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A Few Ideas on How Trump can WIN the General Election!

It was an exciting evening last Tuesday – Trump wins, Cruz gets out, Trump is declared the presumptive nominee and Sanders wins the Dem primary (in a major upset)!

But the Sanders brain (not that Sanders but the blogger in Virginia instead) was already working on how Donald J. Trump could win the election (Wasn’t it great to hear the libs on MSNBC and CNN reassure one another that Trump can’t really win the general election!  It was precious!) and here are a few ideas:

  • The Hispanic vote – how to win it.  I’d start with getting a commercial (And get this guy to do your ads – yes that Fred Davis the demon sheep guy!) in both English and Español with former Trump workers/executives and also Hispanic supporters with great stories about how they followed the rules and became a success – just like Trump did!  I would stay away from present employees because they will be seen as currying favor with the boss.  And that segues into:
  • The major teleprompter speech to a (better friendly but take what you can get) Hispanic group to explain that Hispanics are not well-served by many of their organizations and spokespersons – they seem to care more for illegals than Hispanics who followed the rules, waited years for lottery visas, paid taxes and built businesses and families in the USA!  It’s outrageous and no one seems to want to speak on it.  Record this speech and use it in states with substantial Hispanic populations.  Trump only has to make a dent in the Hispanic vote and keep what he already has and add some African-American and women voters and he wins…
  • Speaking of blacks – here is a nice quote from Kurt Schlichter’s humorous telling of how Trump won 25 years later (Hint: Chief Justice Ted Cruz has a cameo part in it) and it is actually a good idea:

Trump also frustrated Clinton by using black and Hispanic celebrities to reach out to those communities. “Look, if you are a black person, Hillary is very, very bad for you,” Trump said onstage at a rally in Detroit, surrounded by black sports and rap stars. “See what the Democrats have done to this great town? She wants to do a trade deal with China, a very bad deal! Does that bring jobs back to Detroit? Does letting in millions of illegals bring jobs back to Detroit? Sad!” He then added: “Believe me, some of my very best friends are black people!” Trump would win 21% of African-American voters, which would be decisive in several races.

  • Now the trade issue is one that is a sleeper.  It is helping Bernie Sanders stay in the race with wins in Indiana and Michigan.  I would use his quotes and say:  Hillary will sell you out again – but NOT Trump!  The union leaders cannot ensure their people will not defect just as they did when Reagan (one union already supports Trump – the border patrol union); look at this quote [from Breitbart] from a leader of the SEIU:

Can you see Trump winning the election? [David] Axelrod asked. “Yea, I could, I could,” said Mary Kay Henry, the international president of the Service Employees International Union.

  • Time to get Melania and Ivanka out on the campaign trail (more) and also on video.  Another series of commercials showing women who had worked for Trump in the past juxtaposed with testimonies of Melania and Ivanka with the Donald.
  • There’s surely more but let’s get this out first!

I think I’ll send them to the campaign and see if they do any of them.  What’s in it for me?  Well, Trump does call or contact people sometimes to talk ideas…

Article written by: Elwood "Sandy" Sanders