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Russ Moulton ‘SBE Changes to Oath Now VIOLATE RNC Rule 16d-2’

An interesting message from Russ Moulton:


Three updates:


  1. I understand the statement of affiliation wording has been changed by SBE/McAuliffe, and won’t be the one voted on by SCC in September.


  1. I understand that SBE is refusing to allow us access to the executed statement forms, so we won’t get this “gold mine” of “Republican voter” contact data we were promised.  We will have to fight for it under FOIA or other legal approaches that may or may not be successful.


  1. RNC Rule 16 d 2 says RPV must have published the statement of affiliation qualification in a newspaper of general circulation 90-days before the Primary.  RPV didn’t do so, and so if RPV proceeds with the statement requirement with SBE, it is violating RNC rules and VA’s delegation is subject to a credentials challenge.


I understand why many voted for this statement initially.  At one time, I supported them too.  But I have come to believe with deeper understanding they are a mistake.


Establishment Republicans have recently hurt our brand-idea so badly, we have many in our base disgusted with “Republicans”.


After all the recent disappointments with Republicans on the Hill for voting for more deficit spending, funding of executive amnesty, funding for ObamaCare, funding of planned parenthood, etc … — how many of you heard folks say, “I am no longer a Republican” or “I’ve left the Republican Party”?


Even the Rev. Graham recently made such statements publicly.


If we are going to get our party back on the right track, we need these disaffected folks back participating now, not turned away by a statement.   We need them to get our Party back.


Primaries are taxpayer-funded evolutions, not party processes.  As a result, people instinctively believe they have a taxpayer right to participate in Virginia Primaries.  We are trying to push a rope uphill, trying to convince voters they should accept they have no right to participate in our primary nominations unless they are Republicans – only to hurt our eventual nominee with outraged, turned-away voters.


If we wanted a statement of affiliation and to have only Republicans vote, we shouldn’t have picked a Primary in the first place.  If we pick an open Primary, then don’t expect to keep out non-Republicans.


In practice, we relinquish our right of free association the minute we adopt a state-run primary.


We keep allowing the establishment to force us into primaries – and then we try to “dress up the pig” with statements of affiliation to make them less “objectionable”.


We should not support “statements of affiliation” designed to “fix” primaries — because they don’t.


And on top of this, now we hear the SBE won’t go with the wording adopted by SCC, won’t give us access to the statement voter contact data, and our statement is in violation of RNC rules.


It’s time to pull the plug on this disaster.



Article written by: Tom White

Media Pushes CNN Poll showing Trump Drop and Ignore Zogby Poll, NBC Poll showing Trump Bump

Did you watch the debate on CNN last Wednesday? No? Well neither did 54% of the people that responded to the CNN Poll that the media headlined as Trump drops, Fiorina jumps. The largest block of respondents – 32% – admit that they only listened to the media coverage after the debates and not the debate itself. And add in another 18% who offered an opinion on the debates yet neither saw the debates or listened to the coverage in the days that followed. That means that half of the respondents either made up their opinions without facts or allowed the biased media to mold their opinion.

And to set the debate in proper perspective, 44% of the questions were either to Trump or mentioned Trump. And I do not recall a single question mentioning Trump that was not some kind of attack on him. There were no questions designed to give a sense of Trump’s accomplishments, only those that focused on what CNN hoped would be negatives as far as Trump is concerned. And there were no questions that highlighted the failures of the Obama Administration and how the candidates would handle things differently. In fact, it seemed to me that whenever any candidate started criticism of either Obama or the Democrat candidates, the moderators shut them down.

So it is my opinion that both the debate and the poll are seriously flawed and any conclusions one may draw from either are basically useless.


While the media talked up Fiorina as the big winner and Trump falling like a stone (after a debate designed to do just that) there are a number of questions and statistics in the CNN poll that the media simply ignored because they didn’t fit the narriative that CNN was trying to push. And don’t think for one minute that Fox News wasn’t on the same page as CNN. There were several other polls that have come out since the debate that no one was reporting. More on those later. For now, let’s look at the internal numbers in the CNN poll and what they tell us.

