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Vassar Bushmills

This says it all.

We’ve been blessed to be able to watch this promise proved before jumping in head first

I have no doubt that Democratic Socialism, when it emerged as the dominant political arrangement in Europe following World War II. It was a slow process, but in 1993 the pact was inked, and now has grown to 28 decreasingly independent states, and 513 decreasingly free people.

They were forewarned.

Modern and urbane, all the Europeans’ socialist plans nevertheless failed, each country at its own pace, to be propped up by introducing hundreds of thousands of immigrants for purposes I’m still not quite sure. All we know is that they can’t let their people, or their domains and return to self-determination.

So now, as predicted, they must begin to consider the darker side of their elusive lover and the role extraordinary cruelty will have to play in holding onto power once all its other now that those schemes have failed. For they will not let go.

There are all sorts of natural laws involved in branding and selling socialism, even if well-intentioned instead of knowing lies.

“The Snake” says it all.


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Bookworm Beat 4/25/19 — the Joe Biden runs for president illustrated edition

When it’s Joe Biden announcing his candidacy for president, the memes just write themselves. No wonder I’ve got a huge collection of Biden memes for you.


Biden gropes

As an aside, for those who will inevitably compare Joe’s groping to Trump’s “grab ’em” remark, I don’t recommend going there.

First, I think there’s a very good argument to be made that Trump was merely engaging in locker room boasting — not to mention telling the truth about the fact that there are women who welcome attention from millionaires, Democrat presidents, movie stars, etc.

Second, while there’s endless video proof of Biden’s “hands-on” approach, the only women who came forward about Trump proved to be hard-line Hillary supporters with narratives about as reliable as Blowsey-Fraud’s accusations against Kavanaugh.

Third, what’s really wrong about Biden isn’t the touching women, but his pawing all those children. That doesn’t and shouldn’t ever get a pass.

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Are there any normal Democrat primary candidates?

Watching the Democrat primary candidates emerge on the debate stage will be like watching a clown car disgorge its contents. Currently, they’re a joke.

I’ve been looking at the roster of current candidates for the Democrat primary and I have to ask — are any of them normal? Please understand that I’m not talking about qualifications. I’m really just talking about normalcy, as Warren G. Harding would have said. And for the ones who are normal, they are so undistinguished it’s almost breathtaking.

Just think about this roster of announced or thinking-about-announcing Dem presidential candidates. They make Jeb! look like a normal dynamo. Indeed, they make every Republican candidate ever look normal, scintillating, and highly qualified:
John Francis O’Rourke — Hit and run drunk driving, cow porn poetry, feeding his wife baby feces, eating dirt, sweating excessively, and so much more. Much, much more.

John Hickenlooper — Watches hardcore porn with his mother. ‘Nuff said.

Elizabeth Warren — She’s Fauxcahontas with a tin political ear and she drinks beer like a robot.

Joe Biden — Do I need to say more than “bad touch” Biden?

Cory Booker — I call him Spartawuss. Ace calls him “the Fiercely Heterosexual Cory Booker.” I’d respect Booker more if he’d just admit that he’s gay. Oh, and he admits to assaulting a woman in college.

Amy Klobuchar — The politician who would give Joan Crawford a run for her money in the “no wire hangers” category.

Kamala Harris — A woman who started her political career by sleeping her way to the middle, who lacks any charm, who has bad political instincts, and who lies about smoking pot in college. No, just no.

Andrew Yang — There’s the whole “don’t circumcise me, bro” thing, plus there’s that thing about handing out taxpayer money like candy. Why doesn’t he start with handing out his own money like candy?

Marianne Williamson — Her campaign asks people to “think. love. contribute.” She’s a New Age guru. Do I need to say more about that, either?

Bernie Sanders — Aside from being a hardcore communist, which means he cheerfully accepts one of the most evil, deadly ideologies in human history, he honeymooned in the Soviet Union, never met a totalitarian dictator he didn’t like, and drunkenly sang songs half-naked while in Russia. Really?

Kirsten Gillibrand — Do we really want as president a woman who sounds like a Barbie doll on helium and one, moreover, who panders to the Left even more than Elizabeth Warren? I don’t think this woman has stuck to any principled position ever.

Jay Inslee — This is a man with zero name recognition. Other than that, he’s a generic Leftist politician who’s been tight with the Clintons. He’s a Leftist of last resort.

