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Trump Doesn’t Have to be Conservative, Humble or Polite to Fix America

DonaldIn most elections I find myself gravitating to the most Conservative candidate. I have supported Conservatives for every level of office. Sometimes my pick wins, sometimes not.

Now I don’t fall for that “most Conservative that can win” claptrap. That is a dog whistle call for a RINO. They believe that chasing after the Democrats to remain “centrist” is the way to win and keep office. And they are now well past the point the entire Democratic Party was a couple of decades ago.

I think all of my Conservative friends today would gladly follow a leader who said “Ask not what your country can do for you…”. JFK, if he were alive today would no doubt be branded a far right Tea Party whack job by the Media and the Democrats. Today’s Democrats say “Ask what we can do for you we are not already doing”. And the RINO’s are reaching across the imperceptible aisle to be just like them. Only less.

But the biggest reason I work to elect Conservatives is that they are less likely to be completely compromised by big money. It is rare when even the most Conservative of politicians does not succumb to the enticing call of the US Chamber of Commerce and Wall Street with the long number of zeros on the checks they dangle in front of their eyes. A candidate that is Conservative will still be compromised, but not to the extent of, say, Eric Cantor. He became quite adroit in the art of illusion. And there are a lot more examples. $19 trillion worth to be exact.

Conservatives bend, lesser men break to the wiles and seduction of the Almighty Dollar, and the strings that come with it.

When I looked at the field of candidates running for President on the GOP side, I immediately cast off all of them but Cruz. Ben Carson never seemed to have what I was looking for and being a Computer and IT guy Carly Fiorina was someone I remember from HP. A definite no.

And I also wrote off Donald Trump. I even think I wrote a snarky blog post about him not being a serious candidate and expected him to flirt with the idea of running for attention.

But an unexpected thing happened in the midst of Trump’s successful flirtation with the prospect of running and announcing he was, indeed, running. Now I do not believe for one second Donald Trump ever expected he would be leading the GOP field by large margins for 9 months running. And I do not think Trump walked into his first rally, or which ever rally it was, with a prepared strategy. But something happened on the stage that day. Something happened to the crowd, but more importantly, something happened to Donald Trump.

He said we would build a wall. And the crowd exploded with applause and cheers. I think that was the defining moment when Trump found the pulse of an America that has been battered and abused by the government. By both parties. He realized that America was mad as hell and was looking for someone to lead them into not taking it anymore.

And that was the beginning of Trump’s strategy that coincided with the decline of Jeb Bush and dashed the hopes of RINO’s everywhere that had counted on the fact that it was theigen-stonewall-jackson-1ar turn to take over the screwing of America. To most people caught in the middle, the Republicans and the Democrats have been playing a tag team match and the American People were the victims.

I imagine that the day Stonewall Jackson earned his nickname was the same type of moment. “There stands General Jackson like a stone wall. Rally behind the Virginians!”

So a man who has perfected the New York persona – loud, narcissistic, pompous, arrogant – and more – stood head and shoulders above the politicians and poked the establishment in the eye. And the nose and eventually the gut. I imagine that as the platform moved from an accidental off the cuff “build the wall” statement to the current list of populist grievances, no one was more surprised at this than Trump. He found the pulse of a large swath of the formerly silent majority and they are angry with where America has gone. They are furious at the loss of freedom and they blame the Republicans who promised to fix it. And failed. Hell, they never even tried.

Trump is, I truly believe, the accidental candidate. The most unlikely front runner. And the man that scares the hell out of Republicans, Democrats and the Media. But is surrounded by masses of adoring fans. And the energy is real. And the anticipation is unlike anything I have ever seen in the political world. I had the opportunity to speak at a Trump rally in Manassas Va a few weeks ago and the crowd was alive. And when Donald Trump finally arrived, Elvis would have been impressed with the reaction.

And when you add in the fact that Donald Trump is self funding, and 100% immune to corrupt influences and slavery of big money, how could anyone who cares about America not support Donald Trump? Is it his New York Persona? His New York Values?

If you were to sit down and make a list of what you want the next President to accomplish, what would you write?