If you want to look at the numbers CNN released, the poll itself is here in pdf format.

One of the first things I noticed is 20-30% of those polled had never heard of most of the candidates. Trump and Bush had the highest name recognition where pretty much everyone had heard of Trump and 7% had not heard of Jeb Bush. And I would wonder how many of those 7% thought Jeb was a former president. Fiorina was the 3rd least recognized – even after the debate – with 30% never hearing of her. Only Scott Walker (35%) and John Kasich (39%) did worse.

Now let’s take a look at some of the demographics within the CNN poll between Trump and Fiorina.


Men Women Winner
Trump 26% 21% Trump
Fiorina 14% 17%

Trump gets support from more men and more women than Fiorina.


< $50,000 > $50,000 College? Winner
Trump 21% 25% 21% Trump
Fiorina 10% 19% 16%

Trump wins in all income groups and does better among college educated voters.

Political Ideology

Independent Republican Conservative Winner
Trump 14% 28% 21% Trump
Fiorina 21% 12% 19%

Fiorina bests Trump with Independents, but Trump does far better among Republicans and Conservatives

On Issues

The Economy Illegal immigration Foreign policy Social issues, such as abortion and same-sex marriage
Trump 44% 47% 22% 15%
Fiorina 11% 4% 8% 14%

So while the media chooses to focus on the fact that after a barrage of 44% of the questions being designed to damage Trump he falls 8 points from the previous poll prior to the debate, no media outlet is reporting on the areas that did not change. On the economy Trump fell just 1 point from the previous CNN poll, he gained 3% on illegal immigration and fell 4 points on Social issues. There was no prior polling on foreign policy.

So despite falling in the overall numbers in the CNN poll, Trump remained steady on the important issues and blows the rest of the candidates away.

But as I watched Fox News this weekend, they reported over and over on the CNN poll, but not a peep on the Zogby Poll that was released on Saturday showing Trump increased his lead to 33% up from 31% pre-debate. Zogby does show Fiorina with a bump, but only to 7% up from 2%. And Zogby also shows the same in the demographics – Trump leads among every group.

Real estate mogul Trump has widened his lead to 20 points in a brand new Zogby Analytics poll taken after the second Republican presidential debate. The new poll of 405 likely Republican primary/caucus voters nationwide with a margin of sampling error of +/- 5.0 percentage points, conducted September 18-19, shows Mr. Trump with 33% (up 2 points from his pre-debate 31%). In second place is neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson who actually dropped 3 points to 13%. Former Hewlett Packard CEO Carly Fiorina, widely considered to be the big winner in the debate, moved up from just 2% last week to 7% and fourth place in the new poll – just 2 points behind former Florida Governor Jeb Bush’s 9% (which is exactly where he was last week).

Texas Senator Ted Cruz moves up a point to 5%, followed by Florida Senator Marco Rubio, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, and Ohio Governor John Kasich all tied at 4%. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, who by many accounts, had a good debate night, stayed at 3%.

The biggest losers in the post-debate poll – besides Dr. Carson’s drop – were Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker who fell from 5% to 2% and former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee who polled 2% (down from 4%).

Mr. Trump’s lead is across the board, among most major sub-groups – 36% among men, 30% with women, 30% Republicans, 39% independents, 29% moderates, and 31% conservatives.

And another poll ignored by the media for the most part (NBC and MSNBC reported the poll, but it was their poll) was a NBC poll conducted 9/16 – 9/18 with the bulk of responses after the second debate. Fiorina showed a bump in this poll, but the bump was more in line with Zogby’s findings as she went from 8% the previous poll to 11%, a 3 point bump. Trump, however, went from 22% to 29%. Also in line with the Zogby poll direction for Trump. And this poll showed similar drops in support for Scott Walker as the others.

So with 2 out of 3 polls showing increased polling numbers for Trump, it seems pretty clear that the media – including Fox News – have an agenda for selecting the next president that excludes Trump.

