Stop Voting Democratic: Idea for a Black Political Party

Original contribution by Corey Fauconier discussing an idea to build a new political party from the ground up.

My day usually starts early. Whether, I am at home on reset or on my tractor. Early morning at home Mandy usually gets on social media. This morning, she listened to Dr. Boyce Watkins on “Your Black World”.

His guest, Dr. Claud Andersen. Dr. Andersen world renowned writer and President of PowerNomics Corporation of America which publishes all of his books.

Laying in bed with Mandy and Eva Elizabeth, I was attentively listening to Dr. Andersen. Although some people would call him revolutionary in his thinking, he really is not.

Dr. Andersen is saying that the Biden / Harris Administration is not going to do anything for the black people who supported them. In the election cycle, Hip Hop Artist, Entrepreneur and Producer Ice Cube (of N.W.A. fame known herein as “Cube”) wanted to meet with the Biden / Harris campaign to discuss “A Contract With Black America”.

According to Cube’s website the contract is designed to address the root causes of racism and economic disparities. Cube did have the opportunity to meet with President Donald Trump. Cube of course caught flack from black people for meeting with the then President. However, funny Cube did not get the same respect from the Biden / Harris campaign. The Democrats told Cube to wait until after the election to meet. From my research; Cube has yet to meet with the current Administration as they promised.

What Dr. Andersen is saying is multifaceted. First, black people need to stop supporting the Democratic Party. This because they have continued to fail Black America. They only offer “social” programs. The fail to offer any programs or plans to address our economic conditions.

Any business which supports the current Administration should be immediately boycotted. Next, Black Americans need to own something. Own a business, own stock, invest in a business which allows you to own stock, own real estate. We have to own something. We CANNOT continue to JUST be consumers.

The other thing is that Black Americans should start is there own political party. Bingo!!!! That is what I said as one of my options in my contribution “Get Ya Political Life” back on July 31, 2021.For revolutionary minded black people that “may be a go!!!” as my man Roy Revolution would say. But to the enslaved “Negro” ( what conscious revolutionary minded blacks call slave minded black people)
I know to they “go along to get along”. A majority of black people would never do that because it would uproot the entire civil rights movement.

I look forward to seeing what Dr. Watkins proposed program would do for this black political party. I know that he is going to discuss this in person at an upcoming convention in Florida. This is a question which I have asked of Dr. Neal N. Jackson. Dr. Jackson is Founder of the Spiritually United African Nation Church. He is a revolutionary Pastor a current day Nat Turner so to speak. He is also the Author of “The Condemnation of the God Damn Nigger”. Dr. J (as he is affectionately called) will be returning as a guest to Talks Over Drinks for Season 6, 2021 – 2022. I look forward to speaking with him about the continued “plight” of Black Americans.

Well, Blogger Sanders did not get elected a judge…

…so what now?

Not sure what will happen. I do have the right to write here again. I want to consider what voice Sandy will or should have. I would rather not write about the usual issues: COVID, January 6, Trump v. Biden, who won?, etc. I am still keen on liberty politics and a new sports system that the world needs. Opposition to neo-con warmongering.

I do congratulate the Court of Appeals winners, especially my long time colleague, Frank Friedman. Friedman will make a great judge. Let’s pray for all the judges elected this week.

I do thank the readers for patience with me. Also how about ideas for writing? Thank you if you contacted a delegate and/or senator and asked them to vote for me for judge. My gratefulness cannot be adequately expressed in words.

Well, Blogger Sanders did not get elected a judge…

…so what now?

Not sure what will happen. I do have the right to write here again. I want to consider what voice Sandy will or should have. I would rather not write about the usual issues: COVID, January 6, Trump v. Biden, who won?, etc. I am still keen on liberty politics and a new sports system that the world needs. Opposition to neo-con warmongering.

I do congratulate the Court of Appeals winners, especially my long time colleague, Frank Friedman. Friedman will make a great judge. Let’s pray for all the judges elected this week.

I do thank the readers for patience with me. Also how about ideas for writing? Thank you if you contacted a delegate and/or senator and asked them to vote for me for judge. My gratefulness cannot be adequately expressed in words.

From the Special Tout Division of the Sanders Olympic Coverage

San Marino and Botswana and Ivory Coast Cleaned Up This Year!

