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Foiled AGAIN! Clouds This Time – We’ll Get’ya in 2019 (Lord willing!)

It was a flurry of activity yesterday – not just the Mother’s Day celebration – but getting the tiny telescope ready for Monday’s transit of Mercury (the planet crosses the face of the Sun) visible in the AM here in Virginia.

Let’s cover the past for prologue:

1970 – clouds interrupted the Sun and Sandy could not find it in his telecsope (remember you cannot even for a second look at the Sun through a telescope)

1973 – Was in the Wurzburg military hospital with a stomach ailment (The teenage dork was in a room with eight other men having smuggled in a tiny telescope and trying to get the Sun in it all the while explaining details.  I am sure all seven applied for the ICU – I get a room with Einstein!  Nothing!)

1986 – not visible in USA

1993 – ditto

1999 – in my front yard – could not get the Sun in my telescope – late in the day

2003 – not visible from the USA

2006 – same as 1999 except in AM.

Thankfully I finally got to see the Transit of Venus in 2012 (Praise Jesus!) after missing it in 2004.

It is cloudy again this morning!  RATS!  Foiled again…in 2019, the transit falls on Veteran’s Day (Transits of Mercury can only happen in early May or November) and since that is a holiday – I’ll find an astronomy club to watch it with!  Lord Willing!


Article written by: Elwood "Sandy" Sanders