Establishment Republicans, Democrats and mainstream media have all united against Trump and in favor of any other candidate. And a lot of people find that to be a good reason to support Donald Trump.


Article written by: Tom White

Donald Trump is the Candidate the Establishment GOP has Sought for Decades

TrumpThe Donald Trump phenomenon is sweeping the nation. But, it seems, the only segment of the right side of the political spectrum that universally shuns The Donald  is the Establishment “RINO” Republicans. And that just makes no sense to me. Maybe you can help me understand why they are not running to embrace Trump.

Year after year the Establishment Republicans develop plans, allocate money and do whatever they can to court the Hispanic vote. And the Black vote. They “reach out” – whatever that means. Mostly they pander to the various groups and still keep them at arms length. Like the Democrats, the Republicans want these voting block’s votes, but they shun their participation.

A few examples of GOP Pandering

Rand Paul panders for the black vote:

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) has launched a multipronged offensive to win blacks over to the GOP and build up his own cross-party appeal ahead of the 2016 presidential election.

In an effort to woo black voters, Paul is pushing six bills on a variety of issues, ranging from the criminal justice system to voting rights.

He has teamed up with Sen. Cory Booker (N.J.), the Senate’s only black Democrat, to offer the Redeem Act, aimed at getting juveniles with criminal records back on track. It would automatically expunge the records of nonviolent offenders younger than 15.

The RNC panders to Blacks:

The Republican National Committee says black voters are “curious” about conservative policies and it’s time to capitalize on that curiosity.

To educate and recruit black and urban voters, the RNC recently launched a comprehensive mobilization campaign called “#CommittedToCommunity.”

The campaign kicked off Sunday in the swing state of Ohio where Republican White House contenders are set to gather on Aug. 6 for the Party’s first presidential primary debate and where the Republican National Convention will be held in Cleveland next July.

Over the next four weeks, the RNC plans to host a concert series and issue forums, and run radio ads in several media markets across the Buckeye State. The committee will also collaborate with black media outlet, Radio One, in a joint media venture in an effort to disseminate its message to black voters.

And they pander for the Hispanic vote:

The Republican party is launching a new wave of outreach to Latinos to mark Tuesday’s onset of Hispanic Heritage Month, as the front-runner in the party’s presidential race continues to alarm party insiders who fear he could alienate the fast-growing ethnic group with his criticisms of people living in the U.S. illegally.

The Republican National Committee is touting 25 different events in eight states, including battleground destinations like Florida, North Carolina and Virginia. Hispanic Heritage Month runs from Sept. 15 through Oct. 15.

The push is part of an effort announced by the party after its 2012 drubbing to reach out to minorities — especially Latinos, who had increasingly turned away from the GOP. “It puts us in a very good place to build on the successes we’ve had before,” said RNC deputy political director Jennifer Sevilla Korn.

And of course Rubio panders:

Since los­ing the His­pan­ic vote by a whop­ping 44-point mar­gin in 2012, Re­pub­lic­ans have made little pro­gress in Latino out­reach. It’s look­ing in­creas­ingly un­likely that any form of im­mig­ra­tion re­form will pass through Con­gress, leav­ing it a thorny is­sue for Re­pub­lic­ans dur­ing the next pres­id­en­tial elec­tion. The GOP’s hard-liners on im­mig­ra­tion of­ten dom­in­ate the de­bate, and the cur­rent crisis on the bor­der has only mo­bil­ized the party’s im­mig­ra­tion-re­form skep­tics. Even as His­pan­ics aren’t thrilled with the pres­id­ent’s hand­ling of the is­sue, they still over­whelm­ingly sup­port Demo­crats in the midterms, 58 to 32 per­cent in a new Pew Re­search Cen­ter sur­vey.

But Re­pub­lic­ans are quietly test­ing out an al­tern­at­ive ap­proach in their at­tempts to close the ra­cial di­vide: fo­cus­ing on pock­et­book is­sues that dis­pro­por­tion­ately af­fect first- and second-gen­er­a­tion His­pan­ic fam­il­ies. Call it the Ru­bio plan, since the Flor­ida sen­at­or has been spend­ing the last year test-driv­ing a po­ten­tial pres­id­en­tial cam­paign mes­sage centered on eco­nom­ic mo­bil­ity, col­lege af­ford­ab­il­ity, tack­ling poverty, and middle-class eco­nom­ic chal­lenges.

