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Colombia: Government-FARC deal finalized

The Marxist narco-terrorrist guerrilla get seats in Congress, and much everything else it wanted:

The accord calls for the state to work with the FARC to mitigate drug trafficking in areas where the guerrillas had influence; permits the rebel group to transform into a political party; establishes a system to investigate war crimes by both rebels and military personnel; and lays out how to compensate victims.

Under the deal, three former rebels would serve in the lower house of congress and three in the senate in a nonvoting capacity, permitting the ex-combatants to have a say in the implementation of the accords, said Sen. Manuel Enriquez Rosero, a Liberty Party politician who supports the process. In the 2018 congressional elections, the FARC would be guaranteed at least five seats in the house and five in the senate, said Sen. Antonio Navarro Wolff, himself a former rebel. The mechanism to permit former rebels to have that many seats will necessitate a constitutional reform that was agreed upon in Havana.

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