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This election reflects America’s peculiar, and very dangerous, class war

America is in the midst of a weird Marxist class war, with the upper classes and dispossessed rebelling against the working and middle classes.

Victor Davis Hanson was on Tucker Carlson on Thursday. Hanson is always interesting, but this time he knocked it out of the park and into the next county. What  he talked about was the fact that Trump represents ordinary Americans.

Usually when people say, “If I were Trump, I would say blah, blah, blah,” I’m thinking “yeah, yeah, whatever. I know what you’d say, but it’s Trump who figured out how to get into the White House on the first try.”

This time, though, when I listened to VDH, I realized that he was saying something extraordinarily important. This isn’t just the speech that Trump should make. Instead, this represents one of the most cogent statements I’ve heard about Trump, the leader, and his coalition, the everyday Americans. VDH makes patently clear that America is in the midst of a revolutionary class war, and one that the working- and true middle-class (as opposed to the “elite” upper middle class) must win if America is to survive:

If you can’t watch the video, Jim Hoft, at Gateway Pundit, has the transcript. I’ll just quote here the key language. The set-up was that VDH was talking about the fact that all debate moderators are biased. Every question they ask is posed as a gotcha to Trump (or Pence) and a love letter to Biden (or Harris).

So the question is what is Trump to do about this? There’s a 360 degree celebrities, and the academic world, and celebrities and the wealthy and elite of Silicon Valley and Wall Street. I think he has to emphasize that this election is on class it’s not on race!

There’s 100 million people, muscular people who are out there every day taking a risk that they’re going to be infected. While they serve you at a store or they bring your DoorDash food to your curbside or they bring your oven when it blows up from Home Depot, or they’re trucking all night or they’re producing food or they’re farming.

And yes they don’t always have the correct mask or they don’t social distance but they keeping going for whom? They Zoom and the Skype class! They’re in their basements telemarketing or teleworking or whatever they do and making a lot of money. And then they’re hectoring everybody that they’re politically incorrect or they’re racist, or they’re mask is an inch too small or they were one inch closer.

And Trump has got to say, “I’m one with these people. I want to frack because that frees us from these Middle East quagmires. And gives your kids good wages or doesn’t send your kid to Afghanistan or Iraq.

I want to get out of the Green Deal ’cause I want you to have a job. I don’t want to have a lot of elites in the Bay Area to tell you how to live your life.

So it’s gotta be a class argument. And I think he’s got to say, “I’m one with you and I don’t have any apologies for getting sick.” That’s what the president’s supposed to do. You’re supposed to take risks. Meet foreign leaders. Bring foreign leaders into the White House. Crisscross the country.

And I’m even going to have a rally. And I might even get sick and take experimental drugs if I have to to get back on the job. I’m not going to stay in my basement and quarantine myself and isolate myself and pass judgments on others that you’re not willing to take the same risk. And I think that argument’s going to appeal to a lot of people.

I wanted to stand up and cheer when VDH was done.

And you know what’s really ironic? Since 1867, when Marx published Das Kapital, Marxists have been the ones who framed everything as class warfare. That’s part of why Marxism never really worked here in America the way it did in the rest of the world.

America, after all, didn’t have fixed classes and it always had economic fluidity. With hard work (and, yes, luck) you could make it in America — and then you’d really be something. In the Old World (Europe, Asia, Latin America, etc.), no matter how hard you worked, you couldn’t make it and, even if you made money, you were never “something” in those societies.

Because of the American resistance to class warfare, beginning in the 1960s, American leftists started to substitute race, sex, and sexual orientation for class. That is, instead of dividing America along economic lines, they divided it along immutable characteristics lines. By doing so, they created permanent fissures in society. The point, always, was to destroy constitutional government, the free market, and a liberty-oriented mindset, and replace it with pure statism: Rule by the iron hand of the so-called “expert.”

Ironically enough, this push, which started in and still has its center in, academia, managed to turn America into a class society. There were the university educated (look at our all Ivy League Supreme Court), and the “others,” the deplorables, the gun clutchers, etc. The computer revolution sped this class division, and the Wuhan virus has made perfectly plain how deep the divide had become. Let me reiterate what VDH said:

There’s 100 million people, muscular people who are out there every day taking a risk that they’re going to be infected. While they serve you at a store or they bring your DoorDash food to your curbside or they bring your oven when it blows up from Home Depot, or they’re trucking all night or they’re producing food or they’re farming.