In an in­ter­view on Na­tion­al Pub­lic Ra­dio last week, Marco Ru­bio ar­gued that if Re­pub­lic­ans tail­or their policies to­ward work­ing-class voters, their mes­sage would auto­mat­ic­ally res­on­ate with many His­pan­ics. “The vast ma­jor­ity of a sig­ni­fic­ant por­tion of Amer­ic­ans of His­pan­ic des­cent will vote hap­pen to be work­ing-class people who are des­per­ate to not only achieve the Amer­ic­an dream but leave their kids bet­ter off than them­selves,” Ru­bio told NPR host Steve In­s­keep.

And the major panderer of Hispanics Jeb Bush has a video:

And with all of this pandering, year after year, still the Blacks and Hispanics vote for Democrats in overwhelming numbers.

Yet the GOP Establishment assures us that the way to win elections is with moderate candidates who pander to the various ethnic groups and “reach out” to these people and want to “expand” the party and the “big tent approach”.

We need moderate candidates. Conservatives don’t win. Independents and Blue Dog Democrats will be attracted to GOP pandering they promise.

Well, the GOP has had a lot of success in winning the House and the Senate over the last few years. And they did that, not by pandering to blacks and Hispanics, but by telling people that they can fix the problems with America. The out of control spending Obama has launched, Obamacare, military failures, out of control welfare, joblessness, etc. Pandering was not necessary. They won by promising to fix America. And as soon as they were elected, they became a bunch of impotent eunuchs.

So what of Donald Trump?

The Establishment GOP has told us that true Conservatives are unelectable and we must pick a moderate like John McCain or Mitt Romney if we want to win the White House. And in 2016 they now tell us Donald Trump is no a Conservative, so those who support him should dump him post haste.

They told us that Trump is unelectable because he insulted Hispanics with all that talk of illegal aliens and anchor babies. Yet polls find his support among Hispanics very high. In a Gravis poll last month the Spanish speaking panderer Jeb Bush gets 8.9% of the Hispanic vote while Trump gets 37.8%.

And among blacks? How is Trump doing? 25% according to the Washington Post.

The American Mirror post basically pulls out a bit of data from a recent SurveyUSA poll that shows Trump getting 25 percent of the black vote against Hillary Clinton. That compares favorably with past Republican candidates in general elections; George W. Bush’s 11 percent of the black vote in 2004 was a recent high. This is more than twice that!

How about that? More than double the support among blacks without pandering!

It is amazing to watch the accusations come out against Trump. The Establishment GOP appears to have the composite candidate that they have been searching for every election. A moderate who has supported Democrats and Republicans and one who has the ability to pull in support from Blacks and Hispanics at rates unheard of in recent history for a Republican.

One of the most often heard criticisms of Trump is that his support is just a bunch of old white TEA Party males. Interestingly, in the Gravis poll mentioned above, Trump receives 33.7% of the Moderate votes, 31.5% of the slightly conservative vote, 36.4% of the slightly liberal vote, 28.7% of the very conservative vote and none of the very liberal vote. Jeb Bush only gets 22% of the moderate vote, 1/3 less than Trump.

And looking at TEA Party voters, Trump gets 30.3% from NON TEA Party members and a slightly better 32.3% of TEA Party members.

And in the different age categories, Trump receives 29.9% of the 18-49 group, 35% of the 50-64 age group and 28% of the over 65. Jeb brings in only 13.7% of the youngest, 7.7% of the middle group and 17.2% of the 65+.

And they tell us Trump hates women yet he receives double the support of women as Bush and triple the support among men.

So help me understand. Donald Trump is not the far right wing Conservative the Mainstream Republicans fear is unelectable, he has far greater appeal to Hispanics and Blacks than any other Republican without pandering or “reaching out” – which is most likely seen as a disingenuous effort and the reason Republicans fail with their outreach programs.