Well, here is my list:

  • Stop nation building and constant wars. These countries are not ready nor are they compatible with Democracy. And America today is no shining example of Democracy anyway.
  • Our military has become a joke under Obama. We are weak and ill prepared.
  • Let’s have a foreign policy built on strength instead of leading from behind.
  • Terrorists belong in Gitmo. Not the US court system.
  • Stop the currency manipulation from China.
  • Treat OPEC like an organized crime mob. An oil cartel is no different than a drug cartel.
  • Secure the freaking border. Build a wall. And enforce the laws already on the books.
  • Repeal Obamacare and replace it with a well thought out plan and limit lawsuits.
  • Fix the out of control spending.
  • But take care of our people and keep the promises of Medicare and Social Security.
  • Reform welfare (again). The reforms from the Clinton Administration are gone and we have massively increased welfare.
  • Climate Change is a hoax. Kill it.
  • Common Core should be scrapped.
  • Stop funding abortionists
  • Leave my guns the hell alone.
  • Let states decide who can marry whom.
  • Stop refugees until we can properly vet them. Better yet, kill ISIS and send them all home.
  • Protect Christianity. Jews and Christians are being killed all over the world by Muslims. That MUST stop.
  • Make Political Correctness politically incorrect.
  • Jobs. We need jobs, jobs and jobs. Bring them back!

FixItThere are more, but this is enough to start on. This is what Trump plans to do. America has told him that we need these things fixed. Donald Trump has a long career of solving problems and making money. Under budget and ahead of schedule.

When Trump said most of these things, many in the GOP and the media said that he was done. He crossed the line. But his poll numbers rose with each line.

And the detractors are screaming from every corner. So, just for the record, I will set things straight.

  • I don’t care if Trump gave money to Hillary, Harry Reid, Pelosi or whoever. He didn’t give them money to help them, he gave to help himself and his business. Purely selfish reasons. He buys politicians. That is good business. NOw I would take issue with his donations if I thought he wanted to help people like Pelosi and Hillary.
  • I don’t care if Trump is not very Conservative. I don’t need him to be conservative, just fix the things on my list. Big money is not going to own him.
  • I don’t care if Trump is not a good Christian. I’m not saying he is not, I wouldn’t make that judgement. But he understands that Christians and Jews are under siege and he plans to put a stop to it. His relationship with God is between him and Him.
  • I don’t care if Trump has New York Values. I don’t even know what that means. Just fix the stuff on my list.
  • I don’t care if Trump is rude, crude and socially unacceptable. Just fix the stuff on my list.
  • I don’t care if you call me or Trump a racist, nativist, xenophobe, homophobe, or jerk. Just fix the stuff on my list.
  • I don’t care if Trump is in favor of eminent domain. He believes the land owners should be well compensated. You can’t build the Keystone Pipeline without it. But it is not something a president would use. Just fix the stuff on my list.

So for all of the people who support some other candidate and can’t figure why us Trump supporters don’t give a rip about all those reasons you keep tossing out expecting us to run away from Trump, I don’t care. We don’t care.

The list. Remember?

And then there is that little issue of the Republicans lying to us again and again and again. The reason Trump, Carson and Fiorina polled so well was their status as outsiders. Even Cruz gets a bit of street cred as an outsider despite his couple of years in the Senate as a Republican.

President is a completely different animal than any other office. We need as many Conservatives as possible in the House and Senate to fend off the liberals. The more the merrier. But the sad truth is, even an A+ Conservative like Dave Brat who has not allowed the Big Money puppeteers to attach their strings to his votes, they are unable to change a lot of things because they are pushed away because they do not play the game. They have a hard time raising money and are ostracized and isolated by their big money controlled colleagues. They may be Republicans, but they face a tough fight every day.

And the intent of this post is not to bash Cruz, but he can expect the same treatment if he were president as Dave Brat and the rest of the Conservatives. A President Cruz would not have to fight the Democrats nearly as hard as he would have to fight the Republicans. He called McConnell a liar on the Senate floor. McConnell is a liar, but that is one bridge Cruz has burned. Obama has found a soulmate in McConnell, Boehner and now Ryan. Cruz will find it hard to accomplish anything at all with the present makeup of Congress.

Trump, on the other hand, has given money to a lot of politicians. Left and Right. And he is a master with the press. If he had to shut down the government to implement my list, the press would trump-hatbe powerless to blame the Republicans or Trump. He simply won’t let that happen.