And yes they don’t always have the correct mask or they don’t social distance but they keeping going for whom? They Zoom and the Skype class! They’re in their basements telemarketing or teleworking or whatever they do and making a lot of money. And then they’re hectoring everybody that they’re politically incorrect or they’re racist, or they’re mask is an inch too small or they were one inch closer.

He’s absolutely right that this is the new American divide.

And let me tell you, speaking as a member of the Zoom and Skype class, we are nothing special. We’re useless. We can run computers and write legal briefs and be bossy Karens, but the world will run without us. It will not run without the truckers, and plumbers, and electricians, and soldiers, and mechanics, and road crews, and police officers, and on and on — all the practical people who keep our world moving. These practical people are Trump’s people — and the left is terrified because they know that, behind all their superior scolding, that they are nothing without Trump’s people.

Because they’re functionally useless, the educated leftists have gotten themselves an army of dispossessed people: The crazy Antifa mobs, the people trapped in the hellholes that are Democrat-runs slums, and the young people driven mad by their victim-centric, self-hating college curricula. It’s the “elite” classes (that is, the people with money and power) and the dispossessed lower classes and the crazies — none of whom contribute material benefits to society — who are battling it out against the people who make things run.

And just so you know, the monied class is betting serious money on getting Biden in the White House:

President Trump is promising four more years of low taxes, light regulation and a laser-focus on the stock market. Yet professionals on Wall Street are shunning Trump and funneling staggering amounts of money to his opponent.

The securities and investment industry donated just $10.5 million to Trump’s presidential campaign and outside groups aligned with it, according to a new tally by OpenSecrets. It has sent nearly five times as much cash, $51.1 million, to Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.

That means Trump is losing the fundraising race among Wall Streeters by a slightly greater magnitude than in 2016. During that cycle, former New York Senator Hillary Clinton and groups aligned with her raised $88 million from the securities and investment industry, while Trump took in just $20.8 million.

Ideologues will often act against their own best interests. America’s white collar, wealthy, college educated Democrats are so terrified of the constructive class that they are siding with the violent radicals and anarchists to take political power back from Trump. They’re riding the tiger, though, because just a few years ago, their foot soldiers were calling themselves the 99% and vowing to kill all the Wall Street people.

These are dangerous, crazy times. All I can do is urge you to go to the polls on November 3 and do everything you can to ensure that Trump and Congressional Republicans win in a landslide.

Scott Adams: The coming election is an extinction event

Conservatives are right to take the coming election seriously, for a Biden victory could be a true “extinction event,” rather than the usual shift leftward.

A friend recommended that I watch the last few minutes of Scott Adams’ July 13 show. Her recommendation was illuminating, for he had a very interesting observation about voter enthusiasm. According to Adams, his sense about many Democrats is that, while they despise Trump and know that they ought to vote for Biden, watching the Black Lives Matter / Democrat party agenda go into effect is frightening them. This level of fear might keep them away from the polls or even lead to their voting for Trump.

Meanwhile, Republicans know what will happen if Biden wins: They will be facing what Adams calls an “EXTINCTION EVENT.” If the Democrats win this election, between open borders and amnesty, a shift to permanent voting by mail, and the end of American suburbs, the Democrats will ensure that a Republican never wins again. The video below is set to start with Adams’ discussion:

Adams is correct, but he doesn’t go far enough. There will be more things extinguished than a mere political party. We’ve already seen how the Jacobins on the left are busy purging their party of people who are insufficiently passionate in their support. The daily firings and forced resignations are, for now, the left’s guillotine.

Think of the McCloskeys, stalwart leftists who are being persecuted for exercising their Second Amendment right to defend their home when a mob marched onto their property.

Think of Gary Garrels, a very left senior curator at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art who was forced out because he said that the museum still had to accept works from white artists to avoiding engaging in racial discrimination.