He leads among women compared to the other candidates, by far among the other Holy Grail of demographics – the youth vote, and he is packing in people more than the rest of the Republicans combined.

So I just don’t get it. Donald Trump has everything the Republicans have been coveting. Not Conservative. Loved by the young, Blacks, Hispanics, women – you name it. He has about the same amount of support from TEA Party members as non TEA Party and looks like the perfect candidate the Establishment Republicans have specified for years.

The only thing I can see that would not appeal to the RINO’s is that Trump is not going to allow them to control them, he is an outsider not depending on the US Chamber of Commerce to fund his campaigns.

But his appeal is also a reflection of the Republican lies and failures over the last few years. We have handed the Republicans everything they told us they needed to stop Obama, yet Obama has flourished under the House and Senate controlled by Boehner and McConnell. If anything, Obama has found his agenda far easier to implement with Republicans in control than he did when Democrats ran both Houses.

A lot of people look at the sorry bunch of Democrats running for President and see nothing worth voting for. And the same is true of the Republican field.

The GOP has the opportunity to take back the White House and own the 3 branches of the government. The only candidate with that ability is Donald Trump.

The Establishment has told us that even though McCain and Romney were not ideal candidates to the Christian Right and the Conservatives, they had an “R” after their name. You might not agree with them 100%, but 90% is good. So we should hold our nose and vote for the R. And we watched as loser after loser was defeated.

Americans realize that the country has fallen deeper and deeper into oblivion under the last few Presidents. And that the party has made no difference. Establishment Republicans make promises that they never intend to keep. At the top rung of D.C. power, the elitists have no party, no Left or Right ideology, only agendas. And those agendas are completely out of line with what the country wants. Until now, there has been no real option to the Uniparty. Only new faces.

Trump is everything the RINO’s have pretended to want. It is time for them to put their money where their mouth is.

Article written by: Tom White

Rand Paul: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

randpaulRand Paul is unique amongst Republicans running for President in 2016. Anything but average, the Rand Paul campaign has been brilliantly tactical, patient, modest, and methodical (after some inside campaign shakeups at the beginning); however, this is a candidacy waged against all odds. Rand Paul is a libertarian-Republican with a 93% Liberty Rating from Conservative Review. Only Mike Lee (100%) and Ted Cruz (96%) enjoy better ratings. Yet, Rand Paul endorsed Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (52%) against an outstanding conservative primary opponent; a move which has spared Senator Paul from targeting by the Washington Establishment.

Currently, Hillary Clinton leads Democrats in the polls (a reality I believe will change over the coming months, and change dramatically after she opens her mouth during the first Democrat debate). Rand Paul polls better, nationally, against Hillary Clinton than any other Republican Candidate including Jeb Bush (with an unfavorable review) and Donald Trump (with a mixed review). In Iowa and New Hampshire, Rand Paul is polling in the top 4, though he is struggling mightily in South Carolina, where its’ native senior Senator, Lindsey Graham (47%), has decided to run a campaign on an anyone-but-Rand-Paul platform.

Rand Paul’s voting record is one of the best in the Senate, yet, he spends a great deal of time reaching out to Democrat constituencies, a fact that makes many Republicans uneasy. However, at the end of the day, I don’t care how he plays politics with our nations ridiculous demographics, so long as he votes in accordance with his principles.

Unlike other TEA Party candidates, Rand Paul is playing Balderdash (aka. politics) with the best of them – realizing that his ultra-conservative voting record is not likely to come up during the elections. Americans don’t vote on records. They vote on impressions and image. If Republicans voted on principle, then all they’d need to do to win is to nominate Senator Mike Lee and call it a day. No Republican is as consistent a conservative and a Republican as Senator Mike Lee.