So you can hate Trump if you want, make fun of his hair, his religion, his New York values or anything else you want. But no one else has promised to work on my list of objectives. No one else has the proven successful track record of Trump. And no one else is able to own the press and his detractors like Donald Trump.

Which is why I say Donald Trump doesn’t have to be Conservative, Humble or Polite to Fix America.

He just has to execute the repairs. Preferably under budget and ahead of schedule.

And I truly believe Donald Trump can and will Make America Great Again!


Article written by: Tom White

The Inevitability of Ted Cruz

As the Republican Primary takes shape, I feel increasingly confident in the electoral viability of Senator Ted Cruz. While those who make a fortune working for, lobbying for, contracting with, and benefiting from the Republican Establishment in Washington D.C. will remain cantankerous toward the Cruz Campaign, the Senator has a great deal working in his favor.

atedcruzMoney? Check. He’s been an erudite fundraiser, drawing the magnitude of his contributions from small donors, who are likely to vote, likely to volunteer, and likely to spread the word-of-mouth praise and adulation that inspires others to get on board a bandwagon.

Organization? Check. Donald Trump, Ben Carson, Marco Rubio, and Jeb Bush also sport expertly crafted and experienced campaign staffs, but unlike Cruz, they have all been burdened by mistakes, by history, and by their inexperience. Senator Cruz is operating a mistake-free campaign. I’ve heard his campaign referenced to as “the little engine that could”, but that concept drastically misses the mark. What makes Senator Cruz a brilliant campaigner is not that he’s slowly chugging up the mountain, it’s that he has thousands of activists and organizers laying the track long before the train arrives.

Intellectual Support? Check. Conservative Review, Heritage Action, and dozens of other think tanks and organizations have ranked Ted Cruz as one of the most legitimate conservatives in America. Senator Cruz didn’t just become a conservative over the last couple years, nor has he crafted his conservative message in stages, piecemeal, over time. Unlike Carson and Trump who are having to spend an enormous amount of time and money manufacturing their conservative credentials, Ted Cruz has been a consistent conservative from our earliest investigations of his actions to present.

Debate Skills? Check. One of the best moments of the Republican Primary debate season came from Senator Ted Cruz.

Or how about that moment when Senator Ted Cruz took to the floor of the United States Senate and laid waste to Mitch McConnell? How about the fact that Ted Cruz hasn’t had to define himself as a conservative? From the very beginning Ted Cruz has been a Constitutional Conservative. And why are so many Libertarians like myself supporting Ted Cruz? Maybe because Ted Cruz has always been an advocate of those Constitutional Amendments this Republican Party has failed to adequately protect.

If Rand Paul or Ben Carson had the same fighting history as Senator Ted Cruz, maybe we’d be behind them. It takes more than having Ron Paul as your father to warrant support from the libertarian and constitutionalist right. It takes more than being a brilliant neurosurgeon to warrant our support. It takes more than being Donald Trump, Celebrity and Reality TV Star, to warrant our support. We want a lifelong, uncompromising, conservative who has been defending the United States Constitution for as long as we have, to represent us.

Ted Cruz hasn’t made many friends in Washington DC. The same Congressmen and Senators that have ignored us as their constituents have ignored and libeled Senator Ted Cruz.

The fact is, that Ted Cruz is the most likely nominee for the Republican Party. Donald Trump and Ben Carson are more popular, because they are better known, but as the nation gets to know Senator Ted Cruz, I have no doubt that he will ignite a fuse, a spark, a blaze, and a fire at the heart of the Republican Party. Those tired of losing, tired of watching the Republican Party legislating a Democrat Agenda, will embrace the Senator from Texas, as the next Republican Nominee for President of these United States.

Interested in joining the fight? Let me know. I’ll put you in touch with Shak Hill and Chris Shores. More importantly, I’ll put you in touch with your fellow republicans working to nominate an actual Conservative for President for the first time in decades.



Article written by: Steven Brodie Tucker

Susan Minarchi: Last Minute Emergency Endorsement in Caroline County

susanRepublican Susan Minarchi, with years of experience serving our courts in Caroline County, is running for Clerk of the Caroline County Circuit Court. After the retirement of her predecessor she’s already been doing the job. She’s been involved in this job for years. Sadly, like most Republicans (in and out of the closet) in Caroline County, Susan has received less than the Caroline County Republican Party’s full-throated support. With decades of experience Susan is exactly the kind of public servant we need in this role. Caroline County, known for its local governments’ Chick-Fil-A-Esque Customer Service, has produced an experienced Clerk in Susan Minarchi that will continue the tradition of kind, helpful, and thoughtful service in our Courts.

