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The message in the cold that I caught

I believe that there’s a lesson about masks — and what they’re really good at in today’s world — in the bad cold I caught.

I have a cold, a nasty, snuffly, sore-throat, stuffy-nose, I-feel-sick kind of cold. The same kind of cold that I’ve probably had 200 times before over the course of my life. When my nose isn’t stopped up, my sense of smell is perfect; my blood oxygenation is a marvel of good health; and I’m not running a temperature, so I’m not worried that this is covert COVID. It’s just a cold.

What I find interesting is the fact that I caught a cold in the first place. After all, for the past year, I’ve been practicing good virus hygiene: I work from home so I limit my interactions with other people and, when I go out, I wear an N95 mask (which I bought in a moment of prescience last February). I also keep my hands to myself and disinfect them when I return to the house or the car, always making sure to keep my hands away from my face until I’ve disinfected them.

So how in the world did I catch a cold which, last I heard, is a virus? I have two theories:

Theory Number One: Even an N95 mask will not block viruses or, at least, it won’t block all the particles that come my way. As many have pointed out, when people who work with drywall or other particulate matter take off their N95 masks at the end of the day, their faces under the mask are still covered with fine particulate matter. The mask blocks a lot but not all of the particulates. So, maybe that’s how I got this cold and could be how I’ll still manage to catch COVID, assuming I don’t decide to get a vaccine (and that’s assuming vaccine supplies arrive in my community, which they haven’t yet).

Theory Number Two: The N95 mask gave me the cold. This is my preferred theory.

Masks are meant to be used only once. The reason for that is cross-contamination.

Tear your mind away from the mask for a minute and think in terms of surgical gloves. You’re preparing chicken for dinner and you hate to touch the germy meat (uncooked, chicken is the most germ-laden meat), so you put on some nice surgical-style rubber gloves. When you’re done prepping the chicken, you don’t take your gloves off. Instead, you keep them on as you make the salad, prepare the potatoes, take the chicken out of the oven, and plate the food. After that, you carelessly strip off your gloves and leave them lying by the sink. You pick them up again after dinner, put them on, and use them to wash and dry the dishes.

The next day, you and everyone else in the family is horrifically ill with food poisoning. Should anyone be surprised? All that the gloves did was keep that E. coli away from your hands. In all other ways, they were the perfect vector for spreading the E. coli from the raw chicken to every other raw surface in the kitchen or on your food. The gloves were theater, nothing more.

That is exactly the case with the masks people wear. Ideally, we should all be going through N95 masks at a ferocious rate, several times a day if we’re not home. The way it should work is that, in the car, you disinfect your hands. Then, you put on a brand new N95 mask. You go into the grocery store and do all your shopping. When you get near your car, you strip the mask off and throw it away. You then disinfect your hands before touching anything (e.g., your steering wheel, gear shift, face, etc.). And you do this every time you put on and take off that mask over the course of the day. That’s the only way to prevent cross-contamination.

Of course, that’s not what anyone does. We all have our one mask. We carry it around in our car, purse, or backpack. We put it on and take it off constantly. When we’re with other people, they’ve done the same with their masks. In addition, many people have poorly fitting masks or they feel claustrophobic, so the mask repeatedly ends up below their nose, and then they keep pulling it up over and over.

The cross-contamination is non-stop and renders the masks completely useless — except, perhaps, to contain the big, gloppy droplets when someone with a cold, flu, or allergy sneezes or coughs, and even then that person handles the mask over and over after the fact. Those gloppy particulates are why, if you have a cold, it’s probably polite for you to wear a mask, as the Japanese and South Koreans have done for years.

I discovered the secret of preventing colds a long time ago: Whenever I return to the car, I disinfect my hands. Long before disinfectant mania, I had pump bottles of disinfectant in my car and I used it religiously. That’s because I figured out that the three big cold vectors in my life were shopping cart handles, door handles, and credit card readers (along with those icky pens). If I kept my hands away from my face until I reached my car, and disinfected before I touched anything, I stayed healthy.

