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I Simply Don’t Understand How Christians Can Be #NeverTrump

Here is what I don’t get about the #NeverTrump people. We know that they are pretty much exclusively Cruz supporters who have an almost cult-like attraction for him. They believe that it was God’s plan that Cruz be the next president, perhaps that he was even anointed to be the king of the world. And they still believe this in spite of the reality of this election. And they blame the voters of Indiana and the Trump supporters whom they call every name in the book for denying God’s will. They are some of the most judgemental people I have ever known.

But my belief in God tells me that if something were truly God’s will, it will happen.

A Cruz presidency did not happen, and is highly unlikely to happen in 2016. So did the people who voted for Trump thwart the will of God? Or is it more likely that a Cruz presidency was NOT the will of God, but rather the will of Cruz’ supporters who somehow assumed it was God’s will that Cruz be president?

And if God actually has a preference for America’s next president, can any Christian believe His will will not be done?

And to take it a step further, why would God actually decide who America should have as president, as opposed to simply bending whoever happens to be president to His will, should He want to do so?

I always look twice at people who claim something they really want is God’s will. By definition, we can’t know God’s plan for anything. We can assume. We can hope. We can pray for an outcome we desire. But we simply do not know what God has planned.

If anything.

Watching sporting events I am frequently astonished at the hubris of people who pray for one team to win over another. And then they give thanks and “glory” to God for winning a game? Is it even appropriate to pray for the outcome of a game? “Please let this field goal be good!

And is politics any different?

If you believe God is omnipotent, and that God even cares about this country that has turned it’s back on Him, what possible difference could it make to God if the next president is Donald Trump, Ted Cruz or Hillary? If it is God’s will that an event happen, why would you think He needs a specific human to make it so?

Now I don’t pretend to know God’s will. But I believe in Him and his omnipotence. I pray for guidance. But I also believe in free will. And I know our desires and hopes sometimes interfere with our ability to listen to what God is telling us. And our own hubris makes for bad reception.

But if you believe that God has a plan. And if you believe that God’s plan extends to the person that will be the next president, how can you not also believe that His will is not playing out according to His plan?

The 2016 American presidential election is either playing out according to God’s will or He has no interest in this election at all.

IF God has a plan for the next president, is He not powerful enough to have anyone, even Donald Trump follow his plan? Donald Trump is the Republican Nominee for President. If this were not God’s will, then how could it happen?

So are the #NeverTrump people who profess to be Christians and believe that God has a plan as to who our next president will be actually the ones going against God’s will? (I have no idea, for the record.)

Donald Trump has faced an uphill battle, has been attacked by 16 candidates, the press, and nearly everyone who does not support him. He has been outspent by massive amounts and is the last candidate standing. He has faced the longest of odds from the beginning. And one by one his challengers, many of whom were heavy favorites to win, have fallen.

Trump is a man with many faults, with so many positions on issues and so many people who absolutely hate him. Yet, against all odds he has prevailed and won the nomination.

Impossible! Some would even call it a miracle.

We can’t know what God has planned. And I have absolutely no idea if Donald Trump is involved in God’s plan.

But I do know when I see something miraculous. And Donald Trump reaching the nomination is extraordinary.

#NeverTrump at your own risk. And pray.

Article written by: Tom White

Obama DOJ Declares Open Season On TEA Party

With great power comes no responsibility. The Spiderman writers clearly never consulted with the Ruling Class in Washington DC before peddling their old school moral propaganda in theaters.

Justice Department: No Criminal Charges for Lerner, Others in IRS Scandal

The Justice Department announced Friday afternoon that it will not bring criminal charges against Lois Lerner or any other IRS official involved in the targeting of Tea Party groups, in a decision Republicans ripped as a “free pass.”

In a letter to leaders of the House Judiciary Committee, the department said the investigation into the controversy will be closed — and while they found “mismanagement, poor judgment and institutional inertia,” they found “no evidence that would support a criminal prosecution.”

“What occurred is disquieting and may necessitate corrective action — but it does not warrant criminal prosecution,” Assistant Attorney General Peter J. Kadzik wrote.

comIt is important to understand what your federal government is declaring here. Conservatives have no rights. In fact, anyone opposing the Federal Government has no rights. While illegally bullying the American People in order to win elections may warrant a wagging of the finger, it simply is not a crime. Targeting of Conservatives in the United States of America will continue. If agents of the Ruling Class get caught, they will be verbally reprimanded with a wink and nod, if not coitus, and business shall continue as usual. Move along folks, nothing to see here.