I’m not asking for much here. If you know someone in Caroline County, before you go to bed tonight (or if you read this in the morning, before you go to work) call your friends in Caroline County and tell them that a great Republican Civil Servant is running for Clerk of the Circuit Court, and that Susan Minarchi needs their support. Maybe they’ve heard of her and maybe they haven’t (the Dysfunctional Republican Party in Caroline County sometimes backs Independents when it suits them). Caroline Residents are reaching out to whomever will listen, and maybe I’m the only one listening, asking for public support of their candidate for clerk.

While I have not met her yet (I’ll meet her tomorrow), constituents of the county speak highly of her and many are frustrated that the local powers that be haven’t lifted a finger to promote her campaign. Sometimes local Republican Parties fall short and that leaves us, the Conservative Grassroots, to pick up the slack and do the work they can’t, won’t, or refuse to do. Call someone in Caroline and encourage them to support the only candidate with actual Clerk Experience for Clerk of the Caroline County Circuit Court.

Thank you,

Steven Brodie Tucker.

Article written by: Steven Brodie Tucker

Networking Your Counties: Developers and Businesses are Doing It. Are You?

We’ve all heard of the “Good Old Boys Network” referring to wealthy networks for businessmen, developers, and politicians. These networks are not magically manufactured. Regular folk, who just happen to be wealthier and more powerful than everyone else, network amongst themselves to secure their interests against the rubes and rabble that outnumber them in their districts, counties, and states. Hanover County appears to have discovered the possibility that electing developers or their friends to their board of supervisors isn’t necessarily a good idea. They should have saw that coming.

Yet, the grassroots should learn about the power of networking. Whether it’s a conservative blog, an email group, Facebook page, or a TEA Party, creating a network of communication between busy, average individuals allows all the individuals to benefit from the knowledge of the others.

The Richmond Times Dispatch is rarely going to cover news stories about how corruption within government and the business community affect the average Joe. In fact, the media tends to demonstrate an organized effort to get average folks to go to war with one another while they collectively get the shaft.

networking1Communication is the germ of organization. We’re all busy people with work lives, home lives, social lives, hobbies, church, and so on. Getting a large number of us to a Board of Supervisors or School Board meeting can be difficult. Who’s going to watch the kids? Is it going to cost me any sleep? Communication about the importance of these meetings allows people to know what will be covered in these meetings, when to show up at these meetings, and how to prepare, facts and information, at these meetings. Once elected, your local Representatives are often times the ones who are held the least accountable.

What if your local Board of Supervisors began seeing an extra 35 or 40 people show up at their meetings? What if people took notes and sent emails out to another 40 individuals who couldn’t attend? What if someone took notes and blogged about it? What if someone shared those notes on Facebook? Well, what happens is that The Board quickly understands that whatever they do is going to go public. Folk are going to ask them questions at Church or at the Supermarket, or wherever.

I know there is networking going on. I get emails from several people about all kinds of local developments. There are a handful of decent local blogs that produce real research on FOIA requests. There are several excellent blogs that cover politicians, political races, and events. There are community facebook pages that reach dozens if not hundreds of people. Where do you fall on the networking food chain? Are you attending meetings? Are you sharing information? Are you receiving emails from folks attending meetings or doing research? Are you on social media? Do you just read blogs or do you share them?

If you needed to reach 50 people about something important happening in your community; do you know who would be interested in that information and who would be likely to act on that information? Are you networked?

If not, just remember that “the powers that be” are extremely well networked. If you want to protect yourself from politicians and those feeding at the public trough, then you need to be involved in whatever network, whatever the size, in whatever form and with whatever reach, to even the playing field.


Article written by: Steven Brodie Tucker

Obama DOJ Declares Open Season On TEA Party

With great power comes no responsibility. The Spiderman writers clearly never consulted with the Ruling Class in Washington DC before peddling their old school moral propaganda in theaters.

Justice Department: No Criminal Charges for Lerner, Others in IRS Scandal

The Justice Department announced Friday afternoon that it will not bring criminal charges against Lois Lerner or any other IRS official involved in the targeting of Tea Party groups, in a decision Republicans ripped as a “free pass.”