I am probably not going to see another new nation win a medal for the first time in this Olympics. I am excited for the three we have: Turkmenistan, Burkina Faso and San Marino. If I were a sports minister in one of the nations that has no medals or has chronically underperformed at the Olympics over the last few cycles of Games, I might not want my president or prime minister to read about San Marino…

For San Marino won THREE medals: A silver and two bronze. The first bronze, you already read here at this blog. But the Tiny Country That Could or in a nod to the great writer Leonard Wibberley (He wrote The Mouse That Roared – fabulous book – Wibberley dedicated it to all the little nations of the world like the one he came from – Ireland; the movie was a disaster because it was essential to the plot that Gloriana XII be an attractive young woman so she could possibly marry the hero of the war – Tully Bascomb – and they cast her as an older woman so Peter Sellers could play several roles.) lets say The Mouse That Saved the Olympics. (Wibberley wrote three sequels about Grand Fenwick: The Mouse on the Moon, The Mouse on Wall Street and The Mouse That Saved the West [energy/oil]).

But the San Marino team of Perilli and Gian Marco Berti came within one point of a Second Sanders Tout in the same Olympics when they lost to Spain 41-40 in the gold medal match of mixed trap shooting. The San Marino team actually knocked out the US team to eventually get to gold contention. Here is a fabulous article in Italian on the big win and the greeting they received when they returned to to their homeland.

Then something very interesting happened that might save the job of that sports minister or might give an ambitious MP, who might be gunning for the Sports Minister’s job, an idea. The third bronze medal for the Mouse That Saved the Olympics was not for a native of San Marino but an American wrestler from Michigan. Here is the account from the Detroit Free Press about Myles Amine.

Amine repped San Marino, a tiny landlocked European country of about 34,000 because of the family’s Sammarinese citizenship. His mother’s grandfather came to the U.S. from San Marino in the early 1900s.

By applying for, and receiving, the right to represent San Marino, Amine and his older brother, Malik, can not formally represent the U.S in international wrestling competitions. Amine said the decision to switch was tough.

“My brother and I, we both pledge allegiance to the United States before anything else,” Amine told the Livingston Daily in 2019. “It’s the country we live in. I would have been able to compete for a spot, and very well had a chance to make the team.

No, Amine did not have to renounce his US citizenship to be on the San Marino Olympic team. It is not uncommon for nations to allow non-citizens or even non-residents to be on an Olympic team. And it’s got to be a tough choice for say a USA basketball player who is not an NBA all star and can be in the Olympics under another nation’s flag. But Sports Imperialism forces their hands.

Now we turn to an amazing medal won by Botswana, again not the first overall medal (see here) but a nice addition: The 4 x 400 men’s relay team where the USA won gold and Netherlands won silver (a rah for them, too) and a surprising Botswana team came in third for the bronze. Here is a Twitter coverage from Super Sport:

Third place medal


Flag of Botswana

The team of Isaac Makwala, Zibane Ngozi, Bayapo Ndori and Baboloki Thebe run a sensational 4×400 men’s relay to secure the bronze for their country

Clapping hands sign

I did not realize all those memes would be so large! But it is how I feel about Botswana. Great nation with rule of law, multi-party democracy and a fair amount of liberty. Here is a Youtube video to watch to learn more.

Finally, we have Cote d’Ivorie, who also won first gold medal and received an Official Sanders Tout (here it is) in 2016. One of those 2016 winners won again, Ruth Gbagbi, in the 67kg Taekwondo. One more bronze medal! Here is an African report on that.

Taekwondo Ivory Coast’s Ruth Gbagbi, 27, matched her bronze from from Rio as she beat Brazil’s Milena Titoneli 12-8 in the -67kg category. She had lost to Great Britain’s Lauren Williams in the semi-finals 24-18

Speaking of Cote d’Ivorie, if you are anywhere near Silver Springs Maryland (If they let me in Maryland!) should try out this Ivory Coast cultural festival. It is Sunday, August 8 from 10 to 10 and here is the website of the non-profit that is doing it: La Main Tendue (The Outreached Hand). (Independence Day for the Ivory Coast is today, August 7.)

Finally, here is the blog post with the Sanders Olympic Policy stated. We might have one more Tout!

