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I Hate Being Right: Liberals Go After Route 1

On July 3rd, I wrote an article entitled, “Jefferson Davis HWY: Change the Name or Dig it Up Completely?“, making fun of liberals desire to ban, destroy, and rename everything that reminds them of their racist history and devotion to slavery.

Today? Now this:

Amid moves around the country to banish Confederate flags from public view and remove statues of Confederate leaders from prominent places, an online petition to rename Virginia’s Jefferson Davis Highway has been launched.

A statue of Davis, the Kentucky-born president of the Confederate States of America, has already been targeted for removal from his birth state’s capitol rotunda by Senate Majority Leader Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY)

Regarding the Jefferson Davis Highway, the road winds from Northern Virginia southward “to the North Carolina line.” My Fox DC reports that it was originally “planned as a transcontinental highway that would begin in Washington, D.C., pass through many southern states, and end in San Diego.”

The Jefferson Davis Highway was created in the 1920s and sponsored by the Daughters of the Confederacy. Signatures for the petition to change the name are being gathered on, where visitors are told to “Stop Memorializing a Slave Owner and White Supremacist: Rename Jefferson Davis Highway.”

I somewhat hoped that by mocking them, they might refrain from personifying everything I was mocking them for. Sadly, they are everything I mock them for, and worse. Nothing is beyond the realm of possibility with these people. So, Democrats are only taking one side of the Democrat Debate. Now we wait for the other shoe to drop.

Will Democrats vow to dig up Route 1, Jefferson Davis HWY, if the Governor refuses to rename it?

Is Governor McAuliffe involved in protecting Jefferson Davis HWY? No one knows. No one asked him.

But isn’t that suspicious enough??!?!

We’re moving forward! Permanent Revolution! No racist road shall survive!


Article written by: Steven Brodie Tucker

Jefferson Davis HWY: Change the Name or Dig it Up Completely?

Democrat circles are facing difficult decisions in Virginia. Route 1, otherwise called Jefferson Davis Highway, has become a stain on the political landscape in Virginia. Forced to decide whether to revise history or to utterly remove it all together, new problems face VDOT and our Governor.

On one side of the debate, those who think we need to change the name of Jefferson Davis Highway, and on the other, those who feel that removing Route 1 (Jefferson Davis Highway) completely is necessary for equality in America.

VDOT has not made any public comments on the question.

In case you haven’t been following the news – towns, cities, states, and NASCAR have been desperately trying to remove all memory of the Confederate Rebellion. A painful memory of the Democrat Party glory days, Democrats are looking to bury their past by, literally burying their past.

If you don’t understand why Jefferson Davis is so offensive, I will borrow from the Biographical Directory of the United States Congress:

dec7davisDAVIS, Jefferson, (son-in-law of President Zachary Taylor), a Representative and a Senator from Mississippi; born in what is now Fairview, Todd County, Ky., June 3, 1808; moved with his parents to a plantation near Woodville, Wilkinson County, Miss.; attended the country schools, St. Thomas College, Washington County, Ky., Jefferson College, Adams County, Miss., Wilkinson County Academy, and Transylvania University, Lexington, Ky.; graduated from the United States Military Academy, West Point, N.Y., in 1828; served in the Black Hawk War in 1832; promoted to the rank of first lieutenant in the First Dragoons in 1833, and served until 1835, when he resigned; moved to his plantation, ‘Brierfield,’ in Warren County, Miss., and engaged in cotton planting; elected as a Democrat to the Twenty-ninth Congress and served from March 4, 1845, until June 1846, when he resigned to command the First Regiment of Mississippi Riflemen in the war with Mexico; appointed to the United States Senate to fill the vacancy caused by the death of Jesse Speight; subsequently elected and served from August 10, 1847, until September 23, 1851, when he resigned; chairman, Committee on Military Affairs (Thirtieth through Thirty-second Congresses); unsuccessful candidate for Governor in 1851; appointed Secretary of War by President Franklin Pierce 1853-1857; again elected as a Democrat to the United States Senate and served from March 4, 1857, until January 21, 1861, when he withdrew; seat declared vacant by Senate resolution on March 4, 1861; chairman, Committee on Military Affairs and the Militia (Thirty-fifth and Thirty-sixth Congresses); commissioned major general of the State militia in January 1861; chosen President of the Confederacy by the Provisional Congress and inaugurated in Montgomery, Ala., February 18, 1861; elected President of the Confederacy for a term of six years and inaugurated in Richmond, Va., February 22, 1862; captured by Union troops in Irwinsville, Ga., May 10, 1865; imprisoned in Fortress Monroe, indicted for treason, and was paroled in the custody of the court in 1867; returned to Mississippi and spent the remaining years of his life writing; died in New Orleans, La., on December 6, 1889; lay in state in City Hall of New Orleans, December 8-11, followed by interment in Metairie Cemetery, New Orleans, La.; reinterment on May 31, 1893, in Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond, Va.; the legal disabilities placed upon him were removed, and he was posthumously restored to the full rights of citizenship, effective December 25, 1868, pursuant to a Joint Resolution of Congress (Public Law 95-466), approved October 17, 1978.

As the President of the Slavery-Movement and Democrat Party in The South, Democrats feel an uncontrollable urge to erase his memory from, well, memory, Virginia history, and google maps.

Google has not made any public comments regarding whether or not they will continue to refer to Route 1 as Jefferson Davis HWY. Fears of Google’s secrete allegiance to the Democrat Party, Slavery, Racism, and Segregation are growing world wide, according to someone. This is a very stressful time for them, maybe; maybe not. They are understandably busy.

Some Democrats, it is supposed, believe that Route 1 should be renamed Martin Luther King, JR BLVD. Comedian Chris Rock has warned Democrats against such a change.

Click here to view the embedded video.

Other possible names to replace Jefferson Davis Highway are: BJ Clinton “High”way, Benghazi Y Does It Matter Road, and If You Like Your Plan You Can Keep It BLVD.

Uncertainty regarding the name change may have Democrats leaning toward a more Permanent Solution. In an attempt to get Libertarians on board with a proposal to permanently remove route 1 all together, Democrats have cited the duplicitous inefficiency of having an evil road named after the President of the Confederacy running side by side with Interstate 95. Citing Libertarian arguments against having both Federal and State bureaucracies overseeing essentially the exact same governmental regulations, Virginia Democrats are confident that the Virginia Libertarians will join them in calling for the complete removal of an unnecessary road, which must cost taxpayers over 5 million dollars a year, or some variance either above or below that number.

Either way, people are choosing sides. Contention is high.

Most importantly, we can all agree that something must be done about this road. The indignity of forcing Africa-Americans in Virginia to drive their vehicles down Jefferson Davis HWY is an unconscionable crime.

Is Governor McAuliffe involved in protecting Jefferson Davis HWY? No one knows. No one asked him.

But isn’t that suspicious enough??!?!

We’re moving forward! Permanent Revolution! No racist road shall survive!



Article written by: Steven Brodie Tucker