Pete Buttigieg — The only openly gay candidate (sorry, Cory, you should have been honest). Buttigieg sounds great on paper, at least if you’re a Leftist (he loves Bernie), and he’s got that whole Bill Clinton Rhodes Scholar thing. The problem is that Buttigieg presides without distinction South Bend, Indiana — and that’s the sum total of his management experience.

Julian Castro — Like Inslee, a completely generic Leftist politician. His only distinctive qualification in the Democrat Party is that he’s Hispanic. Haven’t we learned from Obama that electing to the presidency because he’s a token representative of his race doesn’t presage good outcomes?

Tulsi Gabbard — Sorry, Tulsi, but you’re way too close to Assad in Syria. That’s some serious bad judgment.

John Delaney — Who?

Trump is now and always has been an eccentric, so maybe he doesn’t meet the “normal” metric. Nevertheless, before becoming president, he had a stunningly accomplished career distinguished by actual accomplishments. Moreover, in his two years as president he’s racked up a string of executive successes both domestic and foreign capped by getting a clean bill of health from political operative Robert Mueller and his team of Trump-hating attorneys.

I don’t see any of the Democrat clown car passengers taking Trump on successfully in 2020. Of course, that’s what everyone said about Trump vis-a-vis the Republican primary candidates so no, I’m not making predictions. I’m just struggling to deal with the facts before me.

Sitting here, I see a bunch of really weird or totally blah people, all of whom lack significant accomplishments. And that’s not even factoring in their hard, harder, hardest Leftist positions and their active or passive embrace of the anti-Semitism Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib have made the Democrat Party’s worst kept secret.

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Politics and National Survival

Vassar Bushmills

I think it was Konrad Lorenz, the Nobel winning natural scientist, who told of a team of animal behaviorists observing baboons in the South African savannah when a much smaller monkey was spied by a much larger baboon.

The vervet turned and scampered back toward the forest cover, the baboon in hot pursuit. After only a hundred yards or so the small monkey slowed down but continued his retreat. At about the same point, the baboon slowed, then stopped.

He’d run into a scent post, indicating the vervet was now on his own territory, and not, as we call it in the city, the “common area”. This was the vervet’s neighborhood, not downtown, not the mall.

Invisibly the rules of engagement just changed, all according to certain unbendable laws of Nature. And indeed the baboon, still five times the size of his prey, called off his attack altogether and turned and ambled back into the more familiar common ground, as if was the bodega at the corner of 145th and Douglas Avenue, where he spent his time with his mates, looking for a mark to walk by.

This phenomenon in animal behavior was first noted in the 1940s or 50s, and Robert Ardrey, a natural history writer of the 1960s, wrote about it in 1966,”The Territorial Imperative”. (I recommend this book.)

“Territory” is an instinct in animals. Everyone accepts that. You see dogs and cats mark their territory all the time. But Ardrey (persuasively) argued that it is also an instinct in Man, and this made him a target of the Marxist Left. You see, Marxists have to believe that every human impulse can be conditioned out of Man, or Marxism won’t work. Trying to prove this, the Soviet Union took 75 years and millions of deaths before it would throw up its hands and collapse.

Since the 1930s Marxists have been campaigning in universities to drive out scientists who believe this, or that Darwin’s Theory is in fact, just a theory. Today, they do the same thing with climate science[…]

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Vassar Bushmills

For almost everyone who pops up in the news, I have a general theory of that person, beginning with how they got in the news in the first place.

If WAPO or New York Times said something approvingly about them, my starting point is likely to be a minus -1. Disapprovingly? Plus +1. The media is my built-in bias meter.

But that bias can quickly be corrected if it turns out that what WAPO or NYT said was factually true. It would not change my overall opinion about either of them unless they actually got the facts right several times in a row, which indicate they may have changed their bias on a given subject.

Neither have in over 50 years.

A personal Theory of a Man or Woman is not something you generally publish. It’s an internal mechanism to remind yourself that there are rules of critical thinking, as opposed to giving over to raw emotion. It’s a reminder of who you are, not who an updated Donald Trump or Mitch McConnell is. You’d be surprised at how many so-called conservative writers have never engaged in this simple practice. It should be a regular as morning prayers. Only those under 45 don’t even know it exists. this.

