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CNN is busy rewriting history to blame Trump for the riots

The polls show that the public hates the “mostly peaceful” riots, so CNN published a deeply dishonest “article” blaming Trump for the riots.

On May 25, George Floyd, an overweight, violent ex-felon with serious heart disease, who took over three times the lethal dose of fentanyl, along with some other drugs, managed to die on camera while under police control. Floyd was turned into a saint, complete with halo. The Black Lives Matter had found its next martyr and, despite the lockdown, leftists took to the street.

Some of the protests were indeed marches, with only a few peculiarities:

First, the same Democrat media members and politicians who had insisted (and, indeed, continue to insist) that Americans had to remain under house arrest because of a virus, said that mass protests were perfectly okay.

Second, very few of the protesters were actually black. The majority were extremely woke whites, especially angry, neurotic white women.

Third, although the protesters had as one of their core tenets a demand that police should be defunded across America, whenever something went wrong, they wanted the police.

Fourth, all the protests happened in Democrat-run cities that were almost (although not quite) always located in Democrat-run states.

Fifth, when the protests turned violent, the Democrat politicians in charge refused to criticize the protests, saying instead that they were peaceful, and also refused to imprison the protesters, churning them through the system and spitting them out within 24 hours of any arrests.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, all over America, the protests quickly turned violent. Minneapolis lost more than 1,500 buildings, with most of the damage being done to black-owned businesses. Those stores that stood were looted of everything, including the stuff that was nailed down. From there, the mobs spread. From Chicago to Los Angeles to Charleston and everywhere in between, mobs took to the streets, tearing down statues, defacing buildings with ugly graffiti, burning buildings, and looting stores.

In Washington, D.C., the mob tried to break into the White House and also set a historic church on fire. In Seattle, the mob took over six square blogs and created a deadly and destructive autonomous zone. And in Portland, the mob spent weeks attacking a federal courthouse. They tried repeatedly to set it on fire, tried to blind the federal agents who protected the courthouse and attacked the courthouse and the agents with firecrackers, rockets, rocks, bottles filled with ice, and whatever else would cause maximum damage. When federal agents clearly identified as such arrested people, the mob, the media, and the local government screamed that these were Stasi tactics.

Portland’s Mayor Wheeler and Oregon’s Governor Brown, both Democrats, insisted that, if that the problem wasn’t the protesters, who often self-identified as Antifa or BLM, but the presence of federal agents. Merely by being, apparently, the agents sent Portland’s leftist protesters into an uncontrollable rage that could only be slaked through violence. After sixty days, the feds withdrew.

Had Wheeler and Brown been correct, with the federal withdrawal, peace should have returned. It didn’t. Instead, the mob became only more violent, only now it turned its nihilistic wrath on the Portland police, going so far as trying to burn the police alive in a building.

Despite the bloodshed, the death, and the destruction, right up until last week, Democrats and other leftists insisted that what conservatives call “riots” were, in fact, “peaceful protests.” Here are a handful of videos making that point.

Here’s what Biden said in July:

And here’s the clever campaign video showing the lie:

Tennessee Democrat, John DeBerry Jr. castigated his own party for the pretense that the protests are peaceful:

During their convention, the Democrats did not once mention the violence on the streets, nor did the words BLM or Antifa pass anyone’s lips

What changed all this was the polling after the leftists tried to burn little Kenosha, WI, to the ground. They did this because police were called to arrest wanted rapist who fought with them, had a knife, didn’t respond to tasering, and then tried to reach into his car for a weapon. Now, BLM and leftist all over America (especially basketball player) are celebrating a violent man who repeatedly raped a woman. That’s the heart of the left. In 2017, it’s #MeToo and Believe All Women. In 2020, it’s “hey, this rapist is a martyr. Let’s burn up a city in his honor.”

Here’s how Kenosha people really feel about Trump:

We don’t have to guess about the post-Kenosha polling. Don Lemon stated the truth in a rare moment of unfiltered honesty:

With lock-stepped, statist precision, the Democrats in the media and in political positions turned on a dime. Suddenly, Biden was no longer talking about peaceful protest. Instead, in one of the most dishonest speeches in American political history, he accused Trump and an imaginary horde of right-wing militias of causing the violence in America. As was the case at the convention, the words Antifa and BLM never passed his lips.

