The JOE and DON TAPES: TUE, SEP 22, 2020



(Phone Chirping, “HAIL THE CHIEF”)

DON: Hello?

JOE: Yeah, Don, it’s me.

DON: Go on?

JOE: Listen, I’m doing everything I can to make sure I’m not elected. I can’t win, man. Not possible, Americans are morons but they’re not stupid.

DON: Go on?

JOE: Yeah, got the stars and celebs out of their minds, the anchors in meltdown–ya’ll should see Lemon, he be a fricking basket-case, man, c’mon man—and the mobs are coming in by bus and plane.

DON: Oh?

JOE: Yeah, I even got George and Bloomie to pay the bills for it all.

DON: Uh-huh.

JOE: Hey, yo, come on, man: I get the feeling you’re not hip to my jive. Wanna borrow my comb or something?

DON: No, actually, I want nothing to do with you or this, Hair Plugs.

JOE: Hey Alligator! Ya’ll want me to see you later? I mean—like, ya’ll—what about me on the SCOTUS? Can you dig it, man?


JOE: Hello? Hello? Hey, come on man….? Y’all? Alligator? Heh-ro Rorge?
“Astro and George Jetson” –






A few videos I think you’ll find interesting

Another good day* but time ran away from me. Therefore, I’ll keep it short — but interesting — with some videos I think you should see.

The first video is Kimberly Klacik’s latest ad. She’s the gal who’s running to be the Republican House representative from Baltimore and whose first video landed like a flash of light in the political landscape. It showed Klacik, a beautiful young woman in red, walking powerfully through Baltimore, pointing out the blight and promising to bring change to a landscape that decades of Democrat governance have destroyed.

This video is even better. As she walks through the same blighted landscape, Klacik talks about the change she’ll bring and, through computer graphics, we see the promise of a better, brighter Baltimore. Here’s my thinking: If Klacik is as good at everything as she is at finding computer designers and ad executives, she may be the best thing ever to hit Congress:

Early on in the Black Lives Matter madness, a viral video showed up in which a young African woman, Nestride Yumga, argued with the BLM activists, most of whom were white. She told them that they were uninformed hypocrites because they were ignoring the real open wound of black lives not mattering: America’s inner-cities, places in which blacks slaughter each other with tragic abandon. Here’s that video in case you don’t remember:

Prager U tracked Yumga down, and gave her the chance to talk about her upbringing, her values, and how America protects her values and allows her to succeed in a way she never could at home. It doesn’t matter that Yumga was born in Cameroon. She’s a true American and a patriot. She is a reminder that America is a land defined, not by race or tribe, but by values. If you share our values and abide by our laws, you are an American:

This last video touches upon something I’ve been saying for years, which is that the Democrat party is all about abortion. That’s the glue that holds it together. In the circles in which I traveled for so many years — white or Asian, upper-middle class, meaning college-educated — every person I knew drew the line at abortion. For them, a pro-Life candidate was an impossibility. This woman, who sounds completely mad, nevertheless reflects the animating force behind the Democrat party. She is the id to their ego. And I honestly do not know why abortion is the hill they’ll all die on.


*For me, every day on which nothing bad happens is a day that I count as a good day. I have wonderful children, live in a delightful community, have a comfortable home, have money in the bank, and food on the table. I am blessed so, yes, every day is a good day.

Charges dropped against [Pelosi’s “Divinity”] man accused of threatening APD, damaging property with hammer


Charges dropped against [Pelosi’s “Divinity”] man accused of threatening APD, damaging property with hammer

Posted: Sep 21, 2020 / 04:42 PM MDT / Updated:

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – A New Mexico man accused of damaging property and threatening Albuquerque Police officers with a hammer [and hitting police car with hammer] is no longer facing any charges for the May 2020 incident.

Seemingly unphased by a taser and the multiple beanbag shots already fired at him, 38-year-old Richard Castellano finally listens to Albuquerque Police officers and gets down on the ground.

In May, APD officers were responding to a call reporting a man, later identified Castellano, who had hit a person’s car with a hammer and, allegedly, he did not stop there.

Officer: “Do you know if he’s uh smashed any windows or anything like that?”
Officer: “He hit my unit.”
Officer: “He hit it?”
Officer: “Yeah.”

Staying in their units, officers followed Castellano down Lomas near Wyoming, watching as he allegedly hit poles with the hammer; it all came to an end about a block away.

Castellano eventually listens and drops the hammer. However, he did not obey when told to put his hands up or get on the ground. Multiple officers fired their taser or beanbag gun. At a court hearing, a judge ruled prosecutors failed to establish probable cause for Castellano’s arrest and ordered the case was dismissed.

The Bernalillo County District Attorney’s Office did not get back to KRQE News 13 when asked if they planned to refile charges.

There is a warrant out for Castellano’s arrest for failing to show up to court in a different aggravated assault case.