Now, though, because of the whole mask thing, despite my hand disinfecting ritual, I’ve still got that mask collecting bacteria and viruses, and following me wherever I go,  It’s a snare and a delusion, as it is for everyone else. Perhaps next time I go to Costco, I’ll buy that big box of generic masks so I can end the cross-contamination game — except, of course, I know that those masks do nothing to stop the free flow of viruses, not to mention the fact that they’ve become a major source of pollution.

In my humble opinion, masks are not the solution; they are one of the problems.

The totemic power of the “N-word”

If you’re interested in how the “N-word” has come to have the destructive power of a nuclear bomb, I’ve got the answer.

I’ve gotten used to the leftist excesses at the New York Times, but even I was impressed at how overboard the editors went when they fired Donald G. McNeil Jr. The reason for firing this 45-year Times veteran was because, while accompanying a pricey student trip to Peru some years ago, some students were offended that McNeil used what is now referred to as the “N-word” and tattled on him.

It’s important to understand that McNeil didn’t say the word as part of his own conversation and he certainly didn’t use it in an insulting way. Instead, one of the students asked a question about a friend who, when she was 12, used that racial pejorative in a video and ended up suspended. (It’s noteworthy, by the way, that in leftist-run school districts, it’s normal for students to physically assault teachers. But use that word….)

When McNeil answered the question posed to him, he dared to use the forbidden word. When word got back to the Times — where he’d worked for 45 years — the paper gave him a reprimand. However, this offended the now-ubiquitous “BIPOCs,” who demanded McNeil’s head…and got it.

I don’t have a single tear to shed for McNeil. Up until last week, he was part of that system. Also, he was dumb enough to issue the usual groveling apology for being politically incorrect. Note, please, that what he did was neither illegal nor something that could reasonably be the subject of costly civil litigation. Instead, what he said offended the sensibilities of the gatekeepers in cancel culture.

Somehow, McNeil missed the part in the story where only BIPOCs, such as the anti-Semitic Nick Cannon, are granted absolution for their sins. If you’re white, you’re consigned forever to the outer reaches, far away from the fancy latte machine in the Times’ coffee room.

What got to Bret Stephens, the Trump-hating RINO who left the Wall Street Journal for the New York Times, was the fact that the Times didn’t care about context. It didn’t care that McNeil used the word without malice. Merely speaking the word is now a sin (emphasis mine):

In an initial note to staff, editor-in-chief Dean Baquet noted that, after conducting an investigation, he was satisfied that McNeil had not used the slur maliciously and that it was not a firing offense. In response, more than 150 Times staffers signed a protest letter. A few days later, Baquet and managing editor Joe Kahn reached a different decision.

“We do not tolerate racist language regardless of intent,” they wrote on Friday afternoon. They added to this unambiguous judgment that the paper would “work with urgency to create clearer guidelines and enforcement about conduct in the workplace, including red-line issues on racist language.”

As I’ve pointed out before, the virtue of events in 2020 and, now, in 2021, is that we’re getting clarity. Ordinary Americans (rather than political obsessives like me) are seeing that the “Democrats” or “progressives” really are as red of tooth and claw as conservatives have been saying. Like all other totalitarian groups, they have rigid language requirements, purges, and mortal sins that leave no room for remorse, repentance, and reform.

When it comes to the “N-word,” how did we get to the point at which it is a word the mere utterance of which can destroy lives? I’m glad you asked.

Up until 1994, there were only two known totemic words in the Western world, words so powerful that they could not be spoken — one occurs in the Bible, while the other is a pure fiction.

The Bible refers to God as יהוה. The English cognate for those letters is YHWH. Beginning in the 6th century B.C., speaking this name of extraordinary power became taboo. Instead, Jews began to refer to יהוה in the third person as אֲדֹנָי‬ (Adonai or “the Lord”). That appellation is still the word used in all Jewish prayers (e.g., “Barukh ata Adonai;” “Blessed are You, Lord our God”).

