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Israelis Save Youngest Premature Baby Ever!

Little Aharon was born prematurely last April in Tel Aviv’s Ichilov Hospital at only 22 weeks. Babies born that early have an infinitesimal chance of survival if any. He only weighed 670 grams.

“The doctors here were honest; they came and told me straight to my face,” the baby’s father, Eli Haba, told Channel 2 news. “They told me that he had a 20 percent chance of survival. And even if was one of the 20 per cent and did survive, there was a 90 per cent chance he would have disabilities.”

Since he was mistakenly diagnosed as being 23 weeks old, the doctors decided to make an extra effort to see if they could save him. At 22 weeks, the odds for survival are are far smaller then the doctors told his parents…but then again, this is Israel, the Land of Miracles.

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