Reader Response from Get Ya Political Life

Get Ya Political Life!!!!!Get Ya Political Life!!!!!Blog post at Virginia Right! : If you find yourself in the creek, you betta start rowin’……’Q-TipThe Space Program A Tribe Called QuestWe Got it fro[..]

On July, 31 2021 I published a contribution to Virginia Right entitled, ” Get Ya Political Life”.

Since that piece, I have recieved “favorable” and “thought provoking” responses from readers. I took the liberty to compile and share the responses below:

August 1, 2021 via the Virginia Right website, Sandy Sanders said,

I respect greatly Corey’s travails throughout the Libertarian Party and GOP. I share many of his concerns.

But a new party is a monumental task in the USA. There are on occasions single state parties that have been successful: The Farmer-Labor party was so successful in Minnesota when there was a merger of the Farmer-Labor with the Dems, the state party is still called the Democratic/Farmer/Labor Party or DFL. (The Farmer-Labor Party was actually the larger of the two!) The North Dakota Dems merged with a party called the Non-partisan League that had been less successful n their state but was crowding the liberal lane in the state. There has also been several parties in New York State: Liberal, Conservative (the brother of my boyhood hero, William F. Buckley was elected to the US Senate on the Conservative line in a three way race in 1976), there was formerly the American Labor Party that had as its most prominent politician the very radical Rep. Vito Marcantonio was a NY representative in Congress for a number of years. However, I think Virginia is not well suited for third parties.

There is a Republican Liberty Caucus, started by a number of people including Ron Paul, and some find succor there. I have recommended my usual remedy: Seek the face of the Lord Jesus. Where do I go? Maybe you will be sent to a political group to glorify and magnify Jesus Christ first and do politics second.

Hope this is helpful to Corey.

August 3,  2021 Freddy Boisseau said,

“Along the lines of option 4, I have come to believe that the conservative movement needs its high rollers to look into 2 major actions to help us get back in the game. 1) We need to develop an investment tool along the line of a hedge fund and/or angle investment group that along with making a return on the investor’s money would do two things. 1.1) Invest in businesses that lean conservative, giving them a boost to get their services and products out to the masses. 1.2) Build our own server farm to host not only our social media and other media, but it would also host other media producers. This would provide the ultimate protection against our message being taken down.”

Facebook Friend Robbie Michael shared on Facebook Messenger IM July 31, 2021

“Good piece.  Personally I prefer option 1.  The RINO-types tend to be older Republicans still stuck in the Reagan era (don’t get me wrong, Reagan is my 3rd favorite prez. But that era of Tip O’Neil negotiating in good faith with Reagan is gone.). Younger Republicans tend to be much more conservative.

And you’re not alone brother…I’m in that space between Republican and Libertarian….I consider myself conservatarian.”

I am happy these readers took time out to share in their opinions. Communication is a two way street. I have taken the time to reply to each of their comments.

My Body, My Choice for Abortion but, NOT for Covid-19.

“I got a letter from the Government the other day. ***
I opened and read it, it said they were suckers……….”

Chuck D

Public Enemy 

Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos

 It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold us Back.


My Body, My Choice for Abortion but, NOT for Covid-19.

I remember reading a book in high school entitled, “Attention MOVE!!!! This is America”  by Margot Harry.

It was the first book I read which gave me the revolutionary understanding that the Government could cover up a conspiracy.

I absolutely love the manner in which the government utilizes social media for selfish one way communication. It is like instructions, orders or demands. It is a really rainy Saturday morning 0750 hours on August 7, 2021. My doggie daughter Eva Elizabeth just conducted her regular routine “quality of life” test.

I powered my Samsung Galaxy Note 8 up, entered my five digit code to unlock my device and “BOOM!!!”

At the top of my Twitter feed is exactly what Busta Rhymes would call, “Dat Bumbleclot phuchery!!!!”

From the Office of Commonwealth of Virginia Governor Ralph Northam……

Today, we announced that all 122,000 state employees in Virginia must show proof of vaccination by September 1 or get tested for #COVID19 weekly. Our workforce will lead by example—and we encourage localities and other employers to do the same.