CNN, which was at the forefront of the “peaceful protest” meme, has now published a hysterical screed that is, if possible, even more dishonest than Biden’s speech. Let’s start with the title: “Trump’s depraved plan to try to win reelection.”

Over the years of blogging, I have read many media articles that played with the truth or presented an alternative view of facts. In my entire life, though, I have never seen anything like this. The author, Frida Ghitis, a former producer and correspondent for CNN who also writes for the Washington Post, is delusional. Or if she’s not delusional, she’s evil, for only an evil person could lie with such fervor and aplomb.

The remainder of this post fisks her article. There’s a lot of dishonest filler, which I’ll ignore. I’m just going to go for her purported “facts,” each and every one of which is a lie or something that mutilates a small core of truth:

That Trump wants chaos and mayhem is not a secret. It has been confirmed repeatedly by his team. In one of her last Fox News appearances, his now-former strategist Kellyanne Conway confirmed what we all knew: “The more chaos, anarchy and vandalism reigns, the better it is for the very clear choice on who’s best on public safety and law and order,” she said. Lara Trump, daughter-in-law and campaign adviser, later told Fox that the violence is bringing voters to Trump.

Breitbart debunked this. I’ll just summarize. Pete Buttigieg was one of the first to blame Trump for the violence. When Conway appeared on Fox and Friends, someone asked her about this claim. Conway referred to this video, where the speaker is obviously a Democrat furious that the mob’s violence will undoubtedly push people into Trump’s camp:

When Conway spoke the quoted words, she was echoing what that business owner said, which is that sane people understand that the Democrats are in the grip of a violent impulse and that they will pull back in revulsion and vote for Trump. That’s what the polls showed and that’s why Lemon told people to chill. Lara Trump made exactly the same point.

In other words, Ghitis withheld information from her readers in order to tell a bald-faced lie.

His Democratic rival, former Vice President Joe Biden, pushed back on Monday, calling Trump a “toxic presence.”

“You know me,” Biden said, “Do I look like a radical socialist with a soft spot for rioters?” vowing he will work for “safe America, safe from Covid, safe from crime and looting, safe from racially motivated violence.”

It’s Biden’s opinion that Trump is toxic. An equally valid — hey, way more valid — view is that the left is making the narcissist’s argument: I can instigate anything I want, whether it’s violence, censorship, tribalism, etc. If you take it, all is good; if you push back against my illegal or immoral efforts, you are the violent, toxic person.

As for Biden, he’s a moron, an opportunist, and a corrupt politician. He’s also senile and desperate to win, making him a sock puppet for the radical leftists who now control the Democrat party.

The response was needed because Trump is trying to blame the Democrats as he stokes chaos.

That is why he is insisting on going to Kenosha where an apparent supporter faces homicide charges for the killing of anti-racism protesters. Democratic Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers is pleading with the President to stay away because he knows Trump’s presence there can be explosive.

The chaos is already here. What is Trump supposed to be stoking? It was the Democrats who encouraged their shock troops for three solid months.

Ghitis lacks even the minimal honesty necessary to acknowledge that Kyle Rittenhouse has a superb self-defense claim. Even the New York Times was honest enough to put together a timeline based on videos that showed that Rittenhouse was attacked when he tried to put out a dumpster fire, that he fired his first shots only in self-defense, that he was then again attacked with an intention to kill, and again shot only in self-defense. Rittenhouse’s weapon control was superb because he hit only those who were trying to kill him

As for Governor Evers who let this madness happen, he is pleading with Trump to stay away because (a) he’s afraid people will be happy to see Trump and (b) it looks awful for Trump to be shown against the backdrop of an essentially war-ravaged American city, while Biden cowers in his basement.