I did a complete-180 on one Theory of a Man I had, in 2013, when hall of fame conservative George Will came down to Virginia on behalf of one of his life-long employers, WAPO, to do a hit piece on Ken Cuccinelli, in his race for governor against the unindicted Clinton skid-greaser, Terry McAuliffe. No fan of the Democrats, mind you, Will put his support behind an empty-suit Libertarian (these are easy to hire in any state election D’s think can be made closer). and indeed Rob Sarvis was the difference maker in that election. This allowed Will to come out of the closet about religion, allowing that Christians, (Cuccinelli is Roman Catholic) are worse even than the Left’s atheism, with which George Will agrees.

My theory about George Will, totally flipped, so I am de-e-elighted to see that just by Donald Trump living and breathing in the White House, George Will rarely draws a “Theory of the Man” consideration by anyone anymore. Irrelevant.

Every person should have a “theory of the man” process embedded in their minds. For one, it’s a shield against raw emotion, and the high degree of probability that our emotions can cause us to say or do something irrational that will cause other people to alter their theory of us[…]

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“Blexit” — It’s time for America’s blacks to vote themselves out of the Democrat Party

Fifty years of data show that Democrat policies harm American blacks. All the promises of the post-Civil Rights era have failed. Worse, America’s Democrat leadership, especially its black Democrat leadership, no longer makes even a pretense of serving the needs of the American Black community.

Democrat elites, both white and black, are just like the European Union’s elites:  serving themselves — their values and their bank accounts — without no regard for the people they ostensibly represent. Both the Democrats and the EU leadership ride roughshod over ordinary people’s values and ignore their needs. It’s high time, therefore, for American Blacks to have their own Brexit moment — call it a “Blexit” if you will — and turn their backs on the Democrat Party that has served them so badly.

In 1964, you had to give the Democrats credit for adaptability: After spending the late 1950s and early 1960s fighting desperately against the Civil Rights Movement, once it was a done deal they surveyed the landscape and realized that they could use the movement to their advantage. By attaching African Americans firmly to the government teat, Democrats figured that they could rely on a pacified black voting bloc to achieve perpetual political power. Indeed, LBJ is alleged to have made the politically incorrect boast that the Civil Rights act ensured that “I’ll have those n*****s voting Democrat for two-hundred years.”

Sadly, the Great Society legislation that LBJ and his Democrats instituted, while it has ensured those reliable black votes, has continued an American pattern:  Every bad thing that has happened to blacks in America has been the result of government forces. Slavery lasted because the Southern legal system brutally supported it. Likewise, the Jim Crow era lasted as long and as virulently as it did because, again, the Southern legal system brutally supported it.

It’s almost certain that, without rigorously enforced laws separating facilities, criminalizing “miscegenation,” and foreclosing education and work opportunities, the free market would have improved black lives in the South. As Milton Friedman explained, in Capitalism and Freedom: Fortieth Anniversary Edition, the free flow of wealth, without legislation and regulation impeding non-violent, non-fraudulent conduct, is the single best and fastest way to end just about any type of discrimination:

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The Council Has Spoken! Our Watcher’s Council Results

The Council has spoken, the votes have been cast, and the results are in for this week’s Watcher’s Council match up.

” I am a Jew. Hath not a Jew eyes? Hath not a Jew hands, organs,dimensions, senses, affections, passions? Fed with the same food, hurt with the same weapons, subject to the same diseases, healed by the same means,
warmed and cooled by the same winter and summer, as a Christian is?

If you prick us, do we not bleed?” – Shylock in Shakespeare’s ‘The Merchant of Venice‘ Act 3 Scene 1

“The attempt to force human beings to despise themselves is what I call hell.” – Andre’ Malraux

“There is no difference whatever between anti-Semitism and the denial of Israel’s statehood. Classical anti-Semitism denies the equal right of Jews as citizens within society. Anti-Zionism denies the equal rights of the Jewish people its lawful sovereignty within the community of nations. The common principle in the two cases is discrimination.” – Abba Eban, 1975

This week’s winning essay, Joshuapundit’s Why So Many Jews Support The Left – And Why They’re So Anti- Israel is my response to a question I get asked frequently that may, perhaps, shed some light on the subject. Here’s a slice:

A good friend of mine forwarded me some questions from someone she knows whom is absolutely baffled.

