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Hillary’s not corrupt; she’s just stupid and incompetent

A friend who really wants to persuade me that Hillary is an honest woman who is being defamed by a whacked-out, jacked-up, vast Right Wing conspiracy, sent me an article from Politico Magazine purporting to explain the “real” story behind Hillary’s server, her emails, and all those BlackBerry’s and laptops. It is a masterpiece of dissimulation that avoids any mention of pay-for-play, BleachBit, immunization deals, people without security clearance having access to materials that were manifestly classified, lies to the American people and, of course, all the laws that Hillary directly violated.

According to the article, Hillary is a naif, surrounded by more naifs, working in a State Department that habitually circumvented security requirements. There is no corruption, just ineptitude and dysfunction. The problem for my Progressive friend is that reading this take on Hillary did not leave me reassured that Hillary is qualified to be president. It’s not a trade up to go from a candidate who is malignantly corrupt and dishonest to one who can learn neither skills nor laws, and who is incapable of managing just one government division, let alone an entire country.

You don’t just have to take my word for it. Here are a few examples from the article that detail Hillary’s stupidity, her staff’s stupidity, and the State Department’s dysfunction (which, presumably, it was Hillary’s job to remedy):

Together, the documents, technically known as Form 302s, depict less a sinister and carefully calculated effort to avoid transparency than a busy and uninterested executive who shows little comfort with even the basics of technology, working with a small, harried inner circle of aides inside a bureaucracy where the IT and classification systems haven’t caught up with how business is conducted in the digital age. Reading the FBI’s interviews, Clinton’s team hardly seems organized enough to mount any sort of sinister cover-up. There’s scant oversight of the way Clinton communicated, and little thought given to how her files might be preserved for posterity—MacBook laptops with outdated archives are FedExed across the country, cutting-edge iPads are discarded quickly and BlackBerry devices are rejected for being “too heavy” as staff scrambled to cater to Clinton’s whims.

Translation: Hillary is a disinterested executive who cannot handle modern technology and who keeps her staff busy handling her whims, rather than affairs of state. She also headed the government’s most important department during a technological revolution and did absolutely nothing to surf the revolution, rather than to drown under its weight.

The assistant secretary of state for diplomatic security, Eric Boswell, later stated he never received any complaints about Clinton using her personal BlackBerry inside the secure area, but that among the State Department team there was some “general concern” that Clinton’s team might use the BlackBerrys that they’d relied on so heavily during the campaign. His team made clear that the devices were prohibited.

Yet something was going to have to change: Hillary Clinton, after all, didn’t know how to use a desktop computer. A BlackBerry was her lifeline. As Cheryl Mills told FBI agents later, “Clinton was not computer savvy and thus was not accustomed to using a computer, so efforts were made to try to figure out a system that would allow Clinton to operate as she did before DoS.”

Translation: The woman who wants to run our country through both good times and bad is too stubborn and stupid to develop beyond her BlackBerry, even when national security is at risk. She would neither give up an unsecured means of digital communication nor learn a secured one. I understand that, the older one gets, the harder it is to master technology. But Hillary isn’t trying to figure out how to view pictures of her grandchildren. Instead, we’re being given proof that her brain is too age-addled to take on new, high-level responsibilities in dynamic situations with world-shaking consequences.

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