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Trump is no better or worse than other recent presidents

Hand-wringing about Trump’s personality and private life — when compared to most other recent Presidents — is akin to complaining that a leopard has spots.

One of the things I hear from those who hate Trump personally is that he is worse than any other president who’s ever occupied the White House. Perhaps because I’m a history major, I have to disagree with that. We’ve had a lot of truly reprehensible people in the White House plus a couple of truly reprehensible people trying to get into the White House.

Woodrow Wilson was a model of rectitude in his private life. He was also an ardent racist who segregated the federal civil service, showed the KKK-loving film Birth of a Nation in the White House because he thought it was accurate history, used the excuse of WWI to bring fascism to America, and refused to step down when incapacitated, so that his wife effectively became president of the United States. Bottom line: Awful man, awful president.

Franklin Roosevelt, despite his disabilities, was a fairly compulsive womanizer, a habit he kept up while in the White House. Many people also feel that his innate antisemitism helped enable the Holocaust.

Roosevelt’s bottom line: Awful man, effective president if you like the Leftward tilt he gave the country, and a good wartime leader.

Harry Truman was also a model of rectitude in his private life, but there’s no getting away from the fact that he came up politically through the completely corrupt Pendergast political machine that dominated Missouri. Maybe he kept his nose clean but the reality is that, when you play politics with the corrupt big boys….

Truman’s bottom line: Decent man, decent president. A rarity

John F. Kennedy was disgusting. He got into the White House because his father made a deal with the union bosses, whose last-minute get-out-the-vote effort (in a style only the union bosses know how to do), tipped the balance for him. In exchange, one of Kennedy’s first acts was an executive order unionizing federal employees. Even ardent Leftist Franklin Roosevelt didn’t do that, because he understood that the unions and the politicians would simply throw taxpayer money back and forth at each other, which is precisely what has happened since 1961. Without that dirty deal, it’s doubtful a Democrat would ever have won the White House again. After all, the biggest spenders in every election are always government unions and it’s always on behalf of Democrats.

Kennedy was also a gravely ill man (get it? gravely ill because he had Graves disease) and a drug addict, hopped up on steroids and amphetamines. There were also all the pain medications for his lifelong back problems, which were compounded by the back injury he sustained during the war.

Kennedy’s compulsive womanizing was sickening. We learned recently that deflowered a 19-year-old intern, passed her around to “service” his buddies at the White House, and when he thought she was pregnant, sent her to an abortionist even though that was illegal and Kennedy was a Catholic. We’ve also known for years that he potentially put himself under the control of the mafia thanks to his affair with Judith Exner.

His handling of the Bay of Pigs was a disaster.

Really — and ironically — the only thing that saved Kennedy’s presidency, or at least the reputation of his presidency, was his early demise. Let the Democrat myth-making begin. . . .

Kennedy’s bottom line: Awful man, with a presidency too short to grade.

Lyndon Baines Johnson was also a truly disgusting man. I love this intro from a 1998 Atlantic article about Johnson:

URINATING in a sink, inviting people into his bathroom, showing off his abdominal scar, exposing his private parts: after a while nothing surprises a biographer of Lyndon Baines Johnson. After fourteen years of research for a two-volume biography, of which the second volume, is forthcoming from Oxford University Press, I have, however, found some new evidence, in three areas, that even by Johnson standards is surprising.

That intro doesn’t even mention his sadistic delight in forcing people to do business with him while he was having his bowel movements. Or his racism, for while there may  have been actual principles behind his push behind the Civil Rights Act, he definitely envisioned chaining blacks to the Democrat Party. I remember my father’s revulsion about the fact that Johnson liked picking beagles up by the ears which my father, a man who didn’t even like dogs, thought was unspeakably cruel.