That this travesty will not result in widespread protests is an indication that the federal governments tactics are working. Everyone is simply too dispirited or afraid to fight back. No abuse of power will result in criminal consequences. None of our liberties are protected – so long as you refuse to obey.

Welcome to Ameritopia.

Article written by: Steven Brodie Tucker

VIDEO: Martha Boneta Documentary – Farming in Fear – MUST SEE

Must see video about the trials and tribulations of Virginia’s favorite Farmer who has battled unbelievable forces to simply farm her land.

An AMAZING Documentary.

Article written by: Tom White

No Union With Slaveholders! How ‘Bout Instead: No Rooting for Sports Imperialists! (1)

One of the most clever (because of its radicalism) strategies of William Lloyd Garrison and the abolitionists was the adoption of the rallying cry:  No Union With Slaveholders

Its radicalism was as simple as it was breathtaking:  The free states should simply secede from the Union and establish a free commonwealth where slavery would be forever illegal and there would be as national policy (unlike both the original Constitution and the Fugitive Slave Acts) would be non-cooperation with slaveholders.

That’s what I want to unveil (sort of again) today as we again take on the sports imperialism of por athletes in the Olympic Games.  By making the Games largely the province of larger and more prosperous nations, probably to help ensure TV ratings in those nations, especially the US, it skews the competition so that there are few if any chances for a medal for smaller and less prosperous nations.  This is what I call “Sports Imperialism”.  The worst offender is the USA Basketball team/program.

So today I say:  No rooting for sports imperialists!  If a sports has pro athletes in it, simply decline to watch the events.  Or even root for the team.  The USA Basketball Team is hardly representative of the American people.  Examine these articles, starting with this headline from this ESPN article:

Jerry Colangelo: ‘We don’t want to embarrass’ players via roster cutdown

No, let’s save the embarrassment for the teams from other sovereign nations not large or rich enough to have an effective pro hoops program.  Remember the Nigeria game in 2012?  If I had an apology tour to give I’d start in Serbia for the 1999 bombing war started unconstitutionally and without cause and move quickly to Nigeria for this basketball score!


Of course I am sure the ratings were huge for games like that.  And it gets worse – from the same article we have the possibility of two players (LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony) going for their fourth Olympic medal:

 James and Carmelo Anthony would become the only American men in history to participate in four Olympic basketball tournaments if they both make it to Rio.

How many Olympic medals do they get?  And this is two or three times for Duke Coach Krzyzewski to coach the national team?  Who does not get to coach their national team?  It is almost like titles of nobility.

Consider this article:

USAB managing director Jerry Colangelo, meanwhile, tells that next month’s camp will actually serve as more of a “reunion” for various players who have worked under Colangelo and Team USA coach Mike Krzyzewski in the past two Olympic tournaments and the past two world championship-level events. As opposed to the full-scale practices and the intrasquad scrimmage that Team USA would typically hold in preparation for a major competition, Colangelo said Tuesday that next month’s gathering will instead feature two days of noncontact workouts and “an all-star game of sorts” on Aug. 13 that will feature the various marquee players in attendance who are healthy enough to play.

The sports imperialists have become arrogant and blatant as shown by this quote from this article:

Colangelo insists that the lighter nature of the on-court work planned for this minicamp is not a byproduct of what happened to George, saying there is “no reason to have the competitive camp that we normally have when we don’t have any competition to prepare for.”

Is there any way to read this to say other than arrogance?  Either the US team has already been decided in advance regardless of on the field merit or that they will win no matter what.  You have to do more than just wear the USA jersey to represent your nation.  This team is not representative of the American people – chosen behind closed doors with no competition from a handful of rich pro NBA players so we can crush the opposition – athletes who represent their nation in a better way than we do.  All for TV ratings.  Is it right?  To ask the question is to answer it.  Where are Trotskyist city councilwomen and socialist US Senators when you need them?

No rooting for sports imperialists! 