He’s certainly no anti-semite. But in his contacts with Jews, he finds that many of them while quite intelligent engage in behavior he finds both irrational and inexplicable. Here’s what he basically had to say:

“What baffles me is everyone of them put Obama in office during his first election, and couldn’t understand my disdain for the man. These are intelligent people. Lawyers, investment bankers, stock brokers, etc..They have been voting Democrat for all their lives. …

These people are so unfriendly to all things Israel I just don’t understand it. It’s as if they are trying to destroy the country of their origin, or a death wish, I don’t know. They all hated Bush and he loves Israel. I’m confused, because the trouble I see in Israel right now is partly due to them. I feel bad because I so admire Israel and I know if they fall we will be next or at least deep in the fight. Please, enlighten me.”

I only get asked this once a week or so…but I thought I’d share my answer to him with you.

Hello —

Actually, I have a decent perspective on this, as I’m a Jew, a native Californian (gasp!) and someone whom grew up in a home of liberal FDR Jews who always voted Democrat, except for two occasions which I’ll get to shortly and which shed a bit of light on th ematter at hand.

You’re actually asking a lot of different questions here, which I’m going to try and sort out. Here’s what I think you’re asking, and forgive me if I seem to be putting words in your mouth.

Why are so many Jews lefties when they seem to be so smart? Why do they vote Democrat even if it seems to be against their interests? And why would so many vote for Obama, especially when they’ve seen how anti-Israel he is?

That about cover it?

A lot of it has to do with history. Many lefty Jews today are not only rigorously secular, but disdainful of those Jews whom are religious. That also explains why so many of these overtly secular Jews dislike Evangelicals, Mormons and other religious, pro-Israel Christians. To these Jews, all religion represents not only something they’re trying to get away and distance themselves from, but way down deep, a secret source of shame for many. You don’t destroy a part of whom you are without sustaining some damage.

Read this and see if it clears up the history a bit. The short version is that many Jews, once they were freed from the ghettos by Napoleon that they’d been literally locked up in for centuries made a determined attempt to assimilate. They really wanted to be good Germans, French, Austrians, Poles, what have you. It failed utterly. The majority of Europeans simply wouldn’t allow it.

A number of thse Jews made the obvious connection and allied themselves with the Left, especially the Marxists. They stupidly thought that their religion was the only basis for the psychotic hatred they faced, and that religion itself was the reason they were treated the way they were. So they not only gave up all semblance of their own religion, but turned to an ideology that likewise despised all religion while it was essentially creating its own.

To expand that a bit, here in America while there was never legal, government sponsored Jew hatred as there was in Europe and Muslim countries, there was quite a bit of de facto anti-semitism during the period when Jews were heavily migrating to America…say, the 1880’s to about the 1920’s or so and well into WWII.

So just as in Europe, some of these immigrants and quite a few of their offspring born here dropped the Orthodox Judaism they were raised with and much of their religious practices because the emphasis then was on assimilating..being, you know, real Americans like everyone else. That didn’t work so well with many of the Republicans of that time or a lot of other people, but the Left was a somewhat different story, especially once FDR came on the scene. Ironic, of course, since he was instrumental in instituting quotas to stop too many Jews entering the Ivy League.

As for the communists, they were more than willing to recruit what Lenin aptly referred to as useful idiots.Conservative author David Horowitz, whom grew up as a ‘red diaper baby’ in a home where both parents were communists and under what was referred to as Party Discipline give us an illuminating look at how this worked in his autobiography ‘Radical Son.’

What changed things when it comes to the issue you’re talking about was the Holocaust and the recreation of Israel. Realizing that much of the world either participated at worst or at best ignored what amounted to a war against defenseless Jews simply because they were Jews was a traumatic event that changed everything for Jews in places like America whom escaped.

It was a unique event in history for reasons I’m happy to explain to you any time if you’d like me to. In many quarters, it made openly expressed Jew hatred socially unacceptable, at least for a while. And it shamed the world into finally keeping the agreements made after WW I in the original League of Nations Palestine Mandate and the subsequent 1923 San Remo Agreement to create a Jewish State in their ancient homeland on the remaining 21% of the Palestine Mandate that was left.

So for even aggressively secular, left leaning Jews like my parents, Israel was the issue that crossed all lines. It did so because they were the generation that was closest to the Shoah and they realized how important Israel’s creation was to Jews in the Diaspora and their comfortable lives there. And yes, there was also some residual guilt involved, because many of the Jews surrounding President Roosevelt took an active part in successfully combating Jews who wanted the make the ongoing Shoah a major public issue and push FDR to make attempts to stop or at least slow down the carnage of Jews in Europe.