Regarding those “revelations” in the Atlantic article from which I quoted, above, most of them have to do with Johnson’s feelings about the Vietnam War and his political manipulations. Still, I found this bit telling:

Johnson had “an unfillable hole in his ego,” [Bill] Moyers says. Feelings of emptiness spurred him to eat, drink, and smoke to excess. Sexual conquests also helped to fill the void. He was a competitive womanizer. When people mentioned Kennedy’s many affairs, Johnson would bang the table and declare that he had more women by accident than Kennedy ever had on purpose.

Johnson’s bottom line: Awful man who worsened an awful war (it took Nixon to save that) and who proved to be an ineffective leader for a country besieged by overt and covert communist influences.

Nixon was another man who was faithful to his wife, but we all know about his paranoia and political dirty-dealing. Nevertheless, he was an extremely effective president before he left office.

Nixon’s bottom line: Deeply unpleasant man, yet a truly consequential president in terms of his policy initiatives, both good and bad.

Jimmy Carter, was a man of rectitude who eventually proved also to be a man who never met a dictator he didn’t like. Moreover, he was (and continues to be) such an ardent foe of Israel, the only liberal democracy in the Middle East, that one can only suppose antisemitism. It was Carter’s hatred for Israel that led my father, a Democrat, to vote for Reagan in 1980.

Carter’s bottom line: Decent man if you like smug, moralistic antisemites, and one of America’s worst presidents.

Speaking of that 1980 election, how about Teddy Kennedy, the venerable “lion of the Senate”? Manslaughter, alcoholism, compulsive womanizing, sexual assault, and colluding with Russia. There’s a peach of a man.

Teddy Kennedy’s bottom line: Awful in every respect.

Reagan was a decent man while in office. Nevertheless, I recall that when Reagan ran for the presidency, many people were distressed by the fact that he was a divorced man entering the White House with his second wife. It’s worth noting that Trump, another divorced man in the White House, and someone who definitely played the field, has not given rise to any “cheating on Melania” stories since he was elected. (I also find unconvincing the hysteria about the whole “grab ’em” uproar.) Given the colonoscopy level of scrutiny to which Trump is being subjected, I suspect he, unlike many of the presidents in this list, has not used the White House as a cat house. As every romance writer will tell you, rakes can reform.

Reagan’s bottom line: Decent man despite a divorce that could still upset people in 1980 and one of the best presidents to ever occupy the White House — and that’s true despite problems, both of his own making and the making of others, that plagued him during those eight years.

Bill Clinton. Compulsive womanizer, probable rapist, possible pedophile (on Jeffrey Epstein’s Pedophile Island), and unbelievably politically corrupt, along with his even more corrupt wife. Do I need to say more?

Clinton’s bottom line: Utterly reprehensible human being, who had a successful presidency, although it planted a lot of time bombs, such as North Korea, the housing mortgage crisis, punting on rising Islamic terrorism, that bit us in the ass later.

Barack Obama. No matter what Biden says, Biden ran one of the most corrupt White Houses in American history, culminating with his using his administrative agencies to spy on Republican campaigns. (And yes, I’m certain he spied on all of them. It simply became focused on Trump when Trump won the primary.)

There were also the little things that ought to have distressed everyone during the Obama era, such as his inviting hate-filled, misogynist, antisemitic, anti-American rappers to the White House. There was the constant racial division that poured out of him (“If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon.” “The police acted stupidly.” Etc.). There was his increasingly openly expressed hostility to Israel, something that paired well with the openly anti-Semitic people who’d been a part of his political life for decades. He is the political Godfather of Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib. I could go on, but I think the next two years will do a good job of exposing just how bad Obama was.

Obama’s bottom line: It’s hard to say whether Obama has been a morally decent man personally. The press kept (and still tries to keep) such a tight lid on everything about him, before, during, and after the White House, that we really don’t know Obama the man. We do know that he’s a race baiter, an Israel hater, and a friend of antisemites, so to me that makes him an awful man. He was also an awful president, keeping the economy in chains, getting America into multiple wars, destroying our military, unleashing the malevolent Arab spring, turning on (admittedly unsavory characters) such as Mubarek and Qaddafi, pandering to Putin . . . the list is endless.