In a letter to leaders of the House Judiciary Committee, the department said the investigation into the controversy will be closed — and while they found “mismanagement, poor judgment and institutional inertia,” they found “no evidence that would support a criminal prosecution.”

“What occurred is disquieting and may necessitate corrective action — but it does not warrant criminal prosecution,” Assistant Attorney General Peter J. Kadzik wrote.

comIt is important to understand what your federal government is declaring here. Conservatives have no rights. In fact, anyone opposing the Federal Government has no rights. While illegally bullying the American People in order to win elections may warrant a wagging of the finger, it simply is not a crime. Targeting of Conservatives in the United States of America will continue. If agents of the Ruling Class get caught, they will be verbally reprimanded with a wink and nod, if not coitus, and business shall continue as usual. Move along folks, nothing to see here.

That this travesty will not result in widespread protests is an indication that the federal governments tactics are working. Everyone is simply too dispirited or afraid to fight back. No abuse of power will result in criminal consequences. None of our liberties are protected – so long as you refuse to obey.

Welcome to Ameritopia.

Article written by: Steven Brodie Tucker

The Trials and Tribulations of the Grassroots Activist

The sheer amount of emotional fortitude required to be a conservative, constitutional, or libertarian grassroots activists is broader and deeper than anyone could imagine. Faced with the most frustrating realities, activists are forced to soldier on against impossible odds. Groups of average Americans come together to take on impossible enemies like the Mainstream Media, Wall Street, K Street, the Chamber of Commerce, the National Republican Party, the National Democrat Party, the House of Representatives, and the United States Senate. These grassroots activists are fighting the wealthiest and most powerful people, organizations, and institutions in the world, pouring all of their time, money, energy, and hope into these ambitious endeavors.

And that’s just national politics.


State and local politics are no less difficult and infuriating. National Special Interests pour money into local and statewide campaigns, in order to deprive the constituents of their own unfunded agendas. This outside money wouldn’t be so impregnable if it were not for the fact that most of our local Republican Parties are controlled by one or two powerful families. These families rule over the plebes in their towns, cities, and counties with an iron fist. They dictate to the school boards and the boards of supervisors and the town councils. If representatives cross them, these wealthy families launch primary campaigns, stirring up division and discord. There is no part of our Constitutional Republic that has not been corrupted.

You see, the average American lives in the real world, with real consequences, and real causes. We don’t wake up in the morning and think to ourselves whether or not the troubles of the day relate to reality itself or to the perceptions of something called political reality. Bribery is illegal, so we can’t skirt the consequences of our actions by buying off those intended to hold us responsible. We can’t print more money when we run out. We aren’t given unlimited amounts of credit. We can’t take some money from some people to give it to other people so that the other people will take care of our bills. The realities of politics are dark, corrupt, and cruel. Our governments are never held responsible for the unintended consequences of their actions.

But we are.

And despite all this, the duty to go on, to continue fighting, to search for small victories while fighting for big ones, remains. We can never stop, never surrender the real world to those who live in a political one. People who live in a political world, who think in terms of politics and political agendas, will never succeed in the real world. This is why our government can’t win wars, can’t balance budgets, can’t achieve greater prosperity for their people. The reality they perceive is different from the reality that actually exists. Their world is a world of contradiction, compromise, and paradox. Our world is an objective world, without contradiction or paradox, where A=A and 1=1. Success or failure in their world is measured by the arbitrary powers they hold at the end of the day, and not by the objective consequences their actions have had on those they govern.

Our politicians don’t really believe that their lies are lies, since in their world, if you have to say X to achieve Y, then X is a categorical imperative, and one cannot be held guilty for doing what is necessary. These people we are fighting in Washington D.C. and here at home are truly lost. They do not live in reality. They are incapable of reasoning or taking responsibility for what they do. We must understand this, because we must understand that our failures have not come at the hands of our inability to reason or communicate. People living in a make-believe political reality cannot understand the words and motivations of those who live in the real world. They are lost. They cannot be reasoned with. All you can do is replace them and then desperately try to hold whomever you send through the black gates of our nations’ capital accountable. That is what it means to be a grassroots activist. Thankless, hopeless, and utterly necessary! And who knows, a day may come when those living in reality are in the majority, and our government will conform to reality, instead of trying to make reality conform to it.