That Jewish identification with Israel especially became apparent after the miraculous Six Day War when Jews around the world suddenly realized they might have lost Israel and had to experience a second Holocaust while the world watched and did nothing.

I mentioned that there were two times my devoutly Democrat parents didn’t pull the lever for Democrats? One occasion was in 1972 when the Angry Left took over the party and the anti-Israel George McGovern was their candidate for president. The other time was in 1980, when Jimmie Carter ran for re-election.

My parents literally hated Nixon and Reagan and they weren’t too pleased with yours truly either when I cast my very first vote ever for Ronaldus Maximus. But they simply weren’t going to vote for anti-Israel candidates. So they just voted for a straight Democrat ticket otherwise and passed up voting for president in those elections.

So what changed that closeness to Israel? Well, three things – the birth and maturity of two generations much further removed from the Holocaust, the ascendancy of a center right government in Israel when the Labor party was literally tossed out of office after the Yom Kippur War fiasco and most of all, the continued movement of the Democrat Party to the far left.

Much more at the link.

In our non-Council category, the winner was Mark Steyn with an interesting piece, Mark SteynFings Ain’t Wot They Used T’Be submitted by The Watcher.

It’s an interesting piece, looking at some recent events that would have been unthinkable a decade or two ago but are now ‘depressingly routine’ as he aptly puts it.

Here are this week’s full results. Maggie’s Notebook, The Independent Sentinel, Don Surber and The Noisy Room were unable to vote this week, but none were subject to the usual 2/3 vote penalty for not voting:

Council Winners

Non-Council Winners

See you next week!

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The Council Has Spoken! Our Watcher’s Council Results

Article written by: Tom White

The Dysfunctional Republican Party: Can It Prevail?

The world of Republican politics differs greatly from the world of Democrat politics, primarily because Republicans and Democrats really do live and think differently from one another.

CO-GOP1On the one hand, you have a Democrat Party that marches in lock step, democrat voters who will vote for any candidate so long as they are running on the Democrat ticket, and who conform to a general and broad system of beliefs. On the other hand you have Republicans, who are much more independent, more likely to vote on a single issue, and feel represented by particular factions within the party at large, as opposed to the Republican Party itself. The Republican Party is forced to hold together a divisive collection of contradictory philosophies, personalities, and purposes, while competing with a Democrat Party with much less friction between their voters. Now, that is not to say that there is not a great deal of friction at the top of the Democrat Party, since whoever controls the party, controls the voters. But that’s a Democrat problem the Republican Party simply never experiences.

It almost seems impossible for a Republican Candidate to represent the majority of registered Republicans, were it not for the fact that the alternative to voting for a Republican usually means the election of a Democrat. Not electing Democrats is pretty much the only thing that Republicans can agree on. Unfortunately, this makes life much harder for the Republican Leadership. With social media and instantaneous news, the Republican Party can no longer hide the inside the beltway sausage making from the folks back at home. Because there really are more Republicans than there are Democrats, and because the only thing Republican voters agree on is not electing Democrats, despite all the chaos and differences within the party, there are an awful lot of Republican on Capital Hill.

Despite Republican majorities in both Houses of Congress, the Republican Leadership is paralyzed by dysfunction and disagreement. There are those who believe that Republican voters need to allow the Republican Leadership to lead and to back their play, regardless of whether or not they fully agree. There are others who believe that the Republican Leadership needs to represent the will of the majority of Republicans back in the States, and that compromising with Democrats is certainly not what they sent their Representatives to our nations’ Capital to do.  So what do they do?


Therefore, with the Republicans in Congress unable to accomplish anything, the minority party still controls the agenda. And since the minority party still controls the White House, advancing that agenda has been relatively easy.

This leads us to the 2016 Presidential Race. If you want to get an idea just how dysfunctional the Republican electorate really has become, you need look no further than the lead up to our Republican Primary. Donald Trump, who isn’t a conservative, a constitutionalist, or even really a Republican, is dominating the polls and drawing unprecedented support for lambasting the media (who everyone hates), Congress (who everyone hates), Illegal Immigration (which everyone hates), and failure (which Republican voters are, frankly, sick of). So running on a platform of promises of success, many Republicans are jumping on the Trump train. That the Republican Party, the media, and the Democrats apparently despise Donald Trump, has only helped him draw support for more Republicans. Sorry Fox NEWS – like Gail Wynand, you must have now realized that there is no real power in building an empire on the basis of telling your audience what they want to hear. The second you stop, they’ll turn on you; and turn on you they have.

