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A video about hate and love in Trump’s America

The news feels stale — I’ve blogged about it all before — but a new video makes a powerful statement about love and hate in Trump’s America.

I’ve been struggling a bit today trying to pick a topic for blogging. I could say that watching the Democrat candidates is like watching a clown car crash in slo-mo, but that’s kind of obvious.

I could say that I don’t think there’s anything wrong with Trump going after McCain because he’s dealing with current information: We only just learned the breadth and depth of McCain’s perfidious behavior in the 2016 election, and that deserves to be spoken of regardless of the fact that the man is dead. It was Shakespeare who said “The evil that men do lives after them,” and he was — as usual — correct. Just because McCain suffered during the Vietnam War, something I will always honor, that doesn’t make him a great or even a good man. He was a panderer to Democrats throughout his political career and, at the end, when he could have exited gracefully, instead he was a selfish, petty little man who was willing to undermine the American electoral process and then, when that failed him, to abandon the American people to the cruel mercies of Obama care. The fact that his chubby, not-so-bright little daughter has his dead back doesn’t make his behavior any better and she shouldn’t have the last word. As I said, I could say that, but it’s a paragraph, and a paragraph doesn’t make a post.

I could say that I’m absolutely kvelling about the fact that Donald Trump recognized that the Golan Heights belong to Israel. I remember staying in a kibbutz in the shadow of the Golan Heights and being incredibly grateful that the Heights were under Israeli, not Lebanese (i.e., Syrian, i.e., Iranian) control. But I’ve already blogged about how amazingly Zionist and philosemitic our president is, so this would just be gilding the lily. I’m also still plugging away with my #DearFellowJews / #Jexit / #Jexodus campaign, so I don’t have more to say about that. The good news is that, on my real-me Facebook, a bunch of Democrat Jews I know who once came up with every excuse in the world for Obama’s hostility to Israel are slowly starting to realize that the Democrats hate them, they really hate them. As one said yesterday about the Democrat party’s behavior (including, most recently, refusing to attend the annual AIPAC gathering), “we’re in deep doodoo.” But again, that’s a paragraph, not a post.

I could say that I’m delighted that Trump is starting to crack down on speech violations on college campuses across America. But I’ve blogged about that a zillion times. Also, Trump has just started the process by saying only “don’t do it.” Until he says, “don’t do it or you’ll never again see a single penny of federal money, including in the form of student loans,” it’s a toothless diktat and the hard-Leftists on America’s campuses will ignore it. I’ll kvell when the teeth come in.

So instead of all those things I could say, I’ll share with you a wonderful video that just came out. It’s wonderful because, within a very short space, it lets you know who the so-called Resistance is and who MAGA people are. Sure, there are exceptions, but this is pretty on-the-nose:

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