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Ballot Access Blues: Virginia is now more of an outlier than ever – Oklahoma reduces ballot access from 10% to 2.5%

Here’s the report from Ballot Access News and also a hat tip to the Independent Political Report (I like this blog):

On May 5, Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin signed SB 896. This bill lowers the number of votes for a party to remain on the ballot, from 10% for the office at the top of the ballot (President or Governor) to 2.5%. Although this is still more stringent than the median state, it is the lowest percentage of the vote that Oklahoma has required since 1913. The vote test between 1913 and 1974 was 5% at either of the last two elections; then it went to 10% at the last election.

Rah for all the activism in the Sooner State to earn this wonderful victory.  Now it is time for Virginia to follow suit.  (I suggested a party-based petition procedure to ensure better ballot access at Richmond’s alternative newspaper, Style Weekly!)

Article written by: Elwood "Sandy" Sanders