The visit and idea that Trump is better for public safety is all a sham, of course, for many reasons. First, Trump is not better on law and order. Consider how many of his associates have been indicted and convicted. When it comes to street violence, this is occurring on his watch. The President who vowed “American carnage” was stopping with his inauguration, has ushered in and stoked violence and divisions.

This is Trump’s America. He owns the violence.

The first sentences make up a nonsensical non sequitur. Even assuming solely for the sake of argument that the Democrats’ unrelenting attacks against Trump, in the leftist New York court system, in the leftist federal court system, or in the House, had any validity, that is a different animal from whether a president is pushing for law and order on American streets. Unlike Obama who ignored whatever federal laws he didn’t like, one of the things Americans value in Trump is that he believes in the law as written and believes in applying it equally to all citizens. The left cannot point to a single law that Trump, in his role as America’s chief executive, has violated.

As for that “American carnage,” what Trump promised in his inauguration speech was that he would stop the disastrous policies of the Obama administration:

But for too many of our citizens, a different reality exists: Mothers and children trapped in poverty in our inner cities; rusted-out factories scattered like tombstones across the landscape of our nation; an education system, flush with cash, but which leaves our young and beautiful students deprived of knowledge; and the crime and gangs and drugs that have stolen too many lives and robbed our country of so much unrealized potential.

This American carnage stops right here and stops right now.

We are one nation – and their pain is our pain. Their dreams are our dreams; and their success will be our success. We share one heart, one home, and one glorious destiny.

The oath of office I take today is an oath of allegiance to all Americans.

Again, Ghitis lied spectacularly by writing statements that lacked the proper context. Here’s Ghitis again:

Still, he wants Americans to blame Democratic governors and mayors — and fear that Biden will make it worse. But it is Trump and his supporters who bear much of the responsibility for turning mostly peaceful anti-racism protests into battlegrounds. And the strife is not just continuing, it is intensifying; becoming bloodier, deadlier and riskier for the nation.

Democrat protesters in Democrat-run cities, with Democrat mayors and prosecutors who refuse to arrest or even stop them, in Democrat states, with Democrat governors who have refused to augment their resources with federal help. But it’s all Trump’s fault. Only a madwoman or an evil one could write this and believe it.

Desperate to win reelection amid the worst economic collapse since the Great Depression and the worst public health catastrophe in a hundred years, Trump is playing with fire. How far he will go is anyone’s guess. Some fear America could unravel into civil war. But that’s something no one — save the most extreme of the extremists — wants to see.

The leftists cannot point to a single time in the first five months of the COVID craziness that Trump did not follow Fauci’s advice, no matter how awful that advice was. The Democrats pushed the lockdown as hard as they could. One has to believe that they were motivated by more than blind fear. At a certain point, they must have realized that the lockdown would trash the economy, which was Trump’s strongest card going into the election. Having trashed the economy, they then blamed Trump for its collapse.

As for the “public health catastrophe,” we know a few things: Lockdown or not, most states and nations have exactly the same virus curve. Like an earthquake, it hits hard, and then has aftershocks, going up and down until the disease is integrated into a society like all other coronaviruses.

The real carnage was from those states that forced sick people into nursing homes, turning them into abbatoirs. The elderly are less than 4% of the population, but the Democrat governors turned them into around 40% of the deaths. (I’m not looking at statistics now. I’m going by memory for these numbers, but I think I’m close.)

Whether or not they support Biden, it’s hard to believe many Americans disagree with Biden’s plea, “We must not become a country at war with ourselves; a country that accepts the killing of fellow Americans who do not agree with you.”

Biden’s words are too little too late. They come, not from a commitment to America’s well-being, but because of poll testing. They’re good words but from an unreliable source.

Most Americans are horrified by the violence. I have no polls to prove that. But I know most, including most Trump supporters, don’t want deadly clashes between Americans who have different political opinions. Most Americans, Democrats or Republicans, don’t want to see looting, arson or vandalism, and certainly not killings.

Really? Most Americans? Not Chris Cuomo:

Leftists reveled in the violence when they thought it would hurt Trump. They backed off from that reveling only when polls showed otherwise.

