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An Open Letter to John Whitbeck RE: Nancy Russell and Hanover Republican Committee Out of Control

Almost from the beginning Hanover County Republican Chairman Nancy Russell has been waging a war against Conservatives. On numerous occasions I have been forced to call her out for various calls and actions I and my Conservative friends have found questionable. In fact, Nancy Russell is the reason I resigned from the Hanover Republican Committee. As a Citizen Journalist I have found many times where the actions of our Party or those within the party were not in line with the Republican Principles, the Republican Creed or just plain wrong and clearly so. The last meeting I attended as a member was a couple of years ago. I had written a couple of articles about a particular Republican Supervisor in Hanover that had cast some, in my opinion, bad votes. And during the meeting, Russell recognized another member in what seemed to me to be a coordinated effort to shut me up. The member, ironically, “spoke ill” of me for “speaking ill” of an elected official. And of course Ronald Reagan’s 11th Commandment was mentioned.

Reagan’s 11th Commandment

First and foremost, this supposed commandment has been an effective weapon Establishment Republicans use to shut those up who disagree with them on any given issue. And I have had this tossed in my face many times. But this “commandment” was created by California Party Chairman Gaylord Parkinson, not Reagan.And according to Wiki:

Reagan followed this “commandment” during the first five primaries during the 1976 Republican primary against incumbent Gerald Ford, all of which he lost. He abandoned this approach in the North Carolina Primary and beat Ford 52–46, regaining momentum and winning a majority of delegates chosen after that date.

So even Ronald Reagan abandoned this “commandment”.

And it was after that Hanover Republican Committee meeting that I realized as long as Nancy Russell is the Chairman, this committee was a waste of my time and my energy. And truth be told, being a member did tend to throttle back my ability to criticize those in the group when they failed to follow Republican Principles. Not being a member freed me to write the truth with no need to hold back. And it also freed me from the still raging was Nancy Russell is fighting against Conservatives.

Most of what I do as a Conservative Republican activist and Citizen Journalist is done to preserve the nation I inherited for my children and grandchildren. When I see Republicans working against the Liberty and Freedom I grew up with, I feel an obligation to do everything I can to expose and stop that practice. We have watched Boehner and McConnell do everything in their power to pass this “Free” Trade Act that will enslave Americans. We watched as our former Governor McDonnell and his wife stuffed their pockets with the “spoils of office”. We watched as Republicans passed the largest tax hike in the history of Virginia and we watched as Republican power brokers tried to run roughshod over the Republican members with slating.

And sometimes it is hard to speak anything but ill against Republicans.

This week in an Executive Meeting of the Hanover County Republican committee, Nancy Russell and Nancy’s boy John Hardy Wilson went off the rails about me – and I am not even a member – and another person who is a Conservative member according to reports I received. It seems that this person sent an email with the post I wrote about the HIPAA Violation complaint I filed against Dr. Siobhan Stolle Dunnavant because she used her Patient list to solicit campaign help, votes, money, etc. in what I and a number of Health Care Professionals believe was a violation of HIPAA. And for the record, there were others who filed a complaint as well.

And now Nancy Russell is looking for a way to kick this person out of the committee for sending that email. And of course, this is another Conservative in the Russell War on Conservatives.

We all know that the Conservatives are the ones who knock on the doors, who make the phone calls and do all of the heavy lifting for the Party. In Hanover, the Grassroots Conservatives must fight the war on two fronts. One, with the Democrats to elect Republican Candidates and two, against Russell and Nancy’s Boy Wilson. And I can tell you, the battle against Russell is far more taxing than the one against the Democrats.

And while Russell is willing to look the other way at potential violations of laws, a definite violation of Party Ethics, many of us are not. A failure to hold Republicans accountable has cost us more elections than anything else. McDonnell’s tax and spend policies and his corruption with Jonnie Williams is the reason McAuliffe is now Governor. Do we really want to sit by as Russell seems to advocate and wait for the Democrats to file a HIPAA Complaint in October and flood the airwaves with ads about this? We all know that is what will happen. Dunnavant has put the Republican Party in jeopardy of losing the Senate in her quest for power. And to people like Russell and Wilson, this is not an issue as long as they have an “R” after their name.

I sincerely hope that Dunnavant is cleared and that this is not an issue in November. And if that is not the case, I hope that there is time to put in another Republican that can hold the seat and the Senate. Because remember, Bill Bolling poisoned any possibility of a power sharing arrangement in a 20-20 Senate by voting in the organizational phase of the Senate proceedings.

So while Russell focuses on purging another Conservative from the Committee because this person is, like myself, looking at the big picture and the overall control of the Senate, Russell can’t see past her support of one candidate. It is good that some of us can.

Nancy Russell has this committee on the verge of an implosion. We have a Presidential election coming up and she is alienating the people that do the work. Russell has been an obstacle to growing the party and a hindrance to the efforts of the party itself. She has a narrow focus on power and control of the committee and is known for constantly twisting and bending rules to achieve her desire to control the committee even to the detriment of the Republican Party in Virginia and to the County of Hanover in particular. She is so myopic in her War on Conservatives that she has lost sight of the big picture.

Hanover County Republicans are ill prepared to win a presidential election in Hanover with Russell as Chairman. I have called for her resignation and do so once again. We simply cannot move forward with this barrier she has created. After fighting with Russell day after day, party workers have nothing left to take the fight to the Democrats.

I am asking John Whitbeck and the RPV intervene in the Hanover Republican Committee and put a stop to the internal war in this unit so Republicans can focus on winning elections and not expend all of their energy on this senseless power struggle against Russell. We just want to work and elect good Republicans. And yes, we want to hold Republicans accountable.

Hanover County is a strong and reliable Conservative stronghold that is slipping. The current all Republican Board of Supervisors will most likely see a couple of Democrats elected to replace Republicans because Russell is presiding over the boiling cauldron she has created. The Committee has lost focus. And that focus will never be regained with Russell in charge.

It is time for John Whitbeck to ask for Nancy Russell and John Wilson to resign their posts with the Hanover Republican Committee. The committee needs leadership that can focus on winning elections, not on preserving the power of the Chairman. There is much work to do and we cannot do it with Russell and Wilson stirring up an internal war.

Mr. Whitbeck, your assistance is needed in Hanover, Sir!

Article written by: Tom White