The Libertarians seem to be sticking with Rand Paul. The Conservatives seem to be sticking with Ted Cruz. The angry people are going to sink or swim with Donald Trump, and everyone else is still trying to make a name for themselves. Of course, the media is looking for candidates looking for headlines.

Here’s the formula: Candidate goes looking for headlines. Candidate gets headlines. Candidate poll numbers go up. Media spends day after day, hour after hour, attacking Candidate. Candidate poll numbers decline. Candidate runs out of money. Candidate drops out of the race. Now, if your a Corporatist Billionare, this formula doesn’t apply to you. Which really infuriates all the powerful people in this country that can’t control you – which delights everyone who hates the powerful people.

Honestly, I’m not sure what’s going to happen. I mean, the Democrats appear prepared to nominate the least repulsive blast from the past they can find – and whichever relic of liberal marxism they nominate will get at least 40% of the vote. If only the Republicans could find a candidate that could win the other 60%. Sadly, this is beginning to look impossible and I am beginning to attempt to conceptualize the probability of a President Bernie Sanders or a President Joe Biden. It seems unfathomable. I do see a way out, but that isn’t what I’m writing about today. I merely wanted to describe just how complicated the Republican Party has become and all of our parts and responsibilities in causing it. I’m not even sure its a bad thing, in principle. It’s simply having negative results.




Article written by: Steven Brodie Tucker

Why Are Republicans So Confused Over Immigration?

Bearing Drift just excoriated the Bull Elephant over immigration.

So let’s look at immigration.

The Republican Establishment continues to fund President Obama’s executive amnesty for a reason – they want the cheap labor. The Libertarian Party tends to support open borders, because we don’t believe in discrimination. However, we have a massive prison state and welfare state that seems to absorb our immigrant populations, and instead of benefiting from immigration to our country, we are subsidizing it.

I want free immigration to the United States for the best and the brightest; but we can’t have a “legal system” that ends up creating an immigration policy which invites people into our prison and welfare state.

We need immigrants, but we also need assimilation. We need decades of immigration and decades of assimilation.

blog_republican_splitIdeologically, our opinions on immigration are moot. The fact is that the Chamber of Commerce is bringing in poor, uneducated immigrant labor to drive down the cost of labor in America. Republicans and Democrats are fighting over the illegal immigrant population because both parties want their votes the second they are naturalized. Why haven’t they been naturalized, because neither party will support naturalization until they know for a fact that they’ll get their votes. In the meantime, they fight for their support. Citizen? Screw you. You’ve probably already made up your mind.

What conservatives and libertarians need to ask themselves, is that if immigrants are being brought into this country to lower wages and provide the Democrat Party with voters, then isn’t that a broken immigration system? Let’s scratch all the pro-Mexican and anti-Mexican claptrap. Race and nationality has nothing to do with this. We’re importing poverty and cheap labor. Yes, both Democrat and Republican politicians benefit, but do you? Does your family? Does your community?

I suggest reshaping our government and our society into something that can welcome self-reliant immigrants with open arms, with excitement, and with our full throated support!


Article written by: Steven Brodie Tucker

Jefferson Davis HWY: Change the Name or Dig it Up Completely?

Democrat circles are facing difficult decisions in Virginia. Route 1, otherwise called Jefferson Davis Highway, has become a stain on the political landscape in Virginia. Forced to decide whether to revise history or to utterly remove it all together, new problems face VDOT and our Governor.

On one side of the debate, those who think we need to change the name of Jefferson Davis Highway, and on the other, those who feel that removing Route 1 (Jefferson Davis Highway) completely is necessary for equality in America.

VDOT has not made any public comments on the question.

In case you haven’t been following the news – towns, cities, states, and NASCAR have been desperately trying to remove all memory of the Confederate Rebellion. A painful memory of the Democrat Party glory days, Democrats are looking to bury their past by, literally burying their past.