Alas, this is not how Republicans vote. Republican voters tend to vote for candidates they feel have an impressive public image. This is the case primarily because they don’t understand their Democrat opponents, but are aware that anyone that looks and sounds conservative is going to be viciously attacked in the media, so Republicans avoid those candidates (not because they disagree with their politics, but, frankly, because they DO agree with them). Republicans are terrified of nominating someone they like, because they know that anyone they like will be despised by the media.

Then there is Rand Paul. A much softer, friendlier, easier on the ears candidate than his father, Rand Paul is neither trusted nor hated by the Establishment or the Grassroots. He lacks enemies within the party, other than the creature Lindsey Graham, and Democrats don’t exactly know what to make of him. He goes after the black vote and isn’t despised in that community like most Republicans. Hispanics haven’t made up their mind whether to peg him as a racist. Younger voters like him.

Once every couple of months, Rand Paul shows up at a hospital or clinic somewhere and performs free surgeries for patients.

Rand Paul’s two biggest issues in the Senate have been ObamaCare and NSA Spying. Now, both of these issues make Establishment Republicans uneasy, but voters take both issues seriously.

Where it gets ugly and daunting for the junior Senator from Kentucky is on foreign policy and border security. What is his plan to defeat ISIS? How does he plan on dealing with Russia and China? How does the United States gain traction and influence in Africa and South America (two high priority targets of the Communist Regime in China)? How would he handle some inevitably bipartisan Immigration Reform Bill if he were President?

With Domestic Terrorism looking like it is going to become a common thing, how does he plan on addressing it? Why hasn’t he been more outstpoken on ObamaTrade?

It is safe to say, for these reasons, that Rand Paul is running an incomplete campaign which requires further investigation and a great deal more explanation from him on these issues going forward; but for all of that, this is not a poorly run campaign. Nor should the Senator be underestimated by the Establishment and Grassroots.


Article written by: Steven Brodie Tucker

An Open Letter to John Whitbeck RE: Nancy Russell and Hanover Republican Committee Out of Control

Almost from the beginning Hanover County Republican Chairman Nancy Russell has been waging a war against Conservatives. On numerous occasions I have been forced to call her out for various calls and actions I and my Conservative friends have found questionable. In fact, Nancy Russell is the reason I resigned from the Hanover Republican Committee. As a Citizen Journalist I have found many times where the actions of our Party or those within the party were not in line with the Republican Principles, the Republican Creed or just plain wrong and clearly so. The last meeting I attended as a member was a couple of years ago. I had written a couple of articles about a particular Republican Supervisor in Hanover that had cast some, in my opinion, bad votes. And during the meeting, Russell recognized another member in what seemed to me to be a coordinated effort to shut me up. The member, ironically, “spoke ill” of me for “speaking ill” of an elected official. And of course Ronald Reagan’s 11th Commandment was mentioned.

Reagan’s 11th Commandment

First and foremost, this supposed commandment has been an effective weapon Establishment Republicans use to shut those up who disagree with them on any given issue. And I have had this tossed in my face many times. But this “commandment” was created by California Party Chairman Gaylord Parkinson, not Reagan.And according to Wiki:

Reagan followed this “commandment” during the first five primaries during the 1976 Republican primary against incumbent Gerald Ford, all of which he lost. He abandoned this approach in the North Carolina Primary and beat Ford 52–46, regaining momentum and winning a majority of delegates chosen after that date.

So even Ronald Reagan abandoned this “commandment”.

And it was after that Hanover Republican Committee meeting that I realized as long as Nancy Russell is the Chairman, this committee was a waste of my time and my energy. And truth be told, being a member did tend to throttle back my ability to criticize those in the group when they failed to follow Republican Principles. Not being a member freed me to write the truth with no need to hold back. And it also freed me from the still raging was Nancy Russell is fighting against Conservatives.

Most of what I do as a Conservative Republican activist and Citizen Journalist is done to preserve the nation I inherited for my children and grandchildren. When I see Republicans working against the Liberty and Freedom I grew up with, I feel an obligation to do everything I can to expose and stop that practice. We have watched Boehner and McConnell do everything in their power to pass this “Free” Trade Act that will enslave Americans. We watched as our former Governor McDonnell and his wife stuffed their pockets with the “spoils of office”. We watched as Republicans passed the largest tax hike in the history of Virginia and we watched as Republican power brokers tried to run roughshod over the Republican members with slating.