And now we’ve got candidate Joe Biden, a former Vice President and perennial senator, whom many of those who hate Trump are claiming represents the last gasp of “normalcy.” Speaking of “normalcy,” don’t forget that the phrase comes from Warren G. Harding, an adulterer and the man who had the most corrupt presidency right up until Obama appeared on the scene.

Let me count Joe’s sins: The obvious sins are that he’s a plagiarist, a liar, an unbelievably creepy man around woman and an even more creepy man around little girls, a racist (Obama is “clean”? Really?), a gaffe machine, and a man whose every political instinct for decades has been wrong. Cleverly, Biden hasn’t amassed great wealth despite a long career in politics (Harry Reid, anybody?) but as the developing Ukrainian and Chinese scandals show, that his merely a cover for his extreme corruption: He used his government power to enrich his son.

Joe also announced his run by claiming that foreign leaders are begging him to run. Does that sound good for America? It doesn’t for me. I’ve yet to see a foreign president who puts America’s interests first.

And most importantly, is all of the above “normal?” No. Joe is not normal. He’s weird, creepy, and dishonest. That’s the bottom line on Joe: Stupid and icky.

All of the above is not what-aboutism. That is, I’m not saying, “Well, sure, Trump lies . . . but what about. . . .?” “Or sure, Trump cheated on his wives, but what about. . . .?”

I’m trying to say something different, which is that, while the White House is certainly a bully pulpit, I don’t view it as an actual pulpit — because, since Washington, it never has been an actual pulpit. Moreover, the last guy I can think of who was both a model of rectitude and an extraordinarily successful president was Calvin Coolidge, who got elected 99 years ago.

I certainly don’t quarrel with those who claim that a job requirement for a president is that the president should be able to comport himself on the world stage, but I don’t confuse that requirement with moral decency. Moreover, Donald Trump does fine on the world stage. Trump, who’s been a top-of-the-world businessman for decades is, in fact, quite comfortable functioning at those rarefied echelons. Moreover, as I noted above, since Trump got elected, there haven’t been bimbo eruptions, there haven’t been nasty rappers, there haven’t been divorces . . . there haven’t been any personal scandals. He doesn’t drink or do drugs. Within the White House, he is a man of rectitude.

To the extent Trump is a sinner and a liar and a bombastic man, the laundry list I made above shows that America has never needed, and has seldom had, men of stunning moral rectitude and character in the White House. Moreover, those men who have had the best character in recent years were nothing to write home about. Jimmy Carter was arguably that man and he stank as a human being and a president. The two Bushes were arguably those men and they too were mediocre presidents at best.

Good men can be ineffective executives; bad (not corrupt, but just yucky) men can be effective executives. In my house, I want a good man; in my White House, I want an effective executive — and one, moreover, who loves America and Americans. That’s Trump.

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Late Night Political Jokes – Equal Opportunity Offenders

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

  • This morning, Twitter went down for almost three hours. It wasn’t good — in fact, I heard Donald Trump actually had to FAX his insults to people.
  • Donald Trump continues to lead in the polls, but he recently said that if he loses the election, he’d go back to building skyscrapers. When asked where he’d build them, he said, “Right in front of the White House.”
  • In a new interview with Time Magazine, Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders said that he’s never worn a tuxedo in his life. When asked what he got married in, Bernie said, “1879.”
  • At a recent town hall meeting, Chris Christie admitted that he’s got a little bit of a crush on Adele. Which explains Adele’s new song: “Hell-no.”


  • While speaking at an evangelical university, Donald Trump praised the Bible, saying “There’s nothing like it.” Of course, Trump changed his mind the minute he found out the book is full of Middle Easterners.
  • Today, Donald Trump got the endorsement of Sarah Palin. When he heard, John McCain said, “Well, then you’re all set.”
  • Yesterday’s episode of “Jeopardy” ended with no one winning. Viewers at home were confused and thought they were watching a Democrat debate.
  • Today, a top LGBT organization officially endorsed Hillary Clinton. Upon hearing this, Bill Clinton said, “You had me at L.”