Article written by: Steven Brodie Tucker

Washington Post Reports: Freedom Caucus Surrenders. Stabs Constituents In The Heart.

gopeThese are amazing times. It is a rare thing that within just a few hours of writing an article I am given cause to retract it. Earlier today I wrote an article praising the Freedom Caucus for their strong principled stand for an open process and a principled, transparent, and deliberative House of Representatives. Whether through purchase or threat, the real power in the House of Representatives, the imperial chairman of the House and Ways Committee, Cantor Clone and Boehner Lieutenant, Paul Ryan appears to have broken the Freedom Caucus and bent them to his will.

In today’s article, What is the Freedom Caucus Really After, I may have misled my readers in the idea that these “conservatives” were something special and important. They are not. if the Washington Post can be believed.

‘Supermajority’ of House Freedom Caucus to back Paul Ryan’s speaker bid

Hard-line conservatives cleared a path late Wednesday for Rep. Paul Ryan to become House speaker when a majority of some of the most disgruntled House Republicans signaled that they would support his bid for the top job.

The decision to back Ryan by the 40-member House Freedom Caucus, which has risen in power and stature since its founding this year, came after the Ways and Means chairman spent much of his day courting its support.

“A supermajority of the caucus has agreed to support Paul Ryan,” said Rep. Raúl R. Labrador (R-Idaho) after a lengthy evening meeting.

If true, it is certain that conservatives have no friends in the House of Representatives. I want names, but I doubt I’ll get them. Instead, I expect to get excuses embroidered in the white flag of Paul Ryan’s promises. When Paul Ryan breaks these promises, these “freedom” caucus folks will grandstand and scream that they were lied to, that they’d been had.

No, Congressmen. You weren’t had. Your constituents were. Again.

I admit that this reaction could be premature – that the Washington Post could be wrong – that the Freedom Caucus could regather its’ wits. If they don’t, however, they ought not be forgiven. We did not embrace them as the lesser evil amongst a lesser evil. They were supposed to represent us.

Share this message in every district represented by a member of the House Freedom Caucus: You Elect Paul Ryan Speaker and You Are Done. Period. End of story.


Article written by: Steven Brodie Tucker

What Is The Freedom Caucus Really After?

The 36 members of the House Freedom Caucus have created a great deal of turmoil in our nations’ capital. While they are too few to control Congresses legislative agenda, they do have enough members to influence the race for Speaker of the House. Many are accusing the Freedom Caucus of trying to hijack the agenda, but that isn’t at all what they are after.

fcaucusThe House Freedom Caucus is looking to fix a corrupt legislative body. You see, the House is designed with a committee structure. Committees are supposed to draft legislation relevant to their domain of oversight and offer those bills to the House at large. That’s not what’s been happening. Bills are being written outside of committee, packaged by Leadership and then, without much review, consideration, or debate, put forward for an up or down vote. Congressmen are being asked to vote on legislation they haven’t read and don’t yet understand. It’s bad enough keeping the American People perpetually in the dark, but keeping Congressmen in the dark is inexcusable.

Furthermore, House Leadership has constantly used manufactured crises to pressure Congressmen into voting for Legislation a majority of Republican constituents would loathe. That Republicans would dislike this legislation is precisely why Boehner and the rest of Republican Leadership wait until the very last minute to pass these bills. By waiting until the last minute, leadership creates an operational crisis. If Republicans don’t vote for the surprise, last minute legislation, then the federal government shuts down, or a department or project loses funding, or someone somewhere doesn’t get paid.

There has never been a necessity to wait for these crises to occur. Everyone knows when the last minute will arise. Leadership deliberately waits until the last minute to prevent debate or objection. Currently, only 12 percent of the American People approve of the job our Congress is doing. One of the obvious reasons the American People despise their Congress is because their Congress is always in crisis. Whether or not they recognize this is Boehner’s plan or not doesn’t matter. The appearance of perpetual crisis is enough to make anyone lose faith and respect for the institution.

The Freedom Caucus is simply asking Leadership to return to a responsible, transparent, and deliberative process. They aren’t asking that the new Speaker support this legislative agenda or that – they are merely demanding that the House of Representatives operate the way it is supposed to operate. The 36 members of the House Freedom Caucus are the only members of the House of Representatives looking out, not for the government, but for the American People. My suggestion is that we all give them our full throated and financial support. Without them, the Republican Party will continue ramming through President Obama’s agenda, unencumbered by opposition or debate.