If you don’t understand why Jefferson Davis is so offensive, I will borrow from the Biographical Directory of the United States Congress:

dec7davisDAVIS, Jefferson, (son-in-law of President Zachary Taylor), a Representative and a Senator from Mississippi; born in what is now Fairview, Todd County, Ky., June 3, 1808; moved with his parents to a plantation near Woodville, Wilkinson County, Miss.; attended the country schools, St. Thomas College, Washington County, Ky., Jefferson College, Adams County, Miss., Wilkinson County Academy, and Transylvania University, Lexington, Ky.; graduated from the United States Military Academy, West Point, N.Y., in 1828; served in the Black Hawk War in 1832; promoted to the rank of first lieutenant in the First Dragoons in 1833, and served until 1835, when he resigned; moved to his plantation, ‘Brierfield,’ in Warren County, Miss., and engaged in cotton planting; elected as a Democrat to the Twenty-ninth Congress and served from March 4, 1845, until June 1846, when he resigned to command the First Regiment of Mississippi Riflemen in the war with Mexico; appointed to the United States Senate to fill the vacancy caused by the death of Jesse Speight; subsequently elected and served from August 10, 1847, until September 23, 1851, when he resigned; chairman, Committee on Military Affairs (Thirtieth through Thirty-second Congresses); unsuccessful candidate for Governor in 1851; appointed Secretary of War by President Franklin Pierce 1853-1857; again elected as a Democrat to the United States Senate and served from March 4, 1857, until January 21, 1861, when he withdrew; seat declared vacant by Senate resolution on March 4, 1861; chairman, Committee on Military Affairs and the Militia (Thirty-fifth and Thirty-sixth Congresses); commissioned major general of the State militia in January 1861; chosen President of the Confederacy by the Provisional Congress and inaugurated in Montgomery, Ala., February 18, 1861; elected President of the Confederacy for a term of six years and inaugurated in Richmond, Va., February 22, 1862; captured by Union troops in Irwinsville, Ga., May 10, 1865; imprisoned in Fortress Monroe, indicted for treason, and was paroled in the custody of the court in 1867; returned to Mississippi and spent the remaining years of his life writing; died in New Orleans, La., on December 6, 1889; lay in state in City Hall of New Orleans, December 8-11, followed by interment in Metairie Cemetery, New Orleans, La.; reinterment on May 31, 1893, in Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond, Va.; the legal disabilities placed upon him were removed, and he was posthumously restored to the full rights of citizenship, effective December 25, 1868, pursuant to a Joint Resolution of Congress (Public Law 95-466), approved October 17, 1978.

As the President of the Slavery-Movement and Democrat Party in The South, Democrats feel an uncontrollable urge to erase his memory from, well, memory, Virginia history, and google maps.

Google has not made any public comments regarding whether or not they will continue to refer to Route 1 as Jefferson Davis HWY. Fears of Google’s secrete allegiance to the Democrat Party, Slavery, Racism, and Segregation are growing world wide, according to someone. This is a very stressful time for them, maybe; maybe not. They are understandably busy.

Some Democrats, it is supposed, believe that Route 1 should be renamed Martin Luther King, JR BLVD. Comedian Chris Rock has warned Democrats against such a change.

Click here to view the embedded video.

Other possible names to replace Jefferson Davis Highway are: BJ Clinton “High”way, Benghazi Y Does It Matter Road, and If You Like Your Plan You Can Keep It BLVD.

Uncertainty regarding the name change may have Democrats leaning toward a more Permanent Solution. In an attempt to get Libertarians on board with a proposal to permanently remove route 1 all together, Democrats have cited the duplicitous inefficiency of having an evil road named after the President of the Confederacy running side by side with Interstate 95. Citing Libertarian arguments against having both Federal and State bureaucracies overseeing essentially the exact same governmental regulations, Virginia Democrats are confident that the Virginia Libertarians will join them in calling for the complete removal of an unnecessary road, which must cost taxpayers over 5 million dollars a year, or some variance either above or below that number.

Either way, people are choosing sides. Contention is high.

Most importantly, we can all agree that something must be done about this road. The indignity of forcing Africa-Americans in Virginia to drive their vehicles down Jefferson Davis HWY is an unconscionable crime.

Is Governor McAuliffe involved in protecting Jefferson Davis HWY? No one knows. No one asked him.

But isn’t that suspicious enough??!?!

We’re moving forward! Permanent Revolution! No racist road shall survive!



Article written by: Steven Brodie Tucker