The Late Late Show With James Corden

  • There was another Democratic debate over the weekend. The candidates discussed the big issues like healthcare and global warming. But, of course, the media focused on the most important issue: Bernie Sanders gives a mean stink-eye.
  • Fun fact: Bernie makes that same face when the waiter at Canter’s Deli brings him the wrong soup.
  • The president of the United States, Barack Obama, seems to have totally checked out recently. It’s like Obama has total senioritis. If you want proof of this, he’s started signing every bill in Congress with: “Have a great summer. Stay cool. Barack.”
  • Remember when Obama appeared on the NBC reality show “Running Wild” with survivalist Bear Grylls? This had to be the first time a U.S. president ever appeared on TV with a man who regularly drinks his own urine.
  • People were shocked that during the show, Obama actually ate fish that had been gnawed on by a bear. That’s nothing. Chris Christie once ate half a ham straight out of a Dumpster.
  • Obama even appeared on Jerry Seinfeld’s show, “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.” How about less “comedians in cars getting coffee” and more “presidents in the White House getting legislation passed through both houses of Congress.”

Late Night With Seth Meyers

  • Sarah Palin appeared in Iowa today to endorse Donald Trump for president. Though I think she just likes him because “Trump” sounds like a name she would give one of her kids — Bristol, Willow, Track, and Trump.
  • According to a recent poll, Hillary Clinton has a better chance than Bernie Sanders at beating Donald Trump. While Martin O’Malley still has a good chance of beating traffic.

Article written by: Tom White

Republicans and Obama Strike Deal to Bury What’s Left of America in Debt

CNN Reports that congressional leaders and the White House have struck a deal to bury Americans in irreparable debt.

“Bipartisan congressional leaders and the White House struck a major fiscal deal in principle Monday that would raise the debt ceiling and lift budget caps on both defense and domestic programs, according to congressional sources familiar with the deal. […]

The deal includes $80 billion in increased defense and domestic spending over two years‎, a senior House source told CNN.

It also includes more money for the Pentagon’s overseas contingency account.

That new spending would be offset by sales from the strategic petroleum oil reserve, use of public airwaves for telecommunications companies and changes to the crop insurance program — among other measures. Moreover, the deal would spread out increases in Medicare premiums over time so beneficiaries don’t feel them acutely. It would also aim to preserve the Social Security disability trust fund, sources said”.

This is astounding and if these kinds of debt and spending increases are the sort of bills we can expect from Paul Ryan as Speaker of the House, then I don’t care if he gives the Freedom Caucus everything they want or not. Paul Ryan is going to spend and spend and spend until the American Worker has nothing left to give him.

Representative Paul Ryan, Republican vice presidential candidate, speaks during a Bloomberg Television interview in Clinton, Iowa, U.S., on Tuesday, Oct. 2, 2012. Ryan discussed presidential candidate Mitt Romney's tax plan, fiscal policy and the outlook for his debate with Vice President Joe Biden. Photographer: Daniel Acker/Bloomberg via Getty Images

This Republican Party baffles me. When the winds of sentiment are blowing in the direction of less spending and less debt and responsible fiscal management, the Republicans get together with their Democrat friends and do what? Increase spending and increase the debt. This will never end. As long as this Republican Leadership is in power, spending and debt will rise forever.

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is everything you’ve been fighting against and they are going to ram it down your throats. It makes you wonder why we even have a Republican Party doesn’t it? If this is the kind of opposition they propose?

Ted Cruz is right. These Republican Leaders are the best thing to ever happen to the Democrat Party. They are able to advance the Democrat Agenda whilst the Democrats flap around “powerlessly” in the minority. I don’t know folks. What are you going to do about it?

Article written by: Steven Brodie Tucker

The Rubes of the Republican Party

Brian Schoenaman, of Bearing Drift, has just published an amazing defense of McConnell and Boehner entitled, Tired of Being Lied to? Blame Yourself. I really don’t feel like quoting his article, but I recommend that everyone read it (and read the comments!). I’m not necessarilly trying to drive Bearing Drift traffic, but at the end of the day, if you don’t know your enemy, you’ll never defeat them. Know your enemy.