Think of Bari Weiss and Andrew Sullivan, both forced out of their jobs in the New York media because they were soft leftists, rather than hard. (Weiss and Sullivan were laughably categorized as “conservatives.” Neither is. They are conservative only to the extent that they are not from the hard left.)

Think of Leo Terrell, a lifelong Democrat and civil rights attorney, who happens to be black. He is now being ostracized by everyone who was once part of his world because he’s called out the Black Lives Matter movement for its criminal acts, whether destroying cities, killing cops, executing fellow blacks, or shaking down corporations for millions of dollars.

If the Democrat party and its fellow leftists are willing to do this to the people already on their side, just wait to see what they have in store for “the enemy” (that’s you — the white man, the white woman, the Jew, the Trump supporter of any race, sex, or faith).

I can see the notices go up now: The government will no longer deliver mail to people who openly supported Trump. They committed treason because he was colluding with Russia (never mind that even Mueller admitted there was no collusion), and they need to be grateful that they’re merely losing mail service. Oh, and did we mention that no Republicans can use Medicare or receive Social Security. Hey, that’s what happens to traitors. We’re just being fair to those Americans who honored black and transgender lives. And did you really think you could keep your job? America has too many new immigrants looking for work to allow traitors to hold precious jobs.

And again, if you think I’m exaggerating, look at how the left is upping the attacks against Trump supporters and other conservatives.

Think of Nick Sandmann, a 16-year-old boy, who was slandered across America and now lives under constant threat because he wore a MAGA hat. He was targeted because, after being insulted by racist Black Israelites and then having a scarily unkempt man pound a drum in his face, he offered a tentative smile to the man, trying to defuse the situation.

Think of Goya foods, which Democrats in Congress targeted for a boycott aimed at destroying a company that employs thousands of people, simply because the company’s president expressed a preference for the Republican candidate instead of the Democrat candidate.

Pay attention, as well, to how Democrats and their fellow leftists are “other-izing” and “demonizing” whole groups of people. We all thought “Well, that’s just leftist Seattle” when we learned that white city employees were being pushed into a “class” that would tell them how foul their whiteness is. That joke stopped being so funny when we learned that the U.S. Treasury Department used our tax dollars for a different seminar telling whites how vile they are. It became even less funny, if possible, today when Judicial Watch revealed that the Obama administration was already pushing this indoctrination on the American military.

Speaking of tax dollars, the National Museum of African American History and Culture, which is a branch of the taxpayer-supported Smithsonian, has dedicated a page at its blog to telling all visitors to the site that whiteness is a form of irremediable and irredeemable racism. The horrible irony of its approach is that, having defined whiteness as evil, the webpage includes a poster talking about white attitudes, values, and actions.

Aside from the insulting items on the poster (whites still believe in a 1950s-style subordination of women in the home and like their women to look like Barbie dolls), the other ones are profoundly insulting to blacks. According to the poster, things such as ambition, hard work, punctuality, self-reliance, a home with a father, politeness, rational thinking, etc., are all uniquely white traits.

(After drafting this post, I learned that this was also what the Obama administration told people in the military. I was too lazy to change the post, but check out this link.)

In other words, taxpayers are paying to tell blacks that they do not have these traits, values, and habits — nor should they cultivate them because buying into those traits means selling out. But all those beliefs and behaviors, which have nothing to do with skin color, are a necessity for achieving success in all aspects of American life.

That point — about discouraging black success in America — leads directly to the rising, openly-expressed anti-Semitism amongst black celebrities. Keep in mind that anti-Semitism has been at the heart of leftism since Marx. Despite being (or perhaps because he was) genetically Jewish, every fiber of Marx’s being despised Jews. (He was also a black-hating racist.) Hitler fused Germany’s ancient Christian anti-Semitism with Marx’s socialist anti-Semitism to create genocidal anti-Semitism.

Genocidal anti-Semitism has also been at the heart of Islam since Mohammed’s time. The Koran is filled with indictments against the Jews and exhortations to devout Muslims to slaughter Jews.