How your child is being groomed to be the next Antifa/BLM street rioter

How your child is being groomed to be the next Antifa/BLM street rioter

Barack Obama openly boasted in 2007 that progressives planned a “fundamental transformation of America,” but few took him seriously. As a professional community organizer schooled by radical communist Bill Ayers [who was influenced by Cultural Marxist Saul Alinsky], Obama envisioned a post-Christian society where everyone looks at themselves, not as individuals created in the image of God but as a member of a “racial identity” or “sexual identity.” A society where biological boys are allowed to declare themselves girls, use girls’ bathrooms, engage in girls’ athletic competitions and then, after beating the girls on the field with an unfair biological advantage, showering with the girls in the school locker-rooms.

In this new social order, white children are not only taught that they come from an evil heritage, but they are taught how to diminish and denigrate those who haven’t bought into the “white is evil” narrative.

Since Black Lives Matter took the nation by storm following the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, an army of race-baiting consultants have descended upon corporate HR departments, local police departments and cities of all sizes. They were already in our schools and many of our churches. It’s up to us to stop them.


Why does Donald Trump bother?


Jeffrey A Friedberg - AI Experiment 51
Jeffrey A Friedberg – AI Experiment 51

Why does Donald Trump bother?

By Jeffrey A. Friedberg

As president of the United States of America, Donald Trump puts his life and family on the line every day.  Trump and his family are repetitively threatened with death and various other sorts of harm – not only by operators on foreign soil, but by seeming lunatics inside America itself.

He is under constant threat by those who state they want him dead or torn to pieces, that they want his family kidnapped, raped, beaten, or killed.

A few prominent names of those expressing stated dislike of Donald Trump are Robert De Niro, Tom Arnold, Maxine Waters, Don Lemon, Van Jones, LeBron James, Eminem, Madonna, Cher, Michael Moore, and many others too numerous to list here.  Why do they seem to feel this way – and liberals, all?

Leftists call his wife a “whore”, and run around with signs saying “rape Melania”. They hold up his bloody and severed head as a “joke”, call for his assassination as a “joke”, call his 10-year-old son a rapist and autistic and a homeschool shooter, and they are suddenly claiming the moral high ground? …

And the more he fights back, the more the Left rages…and the more the media exposes themselves as being utterly corrupt, and how truly hateful the Left has become. Nor is this a fringe element. This is the Left. They are putting on a show for all to see, and are too stupid to realize that everyday Americans are paying attention[.]

Common sense would tell “everyday Americans” Donald Trump doesn’t have to live this sort of life.  He could resign and go back to being a billionaire TV mega-mogul, with a beautiful wife and great wealth.  He could live happily ever after in a world of private jets, exclusive clubs, sun, sea, sand, and everlasting abundance.

So what’s the deal?

Is he maybe scamming America to make a quick shekel?  I don’t think so.

Is he scamming America to feather his nest for all time?  I don’t think so.

Then why does he do these things?  Why would Donald Trump choose to live inside this 24-hour ring of threats, deceit, lies, and violence?

Because Donald Trump is a patriot, dedicating his life, fortune, and sacred honor to the security and future of America.  To you.

To many of us he is just as much a front-line patriot as were Audie Murphy in World War II, Victor H. Espinoza in Korea, Christopher Scott Kyle more recently, and hundreds and thousands of others who fought bravely or even just stood up for America.  It’s said they did it for those who reside lawfully within America’s borders, and even for some of those who don’t reside there so “lawfully.”

What’s the deal?  What’s the beef?  What’s the gripe?  Donald Trump is hardly different from any other American grandson of poor immigrants.  Trump was born in 1946, and in 1966, while at Wharton Business school, he began working in the family business.  The rest, as they say, is history.

And the left hates him.  Hates his guts.

The next time you see Donald Trump, remember he doesn’t need “this crap.”  Remember he is already a billionaire.

But remember he risks his life every day – his family, his fortune, and his sacred honor.  For America.  For you.




Report: Woman Arrested For Allegedly Sending Ricin To President Trump

Law enforcement officials have reportedly arrested a woman suspected of sending ricin, a biological agent that is fatal at even small doses when ingested or inhaled, to President Donald Trump in an envelope earlier this week, authorities said Sunday afternoon.

According to CNN, the woman was detained by Customs and Border Patrol agents while trying to cross into New York via the Canadian border and was carrying a weapon with her at the time she was arrested….


…pop singer Cher appeared to call for the legal execution of President Trump, before continuing in an online rant….

Trump-hating Hollywood director Rob Reiner has urged Democrats to “punch” President Trump in the nose….

Bill Maher Imagines Speaking at Trump’s Future Funeral….

[15 More “Stars”]…Violence Against Donald Trump…(Photos)




The left threatens death, destruction, and fire if President Trump dares nominate a replacement for RBG on SCOTUS



RE: The left threatens death, destruction, and fire if President Trump dares nominate a replacement for RBG on SCOTUS

<<< —————————————– >>>


…It’s strange stuff, given that they no longer believe in debate, persuasion, or even congressional maneuvers — they just want to menace, burn, and kill, which is the sort of thing totalitarian mobs in nasty third-world hellholes do, if not National Socialists in action.

