey’s of the world have marched America through a gauntlet of lowest common denominators, mocking everything traditional, everything good and exceptional and triumphant!

“You didn’t build that”.

191871793_883d50d9cf_bThey don’t deserve that. What’s so great about that? What’s the difference between a good book and a bad book? Sure, I think that defecating on a flag and Salvador Dali’s “The Burning Giraffe” are equally art. Who are you to say what’s right? Who are you to know what’s true? Who are you to judge? Why should I get to be an American Citizen just because I was born here?

Saeculum obscurum was an age of cultural gloom. Kings, Popes, and the Counts of Tusculum persecuted men of science and reason. Power rested only in the hands of a few. The world was illiterate and dim-witted and horribly impoverished. This is our past and our present threatens to make this our future.

The Enlightenment was a cataclysmic cultural awakening. Liberty and reason, science and art, agriculture and architecture poured forth throughout Western Civilization crafting the framework for the Industrial Revolution toward the greatest prosperity and convenience known in the history of man.

I believe we need our own cataclysmic cultural awakening, a reformation of western civilization, a rebirth of that Judeo-Christian ethic and inspirational spirit! Let us again love reason. Let us again love liberty. Let us again fall in love with greatness and goodness and talent and God. Let us be more than mere consumers for consumptions sake and require beauty and craftsmanship in our lives. Let us love craftsmen again!

By loving the very best Man can be and the very most Man can achieve, we nurture the very best in ourselves. When we accept a country and a culture of Kardashian, IKEA, Obama mediocrity and frivolousness – when we look through the Fata Morgana at those impossible castles in the sky, we cheapen ourselves and reduce ourselves to so much less than what we are capable of becoming!

Goodness is a decision. Greatness is a choice. Quality when demanded is supplied. We can become great again; but first we must reject all those common, low, petty, arbitrary cancers metastasized to our judgment and perception. Value what is good and strong and bold and beautiful. Value what is right and true and just. Don’t just value, but demand – create a demand for these things and they, too, shall be supplied.


Article written by: Steven Brodie Tucker

GOP: Abandon Individualism At Your Peril

The Republican Party has always suffered from a fragmentary view of individualism. Evangelical Christians and Catholics, accustomed to higher authorities and collectives, have struggled with the individualist and materialist natures of liberty and capitalism, and Evangelical Christians and Catholics make up a significant portion of the Republican population.

Now, before going all crouching tiger hidden dragon on me, before reading what I have to write, I would like to say, up front, that the arguments to follow are not an attack on Christian dogma or orthodoxy, tradition or heritage, but rather a defense of realities which have nothing to do with religious faith, with our personal relationships with our Savior or God, nor any other contradiction with the Judeo-Christian ethic. That said, and in the hope that you will stay with me to the end, I’ll endeavor to make my case.

What is individualism? Rarely does Wikipedia get something right, but I believe their definition is preferable for our purposes this morning, as opposed to a 2,000 word soliloquy where I self-indulgently flex my philosophical muscles.

Individualism is the moral stance, political philosophy, ideology, or social outlook that emphasizes the moral worth of the individual.[1][2] Individualists promote the exercise of one’s goals and desires and so value independence and self-reliance[3] and advocate that interests of the individual should achieve precedence over the state or a social group,[3] while opposing external interference upon one’s own interests by society or institutions such as the government.[3] Individualism is often contrasted with totalitarianism or collectivism.[4]

The first sentence is the most important, so I’ll repeat it: Individualism is the moral stance, political philosophy, ideology, or social outlook that emphasizes the moral worth of the individual. This is not narcissism or egoism, but rather a recognition of the moral worth of each individual human being, who have been created equal and endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

adam+smith+individualismIt is by virtue of the moral worth of the individual that we protect the rights of the individual, the smallest minority in existence, against all forces, collectives, organizations, and governments. It takes less than a second, once you value The State, or the society, or the political party, above the moral worth of the individual, to begin immediately trampling the rights of individuals. If you do not believe that this is happening in America today, I would suggest that you either have a very cynical view of liberty or of what it means to have moral worth.

There is no freedom without a society that strictly and ferociously protects the rights and liberties of each individual. Just as there can be no free economy without a studious adherence to the material and objective principles of economy which we have so long ignored and attempted to trick.

It is right and good to tithe, to give to charity, to help the poor, and to reach out to widows and orphans and to the mentally ill. It is wrong and vicious to usurp the wealth of individuals, against their will, for purposes of charity that they may or may not support. Welfare is not Christian. Food Stamps are not Christian. Free phones and telephones are not Christian.

Laziness is a vice; and if we have substituted the Federal and State governments as agents of our Christian Charity because we’re too busy or distracted, then we are in the wrong and there is still no virtue in this giving, which is collected by the taking. Look at what this federally orchestrated charity has done to our society. It has done what none of us would have freely chosen to do – to bankrupt us… to have spent, not merely our own wealth but the wealth of the generations to come? How can we call this virtuous?

We must understand that our moral and religious duties are ours to pursue as individuals, freely and without coercion. The moment we put our governments in charge of our welfare, we began the slow erosion of our communities and our individual liberties. That our governments employ force and coercion out of “good will”, we are supposed to accept it as right and just, when what would be right and just is that all good will and charity should be dispensed freely and cheerfully by us as individuals.

For so many reasons and causes, we have sacrificed our individual liberty and responsibility and handed power to our governments, and just look at the results! Is this really the culture you want to live in? Is this really the kind of government you want to live under? Have you not witnessed that as the government grows, the role of the Church subsidies and the sovereignty of the individual human being is destroyed – each of us herded into this group or that, this classification or that?