Those who no longer believe in the word’s totemic significance willingly say the Lord’s name. Or at least, they willingly say what they think is the Lord’s name. No one really knows how it was pronounced back before the Second Temple period. The agreed-upon pronunciation, based upon roughly contemporaneous Greek renditions, is “Yahweh.” However, pronunciations change when filtered through a foreign language. For all we know, the word was really pronounced “Yohwuh” or something equally unfamiliar.

My point is that, for observant Jews, the Lord’s name is so sacred that it cannot be spoken. No one is worthy of speaking it. For centuries, observant Christians attached that same significance to both God’s and Jesus’s names. They would utter the names in a religious context but it was blasphemous to “take the Lord’s name in vain.” To avoid blasphemy, the British ended up with such exclamations as “Zounds!” (from “God’s wounds”), “Strewth” (from “God’s truth”) and, the most obscene, “bloody” (from “Christ’s blood”).

And what’s the other totemic word, one of such power that no one can utter it? That would be Voldemort, from the Harry Potter universe. In that fictional world, it was fear and superstition that gave that name its power. That is, I don’t recall anything in the books indicating that merely uttering Voldemort’s name would make bad things happen. The stricture against uttering it was simply that it offended people. It was Hermione who sensibly pointed out that “fear of a name only increases fear of the thing itself.” No one listened.

Which gets me to the “N-word.” I happen not to like that phrase because I don’t agree with the totemic significance given to the word. I’ll write it as I write any vulgar, offensive, or obscene word because I don’t like using those words — with asterisks. “N****r.”

Do any of you remember the origin of the shibboleth against any mention of n****r outside of the ghetto or rap context? Up until 1995, it was just another impolite, hurtful, and vulgar expression. I’ve never uttered the word in my life for that reason. When publications mentioned it before 1995, they did what I’m doing here; that is, they used asterisks.

The big change was the OJ Simpson trial. OJ lived his entire adult life as a white guy, one who had little time for or interest in the black community. However, when he was being tried for Nicole Simpson’s murder, his “dream team” of attorneys came up with the perfect defense: Make the case about race.

They were able to embark on this strategy because they learned that one of the detectives who originally investigated the case, Mark Fuhrman, had made a series of tape recordings in which he spoke badly about blacks and referred to them as n****rs. They relayed their strategy to Jeffrey Toobin, the leftist who later tried to force his adulterous lover to abort their child and refused to pay child support and, just last year, masturbated during a Zoom call.

Toobin wrote an article for The New Yorker describing Fuhrman’s alleged racism (something that had never been an issue in his work and, to the extent there was a recording, seemed to be something of a tryout for a novel). OJ’s dream team, he said, was going to “play the race card.”

And play it they did. The trial, instead of being about evidence related to a brutal crime, became about “the N-word.” That still leaves unanswered how that particular expression — the “N-word” –worked its way into American English and become so powerful.

It started with the prosecution. The team was made up of two whites (Marcia Clark and William Hodgman) and, when it was clear that race was going to be central to the trial, a black man (Christopher Darden). Unfortunately, the prosecution, instead of defusing the word, thought that attacking the word was the best way to show that they were in sync with the majority-black jury.

Here’s a tip for both trial attorneys and for conservatives fighting back against leftists: Never accept your opponents’ definitions. You’ll note, for example, that I never refer to Democrats as “liberals.” They’re not. They’re completely illiberal, which is why I usually call them “leftists,” although I’ll mix it up with “Democrats” or “progressives.”

By the way, they’re not progressive either because their politics hark back to a lot of bad old days, such as Jim Crow, fascism, communism, etc., but the word is still fairly neutral unless, like me, you despise the original, early 20th century progressives, who were racist eugenicists who gave ideas to Hitler. But I digress.

