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As you watch the debate, remember that culture war matters

Even #NeverTrumpers have to concede that Trump is the one who looked down upon the culture wars, built a barricade, and loudly stood atop it hollering “Stop!” at the top of his lungs. With Trump in the White House, political correctness and all its attendant evils might no longer be issues. So as you prepare to watch the debate, or as you think about the debate after having already watched it, let me just remind you of the craziness that is the American culture warin the Age of Obama.

A word of caution — as is true for the audience filing into the debate at Hofsta, let me warn you that there are triggering ideas here. They might make anyone who reads this post stop and think how terribly the Left has injured America’s moral backbone and common sense.

Damn women.  There’s been a big to-do about the change in culture that sees people desperate to be in selfies with famous people. The ne plus ultra of this trend is a marvelous photo of Hillary standing alone on a box at the back of a room, with the rest of the room facing away from Hillary, arms extended in the air, with each person trying to get a selfie that includes Hillary. You can see the picture here, along with a great caption contest.

Perhaps because one of my Little Bookworms selfies, I’ve become immune to the selfie trend. That is, I don’t like it, but it doesn’t surprise me.

I wanted you to note something different about the picture:  all those navel-gazing selfie takers, desperate to project themselves into their favorite candidate’s world, are women. It’s the damn college educated women who are propping up Hillary’s campaign. Speaking as a woman myself, perhaps it would have been better if the 19th Amendment had never passed. First Harding and now Hillary. How dumb can women be?

Conservatives need to throw themselves in the culture war.  The Kaepernick capers reminded me of something rather sad about conservatives:  we like fussing about things on Facebook, and we’ll boycott things that don’t really matter (forget Target; let’s go to WalMart), but we will not make an effort where it inconveniences us or ruins one of our pleasures. I’m guilty myself, in that I shop at Costco, which is owned by a rabid Hillary supporter. Shopping at Costco makes my life easier (and cheaper) and I’ve been unwilling to forego that.

John Hawkins points out that other conservatives, if they’re disturbed by the disrespect for our flag and our national anthem at sporting events need to stop going and stop watching:

CONSERVATIVES are why these overgrown jackasses can continue to be unpatriotic. That’s because you’re the people who are offended by their behavior, but you won’t do anything about it. That’s the same reason conservatives have lost the schools, Hollywood, the mainstream media and it’s why the NFL is turning into a bigger, even dumber version of the Daily Kos. If liberals are going to reward you for trashing America and conservatives aren’t going to punish you for it, a certain percentage of people are going to take advantage of that. That’s just the way of the world and as we see again and again and again, it’s a slippery slope. Today it’s the NFL; tomorrow it’ll be the NBA and MLB. Next thing you know, the NFL will be making kids listen to a lecture from Al Gore before they start the NFL Punt, Pass & Kick program while the adults will be forced to watch anti-gun lectures at half time. Why wouldn’t they do that if liberals will swoon over them in the press and conservatives will keep giving them money?

He’s got a point. Maybe it’s time to cross Costco off my list. (I can’t cross much else off, because I’ve pretty much removed myself from pop culture and I like my affordable generic products.

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