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There are No Great Men in the Republican Party: The Donald Has Proved This

Donald Trump is showing the Republican Party the way, but the Republican Party is too cowardly to follow.

donald-trump-picture-1Once you understand the fact that liberalism is built upon a foundation of lies, the best way to defeat them is to tell the truth. Democrats, both their voters and their leaders, are terrified of the truth. They have created their own collectivist fantasy world within which to live, and Donald Trump is stomping all over it. That’s why people are enjoying The Donald. That’s way his numbers are rising in the polls. Everyone knows that the Democrats are dishonest, manipulative, control freaks. Sadly, and bewilderingly, the Republican Party is so frightened of liberal vitriol, that they accept nearly every premise issued by the left.

In philosophy, the most important principle in analyzing an argument, is to identify the validity of the arguments’ premises. This is why most people find philosophy boring and tedious to read. When you write a philosophical position, you force yourself to imagine every possible objection to your fundamental premises. You take painstaking efforts to destroy those arguments, and to prove the validity of your antecedents.

The Democrat Party and the liberals they represent, predicate their world views on nothing but air (usually hot air). Their world views are irrational and they refuse to even attempt to apply reason to their arguments, which is why they have always been prone to applying force and pressure instead. They cannot convince you, with reason, to buy into a single one of their beliefs. They must capitalize on your fear, anger, and insecurity to pressure you into accepting their ideals, programs, and beliefs.

Insecure, helpless people are naturally afraid of Nature. Nature is so big and daunting, powerful and frightening to those ill-equipped to survive in it on their own. This psychological insecurity and fear is what liberals play to when trying to convince you to believe in Man-Made Global Warming or Climate Change. They play to your racism, to your hate, to your weakness. Everything they do is to convince the individual to sacrifice their own liberty and wealth in exchange for government authority, security, and justice.

Republicans, typically, are scared to death of liberals. They don’t understand that the eyes they are staring into are dead, empty, mindless things. They only have the power of their words and their exercise of force.

Donald Trump is simply a confident man. Confident men don’t bow to pressure. They challenge it. They fight.

And that is what conservatives find lacking in their Republican Party. They don’t see any confidence (except when it comes to the party thwarting its’ base). People follow leadership and the Republican Party doesn’t have leaders. They are led by the most insignificant weasels imaginable. Cowards, frightened by their Democrat opponents, they constantly give in to pressure. Most of the time, they give in merely in the face of words. Words! They are frightened by what liberals might say about them and so they are very careful not to offend.

What Donald Trump is doing is exactly what all Republican Candidates should be doing. Point out the fact that liberals are a dangerous and vicious breed, with horrible and ineffective policies.

All it would take to make America great again, is the simple application of reason to the vast majority of our problems, and a refusal to consider the irrational and the corrupt as valid contributions to the process. Sadly, the Republicans are as corrupt as the Democrats, and they know that if they cross their Democrat co-conspirators, that their dirty laundry is certain to be aired.

That they cannot have.

So, no, John Boehner and Mitch McConnell are not being secretly blackmailed. They are being openly blackmailed by their own corruption. They crush all opposition with money, not with arguments or reason. They are no better than the liberals they oppose.

Speak truth to power and be confident in yourselves. These are not great men ruining the Republican Party. They are tiny men hiding behind big money. Never stop attacking them. They’ve build their authority on lies and corruption and they can be defeated. Like knocking down dominoes, once the first few fall, the rest are sure to follow.

Article written by: Steven Brodie Tucker