Remember the arson and destruction in Minneapolis after police killed George Floyd? A video went viral showing a black-clad man with an umbrella in one hand and a hammer in another, smashing windows.

Minneapolis police said he was suspected of white supremacist ties and was trying to incite rioting. He succeeded. “Until the actions of…’Umbrella Man,'” police said, “the protests had been relatively peaceful.”

Did you know that no one has ever found “umbrella man”? The above is all speculation. But even assuming, once again solely for the sake of argument, that umbrella man started it, all over America, Antifa and BLM have been finishing it.

In the chaos, Trump found a possible path to reelection. He sent federal forces to Portland, where their presence inflamed the protests. The mayor implored Trump to remove them. When he finally did, Portland turned much quieter until this past weekend.

No, it didn’t turn much quieter. Three weeks ago, long after the federal agents left, rioters set a police station on fire. Last week (that is, before this past weekend), they used rebar and quick-dry cement to try to burn police alive in a station. Those are just two examples of dozens or even hundreds. If Ghitis had access to actual news, rather than CNN, she would have known that the mob accelerated their activities.

But by then, Trump’s game plan was already underway. The White House wanted to amplify and publicize the strife as much as possible, according to officials. “It was about getting viral online content,” an administration official admitted to the Washington Post.

Yeah, Trump was no fool. He couldn’t go into states with the governors’ say-so, so he sat back and watched, and America watched with him, as leftist cities self-immolated.

Trump’s most radical supporters seemed to also understand the strategy and were on the case. The ultra-extremist Boogaloo members, with their trademark Hawaiian shirts and assault rifles, popped up across the country. Violence was all too predictable.

Interestingly, unlike the Antifa and BLM rioters, while these “ultra-extremist” Boogaloo members may have shown up, they didn’t attack anyone, burn anything, loot any place, or kill anybody. Go figure….

Most anti-racism protests and protesters are peaceful. Not all are. Trump backers, with fervid encouragement from the White House, from Fox News and from prominent voices in the far right, are doing everything in their power to paint protesters as the enemy. Even the Republican convention gave a prominent spot to armed civilians made famous by waving their weapons at protesters.

Those armed civilians were the McCloskeys who used their legal weapons (one of which couldn’t even fire) to warn off hundreds of people who broke down a fence to get to the McCloskeys’ property and, as they walked by, threatened the McCloskeys with rape and murder. Thankfully, we have a Second Amendment, because the “defund police” mentality and the sheer volume of violent protests, meant the McCloskeys were on their own.

Last week, when a 17-year-old allegedly killed two protesters in Kenosha, the far-right propaganda machine rushed to support the accused. Tucker Carlson seemed to justify him on his show saying, “How shocked are we that 17-year-olds with rifles decided they had to maintain order when no one else would?”

See my Rittenhouse discussion, above.

Ann Coulter, in a deleted tweet, said she’d back the teen for president. On Monday, Trump refused to condemn the killings, instead seeming to try to defend the 17-year-old, saying he was being “very violently attacked.”

Trump was wise. He learned what happens when presidents give their opinions about cases. When Charles Manson was being tried for the Helter Skelter murders, Nixon opined that he was guilty. Manson’s defense lawyer promptly moved for a mistrial on the ground that it was now impossible to find an impartial jury. Trump knows better than to be accused of tainting a case.

On CNN, Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wisconsin) also refused to outright condemn the killing. “It’s a tragedy,” he told Dana Bash. She insisted, “It is a tragedy, but do you condemn it?” A morally bereft Johnson squirmed, repeating that the situation was a “tragedy” before saying that he “condemn[s] it all.” Maybe he was scared of being insulted by Trump.

Ron Johnson learned the same message. Both Trump and Johnson also know that the mainstream media always gets the story wrong in the first instance. It’s better to keep quiet while facts develop than to say something that has to be or, worse, can’t be walked back.

When a caravan of armed Trump supporters headed to Portland this weekend, undoubtedly emboldened by praise for the Kenosha murder suspect, more death was in the cards.

Videos showed the extremists driving their trucks into pedestrian protesters, spraying mace into their faces. Trump encouraged them on Twitter, “Great Patriots!”