Imagine the capital we’d have as individuals… Imagine how much more we could give to our communities, churches, and temples… If it were not for the burdens of these monstrous taxes and the weight of a national debt we can never repay. Imagine how much more capital we would have without the 40,000 regulations enacted by these last two administrations, without congressional legislation. Ladies and Gentlemen, the legislature is dead. We are being ruled by an executive bureaucracy that produces no wealth. It seeks to control and dominate every aspect of our lives and at every turn our individual liberties are sacrificed for the “common good”. What common good can there be, truly, if we as individuals, in common, have no liberty?

These governments of ours threaten us with debt and war and tyranny. We will not suffer the consequences as collectives, but as individuals. It is not “our veterans” the group that suffers and dies on waiting lists at our VA Hospitals. They are heroic individual men and women who have been abandoned because they, as a group, have no political clout. Are you not disgusted? Their fate today will be your fate tomorrow. If the Republican Party doesn’t change, reverse course, and become a powerful advocate of the rights of each American citizen, regardless of religion, ethnicity, or gender.

I cannot continue to support a Republican Party that does not support my individual sovereignty.

But if you believe that our government has strengthened our culture, our communities, our churches and temples, and our economy by virtue of their efforts to work for “the common good”, then stay the course. If you do not believe this is the case, then now is the time to change course, as individuals, together.


Article written by: Steven Brodie Tucker

Struggling With Islam: How a Tolerant Western Civilization has Caved to Intolerance

Western Civilization had enough of religious persecution. Millions fled religious persecution in Europe for The New World in America, but the battle for tolerance and liberty was not only won here in The States, but all across the Western World in general. This is not to say that we have not had to continue to struggle for religious liberty and against religious bigotry. In fact, no freedom that exists today exists without the constant struggle to preserve it. Tolerance, however, has its limits – as does freedom. If intolerance is tolerated and if freedom becomes a conduit for persecution, then a society must push back and become intolerant of intolerance, and violent towards violence. Otherwise, we not longer live by our virtues, but rather die by them.

6841The “Left” (primarily the Democrat Socialists in the Americas and in Europe) continue to bury their heads in the sand; so long as there is one peaceful Muslim left on earth, they will argue that we cannot address Islam as a problem itself, because not all Muslims are violent extremists. At the heart of the issue, and in principle, they are correct. We cannot condemn and destroy all Muslims because of the violent and vicious acts of those determined to enact Political Islam across the world.  On the contrary, we must not respond absolutely to a non-absolute. This does not mean, however, that we refuse to confront the dangers of Political Islam in the West and across the world.

Let me define Political Islam: Political Islam is any strain of Islamic thought which includes the implementation of Islamic beliefs into government at any level. Our struggle is not merely against violent Islamists like ISIS and the Muslim Brotherhood, but against peaceful Muslims who seek to enforce Islamic Law and Culture in societies where these laws and norms are foreign.

Tolerance for our worlds religions ought to remain only in accordance with the following principle: that no law or act of government shall come between any individual and their peaceful practice of their personal faith. That’s it. The moment any religious individual moves beyond the peaceful practice of their faith, into politics, policy, and law, we have a very serious problem on our hands.

We must be intolerant of all politically motivated religious movements, regardless of their particular brand of religion. We must remain intolerant of intolerance. Therefore, we cannot be tolerance of people’s tolerance of intolerance. We cannot accept the excuse, that while peaceful Muslims are not engaging in violence that this is the end of their responsibility. Our society and our government, our Muslim, Jewish, Christian, Hindu, and Pagan citizens together must be intolerant of intolerance.

Surprisingly, I cannot hear to the outrage in the face of Islamist terror across the world. Everyone seems to either want to ignore it or to excuse it. Why? Doing nothing is the same as doing something., It is the act of refusing to take responsibility for an evil in our world; and that is an act in support of evil.

Now, I call it evil because what we are addressing is a violent movement aimed at achieving political and religious goals in absolute opposition to and with no tolerance for dissent.

If we, as American citizens, are under constant threat from legal immigrants from Muslim Countries, then we must, as Rand Paul suggested, begin limiting immigrants from these countries. At the very least, we ought to be increasing our screening processes, but how we could refuse to limit immigration at this point is beyond me.

This responsible reaction to Islamic violence is not an act of force, no one will be harmed, defrauded, or persecuted. We are simply stating that we are intolerant of religious violence in America and are willing to take steps to reduce that violence and to reduce that threat. This is an action which Europe has failed to take and is suffering greatly from today. We too, are being to see the folly in our permissive tolerance.

Yet, I cannot see our politicians ever coming to terms with this. They are held hostage by absolutism. Not all Muslims are dangerous, therefore we cannot react to events and realities which are specific or isolated. Yet, if we do not react broadly to the specific, then we are essentially saying that we are willing to suffer the specifics and will simply deal with the consequences as they occur; because we refuse to put in place policies in general designed to nullify the particulars.

Every peacefully practicing religious person in all of Western Civilization should be treated with love and respect; but we cannot ignore where the threats we face come from and we cannot choose to do nothing to prevent the violence we are seeing throughout the Western World. We cannot be held captive by our principles, by absolutist logic, or by our tolerance of intolerance. Our government must act to protect the American People. Political Islam is a threat to our freedom of religion, to our Bill of Rights, to our freedom of expression, and to innumerable other liberties won by the blood of patriots. Sacrificing our liberty or security in the name of religious tolerance is utterly absurd and will incur, if not cause, untold catastrophes.


Article written by: Steven Brodie Tucker