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Trump’s demolition derby — destroying decades of executive and administrative garbage

I realized the other day that, in a very visceral way, I’m actually looking forward to a Trump presidency. This realization comes as a surprise because (a) I still don’t like Trump’s style and (b) Republican presidents never follow through on the change they promise. And yet. . . .

The fact that Trump hasn’t been marinated for decades in politics seems to promise that he’ll have a fresh new approach to problem solving, and that he won’t be beholden to the usual D.C. interest groups. It helps that those who have followed his career over the decades say that he has a steep learning curve (which we’re seeing right now with his statesman-like conduct regarding Mexico and his immigration message), that he’s an out-of-the-box thinker, and that he gets things done. Every one of those characteristics is antithetical to the normal political model.

Of course, Barack Obama has gotten things done too. He is well on his way to keeping his promise to “fundamentally transform” America. When you think about, though, Obama brought about much of this change by acting unconstitutionally:

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