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If it requires a war in the republican party, let’s get on with it

I have always admired the Bush family and their collective service to our nation. George H.W Bush in particular because of his heroic service during WW II and his genuine zest for life, exhibited up until the last few years with his age defying acts to celebrate his birthdays.

All of that however is in danger of slipping away with the childlike behavior exhibited this week when they publically stated their intent of not endorsing Trump ,and or not voting for him. Perhaps Jeb , a recent combatant in what was at times an unpleasant primary campaign might still be licking his wounds, but for the family including 2 former Presidents to behave this way is unacceptable.

“ Read my lips”, the now infamous quote of H.W’s during his 1988 campaign , and in 2004 W’s promoting and passage of Medicare Part D ( solely to secure a 2nd term himself ) hardly endear these two as stalwart conservatives in the minds of those who were encouraged in 2008 and 2012 to set aside any differences in the interest of party unity.  This conduct only solidifies many conservatives view that the Bush family embodiment of establishment politics is so ingrained as to preclude them from now accepting the will of the voters in their choice of Trump as a standard bearer for the Republican Party.

If indeed this fracture isn’t healed and Hillary Clinton is sworn in next January those of us who have held our noses in the past and supported candidates that were too establishment for our tastes will not soon forget the Bush families distasteful conduct . If the republican party is to go to war with itself, then so be it. Electing the Bush candidates hardly served conservative values, and voters have clearly had enough of the family monarchy, to include both the Bush and Clinton family.

Bob Shannon  King William

Article written by: Tom White