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Does Progressivism — and its claim that there’s a “rape culture” — unduly burden boys?

Yesterday, I read (out loud) the worst “rebuttal to a speech” ever. Today, I read something less amusing, but also important:  It’s a disturbing parenting article that places a serious emotional burden on boys — the same boys who today live in an anti-male society. A little background:

One of Progressivism’s favorite issues is “rape culture.” According to them, middle-class American women are at perpetual risk of rape. This is an inference drawn from the fallacious claim that American college girls have a 1 in 5 chance of being raped — making your average campus more dangerous than a South African slum.

Obsessing on this false statistic allows these cultural warriors to ignore actual rape cultures, in Rotherham, England; in Sweden; in Germany and other parts of Western Europe; in Australia; and, of course, across the Muslim Middle East. While our Western-reared young men are told that rape is a criminal act and a moral outrage, young Muslim men across the world are told that infidel women (and children) are theirs for the taking.

Not only are American males not engaging in an orgy of rape, they’re really not doing much of anything. They’re still a diminishing species in American colleges. Thus, as of two years ago, regardless of race, the story was the same: many more female high school graduates than male graduates head off to college.

Once they graduate from college, the women grads tend to earn somewhat less than the men grads but I, being a failed feminist, believe that this does not mean that employers are paying women less than similarly situated male colleagues (which would be illegal). Instead, I think it’s a combination of women’s majors (more liberal arts than STEM); women’s life choices, which tend to revolve around part-time work or other limited-time work to facilitate parenting; and the fact that, when employees have to ask for raises, women don’t ask.

The last few years have been hard on men, especially older white men because the recession was worse for them than it was for women. And of course, young men are more likely to commit suicide than young women (three-and-a-half times more likely, in fact).

With this data in mind, the article that bothered me today is an opinion piece in the Washington Post parenting section:  “My teen boys are blind to rape culture.” Jody Allard laments that her boys, 16 and 18, roll their eyes when she starts on a harangue about “rape culture.” Worse, they call her out on her claims:

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