Here’s that narcissism again. We can do it and it’s not violent, no matter the death or destruction in our wake. But if you stand up to us, you have magically created violence and it’s all your fault.

In the clashes, one apparent member of the pro-Trump group was killed. Police and witnesses haven’t said what exactly happened.

Witnesses are talking. As of now, the available evidence shows that BLM hunted Danielson down and that one of their members, with a BLM tattoo on his neck who’d already been arrested and released for having an illegal weapon, shot him in cold blood. Afterward, they partied.

Unethical campaign strategies are nothing new. But this is certainly one of the most depraved, most dangerous electoral strategies in memory. This is not what most Americans want. It’s not what most Republicans or Democrats want. It’s what Trump, running out of arguments for reelection, has deliberately created.

CNN is trying to start a civil war. This article is grounds for charges of sedition. Ghitis is lucky that there’s a Constitution that protects her right to be stupid, evil, hate-filled, and anti-American.

Homelessness and drug addiction in Seattle: Message from a dying city

A locally-produced news story about Seattle’s homeless problem is a microcosm of what Leftist governance will do to a community.

You may already have heard about the hour-long special a local Seattle station did about the homeless crisis in that city. The video is very well done, although a bit heavy on the banal philosophical moralizing and curiously quiet about the immediate cause of this problem (which I won’t be quiet about in this post).

If you haven’t yet watched the video, I suggest that you do. It’s an hour well spent. I’ve embedded the video immediately below. I’ve followed the video with my observations:

The images are not new to me. As the video points out, San Francisco, my natal town and a mere 12 miles from my house, is in worse shape than Seattle. More than that, I was present at the genesis of this urban decline because I grew up in the City during the hippie area. Haight Ashbury, a former working class neighborhood that shaded into very poor inner city housing, was a microcosm of what whole cities have become: drug addled people using the streets and Golden Gate Parks as their home, with all the anti-civic behavior that entails, such as public filth (feces, urine, vomit, fleas, lice, etc.), car break-ins, robberies, muggings, and just a general degradation in the standard of living for those taxpayers still trying to live a traditional life.

I don’t know if San Francisco initially put up a fight against these behaviors, but I do know that, by the late 1960s and early 1970s, as the City took a hard Left turn, City Hall turned a blind eye to the lawless behavior driving this civic collapse. It helped that the problem was confined to a few specific neighborhoods: the Haight, the eastern end of Golden Gate Park and, of course, the usual suspects in the Tenderloin area south and west of downtown.

There’s no doubt that deinstitutionalization has a lot to do with the terrible problems we see today. In the years leading up to the de-institutionalization movement were pretty dreadful places. Two movies — The Snake Pit and One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest — capture some of the horrors of mental institutions.

They were dirty (in part because it’s hard to keep seriously mentally ill adults from soiling their environment and in part because there was no impetus to clean them), patients were subjected to awful “experimental” treatments, and there was simply a lot of brutality involved, both because of the aforesaid difficulty handling mentally ill people and because, sadly, sadistic people were attracted to working around made-to-order victims. These institutions were also a convenient way for families to rid themselves of difficult family members. Something had to change.

I found a great timeline here about deinstitutionalization and I’ve cherry-picked some of the (to me) more interesting facts:

1955 – The number of patients in public mental health hospitals reached a record of 558,000. They suffered from schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and severe depression. Many had organic brain diseases such as dementia and brain damage from trauma. Others suffered from mental retardation combined with psychosis, autism, or brain damage from drug addiction. Most patients were not expected to get better given the treatments at the time. Congress passed the Mental Health Study Act of 1955. It established the Joint Commission on Mental Illness and Health to evaluate the nation’s mental health situation.


1962 – Ken Kesey published “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. It was a fictional story about abuses in a mental hospital. The author dramatized his experiences as a nurse’s aide in the psychiatric wing of a California veteran’s hospital. The book helped turn public opinion against electroshock therapy and lobotomies. These were procedures commonly used at the time.