Black Lives Matter represents a fusion of these two strands of anti-Semitism: It’s Marxist and it’s closely connected with the Nation of Islam, which has long been led by the white-hating, anti-Semitic Louis Farrakhan. Farrakhan, incidentally, is no longer a fringe figure. Remember where he sat at Aretha Franklin’s funeral.

Farrakhan’s brand of anti-Semitism has been roiling under the surface of black American life for a long time. What’s frightening now is that it’s coming to the surface with a vengeance through the mouthpiece of black celebrities who are untouchable. For example, Disney is standing by Nick Cannon, who mouthed classic, terribly dangerous anti-Semitic tropes. And Nancy Pelosi is endorsing Ilhan Omar, who perfectly blends Islam and leftism into open anti-Semitism.

Moreover, when it comes to the black community, these anti-Semitic words fall on fertile soil, and that’s because of the kind of race-hating crap in that handout at the Smithsonian’s black history museum (or the U.S. military).

After all, those handouts are marching orders to American blacks to fail. If you, a black person, follow the leftist advice you will not work hard, have ambition, create a nuclear family with a mother and a father, be polite, be punctual, be self-reliant, or get educated. In other words, if you are a black person who follows the race hustlers’ advice, you will have a life of virtually assured failure, as will your children.

And here’s where it’s get really clever: No matter what the self-destructive behaviors in which blacks engage, they are told that anything bad that flows from those behaviors is not their fault.

It’s not that you guys are murdering each other with abandon (which may be a byproduct of a leftist abortion culture that doesn’t value life); it’s that darned Second Amendment.

It’s not that your culture encourages kids to fail in school lest they appear white; it’s the school’s fault because the teacher’s are racist.

And it’s not that the welfare culture has stripped black families of father figures, a situation that pushes boys into crime and girls into promiscuity; again, it’s racism.

Indeed, we’ve been hearing for a long time about “systemic racism.” What’s different now, and very frightening, is that the fusion of leftism and Islam is encouraging blacks to be specific about the source of that systemic racism: It’s the Jews. Indeed, when “Charlamagne tha God” heard that Nick Cannon was getting grief for his openly expressed racism, his first response was that Cannon’s getting called out was proof that Jews have too much power, while other blacks with power in the Democrat party offered similar sentiments.

I’ll be the first to admit that there are some Jews who have too much power. You know which Jews? The leftist Jews in politics and culture, the ones pushing this intellectually corrupt, factually dishonest “systemic racism”crap on blacks who don’t realize they’re being played.

I’m thinking of people like Jerry Nadler, Adam Schiff, Jeffrey Toobin, Noam Chomsky, George Soros, and all the other high-profile leftist Jews whose religion has nothing to do with the Torah and everything to do with Das Kapital. Their malevolent power resides in their abandonment of Jewish doctrine, with its focus on the worth of each individual, the recognition that we’re all God’s children, and a belief in the sanctity of the family. Just as evil is the refusal of these non-Torah, leftist Jews to share with blacks the cultural values that Jews have developed over the century: Hard work, ambition, rational thinking, etc.

So yeah, we’re facing an extinction event. What’s in the path of the oncoming political meteor is bigger than the Republican party. We’ve had a preview of the Marxist / Islamic policies heading our way — violence, racial division, purges, thought crimes, the erasure of our constitutional rights, and the type of dehumanizing anti-whiteness and anti-Semitism that put Nazi Germany on the path to the Holocaust. If you think it can’t happen here, you’re wrong. It can — unless we stop it at the polling place on November 3, 2020.

As for the polling place, remember that in this election there are no “wasted” or “safe” votes. Every conservative in a Blue state must vote just in case moderate Democrats have decided that their future safety lies in supporting Trump. If those Democrats make the effort to support Trump, their votes will be meaningless if you can’t be bothered to cast your own vote because “we’re gonna lose anyway.” That negative is how we lose the chance to turn a Blue state Red.

Likewise, every conservative must vote in a Red state, no matter how assured the Republican outcome has been in past elections. Expect voter fraud on an unprecedented scale. If you don’t bother to vote because “we’re gonna win anyway,” you may find that the graveyard votes are sufficient in number to turn a Red state Blue. The only way to prevent that from happening is for conservative Red staters to abandon complacency and show up in overwhelming numbers.