Let me get back to Christopher Darden. It was Darden who thought that the best way to handle the word was to strike it so that it could not be associated with Mark Fuhrman:

“It is the dirtiest, filthiest, nastiest word in the English language,” Darden said in a speech that started quietly and built to such a crescendo that he apologized for his own emotion. “It’ll upset the black jurors. It’ll issue a test, and the test will be: ‘Whose side are you on, the side of the white prosecutors and the white policemen, or are you on the side of the black defendant and his very prominent and capable black lawyer?’ That’s what it’s going to do. Either you’re with the man, or you’re with the brothers.”

Jonnie Cochran instantly made the opposite argument, one that we would all do well to heed today:

“I want . . . to apologize to African Americans across this country,” Cochran said to a silent, spellbound courtroom. “It’s demeaning to our jurors to say that African Americans, who have lived under oppression for 200-plus years in this country, cannot work within the mainstream, cannot hear these offensive words. African Americans live with offensive words, offensive looks, offensive treatment every day of their lives. But yet they still believe in this country. . . . To say they can’t be fair is absolutely outrageous.”

Incidentally, at least as to the year 2021, I disagree with the contention that American blacks “live with offensive words, offensive looks, offensive treatment every day of their lives.” That is not how America operates except in “progressive” minds. That’s why they’ve fallen back on microaggressions, which are imaginary slights in the minds of hypersensitive people who have been trained to be paranoid. But, again, I digress.

Darden may have lost the trial, but his side won the word war. When it comes to words that are so powerful merely uttering them destroys people, we have the ancient religious taboo against יהוה; the fictional taboo against “Voldemort;” and the very real, leftist taboo against “n****r.”

As for me, I’m not playing the leftist word games. To me, n****r is a nasty word, but neither more nor less nasty than k**e for Jews, c***k for Asians, s**c for Hispanics, or any of the other words people of one race use to insult another. In my old-fashioned world (my mother raised me to be a “lady”), polite, decent people don’t use any of those words. However, honest, sane people, when using them in a non-pejorative context — as I did here with my asterisked spellings and as McNeil did in Peru — don’t assign to them a unique power that allows leftist institutions to destroy a person’s life merely for allowing those syllables to pass his lips.

One day’s news from the SF Bay Area — how leftist can you get?

A glance at a the home page for Marin County’s main newspaper provides a snapshot into the leftist brain.

Although I no longer live in Marin County, I still check the local news. It’s not unusual for me to see familiar people named in stories and I always recognize the places. For whatever reason, today’s newspaper struck me as just exceptionally leftist. This is the air that people breathe in Northern California. I’ve highlighted the words and I’ll explain why each strikes me as peak leftist — and that’s without discussing too many stories behind the headlines:

Progressive news

  1. “unsheltered residents.” The actual headline states the truth which is that “homeless” campers are taking over a former military base that is not a planned suburban community with lots of children. However, the moment there’s more space you get that euphemism: “unsheltered residents.” Homeless has a wealth of meanings: People without homes, drug addicts, mentally ill people, and criminals.
  2. Governor Newsom focuses on “character” with Alex Padilla. Nope. That’s retrofitting. Padilla’s selection boiled down to one thing:  His race. Padilla has no known character, except that he illegally promised to pay $35 million taxpayer dollars to a Democrat political front group and then tried to hide his wrongdoing. Of course, thinking about it, that’s precisely the type of character leftists like.
  3. The explosion of the Wuhan virus in California. Up until about two weeks ago, California leftists were smug: Next to Oregon, they had the most draconian shutdown laws in America and it was paying off. Sure, their politicians were hypocrites, ignoring the misery they imposed on others, and yes, except for the the tech sector and white collar jobs that are home to leftists, California’s economy was collapsing, but it was all worth it…. Oh, wait a minute. Do you mean to say that California is now one of the worst Wuhan virus hotbeds, not just in America, but in the world? Why, yes it is. I’m desperately sorry for my conservative friends who are trapped there, but for all the leftists and all the go-along with the leftists it’s hard for me to feel much sympathy. Keep in mind that, in the Bay Area at least, most of those small business owners being hurt have voted Democrat for decades.
  4. Reversal of transit layoffs. Government will screw you, the taxpayer, but it will never screw itself. Expect more and higher taxes — and, in the case of the Golden Gate Transit District, higher bridge tolls and bus fares — despite the government’s deliberate decision to destroy the economy.
  5. Marin City gets get Kamala action figures. First, how sexist is it to put Kamala in a skirt. Second, you can’t engage in action in a pencil skirt. Third, propaganda much?
  6. Ceremony honors homeless who died. Wait! They had space. Did they forget that these people are “unsheltered residents”? No, of course not. You use “unsheltered residents” when you want to clean them up and make people feel guilty that they don’t want deranged, criminal people taking over their communities. You use the word “homeless” when you want to make people feel guilty that someone who as often as not chose to live on the streets has died.

