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So why did Leonardo DiCaprio really ditch today’s Clinton fundraiser?

Hollywood elitist, one percenter Leonardo DiCaprio scheduled to host a Hillary Clinton fundraiser today at his home in Hollywood backed out at the last moment.

The talking points are that the scheduled plans surrounding DiCaprio’s movie production, ‘Before the Flood,’ another climate change movie has changed preventing the climate change Nazi’s return to Los Angeles until Wednesday.

No problem, fellow elitists Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel are more than happy to do the honors.

Moving on. No one is buying the talking points especially since this past weekend, news surfaced about some shady dealings in which DiCaprio and/or his foundation may be linked.

The perfect image of Marxist elitist hypocrisy are one percenter climate change Nazis helicoptering in to an event in St. Tropez sponsored by the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation (“LDF”) “to dine on whole sea bass after watching a short film about the dangers of overfishing.”

Unfortunately for Hollywood’s numero uno, Leonardo DiCaprio, known for his Progressive hypocrisy, excesses and whose events are tapered with “booze, billionaires and babes,” key players connected to LDF and the Foundation itself has caught the attention of the United States Department of Justice[…]

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