Read more:

Wow!!!! My body, my choice for abortion however we now have forced Covid-19 vaccinations or mandatory weekly testing for all State Employees. As per his media release, Governor Northam said, “The only way to end this pandemic is to for everyone to get vaccinated against COVID-19. As head of state government, we have a responsibility to lead by example and ensure the safety of our employees and the people they serve. The three vaccines are safe, effective, free, and widely available, and I strongly urge every eligible Virginian to get their shot. The time for waiting is over.”

Yea…..NO. this is America and I as an American should have a choice. Waiting to see what other lawsuits pop up in opposition to your Governor. Or as my Mom used to say, “yunz’is”. (the term is used when the speaker is not claiming the person in authority making demands)

Meanwhile Major Mike Webb former Candidate for Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia (The Republican Party of Virginia dropped the ball again in my opinion). Currently, Major Webb is in the race for Arlington School Board. The mainstream media in the Northern Virginia community paints him as “an outsider” on the “periphery of the political scene”

Maybe at THIS time you have to forgive us Conspiracy Theorist that we believe and think outside the political box. Via phone Major Mike Webb said,” The declaration for the Emergency Use Authorization was published on March 20, 2020, and according to the reply we received from VDH, at no time did the nation’s only physician (Northam) serving as a state governor ever consider whether COVID-19 was a biological agent being deployed.”

Webb goes onto say that, “83.1% of the reactogenicity participants in the Pfizer/BioNTech six month study had participated in the the previous study, and, hence had been vetted, to ensure a favorable outcome regarding adverse events.”

In other words Virginia Right readers, they are cooking the books in order to come up with “favorable” test results to provide the people a false sense of security in this situation. I am not sure about yuns-is but, I do not want to be a crash test dummy or Guinea pig for Covid-19. I guess we will stay tuned to see if the employees at the state level “Get up Stand Up” or get down with the get down.

Great news! Burkina Faso Wins First Olympic Medal!

With Refreshing Humility, Hugues Fabrice Zango, Wins Bronze in Triple Jump!

Well, it has happened AGAIN! A THIRD nation has broken into medal territory with the bronze medal winning performance of Hugues Fabrice Zango of Burkina Faso in the triple jump.

This report from the BBC has some details left out of the NBC coverage. For one thing, there is humility and determination to do better in Paris in ’24!

Hugues Fabrice Zango admitted he had mixed feelings as he won Burkina Faso’s first ever Olympic medal as he claimed bronze in the men’s triple jump.

The 28-year-old’s leap of 17.47 metres was 35cm short of his African outdoor record, which he set earlier this year, but was enough to claim third place just ahead of two-time Olympic silver-medallist Will Claye of the USA.

“It is a pleasure for me to be the first medallist for my country in the Olympics. It is a good thing for us,” Zango, the indoor world record holder, said after the final.

“I am a bit sad because I wasn’t able to produce my best performance and this is what makes the medal not as good as I wanted.

Zango, who plans to finish his Ph.D. in electrical engineering next year, already is ready to take on the world in 2024:

“I think that this pave the way so in the next Olympics we will get more medals.

“I am doing a PhD in electrical engineering and I will finish next year. I didn’t win the gold medal but I will try to push to continue training hard for the Paris Olympics to make history for my country.”

Well, I wouldn’t bet against him, if I wagered! Here is a report in French from a local Burkina Faso newspaper.

Le triple sauteur burkinabè Hugues Fabrice Zango s’est qualifié le mardi 3 août 2021 pour la finale de la discipline aux Jeux olympiques Tokyo 2020. L’une des chances sûres de médaille du Burkina au Japon a tout de même donné des frayeurs au peuple burkinabè avec un saut de 16,83 m très en deçà de sa performance actuelle. Il a dû bénéficier d’une sorte de repêchage pour être qualifié.


l y avait de quoi s’inquiéter vraiment, surtout qu’une possible première médaille burkinabè aux JO 2020 est devenue une affaire hautement nationale. Le président du Faso, Roch Kaboré, a troqué sa photo de profil sur sa page Facebook contre un portrait d’Hugues Zango, avec en sus le message suivant : «A Tokyo, ce soir, nous sommes de tout cœur avec toi. Vas-y Champion !» C’est tout dire.

Avec le zapping des chaînes cryptées sur les différentes disciplines olympiques du jour, beaucoup de téléspectateurs éveillés malgré l’heure tardive du concours ont, à un moment, cru à l’élimination de leur Etalon. Heureusement.