Instead root for sports like fencing that do not have pro athletes or for small, tiny nations who seldom if ever win a medal of any sort.  And to paraphrase another famous historical slogan from US history:  Not one cent for the USOC or the IOC until they get rid of pro athletes.  Instead give the money to a sport like curling or fencing or a deserving local amateur Olympic hopeful.


Article written by: Elwood "Sandy" Sanders

38 Companies that Support Ghoulish Baby Butchers Planned Parenthood

Coca-Cola, Xerox and Ford Motors were 3 of the original 41 companies who donated to the Planned Parenthood butchers who are selling aborted baby parts for money. They are no longer donating to this abortion scourge.

But these are still supporting them. Take your business elsewhere. Below is a list with the easy ones to leave highlighted in red. Banks and even cell phone companies are much more difficult to dump than simply buying the equivalent product from a competitor. And some are charities. Easy to avoid.

The 38 remaining companies were (as of this writing):


American Cancer Society

American Express



Bank of America

Bath & Body Works

Ben & Jerry’s



Deutsche Bank





Fannie Mae



Johnson & Johnson

La Senza

Levi Strauss

Liberty Mutual


March of Dimes


Morgan Stanley







Susan G. Komen



United Way


Wells Fargo

Article written by: Tom White

NameCheap Server Migration has been a DISASTER! Avoid NameCheap Hosting – Wish I had!

At this point, all I can say is that I have been through several days of pure hell moving this blog to NameCheap Hosting from HostGator.

And a word of advice, avoid NameCheap.

The reason I went with them in the first place was because I really liked the company. They became known for Domain Registration and when GoDaddy started shutting down the domains of political bloggers because they do not agree with their opinions, NameCheap had a “Move Your Domain Day” and GoDaddy lost a lot of business. I wrote this post on the event 3 1/2 years ago. And I encouraged as many people as I could tell to avoid GoDaddy because of their censorship policies, something that NameCheap is adamantly against.

Now let me just state for the purists, we are not talking about hosting a controversial blog. We are only talking about registering the domain. This is the equivalent of calling 411 to get a phone number for someone and the operator refusing to give you the number because they support something the operator is against. The Domain registration simply means the name of the website – the URL if you wish. The actual host can have terms of service and the blogger can be shut down for violating that, but that is just the server. All he need do is get another host that does not object to his content and point his domain at the new host. Pretty easy. But GoDaddy confiscated the Domain Name. And they are only the agent, not the actual owner of the Domain.

As far as I know, GoDaddy no longer censors people. But I no longer use the for my Domain registration.

And as far as internet services, there were no companies I held in higher regard than NameCheap. Until this week.

It was not that I was particularly unhappy with HostGator. But I have a dedicated server. For those that don’t know, what that means is that the server is mine to do with pretty much as I please. Shared hosting is much cheaper, but you share the server with dozens or even hundreds of other users. So the server admins are always shutting you down if you start getting a lot of hits – because it slows the rest of the users websites down quite a bit. After several times when I was getting a lot of hits and seeing my server host take me down – usually when there is a big story or a big election in progress – I had to bite the bullet and go with a dedicated. And the cost is very high – HostGator’s lowest price on a dedicated is $174 per month.

So when I saw an ad for NameCheap hosting, I checked it out. And it turns out that the server is much cheaper there. But they don’t come with the administrative interface I like – WHM / cPanel – but you add $25 per month for that. So taking the same basic server on Namecheap I had at HostGator and adding $25 per month for the software, it would work out to less than $100 per month. A $75 per month savings.

But I opted for a better server, more RAM, disk space and CPU cores and speed. And I am still saving $50 per month.

And they would migrate the entire server over for free, and do it when I schedule it.

How good is that?

So last Tuesday night at Midnight (really Wednesday morning) they did the migration as I slept. So when I got up Wednesday AM, it was all completed. Sweet!

Except there were a number of problems. Some I expected. For one, it takes time – 24 to 72 hours – for the new IP addresses to make their way around the internet. It usually doesn’t REALLY take but a few minutes for it to mostly work, with some slower issues.

But this was really more than that. It was totally screwed up.

And it should be noted here that they do not have a phone number you can call, but they offer a “Live Chat”. HostGator has both options and I usually go for the chat session because you can copy and paste info rather than try to speak cryptic passwords and such.

So after a 15 or 20 minute chat session trying to find out what was wrong, the person told me I had to contact my hosting people.


Holy crap!