Just as fish don’t notice the water, Bay Area residents don’t notice the non-stop drip, drip, drip of leftism sinking into their brains. Everything reinforces leftist shibboleths. Open up any Bay Area “news” publication and you’ll find little in the way of actual news, but a whole lot of propaganda.

Image: The Golden Gate Bridge as seen from the Marin headlands (cropped) by David Ball. CC BY-SA 3.0.

Is the whole government in on this fraudulent election? By Robert Arvay

This article appeared first in AmericanThinker.Com:

Is the whole government in on this fraudulent election?

By Robert Arvay

Every once in a while, most of us wind up in situations where we are completely baffled.  It may be a simple situation, such as having looked literally everywhere for our reading glasses, and not having found them.  Did they violate the laws of physics and just vanish?  One knows that that cannot be true, and yet, as the old saying goes, once one has ruled out every logical possibility, only the illogical remains, no matter how unlikely it is.

Another situation is the one we are in now.  Any informed person, with a modicum of sense, can see that the presidential election results, at best, are not to be trusted and at worst are rampantly fraudulent.  Yet it seems that court after court, and investigative agencies one after the other, are turning a blind eye.  Are they violating the laws of physics?

It turns out that the reading glasses did not disappear; they were in place, but pushed up, on one’s forehead all along.  There was a logical explanation after all.

And sadly, it turns out that the courts and government agencies were not turning a blind eye.  They have been, all along, part of the fraud.  No matter how unlikely that seems, it is the only answer remaining.

In other words, we lost this battle a long time ago.  As soon as Trump was elected president in 2016, the dark state realized that it had blundered.  Its members had underestimated the degree of fraud it would need to defeat him.  This time, they removed all possibility of failure, and even then, they needed vastly more fraud than even they had anticipated.  Stuffing the ballot boxes was not enough; they had to call time out, for a few hours, so they could print yet more ballots.  Indeed, they printed so many more that the sheer number of them made it obvious that they were cheating.

One might think they overplayed their hand, that they had used a sledgehammer to swat a mosquito.  In doing so, they removed all reasonable doubt — the election was clearly rigged.  But the dark state was so desperate that its operatives cared nothing for how it seems to the informed observer.  Nothing.  They just had to make absolutely sure that there would be no way that Donald Trump would be declared the winner.

The culprits were not merely the usual suspects — the Adam Schiffs and Eric Swallwells and their ilk.  As profoundly and obviously corrupt as they are, they are weak.  They could not have pulled this off without some heavyweight criminals in high places, including the courts, the premier law enforcement agencies, the intelligence bureaus, and the private sector communications companies.

