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The Bookworm Beat 9/15/16 — the “polls they are a’changin’” edition and open thread

If Bill Clinton and Al Gore couldn’t do it, then no one can. A Leftist Facebook friend posted an article from The Hill with a lede saying that Donald Trump “floats rolling back food safety regulations.” The implication, obviously, is that in Trump’s America, we’re all going to die from salmonella and e. Coli. Read through to the end, though, and you discover that Trump is instead making a remarkably sensible suggestion:

Trump’s economic policy plan also calls for “an immediate halt to new federal regulations and a very thorough agency-level review of previous regulations to see which need to be scrapped.”

Agencies would be required to list all regulations and rank them in terms of their contribution to growth, health and safety. The goal, Trump said, would be to strengthen the rules that are useful and reduce the rules that harm the economy.

One of my Leftist Facebook friends stopped with the lede, of course, and envisioned our nation drowning in fecal matter emanating from food-poisoned Americans. In a comment, I quoted the above language and suggested that it was a good idea to control regulations, which are so big no one can know them, are often non-effective, are frequently inconsistent with each other, and are too often quasi-legislation.

To seal it for this Leftist, I reminded him that Bill Clinton had assigned Al Gore this very task of cutting back on America’s burgeoning regulations, although it never came to anything. And that’s when my Facebook friend essentially said “Well, if Al Gore and Bill Clinton couldn’t do it, then no one can. After all, Trump has never been a politician, and he’s really stupid, so what does he know?”

My reply was that voters may be hoping that it’s an advantage that Trump hasn’t been a politician. He may have out-of-the-box (i.e., out-of-D.C.) ideas that actually work. The response? A reiteration that Trump is stupid. (Has there ever been a Republican candidate, no matter how successful and brilliant, whom the Left hasn’t called stupid? I don’t think so. It’s a tired idea.)

Agencies must be reined in. Exhibit A in the “agencies need to be cut back and God willing Trump is the man to do it” category is the fact that the FBI thinks it is more important than Congress is. So it was that Jason Chaffetz had to explain to the acting FBI chair that, no, Congress gets to have all of the notes from Hillary’s FBI interview — and then serves him, then and there, with a subpoena.

The funny thing about the WaPo’s indictment of Trump as a scam artist.  The Washington Post is beside itself with excitement that ardent Hillary supporter, and pay for play attorney general, Eric Schneiderman, is starting an investigation into Trump’s charitable foundation. I got three paragraphs into the WaPo editorial supporting this investigation and castigating Trump before I broke into uncontrollable laughter:

To read more, please go here.

Bill’s latest lie: Clinton Foundation won’t take foreign donations if Hillary’s elected.

On Thursday, at a meeting with staffers, Bill Clinton announced that if Hillary Clinton is elected, the Clinton Foundation would no longer accept receive donations from foreign enemies entities, governments, corporate charities and domestic or foreign corporations, all of whom might will return later seeking favors from the Oval Office.

Clinton who anticipates his resignation from the foundation’s board contends that the Clinton foundation would only accept donations from independent charities and American citizens.

Oh and if you’re asking yourself, “what about the paid speeches?” Well, the Clintons supposedly will hold off on delivering paid speeches until “after the November elections.”

Of course, all of the above is incumbent upon whether or not Hillary Clinton is elected which brings the last paragraph into question but not so much since Clinton’s remarks are an admission of guilt that pre-dates Hillary Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of State by more than a decade AND includes Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of State to present day.

the clintons lying with pigs by michael ramirez

IF? That was THURSDAY when the cameras were rolling but TODAY is SATURDAY, the cameras are not; and with the latter being the case, according to Yahoo-Reuters News the Clinton Foundation NOT weighing its options because there were none to begin with is skirting with the continued acceptance (if Clinton is elected) by the Clinton Foundation of hundreds of millions of dollars in foreign donations.

Translation: “Come on’ in boys, America is for sale to the highest bidder and there’s plenty of space in the Lincoln bedroom for everyone.”

Ah, those platform promises but Bill Clinton said Thursday. Yeah well…. the new guidelines would take about a year for the Clinton Foundation to work out. Besides, only a small part of the foundation’s work would be affected, like climate change, work on economic development and the like.

More about “and the like,” offshoots of the Clinton Foundation such as Clinton Giustra Enterprise Partnership (Canada) are being fundamentally transformed into independent entities (if Clinton is elected?) and will not be bound by the Clinton Foundation’s donor limits.

Not buying it are you? Well, you shouldn’t because in the name of the greater good (that’s how Progressives roll):

…The Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI), the foundation’s flagship project credited with reducing the cost of life-saving HIV medicines in the developing world, is yet to decide if it will similarly introduce new limits on donors….

CHAI accounts for nearly 60 percent of the $250 million the foundation spent in 2014, according to the foundation’s most recent annual report posted on its website. CHAI files separate tax returns from the Clinton Foundation, but is included in the foundation’s audited expenses, annual reports and other promotional literature….

The Clintons who has never been held accountable for anything and who again lied to voters on camera just two days ago will continue their ponzi schemes, questionable fundraising tactics, money laundering operation for dictators, the worst violators of human rights across the planet and America’s enemies while lining their pockets with blood money.

Bill Clinton spoke too soon last week when he called his wife’s email scandal: ‘the biggest load of bull I ever heard.’ Thursday’s dog and pony show has taken the prize for being the biggest load of bull that anyone has heard brought to American voters courtesy of 1209 North Orange Street, Wilmington Delaware, epic center of the Clinton Crime Family Syndicate and official address for over 285,000 companies in particular WJC, LLC which happens to be a shell company set up in 2008 by Bill Clinton to shield consulting fees and ZFS Holdings, LLC set up in 2013 exactly one week after Hillary left the State Department.

… The Clinton campaign declined to comment on why the Clintons, who live in New York and have no evident residential ties to Delaware, set up companies in the state. But the presidential candidate isn’t alone. Experts say Delaware is the most popular place to register a company in the United States, due in part to its established system of business case law and tax incentives for intellectual property and real estate holdings.

One of the biggest draws may be the state’s lack of disclosure requirements—businesses can be created completely anonymously, allowing the owners to avoid public detection and even hide income from U.S. authorities….

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The Clintons Foundation Weapons Deals

Oh yes, the air is ripe from the bull spun by the Clintons who never met a hundred million, ponzi scheme, tax shelter and scandal they didn’t like.


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