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Donald Trump has broken Dan Rather

Periodically, Dan Rather emerges from his swamp to rant and rave at all things conservative. Most of the time, his rantings are deservedly ignored. Sometimes, though, they make for illuminating reading, both to remind us what a hack Rather is (and always was) and to allow us some insight into the unfiltered Leftist media mind. The latest example is Rather’s implosion following Trump’s brilliant play against the media regarding the Birther movement.

To appreciate Rather’s breakdown, here’s a teeny bit of background. Back in 2008, during the Democrat primaries, Hillary’s people probably took the time to look at Obama’s literary bio, in which he boasted about his Kenyan birth. Intrigued,  both a Hillary staffer and Sid “Vicious” Blumenthal started telling reporters that Obama was, in fact, not American, making him constitutionally infirm when it came to the presidency.

The idea took traction during the run-up to and even after the November election, with Obama fanning the flames by refusing to release his birth certificate. Then, when he did “release” it, he allowed only one friendly reporter to view the original while distributing a PDF to the rest of the world — a PDF, moreover, with layering that would not be possible from scanning a single, unified document.

Trump was intrigued by the Birther movement and (something I did not know) became one of its loudest voices. Obama kept the game in play because it made his political opponents look like fools.

I have my own theories about both Obama’s birth certificate and about his place of birth. I think the birth certificate was indeed amended although not to hide where he was born. Instead, I think the changes, if there were any, were addressed to his paternity. Frankly, I couldn’t care less about Obama’s paternity, although it mattered a great deal to Obama, who made his name by addressing how he dealt with growing up half black, the child of an African man who abandoned him.

As for Obama’s place of birth, I’m absolutely certain he was born in America. I’m equally certain that, at around the time he started applying to college, he realized (because he was a lousy student at high school) that he would increase his odds of getting admitted into decent colleges, and perhaps getting financial aid, if he were to position himself as a foreign nation. (I developed my theory here, FWIW.)  That’s why Obama has been so zealous about protecting his college transcripts. He could easily shrug off bad grades by explaining that he was bored and has since grown, and that he should be judged by his adult accomplishments, not the grades of his youth. What Obama cannot shrug off, if my theory is correct, is the fact that his transcripts all list him as an African national. There’s no good way out of that:  either he really isn’t American born or he’s a con man.

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