It is certain that President Trump has been a wrecking ball against the dark state.  He came at it with courage, resolve, and a level of acumen that the left had dangerously underestimated.  The 2020 election was, as the establishment saw it, the last and final chance to remove the threat he poses to their power.  Had the election been honest, Trump would have won so overwhelmingly that the Democrat Party, for one, would have become a thing of the past.  Trillions of dollars were at stake worldwide, including in China.  People go to war for that kind of money and that level of power.

It is unsurprising, then, that there was nothing, literally nothing, from which the dark state would refrain, in its attack — not even if it destroys the republic.  This was the final banzai charge.  It was do or die.

There is only one remaining backstop that can defeat the dark state.  It is we, the people, the heirs of 1776.  In that year, the Founders declared their concerns not only for themselves, but for their as yet unborn “posterity.”  They cared about us.  Will we care as much for our descendants?

Images: JAF


Now we know for sure that our judges and justices are abject cowards

Article appeared first in AmericanThinker.Com

Supreme Court Justice Amy Barrett, 2020
Stinking, Reeking COWARD, Supreme Court Justice Amy Barrett, 2020

Now we know for sure that our judges and justices are abject cowards

Several weeks ago, we worried that the judges and justices, state and federal, may not have the courage to take up the cases before them addressing the massive election fraud that took place November 3rd.  Now we know that they are all cowards, the Constitution be damned.  

Even the three SCOTUS justices Trump fought for were too terrified to do the right thing.

The intimidation tactics of the left – Antifa, BLM, and the campus fascists — have worked.  They have frightened each and every judge and justice, with the not surprising exceptions of Clarence Thomas and Sam Alito, into disregarding Articles II and III of the Constitution.  

The vote fraud that took place in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Georgia, Arizona and Nevada was monstrous and long planned.  Election laws were surreptitiously weakened by secret consent decrees (GA), mass mail-in ballots, Dominion vote machines programmed to flip votes, the creation of tens of thousands of fake ballots, illegal alien voting, illegal drop boxes, get-out-the-vote campaigns in Democrat-heavy districts paid for by the execrable Zuckerberg of Facebook infamy, the refusal to allow GOP observers, ballots trucked from one state to another.  

The judges dismissed lawsuits in every court where one was filed by the Trump campaign or other plaintiffs, seemingly without even considering the details.  The Supreme Court justices surely all know what took place; they can’t have missed all the hearings at which witnesses to fraud testified and signed affidavits as to the truth of what they observed.  But the judges and justices were afraid.  Now that the left seems to have successfully stolen the election, they will certainly do it again.  They have the permission of the SCOTUS.  Margot Cleveland does a masterful job explaining how cowardly the court’s dismissal was. 

Every remotely sentient American by now knows that the Democrats cheated every conceivable way possible.  Around 30% of Democrats reportedly do not believe the final result.  Biden did little actual campaigning but knew his win was in the bag thanks to the combined forces of big tech (Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter), the mainstream media that is the propaganda arm of the DNC, and all those Soros-installed state secretaries of state, AGs, and election officials willing to do the left’s and Soros’s bidding for a price.  

The nine justices on the Supreme Court surely know all this as well.  They know it all but refused to take the case just as all those state judges dismissed the cases before them.  They are simply scared to do the job they swore to do – uphold the Constitution.  

One has to wonder, how many of them have been threatened?  Have they had their families threatened?   So, the bottom line is that none of them should ever have been seated on those courts in the first place, not Gorsuch, Kavanaugh or Barrett to say the least.  Not because Trump nominated them but because when the going got tough, they folded like cheap tents.  All of them except Thomas and Alito, forever true heroes for they are the real thing.  How profoundly disappointing is it that Kavanaugh, whom so many fought so hard for, did not have the guts to stand up against the overwhelming Democrat vote fraud that took place.  They are all scaredy cats, like little children running from bullies.   

It appears that the left’s strategy of “obey us or suffer the consequences” has worked.  They looted and burned numerous cites over the summer vowing that law enforcement must be defunded or disbanded.  Biden and Harris failed to condemn the rioting and Harris staffers raised bail money for the rioters.  And now we are to believe they won!  

