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Vassar Bushmills

Over Easter weekend my wife and I watched a half-dozen Easter and Passover-themed films. Among them was the 1968 film “Shoes of the Fisherman” which actually laid out the then-current state of liberalism in Hollywood. The Catholic Church, played by Anthony Quinn, as it’s new pope, agreed to give away the Church’s entire wealth; land, reliquaries, art, cash, in order to feed the starving millions of a failed Marxist experiment in China, in order to avoid a war with what Liberals viewed at the time as a stable Marxist experiment in the USSR, played by Sir Laurence Olivier as its General Secretary. America was only a bit player in this drama, but still portrayed as interventionist because of our role in Vietnam, which was depriving China of its rice bowl. In shorthand, if a China-USSR war turned into a world war, it would be America’s fault, which has been a continuing Liberal chant since Ike.

If you weren’t alive in ’68, there are some things you wouldn’t have known, namely that Maoist China and the USSR actually were bitter rivals, with regular firefights along their shared border. I was a newly commissioned infantry lieutenant and we knew.

The theme of this film wasn’t war, however, but on the fantastical notion that the Liberalism of the 1960s should still willingly give its own money away to cure cataclysms such as famine. That noble sentiment would soon die, however, as LBJ cured Democrats of this delusion with his Great Society plan, in favor of the socialist notion that using other peoples’ money was less painful to give away, in fact, even profitable for the middleman.

In 1968 Hillary had not yet drawn the attention of Saul Alinsky, Cronkite had not yet declared the war in Vietnam lost, but American liberalism in Hollywood was already in its thirtieth year of its love affair with Soviet Marxism…only, as the next 30 years would prove, it never fully fathomed the darker side of its lover,, and the role extraordinary cruelty would have to play in holding onto power once all its other schemes have failed. As they invariably do.

Democrats are rehearsing for that eventuality now.

Hillary’s class blamed the failings of Soviet communism on the coarse Russians which held it. Hillary’s class could have done much better. In her class’s scheme, all Marxism needed was the steadying hands of a super-educated, insulated, spoiled rotten class, like Hillary and Barack, who could manage the administration of a multi-trillion dollar economy almost as well as it could their own personal checking accounts.

This was the original “separate reality” of the Left that has spawned all other separate realities ever since. It was predicated on the notion that their class was not a small but exclusive moon orbiting our “free and independent” planet, but rather America’s sole source of light and heat. Our sun.

(Trust me, that was an easy sell to Hillary’s class.)

Over the next 30 years since the Clintons the ruling class lost sight of the most significant difference in the two realities, size, or that even people of ordinary sense would ever notice it.

By 2016 we did.

Today, back on horseback, constitutionally in charge again, while they are now afoot, this has been our first clear look at the America landscape since the Liberals-cum-Left began trying to lay it bare in the 90’s[…]

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Bookworm Beat 3/8/2019 — the Democrat Party goes full anti-Semitism

An illustrated edition focusing on the Dems’ weirdly ecumenical transition from anti-Black (slavery, Jim Crow, ghettoization) to untrammeled anti-Semitism.
(Plus other examples of the myriad threats socialists pose to America, and the way Trump is a bulwark against those threats.)

Before getting to the posters, a short video I urge you all to watch:

We now return to our regularly scheduled illustrated edition

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Vassar Bushmills

From a political fad in 2016, to a trend after the 2018 mid-terms, Infanticide has become a full blown rallying cry for Democrats around blue state America. Our Lady Penguin laid this development bare just a few days ago in her “a murder by any other name is still murder” expose of the new Infanticide law in New York, and the effort by other states, New Mexico, Rhode Island, and Virginia to get on the Execution train even before it’s left the station.

No one can say in  prose what every moral human in America must feel about this outrage better than Lady Penguin. So read it.

I’ll only speak to the speed with this band-wagon effect has developed, meaning that the Left has taken full leave of its moral senses (killing babies) without any forthought about what killing babies really means.

If you want a 3-minute mind-picture of just what killing babies is like, I offer this testimony of a now-reformed New York abortion doctor, Dr Lavatino, who describes a second tri-mester abortion in detail. (I know, it’s not how you had it pictured. “Hey, there’s a real person in there, a real breathing baby”…and a doctor has to take that child out piece-by-piece and stack its parts up like cordwood to make sure they got everything. Probably not even most of the foot-stomping “absolute right to do whatever I want with my body” shriekers know that’s how it’s done, or that some clinics now have on-staff nurses whose sole purpose is to muffle the crying sounds of the victim, just so everyone in the room can walk out guilt-free. How medieval.

It’s not just the lies the abortion industry has to tell its victims just to get them into the surgery, but worse, the extraordinary lengths they will go to disguise to themselves, actually self-hypnotize, the barbarism they are committing, even as they commit it.

I’ll guarantee no young pregnant about-to-abort mother has ever pictured her fully-formed 22-week old baby dying this way…for she wouldn’t be there if she did.