The ultra-condensed version of his admittedly well-written piece is this: that if conservatives were stupid enough to believe that giving the Republican Party the House of Represenatives and a less than 60 Senator majority in the Senate was going to result in any action whatever while Obama remains in the White House, that’s a them problem. They drank the koolaid and thought that a Republican Congress actually could do something to defeat the Obama Agenda. Like children, conservatives deluded themselves into buying into the rhetoric of dishonest and disreputible politicians like Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, and Rand Paul, and have no one but themselves to blame for their current disappointment.

So, here is my question – why are any of us voting for Republicans?

The country is infected with a cancer and the Republican Party is a Party of BandAid’s. Honestly, what’s the point?

I think the most important thing to take away from the Schoenaman piece is this – that conservatives and constitutionalists really are foolish for thinking that this Republican Party will ever represent or fight for them. Not only won’t they represent you, but they are laughing at you. They think you are all a gaggle of overly-emotional rubes who, regardless of how they treat you, will vote for their candidates anyway.

How many of us voted for McCain? I did. How many of us voted for Romney? I did.

That’s all they know and that’s all they care about. They think we’ll vote for whichever Chamber of Commerce, Wall Street, K-Street Republican they nominate to represent the Republican Party. Unless I’m wrong, and I’m never wrong, Jeb Bush will pick Kasich to serve as VP so that the stellar, enlightened, folk in Ohio, who have given us John Boehner will show up en masse for Bush in November. They have no doubt in their minds that we won’t show up too, because that’s what we’ve always done. We’ve always felt that things are so bad and that the Democrats are so dangerous, that we’d vote for any Republican, no matter how much we hate them. We have. But……

I’m out.

I’m done.

McCain is running around calling conservatives “Crazies” and Romney is spending all his time figuring out how to get rid of Mike Lee.

I know it seems like if the Democrats keep the White House for four more years, the country is done; but George W. Bush held the White House for 8 years and the Democrat Agenda moved foward anyway. The economy collapsed and the Democrats won the Congress. Only Democrats can accomplish legislation without a 60 Senator majority.

Your Republican Party despises you. Frankly, I am wondering how in hell we can wake up in the morning and respect ourselves if we cast another vote for one of their establishment pawns. I know I can’t.

How about you?

Every time we cast a vote for a Republican, we’re casting a vote for this guy. Mississippi. Remember? I do.


Article written by: Steven Brodie Tucker

Reconsidering Trump 2016 AND Convention of States

Donald Trump?

When Donald Trump started making noises again that he was going to run for president, I laughed him off. Just a publicity stunt, he’ll never actually run.

Trump could never be a serious candidate, could he?

Besides, I have said many times that while on the surface it makes sense to have someone run the country with a proven business background like Trump, do we really want a guy in the White House that believes his word is the final answer? That he gets to make all of the decisions and will often “go it alone” with a phone and a pen? Isn’t that what we have in the White House now? A Dictator? Why would we want another one?

But as I look at the Republican betrayals all along the way, I know in my heart that I cannot trust them to do what they say. The only party that actually delivers on their promises is the Democrats. And if I were a Democrat, I would view Obama as the greatest deliverer of promises of all time.

The Republicans told us that if they only had the House they could stop Obama. They said the House holds the power of the purse. “We will de-fund Obamacare,” they told us.

So we gave them the House. And John Boehner has betrayed us at every opportunity. And lest the ground swell with opposition, he is punishing Republicans – our own party – for not voting as he tells them as he rewards Obama and the Democrats with more and more power.

We only control 1/2 of the Legislative Branch they told us. Where was the backbone they promised us if we would only deliver the Houes? Still made of jello we see.

“If only we had the Senate we could stop Obama,” they said.

And we gave them the Senate.

