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Is Trump an egotist or a narcissist? (And yes, it is a distinction with a difference)

Ann Coulter has a new book out — In Trump We Trust: E Pluribus Awesome! — lauding Donald Trump as the savior of a constitutional America. In an excerpt from her book, she makes an interesting statement about Trump’s supposed narcissism:

If Trump hadn’t been a “narcissist”—or, as we now see it, a self‐confident alpha male—he would never have raised all those awesome issues, and certainly would have backed down at the first yelp from the press. Americans would have had to watch in horror as he clarified that what he meant was that Mexico was sending us its David Livingstones and Niels Bohrs, to do the jobs Americans won’t do.

Over the past many years, I’ve often used the word “narcissist” when I’ve been talking about Barack Obama. To my mind, Obama is a classic narcissist: He coldly and clinically views other people as inferior beings to manipulate for his benefit. In other words, narcissists have a personality disorder that is highly dependent on using and abusing to gratify the narcissist’s sense of self and fulfill his goals.

This type of narcissist doesn’t necessarily think he’s so wonderful on his own terms.  Instead, he measures his narcissism less by raising himself up and more by putting others done. Thus, he thinks that people so inferior that they fall into only two categories:  Obstacles that must be destroyed or tools in the box enabling him to achieve his goals.

Narcissists are neither empathetic or sympathetic — that is, they cannot feel or even imagine other people’s emotions at his own emotional level. What they can do, though, from their dispassionate vantage point is reading other people’s emotions extremely well and then use this information to manipulate people into serving their needs or, as if necessary, to destroy people.

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