I finally realized that if you have an actual problem, you just open a ticket. Unlike HostGator, where the person on the other end of the chat actually IS the tech support person and can resolve your problems, not so with NameCheap. The chat people are technically useless. The best they can do is tell you to open a ticket and wait.

And wait. And wait.

And the support person that finally gets the ticket seems to blow you off right off the bat. Wait 72 hours.

But this was not simply an issue of your new information making it’s way through all of the servers in the world. It was more than that. Really weird stuff was happening.

So after a couple of tickets with no resolution, I began digging into it myself.

And after a full day of fighting it, I realized that they had failed to put in the new nameserver IP addresses. And for a Domain Registrar to miss that…

So then I found out that my varight database was corrupted in the migration process. I tried to repair the database with a software utility and it slowed the server to a complete stop. I tried to reboot it and the request to reboot just sat and sat. So I opened a ticket for them to reboot the server manually.

But instead of rebooting it, they told me the server had high CPU usage (like I didn’t know that already) and said it was probably a DDOS attack.

All I wanted was for them to reboot so I could restore from backup.

Eventually the server rebooted and I did a restore. But I still had a corrupted database. And in looking at the issue myself, because I had no confidence in NameCheap and frankly, my blood pressure couldn’t take any more. It turns out that the backup I used to restore from was done after the migration – the time zones were completely different. So I went back a day and did another restore. This one worked!

But during the chat session that I kept open for a couple of hours, I told the person that if this didn’t work, I would just go back to HostGator and use the 14 day money back guarantee their website shows. And she informed me that it didn’t apply to dedicated servers and sent me a link to the fine print. It seems it doesn’t apply to anything, really. So there is not money back guarantee if you are not happy.

Blood pressure rising again.

But I have everything working again. I think. But I learned enough about NameCheap Hosting to tell my friends and fellow bloggers to stay away. They have really poor support, essentially no money back guarantee and the “chat” feature is completely useless. And I had to wait over an hour for my ticket to be picked up by a tech support person who was completely unhelpful.

And I am pretty sure their 100% uptime guarantee will prove to be just as worthless as their 14 day money back guarantee.

I’m staying for now and I am extremely unhappy with NameCheap. The main reason I am staying is that I don’t want to go through this migration process again.

And I just got this response to my ticket:

Dear Tom,

We have reviewed Support history regarding the matter and we feel that we owe you our deepest apologies for the inconvenience you experienced.
Please rest assured that such issues are very rare and we do our best to resolve them once identified.
We value our relationship and thus we decided to provide you with a discount of 5% on the upcoming renewal in appreciation of your patronage.
Again, please accept our sincere apologies for this matter.

We look forward to working with you in a cordial and positive atmosphere again soon.

Alexander E.
Technical Support Team
Namecheap Group

So $5 for 3 days of headaches. I suppose that covers most of the Advil. And we will see.

But for anyone considering moving to NameCheap – I would urge you to find another host or prepare for the worst. And that is based entirely on my experience.

Article written by: Tom White

Obamacare Co-Ops Hid Millions In Exec Pay, Consulting Fees

An interesting article in the Daily Caller:

Many of the Obamacare health insurance co-ops are either burying in obscure tax return footnotes vital information about extravagant compensation paid to their top executives or they’re simply not bothering to report it at all,  according to a Daily Caller News Foundation investigation.

Among the worst offenders is the Chicago-based Land of Lincoln Mutual Health Insurance co-op, which reported that its chief executive officer, Daniel Yunker, was paid only $79,00o and chief financial officer Dennis Rizzo earned a mere $50,000 for 2013.

Land of Lincoln also claimed that Yunker earned only $3,956 and Rizzo $5,425 from “related nonprofits.”

William Donahue, the COO appeared to be the top earner at the co-op, earning a modest $165,000.

Left unstated were Yunker and Rizzo’s salaries at the Metropolitan Chicago Healthcare Council, the co-op’s official sponsor, was $460,186 for Yunker and $286,409 for Rizzo.

That made Yunker’s actual total annual salary $543,000, not $79,000, and $341,000 for Rizzo, not $50,000. Similarly, the co-op claimed on its tax return that its chairman, Kevin Scanlan, received zero dollars from a “related group” when in fact the MCHC paid Scanlan $916,403.

Read the rest

Article written by: Tom White