Biden will never be considered the legitimate president by the eighty million (not the 74 the left claims) people who did vote for Trump.  Biden has always been a greedy power seeker, a liar, a plagiarist, a racist, a groper of women of all ages, and an all-around very nasty man.  Ask anyone who knows him personally.  And now we know that he and his family are nothing but grifters on a grand, global scale.  

There is no way Joe Biden was fairly elected.  The left planned on cheating; they just did not plan on having to make it so obvious.  Even big tech and the media, so deranged by Trump hatred, failed to realize how much most Americans came to love and respect this President.  

Obviously, Biden is not well, he is declining quickly.  And now that the family’s illegal financial dealings around the world are coming to light, their allegiance and submission to China for example.

Biden may have to resign (if inaugurated) within months.  If that happens and the absurdly unqualified Harris becomes president, the America we knew and loved will be over.  The US will be just another rough and brutal place run by some really awful people drunk on power.  See Peter Weston’s short video to get a Brit’s perspective on the degeneration of our once democratic republic.   And say a little prayer of sadness for all the judges who dismissed valid cases probably without reading them and for the wholesale failure of the Supreme Court of the US to do its due diligence and uphold the Constitution. 

George S. Patton once wrote: 

“Battle is the most magnificent competition in which a human being can indulge. It brings out all that is best’ it removes all that is base. All men are afraid in battle.  The coward is the one who lets his fear overcome his sense of duty.”  

Scales Of Justice Graphic credit: Pixabay




Now They Are Coming After the Pioneers By Henry Wickham

Henry Wickham (hahaha---NOT the writer, but, yeah...)
Sir Henry Alexander Wickham (1846-1928) english explorer. (Hahaha, not the writer!.)









Now They Are Coming After the Pioneers

By Henry Wickham


…If Washington and Jefferson were nothing but slave-owning racists, then why bother with Washington’s Farewell Address or the Declaration of Independence? If Hamilton and Madison didn’t demand and get the immediate abolition of slavery, then why support the Constitution? Why prolong a constitutional republic when Utopia supposedly is within our grasp? Work within the system to destroy the system….

…Lives of American Indians were anything but. (I say American Indians instead of Native Americans because anyone legally born in the United States is a native American, and if the name, American Indian Movement, was good enough for Dennis Means, it is good enough for me.) As Lawrence Keeley demonstrates in his book War Before Civilization, the lives of those Indians were incessantly violent with almost constant intertribal warfare.  This was not war to be fought by the fainthearted, as it was characterized by ambushes, murders, scalping, and the atrocious treatment of prisoners. All this after the horrific initiation ordeals for boys often mandated by the tribe….

…But that was then, and this is now. In little more than a year, the winds of destructive revisionism are now at gale force, and, as a rule, college administrators are a cowardly bunch….




THE CHANUKAH UNDERGROUND Daniel Greenfield December 13, 2020


(WHO will be next? You, Is Who!)

Nazis Progressive Jews






…In 2020, Chanukah came early when another abominable tyrant, fresh from killing 11,000 nursing home residents by forcing facilities to accept infected coronavirus patients, decided to adopt the medieval habit of blaming the virus on Orthodox Jews in Brooklyn. A swarm of inspectors from every department were sent out to schools and then to the hidden schools…..

…And in 21st century America, children huddled in basements, afraid to make a noise, and then, if Cuomo’s men found them, were ready to claim that they weren’t in school, just playing games….


THE CHANUKAH UNDERGROUND Daniel Greenfield December 13, 2020


(WHO will be next? You, Is Who!)

Nazis Progressive Jews






…In 2020, Chanukah came early when another abominable tyrant, fresh from killing 11,000 nursing home residents by forcing facilities to accept infected coronavirus patients, decided to adopt the medieval habit of blaming the virus on Orthodox Jews in Brooklyn. A swarm of inspectors from every department were sent out to schools and then to the hidden schools…..