Après le concours, le triple sauteur lui-même était surpris. « Je n’étais pas tout simplement dans mon bon jour. Mais je promets de me réveiller pour la finale. C’est une sorte de pression que je me suis mise à moi-même », a-t-il confié à notre confrère de la TNB. Son entraîneur, Teddy Tamgho de dire que cela peut arriver dans une compétition. «Hugues va tout donner lors de la finale », a-t-il promis. C’est d’ailleurs le souhait de tout un peuple, qui n’a jamais été aussi proche d’une médaille olympique. La suite, c’est le 5-Août prochain ; tout un symbole.

Here is an English language report that most of my readers will enjoy. Zango won the medal on independence day for his nation: August 5, 1960.

The 27-year-old athlete did not hide his frustration to RFI. “I’m still sad because my whole season was pretty good and I was hoping for better results. I wanted to bring back the best metal for my country and for myself. Unfortunately, it fell on bronze,” said the man who holds the world indoor record since 16 January (18m07).

On the vault at the Tokyo Olympic stadium, the Stallion never let himself go. He appeared tense from the day of the qualifications. Zango even came close to being eliminated by only finishing 12th and last in the final. Pressure certainly. After winning the bronze medal at the World Championships in Doha in 2019, all 20 million Burkinabes expected to finally appear in the Olympic prize list. But he denies it. “I had no physical or mental problems. I was motivated for these Olympics and I didn’t necessarily feel any pressure, as some might think. I really gave it my all and I was in the same state as for the other competitions,” he explains.

Burkina Faso used to be Upper Volta but changed its name in 1986. The name means “Land of Incorruptible People”. Read more here. The capital is Ouagadougou. About 21.5 million people live in the land-locked nation.

Looking for Timbuktu? Sorry, that city is in Mali!

Sounds like Zango deserved his medal. Congrats for you and for Burkina Faso. Pursuant to the Sanders Olympic Policy, Burkina Faso and Hugues Fabrice Zango get the Official Sanders Tout, the victory lap, and here is the Burkina Faso national anthem. The words of the first verse are certainly intriguing:

Against the humiliating bondage of a thousand years
Rapacity came from afar to subjugate them for a hundred years.
Against the cynical malice in the shape
Of neo-colonialism and its petty local servants.
Many gave in and certain others resisted.
But the frustrations, the successes, the sweat, the blood
Have fortified our courageous people and fertilized its heroic struggle.

The words are attributed to Burkina Faso’s revolutionary president, Thomas Sankara. Sankara is much admired, Britannica says this about him:

A year after taking power, Sankara renamed the country Burkina Faso, meaning “Land of Incorruptible People,” and ordered all officials, including himself, to open their bank accounts to public scrutiny. His government was responsible for several concrete achievements: vaccination and housing projects, tree planting to hold back the Sahel, promotion of women’s rights, and curbing of waste in government.

Very admirable for sure. He also is cited with reaching out to neighboring Mali and resolving a short border war. But Sankara was assassinated in a coup in 1987. Here are two videos on Sankara.

Turkmenistan Wins First Olympic Medal!

Silver for weightlifter Polina Guryeva!

Some of my readers might say: Where? Where is Turkmenistan? it is a former Soviet Republic, now independent nation in Central Asia. I am sorry not to write on this on on July 27 when it happened. I figured this was not their first medal overall and did not check against the LIST.

I am fascinated with Turkmenistan for many of the same reasons as when I wrote the article in 2016 about its close neighbor Tajikistan. It has a beautiful flag:

Flag of Turkmenistan.svg

Wikipedia says it is based on the carpet industry in its country. I still think it is majestic. Drew Binsky, a young US national has made it his goal to visit every country on earth did this neat video and this one too while in Turkmenistan. Good viewing of the capital city and nation.

But we are here to tout the new national hero and honor the nation with a victory lap and here is the national anthem.

Two articles on Polina Guryeva who won silver in the 59kg weightlifting (That is a weight class for the competitors not the weight to lift):

One from the official Turkmenistan government site and the other is from a Western news source (NBC channel 5 in Chicago).

The first Olympic silver medal in the history of independent Turkmenistan was won today by the master of sports from Ashgabat Polina Guryeva at the Tokyo Games. The student of the Turkmen State Institute of Physical Culture and Sports achieved this success in the weight category up to 59 kg, in which representatives of 14 countries competed.