You’re always told that you need to vote because “this election,” whichever election it happens to be, is pivotal. As with listening to the boy who cries “wolf,” you’ve learned over the years that the elections have never really been pivotal. Instead, they’ve been predictable. Whether Democrats or Republicans control Washington, D.C., the outcome is always a leftist shift in American federal politics. The only difference is that the shift left is faster during Democrat ascendencies and slower during Republican ones.

This year, however, we truly face an EXTINCTION EVENT. The left is no longer keeping it secret that it wants you dead. Your choice, therefore, is the choice that, if made wrong, always precedes a country’s collapse: VOTE OR DIE. (By the way, Noam Chomsky understands this too, which is why he’s trying to revitalize climate change extermination panic.)

And just to give this whole post a musical vibe, a friend sent me the perfect video showing what the Jacobins have in store for those who don’t support their program:

Image: YouTube screengrab

The Jewish Left Lies About Tikkun Olam

This is not my friend Curt Biren. But I could not resist using this picture by the great photographer Roman Vishniac of A Jewish Elder of the Village, Vysni Apsa, Carpathian Ruthenia, Ukraine c.1935
This is not my friend Curt Biren author of the excellent article about the real meaning of Tikkun Olam. . But I could not resist using this picture by the great photographer Roman Vishniac of A Jewish Elder of the Village, Vysni Apsa, Carpathian Ruthenia, Ukraine c.1935

by Robert J. Avrech

I pay particular attention to the use and abuse of language by the left. The left has always lied and twisted reality to conform to its utopian ideology. But Barack Obama and the leftist media have ushered in a new Orwellian age where their morally depraved rhetoric has gone mainstream. George Orwell understood that those who control language control thought. Thus the American left have staged a quiet coup of public grade schools, most colleges and universities. American children rarely learn. They are now indoctrinated in leftism.

Jewish leftists have long tried to use Jewish texts to support their ideology. It’s a heavy push because Torah Judaism is inherently Conservative. Which is why over 80% of Torah Jews are Conservative Republicans.

Most abused by the Jewish left is the concept of Tikkun Olam. The literal translation is Repairing (or Perfecting) the World. Not surprisingly, leftist/secular Jews claim this concept as part of the social justice movement. But in Torah Judaism there is no such thing as social justice. There is only justice. Social justice is, let’s be clear, code for Marxism.

Every once in a while I run into a well meaning but tragically ignorant Hollywood Jew who proudly identifies himself with the Tikkun Olam movement. When I ask where the concept comes from and what it really means, I’m met with either blank stares or cold contempt. It’s about justice for the poor, or equality, or peace, or vegetarianism, I’m told. The ignorance of my Hollywood colleagues is appalling and ultimately destructive.

My close friend Curt Biren, who studies Talmud with me in Daf Yomi, and who is one of the smartest people I have the honor of knowing, has authored an excellent article about the origins and true meaning of Tikkun Olam.

There’s nothing like studying the Talmud to learn more about Judaism.  I’m not referring to long hours in a Jerusalem yeshiva with one’s head buried in the text, but rather to the study program called Daf Yomi.  Reading a page a day, one can get through the entire Talmud in seven and a half years.  In the current Daf Yomi cycle, followed throughout the world, I along with my Talmudic haburah are now four years into it, with another three and a half years to go.

As anyone who has cracked open one of the many volumes knows, the Talmud offers extensive discussions on just about every conceivable moral issue imaginable.  It’s undoubtedly archaic in context, but it’s no less relevant in concept today than it was thousands of years ago.  The analyses that the ancient rabbis bring to bear in debating the various issues is beyond impressive.  It’s no wonder yeshiva buchers end up being among the very best law school students.  For novices like myself, it’s a challenge just to keep up.

A few months ago, while studying tractate Gittin, the volume dealing with divorce law, we came across the well-known concept of tikkun olam.  According to everything I had learned growing up as a typical reform Jew, tikkun olam means “repair of the world” — sometimes referred to as “social justice” — often entailing government programs to make the world a better place.  However, delving into the Gemara, the Talmudic commentary, I was in for a little surprise.

Read the rest here.