…And in 21st century America, children huddled in basements, afraid to make a noise, and then, if Cuomo’s men found them, were ready to claim that they weren’t in school, just playing games….


It’s not looking good

It’s not looking good

Communist Chinese Flag
Communist Chinese Flag

By Robert Arvay

Article ran first in AmericanThinker.Com

When Barack Obama was elected president in 2008, I knew that the nation had made a big mistake, but I was confident that we could survive it.  Now I have no such confidence.  Biden and Harris have done all they can to steal an election.  They are corrupt politicians and also unprincipled accomplices of radical leftist ideologues.  They are wholly owned by the dark state, and its corporate minions, which in turn is deeply intertwined with Communist China. 

Our rights are in serious jeopardy, beginning with the First Amendment.  With few exceptions, there is no longer a free press, but only a propaganda industry that will censor any information adverse to the left and attack conservatives with false allegations. 

The incoming usurping administration, should it take office, will move immediately to consolidate its authority and permanently ensconce itself in every position that matters to it.  It will hunt down everyone whom it perceives to be a threat to its supremacy and neutralize him, either by physical force or economic deprivation. 

Honest elections are now a thing of the past.  Dissent will not be tolerated.  Courts will not matter.  Schoolchildren will be indoctrinated rather than educated.  Once the left seizes power, it never relinquishes it without bloodshed. 

This nation was founded by men who pledged their lives and their fortunes to it, and more than that, invested their sacred honor in the struggle for freedom.  Sadly, it seems that among today’s leaders, scant few would sign the Declaration of Independence.  They whine that they are powerless instead of taking the only decisive actions that would have successfully reversed the greatest fraud in our history.  Many more of them are counting their pieces of silver. 

I fully expect that Joe Biden will soon be found, by his enablers, to have served his purpose.  Jill Biden fancies herself to be the Dowager Empress, but Kamala Harris will soon slap her aside and then declare, “I sit a queen, and shall know no sorrow.”  (Look it up.) 

[ Revelation 18:7 “How much she hath glorified herself, and lived deliciously, so much torment and sorrow give her: for she saith in her heart, I sit a queen, and am no widow, and shall see no sorrow.” ] King James Version (KJV) I looked it up—JAF, ed. 

But the beast has a ravenous appetite and will swallow her also. 

Whoever is installed as the figurehead, the real heads of dominion will be invisible and, therefore, all the more powerful. 

The final backstop to the illegal dictatorship will be we, the people.  How much do we value our freedom?  How much do we love our children?  How afraid are we to seize back what is rightfully ours, given to us by God? 

Time will tell.


“I Feel Safe With Joe!” —Suburban Housewife

Article By Jeffrey A. Friedberg

Jeffrey A Friedberg - AI Experiment 51
Jeffrey A Friedberg – AI Experiment 51










Adolph Hitler - "Gestures: Poses of a dangerous populist fantasist." -
Adolph Hitler – “Gestures: Poses of a dangerous populist fantasist.” –


“I feel safe with Joe!”

—Suburban Housewife


I can now CELEBRATE, and thank God (Allah), that the long Trump nightmare is over.

Never again will we have to suffer a Republican in Office. Never.


I can now celebrate, that DECENCY and HONESTY have been returned to the African-American House, and forever.

No (Gahhhhhhh!) damned “conservative” will ever again ever never be “elected”

(Harvest those votes, Rachel! Oh, and, Roger, there’s 27 big cartons of them in that locked closet!)

And all nice writers out there; I know you gotta write, for one reason or another: but DON’T keep writing how next time we will “vote” really hard.

And we will vote really sincerely.

 “like our lives depend on it….”

…and show those democrat basterds real good. Overwhelm them with our “votes.”


Yay! Yay, para todas nosotras!

(There can be only the female tense, because all men are toxic.)


الصيحة لنا جميعا!