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A New Day in America: A Whole New Level of Stupidity

Over the last few days, the Supreme Court has, again, rewritten the Affordable Care Act, legalized gay marriage, and upheld the Obama Administrations application of the Fair Housing Act.

So, my personal reaction to these three rulings.

First, on the upholding of the ACA: I cannot imagine a circumstance in which I’ll be able to afford health insurance. I lost my health insurance when the Obama Administration and the Democrat Party outlawed my policy just a few years ago. No matter how much they tax me for refusing to purchase a product at the point of the gun, such a purchase doesn’t make financial sense. Why would I pay $6,000 to $12,000 a year for a health insurance plan that won’t cover my expenses until after I incurred $6,000 to $12,000 in expenditures? Essentially, I’m looking at an $12,000 to $24,000 annual health insurance cost. In either scenario, the benefits fail to justify the costs.

Furthermore, apparently I have a right to force doctors to save my life in the event of a serious illness, which will be partially subsided by the few Americans who actually pay taxes (a sorry class of citizen to which I belong). Therefore, whatever they tax me, it makes more sense to incur personal and national debt than to pay into a system from which I would gain nothing. Unless they start taxing me $12,000 to $24,000 a year for refusing to participate, I have no reason to participate.

And with this economy and no hope of ever retiring, I guess the best I can hope for is that our government eventually imposes forced euthanasia on citizens costing the government more than some arbitrary amount in expenses.

Secondly, on gay marriage. Firstly, I don’t understand why there is one marriage law and essentially one marriage contract that covers every domestic partnership in this country. While I completely understand religious marital commitments, and support religious marriage, I don’t understand why domestic laws are one size fits all. If your church agrees to marry you and your significant other, in accordance with their faith, that’s fine. When it comes to the federal government, however, why aren’t there a thousand optional, customized domestic partnership options that fit the needs and desires of the couple residing together? Secondly, I do not believe that this current, politically motivated marriage system has a right to discriminate against homosexuals.

But I don’t care about the word marriage. What did homosexuals just get today? They got a big ole tax break, that’s what. Why are “married couples” getting tax breaks for being married, or for having kids, or for anything related to their own private, personal decisions? Essentially, our government is saying that if you are a single, employed American, you deserve to pick up an arbitrarily high portion of our countries tax responsibilities. What’s that about? Even married couples that fail to procreate get their legs cut out from under them.

Frankly, I think I should be given a medal for paying taxes to schools that I don’t have any children attending.

Third, the upholding of the Obama Administrations application of the Fair Housing Act: this is insane. They just removed objective discrimination from being evaluated by the law. Instead, mere statistical analysis defines de facto discrimination. No society can survive this kind of political ridiculousness. I guess if I ever need work with the Democrat Party, I could survey my neighborhood in Ladysmith to discover just how much statistical discrimination there is here. Then maybe we can kick some of these white jerks out of the community and just give their homes to some homosexual mix-raced (but not white) family who pays 50% less in taxes than I do because they fit some socially engineered designation that I’m incapable of fitting into. Joy.

Our country is losing its collective groupthinking mind.

Article written by: Steven Brodie Tucker