Still this reflects an intentional kind of self-delusion that begins with someone else, somewhere else. People behind the curtain. Both the Nazis and Soviets went to great length to pass “those who were about to die’ through several levels of paper-pushing and hand-stamping so that only a handful of men and women would actually come away with blood on their hands. Everyone else had some level of deniability  and conscience assuaging available to them[…]

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Black American, R. W. Bray’s Speech on the Black Community

I noticed this week a sudden increase in anti-Trump memes on the Facebook timelines of family members, their friends and associates who while not pointing fingers in any particular direction question the sanity and intelligence of non-Progressive Black Americans and since the presidential election season has heated up, those Black Americans who support Donald Trump.

Yes, posted are pro-Hillary, pro-woman, Barack Obama is king (or higher) and “what are they thinking” memes by man who were born decades after Lyndon Johnson’s war on poverty and were too young to have experienced the Bill Clinton era.

While it is their prerogative, far too many are mature enough to remember the scandals, high taxes, Bill Clinton’s impeachment, Hillary’s war on women, the outsourcing of American jobs, three strikes you’re out and Clinton’s signature achievement, the 1994 Crime Bill which ensnared their loved ones.

Moreover, to their discredit, none who are Hillary Clinton supporters will speak of it which led me to wonder as I watched R. W. Bray’s passionate speech (video below), when it was last that Black Clinton supporters thought or spoke of Frederick Douglass, George Washington Carver, William Lloyd Garrison or Senator Edward W. Brooke III.

Have the ever mentioned the names of these famous Americans to their children and grandchildren who not learning about them in school will never know of them otherwise.

Black America has lost its way. America has lost its way.

R. W. Bray, Black Engagement Director at Republican Party of Texas, spoke at a Donald Trump rally the last week of August and lays it out but how many are listening.

We ought to be convicted that we’ve allowed the narrative of Republicanism to be rewritten. Like possums, we’ve rolled over and we’ve played dead, hoping and begging that the dangers of liberalism will pass us by….Like laughing hyenas, we’ve run away from responsibility of communities that have been drenched in poverty and inequality, all because we’ve been too afraid to be courageous. R. W. Bray, Austin Texas

“This is the party of Abraham Lincoln, and we will not be divided.”

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Should More Millennials Run for State Legislature as a Democrat? Well, After They Treated Dr. Larry Lessig, Why Should They?

Emma Roller writes a nice op-ed in the New York Times about the apparent difficulty of the Dems to get people to run for state legislatures.  Here’s a useful highlight:

Another problem for Democratic Party operatives: There are plenty of other outlets for left-leaning millennials’ sense of altruism that do not involve running for political office. The Peace Corps recently reported receiving the highest number of applications since 1975. Why bother entrenching yourself in petty party politics when you could have a more direct impact overseas, or make more money working for a start-up?

Democratic Party operatives hope that they can find millennials who can get as excited about running for state assembly as they are for the new craft cocktail bar opening up in their neighborhood.


Finding experienced Democratic candidates to put up in future cycles means recruiting young people to serve in state legislatures as soon as possible. One option would be for the Democratic Party to start branding itself as a political disrupter, in much the way Republicans have adopted the language of Silicon Valley.

The Democrats would have a better case if they did not have awful policies:  Pro-abortion, increased spending and government power, a willingness to cede sovereignty to international institutions, etc.  (In fairness not all Democrats favor all those things and they do have a concern for the little guy and for justice not always seen in the GOP.)

But Roller is right:  State legislatures are a laboratory, not just as Justice Brandeis wrote years ago for ideas, but for people to run for Congress and statewide offices.  Remember my new fifty cent book I got at the library about running for state representative or senate I wrote about a few weeks ago.  (I got a nice email back when I told one of the authors how much I liked about the book and he recommended two other books he helped write.)  It awakened in me a desire to consider prayerfully at the right time a run for the state house!

Let me tell you:  Running for office can be the most fun with clothes on, but only if you run for the right reasons:  You have to have some idealism, some non-negotiable items to work for if elected.  A willingness to say:  I am not interested in budget committees or being speaker or committee chair but rather to get ideas debated and passed.  Seek term limits and perhaps other aspects of the Sanders Platform.  It’s almost too bad that my delegate and senator are both Republicans.  I do not like primary fights unless there is a good reason.  But we need something more in the GOP than thanksgiving that there was a contested race for sheriff in Powhatan County.

Finally, a note to the Dems:  Maybe if you want idealistic Millennials to seek political office, consider how you treated Dr. Larry Lessig.  I thoroughly disagree with him but I think the party could have found a place for him in the debates.  But Lessig did something I thoroughly disagree with:  He quit the race.  I think with all the duest respect that I have for Dr. Lessig’s effort that he should have taken a page from the Ron Paul book:  Practice guerrilla politics.  Have rallies.  Raise huge amounts of funds on one day.  Have the first flying blimp in the history of presidential politics  Walk hundreds of miles for liberty.  For Dr. Paul changed the tone of the political debate in our nation in the direction of liberty and several Paulites have run for a seat in their state house.  Some of those Lessigites would have made great Democrat candidates for state legislature in 2020.

Article written by: Elwood "Sandy" Sanders