Article written by: Steven Brodie Tucker

My Plea to the Conservative Grassroots in Virginia’s Historic 1st District (If Such a Thing Even Exists)

I live in Virginia’s historic 1st District. Congressman Rob Wittman is my Representative. I have often felt that we in the 1st District were poorly represented, predicated upon the fact that Congressman Rob Wittman is rather low-key, doesn’t vote for the most aggressive conservative bills, is easy to get along with, is never in the headlines demonstrating leadership, rarely fighting with Leadership, and never, ever, in trouble in the press. However, he does support many good pieces of legislation.

I want Congressman Wittman to demonstrate leadership, to mix it up, and to push Leadership toward a more Constitutionalist and Liberty-Movement agenda. I want Congressman Wittman to be more like Congressman Dave Brat (who has a 100% score with Conservative Review).

But I wonder if Congressman Wittman isn’t the perfect Representative for the 1st District. Relative to many other districts, it is simply a fact that the Virginia’s 1st district is one of the more passive districts in the State. Relatively disengaged, unwilling to mix it up, looking to go along and get along (as much as possible), and easily distracted by process and prerogative. I look at our Virginia Delegates Representing the citizens of the 1st District, and I think to myself, “Are our Richmond Delegates any more principled, vivacious, and aggressive than our Congressman”? Clearly the answer is a resounding, NO.

wittman1Maybe the 1st District is lucky to have a Representative as conservative as Rob Wittman. Sure, he isn’t there when it matters on the big issues, but neither are we. So who are we to expect a better Congressman than we deserve? Congressman Wittman is probably one of the more conservative Representatives in the State and in the 1st District, that seems to be good enough. He’s not Eric Cantor, but he’s not as conservative as Goodlatte either. I don’t dislike the Congressman personally. He is as nice a man as you’ll run into from Washington DC. But I’ve been around to TEA Parties in Virginia’s 1st, and listened to the people, and somehow walked away with the impression that there was a desire for something more, something better, something more akin to Dave Brat or Justin Amash or Thomas Massie.

I’m realizing that’s not the case.

Rob Wittman has a 60% score from Conservative Review, but that might just be a bit more conservative than Virginia’s 1st District. There is no real grassroots presence in Rob Wittman’s district; so it would be absurd for him to buck his bread and butter (Farmers, Military, and Lawyers). They control the 1st Districts’ politics in the absence of a grassroots. He should be representing them.

Therefore, instead of writing another article pressuring my Congressman, I am simply writing this: a request for Grassroots Leadership in Virginia’s First District. If you want better conservative leadership than you receive from your Congressman, then you need to demonstrate better leadership than your Congressman. TEA Party’s ought not be mere meetings for the airing of grievances, but dynamic institutes for education, involvement, and grassroots activism. Until I see better grassroots leadership and momentum from conservatives in the 1st District, I’m going to count my lucky stars that I have Rob Wittman as my Congressman.

What do I really want?

I want to see folk in Virginia’s First District stepping up for conservative candidates and volunteering for their campaigns. I want to hear about how folks in the 1st District are leading the way for Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Ben Carson, etc. I want to hear about our Republican Candidates bragging about how Rob Wittman’s District is active and engaged, and I don’t want to hear about how most of the Presidential Campaigns can’t find volunteers. I want to hear about how knowledgeable the activists in the 1st District are about their local Republican Party, how involved they are in influencing local elections, newspaper stories about the unbelievable turnouts at local candidate forums, and I want to see communication from one end of the district to the other.

I want Kilmarnock talking to Montross, and Montross talking to King George, and King George talking to Gloucester. I want to see interaction and movement and purpose. Until then, you’ll never hear me say a single negative word about Congressman Rob Wittman, who so accurately reflects his district. More conservative districts should be so lucky to be so perfectly reflected by their Representatives in Washington D.C.

I don’t accurately represent Virginia’s 1st District. Congressman Rob Wittman does. I guess I just wish that wasn’t the case. Therefore, Congressman Wittman, you are officially off the hook, from the likes of me, until further notice. Have at it.