1963 – President John F. Kennedy signed the Community Mental Health Centers Construction Act. It provided federal funding to create community-based mental health facilities. They would provide prevention, early treatment, and ongoing care. The goal was to build one for every 125,000 to 250,000 people. That many centers would allow patients to remain close to their families and be integrated into society. But it ignored statistics that showed 75 percent of those in hospitals had no families.


1967 – California’s Governor Ronald Reagan signed the Lanterman-Petris-Short Act. It limited a family’s right to commit a mentally ill relative without the right to due process. It also reduced the state’s institutional expense. That doubled the number of mentally ill people in California’s criminal justice system the following year. It also increased the number treated by hospital emergency rooms. Medicaid covered those costs. Other states followed with similar involuntary commitment laws.


1977 – Only 650 community health centers had been built. That was less than half of what was needed. They served 1.9 million patients. They were designed to help those with less severe mental health disorders. As states closed hospitals, the centers became overwhelmed with those patients with more serious challenges.


1990 – The Food and Drug Administration approved clozapine to treat the symptoms of schizophrenia. That strengthened the prejudice against hospitalization of the mentally ill.

2004 – Studies suggest approximately 16 percent of prison and jail inmates or roughly 320,000 people were seriously mentally ill. That year, there were about 100,000 psychiatric beds in public and private hospitals. In other words, three times as many mentally ill people were in jail than in a hospital.

2009 – The Great Recession forced states to cut $4.35 billion in mental health spending in three years.

The material I snipped out mostly discusses various federal laws that tried to make mental health care a community issue while moving money hither and yon. Somehow mental health always got shortchanged.

Again, the Bay Area was a good early warning system of what was to come. I attended Cal from 1979 through 1983 and avoided Telegraph Avenue as much as possible. It was a haven for the homeless and many were manifestly mentally ill. Some just quietly muttered to themselves, but many had manic, violent arguments with invisible people, and would confuse passers-by with their invisible opponents. I saw the same thing in Austin, when I was at school there, for “the Drag” (Guadalupe Street) was a small scale Telegraph Avenue.

When I started working in downtown San Francisco, in the second half of the 1980s through the end of the 1990s, it was more of the same. Scattered throughout Market and Montgomery Streets were mentally ill people, sitting or lying in their own filth, begging and scrounging for food in garbage cans, and frequently covered with oozing sores. As long as they were not an immediate threat to themselves or others, they could not be taken off the streets on account of mental illness, and of course San Francisco had long since stopped enforcing its laws against loitering, begging, or public urination or defecation.

I remember having conversations with my friends (all of whom were Leftists in those days) and all of whom felt that these people, while pathetic and irritating, had a right to live as they wanted. I also remember having conversations with my parents (who were old-fashioned Democrats and sane) and we agreed that it is a cruel society that allows mentally ill people to live as these people did. There had to be a better way.

My parents and I were aware, of course, that drug and alcohol abuse played a large role in the problem. Some people behaved as they did because that was the effect active drug use had on them; some behaved as they did because drugs had literally driven them insane; and some people behaved as they did because they were mentally ill and they took street drugs as a form of self-medication — except that the drugs simply made their madness worse. We felt compassion for them, but we also felt compassion for those (such as me) who had to run the gauntlet of these people very day. It was disgusting and frightening.

Regarding drugs, back in the 1980s, law enforcement still took drug possession fairly seriously. However, thanks to a growing generation of young people for whom pot was a normative part of their college educations, the push to legalize drugs — and, in the meantime, to ignore laws making drugs illegal — meant that there was no push-back against the drugs driving the homeless problem in San Francisco. Moreover, as states have legalized drugs, the tacit approval has increased drug use and increased drug problems. Moreover, at least one author has done the research showing that legal marijuana doesn’t just drive up petty crime, and drives up the scary crazy violent crime.

(Incidentally, in the interest of full disclosure, while I strongly disapprove of recreational marijuana use, especially by young believe, I believe in exploring marijuana’s medicinal possibilities. Of late, I’ve used legal CBD to great effect to control both arthritis pain and migraines, without even touching the hallucinogenic aspects of the drug.)