Polina Guryeva has been actively involved in sports since 2011. At first she attended the gymnastics section, after which she joined weightlifting. She learned the “basics” of this difficult sport for the fair sex with her first coach Akhmed Sariyev, under whose leadership she won a gold medal at the IV Solidarity Games of Islamic Countries held in 2017 in Baku. Currently, P. Guryeva is training at the school of higher sports skills of Turkmenistan with the head coach of the national team Artur Emiryan.

The NBC 5 TV in Chicago had a nice picture of of the very happy Turkmenian weightlifter. And here is a video of the national anthem:

All pursuant to the Sanders Olympic Policy. Congrats to Polina Guryeva, Olympics medalist. She will be a national hero. Maybe on a postage stamp. Or mobbed everywhere she goes in her homeland. We’ll do the victory lap with the super flag that I bought in 1990 and will be slightly different than the present one.

The Sanders Olympic Tally

What Nations, Sandy, Could Win That Elusive First Medal?

The Wikipedia list of all the nations that have never won an Olympic medal (about 70) is found right here and there are some perhaps unexpected nations on the list: Albania, Angola, Bangladesh, Benin, Bosnia & Herzegovina, both the Republic of Congo (Brazzaville) and Dem. Rep. of the Congo, Honduras, Liberia, Nicaragua, Madagascar, Papua New Guinea, Rwanda, Sierra Leone and Turkmenistan (not Turkey!).


Let’s update this post in a night or two. Look for the sequel! For one of those nations is thankfully OFF the list: Turkmenistan! They won a medal in these Olympics and I did not check the medal winning list against the master list! So we turn to Turkmenistan! Be back!

Qatar Wins First Olympic Gold Medals in Weightlifting and High Jump!!

TWO first golds in one Olympics!

We have yet another new nation to honor under the Sanders Olympic Policy: Qatar. The nation whose name would be a great Scrabble word if it was not a proper noun has won one silver and four bronze (hat tip to Wikipedia) up to 2021 but has never heard its national anthem during a medal ceremony. Not any more!

This is one reason for the Sanders Olympic Policy: To ensure that the smaller nations are not forgotten. (It is also a protest against sports imperialism caused in large part by too many pro athletes occupying the key sports such as basketball, tennis, golf and downhill skiing. [I discovered that you can be a pro fencer or pro swimmer but I am not sure how!] It also is a mild protest against over doing the jingoism for USA.)

Qatar is one of the Islamic monarchies. From nationsonline:

The country is situated on a peninsula that extends from the Arabian Peninsula approximately 160 km (99 mi) north into the Persian (Arab) Gulf, it is bordered by Saudi Arabia. Qatar shares maritime borders with Bahrain, Iran, and the United Arab Emirates.

The country covers an area of 11,586 km² (4,473 sq mi) making Qatar about 1.25 times larger than Cyprus, or also somewhat larger than Puerto Rico.

The emirate has a population of 2.6 million inhabitants (end 2016), but Qatari nationals represent only a minority. Capital and largest city is Doha (Ad Dawhah, pop 800,000). Spoken language is Arabic (official).

Then after Fares Elbakh wins a weightlifting gold medal, (here is his ceremony) Qatar wins gold again in the high jump. Here is a local Qatar news story on it.

Doha: Qatar’s two-time world champion Mutaz Barshim wins an Olympic gold medal at Tokyo in high jump bringing second gold medal for Qatar from Olympics 2020. 

Qatar’s Barshim is joint gold medal winner as he and Italian Gianmarco Tamberi cleared 2.37m without any misses and failed to clear 2.39m.

The gold medal was split by agreement of the two victors. From the BBC:

After an exhausting two-hour competition, the pair couldn’t be split, having recorded best clearances of 2.37 metres.


But in a moment of sportsmanship, they agreed to share the title, sparking huge celebrations.


Instead, they made history – it was the first joint Olympic podium in athletics since 1912.

Nice move on both athletes’ part. Here is a short blurb on the sharing of the medal. Qatar gets the victory lap with flag at home. Here is the national anthem. Both Fares Elbakh and Mutaz Essa Barshim get the Official Sanders Tout. May both of you be national heroes in your home country. Be blessed in Jesus both of you.