And sometimes it is hard to speak anything but ill against Republicans.

This week in an Executive Meeting of the Hanover County Republican committee, Nancy Russell and Nancy’s boy John Hardy Wilson went off the rails about me – and I am not even a member – and another person who is a Conservative member according to reports I received. It seems that this person sent an email with the post I wrote about the HIPAA Violation complaint I filed against Dr. Siobhan Stolle Dunnavant because she used her Patient list to solicit campaign help, votes, money, etc. in what I and a number of Health Care Professionals believe was a violation of HIPAA. And for the record, there were others who filed a complaint as well.

And now Nancy Russell is looking for a way to kick this person out of the committee for sending that email. And of course, this is another Conservative in the Russell War on Conservatives.

We all know that the Conservatives are the ones who knock on the doors, who make the phone calls and do all of the heavy lifting for the Party. In Hanover, the Grassroots Conservatives must fight the war on two fronts. One, with the Democrats to elect Republican Candidates and two, against Russell and Nancy’s Boy Wilson. And I can tell you, the battle against Russell is far more taxing than the one against the Democrats.

And while Russell is willing to look the other way at potential violations of laws, a definite violation of Party Ethics, many of us are not. A failure to hold Republicans accountable has cost us more elections than anything else. McDonnell’s tax and spend policies and his corruption with Jonnie Williams is the reason McAuliffe is now Governor. Do we really want to sit by as Russell seems to advocate and wait for the Democrats to file a HIPAA Complaint in October and flood the airwaves with ads about this? We all know that is what will happen. Dunnavant has put the Republican Party in jeopardy of losing the Senate in her quest for power. And to people like Russell and Wilson, this is not an issue as long as they have an “R” after their name.

I sincerely hope that Dunnavant is cleared and that this is not an issue in November. And if that is not the case, I hope that there is time to put in another Republican that can hold the seat and the Senate. Because remember, Bill Bolling poisoned any possibility of a power sharing arrangement in a 20-20 Senate by voting in the organizational phase of the Senate proceedings.

So while Russell focuses on purging another Conservative from the Committee because this person is, like myself, looking at the big picture and the overall control of the Senate, Russell can’t see past her support of one candidate. It is good that some of us can.

Nancy Russell has this committee on the verge of an implosion. We have a Presidential election coming up and she is alienating the people that do the work. Russell has been an obstacle to growing the party and a hindrance to the efforts of the party itself. She has a narrow focus on power and control of the committee and is known for constantly twisting and bending rules to achieve her desire to control the committee even to the detriment of the Republican Party in Virginia and to the County of Hanover in particular. She is so myopic in her War on Conservatives that she has lost sight of the big picture.

Hanover County Republicans are ill prepared to win a presidential election in Hanover with Russell as Chairman. I have called for her resignation and do so once again. We simply cannot move forward with this barrier she has created. After fighting with Russell day after day, party workers have nothing left to take the fight to the Democrats.

I am asking John Whitbeck and the RPV intervene in the Hanover Republican Committee and put a stop to the internal war in this unit so Republicans can focus on winning elections and not expend all of their energy on this senseless power struggle against Russell. We just want to work and elect good Republicans. And yes, we want to hold Republicans accountable.

Hanover County is a strong and reliable Conservative stronghold that is slipping. The current all Republican Board of Supervisors will most likely see a couple of Democrats elected to replace Republicans because Russell is presiding over the boiling cauldron she has created. The Committee has lost focus. And that focus will never be regained with Russell in charge.

It is time for John Whitbeck to ask for Nancy Russell and John Wilson to resign their posts with the Hanover Republican Committee. The committee needs leadership that can focus on winning elections, not on preserving the power of the Chairman. There is much work to do and we cannot do it with Russell and Wilson stirring up an internal war.

Mr. Whitbeck, your assistance is needed in Hanover, Sir!

Article written by: Tom White