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Black American, R. W. Bray’s Speech on the Black Community

I noticed this week a sudden increase in anti-Trump memes on the Facebook timelines of family members, their friends and associates who while not pointing fingers in any particular direction question the sanity and intelligence of non-Progressive Black Americans and since the presidential election season has heated up, those Black Americans who support Donald Trump.

Yes, posted are pro-Hillary, pro-woman, Barack Obama is king (or higher) and “what are they thinking” memes by man who were born decades after Lyndon Johnson’s war on poverty and were too young to have experienced the Bill Clinton era.

While it is their prerogative, far too many are mature enough to remember the scandals, high taxes, Bill Clinton’s impeachment, Hillary’s war on women, the outsourcing of American jobs, three strikes you’re out and Clinton’s signature achievement, the 1994 Crime Bill which ensnared their loved ones.

Moreover, to their discredit, none who are Hillary Clinton supporters will speak of it which led me to wonder as I watched R. W. Bray’s passionate speech (video below), when it was last that Black Clinton supporters thought or spoke of Frederick Douglass, George Washington Carver, William Lloyd Garrison or Senator Edward W. Brooke III.

Have the ever mentioned the names of these famous Americans to their children and grandchildren who not learning about them in school will never know of them otherwise.

Black America has lost its way. America has lost its way.

R. W. Bray, Black Engagement Director at Republican Party of Texas, spoke at a Donald Trump rally the last week of August and lays it out but how many are listening.

We ought to be convicted that we’ve allowed the narrative of Republicanism to be rewritten. Like possums, we’ve rolled over and we’ve played dead, hoping and begging that the dangers of liberalism will pass us by….Like laughing hyenas, we’ve run away from responsibility of communities that have been drenched in poverty and inequality, all because we’ve been too afraid to be courageous. R. W. Bray, Austin Texas

“This is the party of Abraham Lincoln, and we will not be divided.”

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