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The scoop on Week 3 of Dancing With The Stars

Yes, I know you’ve been dying for your weekly Dancing With The Stars update. Monday night’s show was a rushed one because it had only an hour due to the debate. In that hour, the twelve remaining stars were divided into competitive pairs that had to do the same dance. The couple in the pair who got the highest score could not be disqualified this week.

Here’s a quick rundown of what happened — and who got kicked off Dancing With the Stars on Tuesday night. As before, I’ll present the stars in alphabetical order by first name, but I’ll leave until the end who won in the head to head pairing and who had to go home. I wasn’t overly impressed by anybody’s dancing, but I wasn’t under impressed either.

Amber Rose and Maks danced a salsa to JLo’s “Big Booty.” It was fun to watch because both Amber and Maks were shaking their booties for all it was worth but, as the judges noted, the dance was not a salsa. Amber continues in my mind to be a bit of a non-entity, but a hardworking one, and I always admire that quality. That’s part of what makes Dancing With The Stars fun to watch. Amber competed against Maureen McCormick.

Calvin Johnson, Jr. and Lindsay danced a waltz that was just lovely. It’s amazing seeing a huge football player so smooth and graceful. And as I’ve said every week, Calvin has a glow. He competed opposite Terra. As to that pairing, for those unfamiliar with Dancing With The Stars, it may have seemed like a bit of a cruel joke but it actually made sense. All of the other pairs matched people with similar dancing levels. This pairing matched two people who both have dancing handicaps: Calvin is huge and Terra is tiny.

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[VIDEOS] Review: Monday’s episode of Dancing With The Stars

dancing-with-the-stars-logoLast week, I wrote about the new season of Dancing With The Stars. It occurred to me that it would be fun to keep you updated about things. Again, in alphabetical order by first name, here are my impressions from last night, which saw all the dances shaped around theme songs from TV shows.

Amber Rose and Maks danced a waltz to the theme from Game of Thrones. Rose displayed a good work ethic between week one and week two, which is something I always appreciate when watching DWTS. She was not vulgar (which her history indicated she would be) and she showed unexpected grace and control, something difficult given how thunderous and un-waltz-like the Game of Thrones theme music is. I doubt she’ll get the boot tonight and expect her to last at least a few more weeks.

Calvin Johnson, Jr. and Lindsay danced a Foxtrot to the theme from Family Matters. Once again, Calvin (aka Megatron) left me absolutely charmed. He moves with surprising grace for such a huge man and, as was true last week, he is radiant. His happiness reaches out through the television and just grabs you. I don’t see him winning the trophy, but I certainly hope he sticks around a long time.

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[VIDEOS] Let’s talk Dancing With The Stars

Enough of politics. I need a break from the lies, the spin, the meanness — and that’s just the media. It’s time for a palette cleanser and, with Dancing With The Stars having kicked off its 23rd season, I’ve got that emotional refresher lined up.

A quick explanation about why I happen to like DWTS so much:  DWTS is all about what I call “getting it right.” People start something new and, through perseverance and a good attitude, they get better and better. Some get so good that they go on to win the mirror ball.

I love watching this kind of trajectory, whether in real life or in fiction. My fondness for improvement explains why I don’t like any of the much-lauded crime shows such as The Sopranos or Breaking Bad. Those shows are all about people getting it wrong. The best thing that can happen is that the bad guys die, and that’s not very uplifting. A “getting it right” show is about hope.

Also, I really like watching the pros dance. They are seriously good and, as long as the dancing doesn’t get too vulgar, it’s a pleasure to watch them move.

Since last night was the first show of the new season, I thought I’d just take you on a journey of the “stars” and tell you what struck me about each star’s personality and performance. I’ve followed the DWTS website as a model and listed the stars in alphabetical order, by their first names.

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