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A New Republican Party

In a conversation with a fellow libertarian, we discussed the impact of the civil war within the Republican Party. We brain-stormed solutions, but nothing quite seems feasible, as neither of us can imagine a way to defeat Wall Street, K Street, and the Military Industrial Complex, and all the good old boys running the show in the Republican Party.

The conservative grassroots has put up a number of excellent candidates, but Mitch McConnell succeeded in living up to his promise to crush the TEA Party. Every week there are more examples of just how powerful the Republican Party really is and just how far they are willing to go to abuse the Republican Base.

The Republican Party doesn’t seem interested in their voters. Why should they be? Republicans vote republican regardless of how Republicans behave in office. There is no reason to put up with or to compromise with real conservatives or constitutionalists.

Now the Republican Party is reaching new heights of aggression, stripping conservative congressmen of their committee chairs, sending a clear message that any power or position a Republican Congressman holds in Washington DC depends upon their obedience to Leadership. They are no longer allowed to represent their districts.

The Republican Party is the physical manifestation of the concept of Profit over People. Thankfully, the grassroots republicans, the conservatives and constitutionalists, haven’t given in or up in the face of defeat after defeat. What surprises me (and many libertarians) is that the grassroots runs gentle on rhetoric. Where are the articles entitled, “It’s Time to Purge the Republican Party” or “We Will Crush the Establishment!”?

Sometimes I am curious just how capable of justifiable rage the Republican Base actually is; the ability to drop everything and commit themselves to the utter devastation of their primary and principle enemy, the men and women who run the Republican Party.

This is why I encourage Libertarians to get involved in Republican Politics, because the conservatives and constitutionalists need all the help and firepower they can get. Mitch McConnell and John Boehner serve as bodyguards to Obama and Wall Street, and as relentless advocates for K Street and the Chamber of Commerce. The Republican voter never enters into it. The Republican Voter is nothing, is simply expected to fall in line and to keep voting for these corrupt politicians.

I can’t think of more than one Republican Congressman from Virginia that deserves to keep their position in Washington D.C. Why do we let the rest of them remain? I don’t understand. Why would any Virginia conservative or constitutionalist give money to anything other than those we seek to defeat the Republicans serving Virginia today? Has Rigell or Wittman or Goodlatte done anything worthy of your votes?

Frankly, I don’t care who you replace them with, just replace them. And what in the world is going on in John Boehner’s district? How in the world does that man get reelected?

And McConnell? What in the world was Rand Paul thinking campaigning for that scorpion?

To the grassroots, I say this: Keep fighting and keep fighting hard. This Republican Party needs purging. The corrupt must be sent packing, The only way you’ll ever get a chance to challenge the Democrats is if you get rid of all the Republicans who refuse to oppose them, who trade the integrity of their party for backroom deals and personal wealth and power.

Mark Levin is right. We need a new Republican Party. We need a Republican Party capable of fighting for limited government, American values and culture, and Constitutional integrity. The Republican Party, as it exists today, is nothing by a big government corporatist machine preventing their members from representing, in Congress, the individuals that comprise their districts back home.


Article written by: Steven Brodie Tucker