And once again we were betrayed. Obamatrade was only the latest fiasco that will haunt us forever. Another “giant sucking sound” of American jobs leaving the US – like NAFTA. But this one reportedly comes with the loss of American Sovereignty as a side dish.

And how are these new Republican controlled House and Senate Committees doing on the scandals committed by this Administration? We have committees promising to “get to the bottom” of every scandal and dirty deed Obama and his band of merry men have committed. And I can’t think of a single one that has been resolved.

Fast and Furious? The Veterans Administration? The IRS? Lois Lerner? Benghazi? EPA? Immigration? Nuclear Iran?

Not a DAMN THING has resulted in the years long investigations. Except for the fact that the Republicans have raised a lot of money pretending to be investigating these scandals and atrocities, nothing has come of any of it. And let’s toss in Obamacare.

There is not a single current or former elected Republican running for the Presidency that I feel I can trust, knowing their history. One of the biggest reasons is money. The path to the Presidency passes through the US Chamber of Commerce and Big Business on the Republican side and the Unions and the special interest hucksters on the Democrat’s side. And to be fair, the GOP has it’s own hucksters. Just not as many.

The only Republican I have the least bit of hope for is Ted Cruz. And I honestly don’t think he is electable. And now that Cruz voted for Obamatrade,  I know I can’t trust him if he were elected President. And the rest of the field ranges from as bad or worse than Obama all the way to slightly better than Obama.

And then there is The Donald.

Flamboyant, cocky, irritating at times, self righteous, know-it-all, and a bit tyrannical to work for I imagine. But you know what? Donald Trump is the only one of the field that I could imagine walking into the White House his first day and producing an Executive Order cancelling every single Obama Executive Order. On day one.

The others may talk about it, but they won’t do it. Even Ted Cruz.

And Trump is also the only one that I could imagine would ever tell Iran to go “F” themselves and promise to blow up every palace in that country if they don’t stop their nuclear bomb plans. And he’d probably do it, too. Not that I am in the mood for more war, mind you, but Iran is a rabid threat to us.

And I guarantee deportations and big fences will both become popular again under a President Trump.

I am not ready just yet to go all in for Trump. It is still early. But every single Republican Candidate except Donald Trump will be beholden to the US Chamber and Big Business. And that is why Mitch McConnell and John Boehner are the corrupt traitors that they are. Follow the money.

And Trump can tell them to kiss off. He has his own money.

He has his own money. And that, my friends, is what it all boils down to. With all his quirks and his eccentricities, he has his own money. And that has put him up there in my book above all the other candidates who will owe some really bad people if they get elected.

On A Convention of the States

I have been strongly opposed to a Convention of States as a means to fix our country. The slogan “Don’t change the Constitution, abide by it” is wise advice. Many of the problems I see us, as a nation, going through are a direct result of failing to follow the Constitution. Liberals have shredded it and ignored it.

But the actions of the Supreme Court these past few days have caused me to reconsider my position. I no longer fear the left coming in trashing our rights, because the Robert’s Court has already accomplished that. Finding “rights” to gay marriage, upholding Obamacare and outlawing proof of citizenship to vote have left that fear unfounded. We no longer have the right to free speech, the right of religious freedom and we have all become serfs under a totalitarian government. States have no rights that can’t be trumped by the Federal Government.

At this point, the only thing we have left is the Second Amendment and we all know that this judicially activist SCOTUS will eventually come for our guns.

My position against a COS was based on balancing the potential harm against the potential good. And the potential to do more harm than good won that equation. I had hope and faith that the Supreme Court would, ultimately, keep the Constitution intact. But they have abandoned that now.

So when I add an activist, out of control SCOTUS, the equation has a different outcome. I believe with such a wild card, a COS may be the only hope we have left to right the unconstitutional actions of this court.

And we already know we cannot count on the Republicans who now have the House and the Senate, an award that has yet to produce dividends. And with Boehner and McConnell in charge, it is unlikely that we will see anything Conservative from those bodies anytime in the near future.

So put me down as Leaning Trump and all in for a COS.


Article written by: Tom White