Sometime after I stopped working in downtown San Francisco and moved to a nice clean suburb, governance in major urban areas became more and more left wing. It’s true, as the above quoted material shows, that money to treat mental illness and substance abuse started drying up with the recession. However, the reality is that, also beginning around 2008, with Obama’s election and the beginning of unbridled Leftist ascendance in America’s cities, the new approach was to make addicts and clinically insane people comfortable on the streets. We were told that it was morally imperative for us to give them safe places to shoot up and to ignore their petty crime.

We were also told why we should use this approach: It was the fault of stable middle class people (mostly white) that addicts and the mentally ill lived on the streets as they did. It was our systemic racism, classism, and economic inequality that was the real problem. The mental illness and substance abuse were symptoms that should be ignored or accommodated.

Thanks to this openly expressed hard-Left belief system, what you see in the above Seattle video is the pretty much the norm through Democrat-run cities. I fault the video because it assiduously avoids making that point. Many of those angry citizens you see in the town meeting were screaming at the government they elected:

Earlier this year, national media described Washington as “the epicenter of resistance to Trump’s agenda” after the state became the first to challenge Trump’s targeted travel ban and a federal judge in Seattle ordered a national halt to the ban’s enforcement. Seattle-area tech corporations vocalized support for the legal efforts.

“There’s a little bit of … reinforcing feedback that’s happening,” Seattle City Councilmember Mike O’Brien says of the city’s population growth spurring progressive politics, while people around the country have been “flowing in the opposite direction.”

Political momentum among Seattle progressives reached a milestone in July, when the nine-member City Council – one member of which belongs to the Socialist Alternative Party – unanimously passed a proposal to impose a citywide income tax on wealthy residents to generate revenue to lower property taxes and provide affordable housing, among other funding goals. [That’s what the construction workers were yelling about in the video.]


Voter statistics exemplify the phenomenon. In Seattle’s King County, for instance, Clinton won 72 percent of the vote, outperforming Barack Obama’s 69 percent in 2012, The Seattle Times reported.

Roughly 8 percent of voting Seattleites voted for Trump, one of the lowest percentages of any major U.S. city, an analysis by the newspaper found.


During Sen. Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign, he applauded Seattle for the minimum wage change and other progressive milestones, such as the election of U.S. Rep. Pramila Jayapal, who shares similar political priorities, including lowering student debt and reversing climate change.

Sanders won in a landslide victory in Washington Democratic caucuses last spring, taking more than 70 percent of the statewide delegate count compared to roughly 30 percent for Hillary Clinton.

The current approach to homelessness is 100% in line with the voter’s world view. Seattle did its virtue signaling, and the nation’s drug addicts and mentally ill people responded enthusiastically.

No wonder that, in hard Left coastal California, Oregon, and Washington, the citizens are not yet willing to acknowledge that their ideology spawned this catastrophe. Tent cities, medieval plagues, violence, filth, rats, drugs, crime, etc. — it’s all Democrat-caused.

Still, maybe the very real muggings these frustrated citizens are experiencing will be their political “mugged by reality” moment. Maybe they’ll figure out that the rule of law is a good thing, that societies survive best with norms that benefit the middle class taxpayers. Maybe they’ll recognize that pathological altruism is more pathological than it is altruistic. Maybe they’ll examine their closely held belief systems and cross the Rubicon into a new world of conservative beliefs.

Certainly those construction workers in the video had a moment of complete reality clarity. We need more of that if we want to survive as a society. The Rhode Island experiment that the video describes is a step in the right direction: don’t ignore the laws; enforce the laws, and then add in compassion and common sense to help at least the drug addicts walk the straight and narrow.

One more thing: As you can see in Venezuela, once Leftists gain full power, the downfall happens very fast. I was in Seattle in 2010 and there was nothing like this on the streets. The level of decay, chaos, crime, etc., has flowered in less than ten years. (The same is true, incidentally, for the Bay  Area. I go into the City infrequently, and it really seemed as if, from one visit to the next, the entire system had collapsed.)

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