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Hear Governor Jim Gilmore in Thursday’s Undercard Debate at 7 PM (EST)!

I am glad to hear from my political colleague, Joe Enroughty, who was the campaign manager for the Sarvis for Governor campaign and is also a bandleader (see right here – on the third Sunday from 7-9pm you can hear his band Joe Enroughty and the Royal Virginians) that former Virginia Governor Jim Gilmore is now in the undercard debate.  Here is the NBC article and the CBS one!

All I can say:  it took long enough!  Gilmore is campaigning in New Hampshire and is on the ballot in Virginia.  We’ll have to see what happens tomorrow night and on February 9.  Remember:  Gilmore is an expert on the Three T’s:  Taxes, fighting Terrorism and Technology.

Article written by: Elwood "Sandy" Sanders

Did Sandy Announce his Support for Former Virginia Governor Gilmore?

Last evening, I did write on Jim Gilmore’s FB page about my willingness to help his campaign for President.  I did not make that decision without prayer and unadvisedly.

I think that Gilmore has bona fides that make him a serious candidate:

  • Elected Attorney General of Virginia
  • Elected Governor (Smart guy that Jim Gilmore fellow is:  his slogan “Cut the Car Tax” in 1997 was similar to a key part of my 1989 platform plank for delegate) of Virginia
  • Chair of the Congressional Advisory Commission on Electronic Commerce which recommended no taxation on Internet sales (which is now law although I do agree that law should be modified)
  • Chair of the Congressional Advisory Panel to Assess Domestic Capabilities for Terrorism Involving Weapons of Mass Destruction (That’s a mouthful!)
  • Established while Governor the first Secretary of Technology in Virginia (and might be first in the nation)
  • President and CEO of Paul Weyrich’s Free Congress Foundation

Here’s some more Gilmore accomplishments from the Free Congress Foundation bio of the former Governor:

In addition to an active political life in local, state and national Republican politics, Gilmore serves on the boards of several major American corporations, has chaired the board of visitors of the U.S. Air Force Academy, and has been partner at a national law firm.  He traveled to most major regions of the world in his capacity as governor and in private-sector roles and is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations.

So I decided to offer my help.  No one should laugh at Jim Gilmore.  He’d make a great President (I’d talk with him if I could [although I have only met him once or twice] about that CFR thing.) and he can tackle some of the leading issues today.  If I were advising Jim Gilmore today, I’d talk about the Three T’s:  Taxes, Terrorism and Technology.  It is also good to see the Commonwealth get some political attention again.

Jim Gilmore is a proven leader in all three areas, so critical for our nation today.  I’ll be glad to help Gov. Gilmore out if he wants me on his team.


Article written by: Elwood "Sandy" Sanders