Article written by: Steven Brodie Tucker

Hillary Clinton, The Lesser of Two Evils, and The Pertinacious Right

While Republicans rip their cloaks and gnash their teeth over the executive abuses of the Obama Administration, the Hillary Campaign is doubling down on authoritarian executive power; and she isn’t being shy about it. Worse even, this is exactly why Democrats still love her, scandals and all.

Hillary Clinton knows what Democrats want from their next president: someone who uses the bulked-up power of the presidency to drive a progressive agenda.

From closing the gun show loophole to tightening the “Volcker Rule” to cut down on risky speculative investing, Clinton is crafting plans to go it alone in major policy areas. That’s important because in an era in which Congress can’t function — particularly when power is closely divided between the parties — the executive actions a president takes unilaterally are among the most consequential policies enacted.

Sure, there are some Democrats who chew their nails when thinking about Clinton’s Machiavellian side, but most are nonetheless glad to see signs that she’s not going to get rolled by a Republican Congress. The scope of what she’s promising to do by herself is unprecedented from a top candidate for the presidency.

The view from inside the campaign, said one official, is that it’s important to be specific about how Clinton would use the unilateral powers of the presidency “because of the level of frustration” Democrats have felt when Obama’s priorities have been blocked by Republicans in Congress. Even if Democrats are able to elect one of their own as president in 2016, he or she is all but assured of facing a Congress in which one or two of the chambers are controlled by Republicans. – VOX

While Republicans gnaw at each other, Hillary Clinton is looking to become Lord Emperor of these United States of Government-Worship. Let’s just take a few moments to recognize the threat to the Republic Hillary Clinton represents, and consider whether or not we can allow such an individual power. Is she bad enough to vote for a Republican we don’t like?

jeb!The question this brings me to is whether or not Bush people can vote for Cruz, or Cruz people vote for Bush, or Bush or Cruz people vote for Trump? Sadly, I’m the problem with the Republican Party. I probably won’t vote for Jeb Bush or Donald Trump in a general election, essentially throwing away my vote in pursuit of a Hillary Clinton Presidency (if such a degrading choice even materializes). People like myself need to begin taking responsibility for the conundrums we cause. The Pertinacious Right, whether Constitutionalist or Populist, have to be honest and willing to explain themselves to a nation willing to choose the lesser of two evils in an important Presidential Election.

I haven’t always been this way. I voted Libertarian in 2000, not being able to discern a reasonable difference between Bush and Gore; but I voted for Bush against Kerry, McCain against Obama, and Romney against Obama. So as a principled voter, I have an embarrassing and untrustworthy track record. That said, here I am, back to my old ways, unwilling to break for the lesser of two evils. That said, I am desperately hoping that moderate Republicans will break for a Cruz candidacy, after he overtakes the Republican field, as I predict he will. How hypocritical.

How can I want Jeb! supporters to back Cruz or Carson or Paul, if I won’t back Bush? The reality is, that I can’t.

I must offer this in my defense, I can’t tell the difference between Republicans and Democrats. Bush, Trump, and Hillary Clinton all use different rhetoric, but will they govern differently? Well, I don’t know. I have established for myself a litmus test: does this candidate willingly abide by the Constitution – the original intent of the Constitution? See, I’m not an idealistic or democratic kind of guy. Liberty requires strict prohibitions on government, no matter how popular or persuasive that government may be.

I believe in the rule of law, the Constitution, Republican Federalism, and Liberty. I don’t see how voting for Jeb Bush or Donald Trump promotes what I believe in. This is hard to say out loud, because I know what it means. It means, I expect the Republican Party to agree with me or else I won’t support their candidates. It’s a hard line, it is uncompromising, and it is pragmatically unfair. But it is true.

So here I am – pointing out that a President Hillary Clinton will be far worse than a President Obama and declaring that I will not support the lesser evil. Here’s the thing though; I’m not alone. I’m nowhere near alone. Also, I voted for Bush’s second term and it was devastating. I voted for McCain and he lost. I voted for Romney and he lost. I sacrificed my integrity each time for nothing. In the meantime, the Republicans in Congress have been funding every abuse of the Obama Regime. So this is a plea for help. Tell me, why should I vote for the lesser evil, when the lesser evil never wins – or when it does, does more harm than good?

Looking for comments of good sense, without actually expecting it.


Article written by: Steven Brodie Tucker