And they speak of it as if they haven’t already been to that well once, burning and looting to demonstrate their supposed calls for what they claim to be racial justice, frequently targeting small black-owned buisnesses in inner cities to make their mendacious claims.

Basically, it’s full blown civil war they want, and, like overconfident Confederates, they may be surprised how quickly they get it.  Unlike the Confederates, they lack courage, so it could be over quickly.

What it tells the rest of us is that these aren’t rational people.  They’re so deranged that they’ll burn and kill as a means of getting what they can’t get at the ballot box.  They need to taken at their word that it’s insurrection they want and smacked down hard….



President Trump and Senate Should Wait on the Supreme Court Appointment


It is very tempting – let’s stop here for a minute or two before we get into the politics of the appointment and honor Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg – I disagreed with her positions on the Court very much – but like Justice Scalia, Ginsburg was true to her principles. I actually did not approve of her public remarks on political questions and if I had been in Congress, I would have called for at least a censure if not impeachment for that. But Ruth Bader Ginsburg became something that happens to almost no judge, and few if any aspire to: Folk hero. She was in a children’s cartoon (I want to say Clarence) as the really dorky smart kid – Clarence’s best friend – Jeff who has a square face – clever pun! – who watched the judge shows and had dolls from famous Justices of the Supreme Court and one was Ginsburg (The other two were Justice Scalia and Chief Justice Roberts I think) and the plot line was based on the other kids playing with the Ginsburg doll and broke it. What to do? Ethical dilemma… Justice Ginsburg even had a nickname: Notorious RBG. When you are known by your initials: FDR, JFK, LBJ, even AOC – you are in a different status in American politics. Ruth Bader Ginsburg is even on tee shirts! Almost a little irreverent.

So people should rent or watch On The Basis of Sex this weekend – It is as interesting as a fictional legal thriller – and a clever ruse – they found an obscure section of the income tax code that discriminated against men and a plaintiff worthy of admiration. And Ruth Bader Ginsburg was almost too shy to argue a case in front of the Tenth Circuit. Amazing. (There is also that scene where the young newlywed Ginsburgs were about to start a sex scene because of who it was I was a bit embarrassed!) Made me think about the ERA a bit. I could see why people thought then it was needed. But not today.

Now back to politics: I thought Judge Merrick Garland should have gotten a hearing (noted here at this blog) but not appointed to the Court. But if the precedent was established, it is wrong to change it for political expediency. There will be a backlash and that might be packing the Court. Let it ride until January. The President can appoint if he chooses. Challenge the former Vice President to state some people he would consider. But no vote until January. And remember, conservatives: VOTE!

Ruth, NOBODY cares what your “dying wish” was—if there even really was one.

Ruth, NOBODY cares what your “dying wish” was—if there even really was one.

A SHORT ARTICLE BY JEFFREY A FRIEDBERG, who does not do “polite analysis.” Who only reports what he already “knows” as The Truth.

Jeffrey A. Friedberg
Jeffrey A. Friedberg, AI EXPERIMENT 52


“Hurry up, please, it’s time….” T.S. Eliot

The several people I have known dying with what Ruth reportedly had were so doped up with pain killers and other drugs they had ZERO idea what they were saying or talking about. They were vegetables or raving.

So Ruth, I do NOT believe this alleged “death bed wish” you so nicely and literarily well-stated. I do NOT believe you said anything at all. I think it is a lie.

I think you are being represented in this your death by liars.

As far as Trump?

Trump undoubtedly had intel last week that Ruth was dying. He therefore floated several nominees for SCOTUS (Supreme Court of the Untried States,) among these may be Cruz and Cotton.

Democrats: YOU DON’T CARE: you were ALREADY rioting, and you stated you planned to just continue rioting.

Conserves: you were already watching hard and deciding.

Ruth: I do NOT believe this “death bed statement” you are said to have made.


Donald Trump now HAS to proceed with a nominee. Trump HAS to get out ahead of the interminable democrat riots, burnings, and murders. He HAS to be seen taking action RIGHT NOW.

He at least must begin a process—be seen as moving on this topic.

Trump must therefore be political, or practical.

Or guess what?

NOBODY will vote for Donald Trump.


And he knows this very well….

…the same way even Eye know it.


Make Change: Mike Dickinson for Richmond City Council 1st District 2020

Used to worship people’s thought, I ain’t carin’ no more

They say I changed and that I ain’t the same as before

They keep you locked in the box like they don’t want you to grow

Just know a God’s in the room when you walk through the door”

New York Nights Intro

Roy Revolution

Change as a verb means “to make or become different” as a noun means “the act or instance of making or becoming different”.

Major things sometimes have to happen in life in order to promote change in people. People hit rockbottom with drugs and or alcohol in order to change and become clean. Some people have a near death experience. Some have become born again. Whatever it is that makes change know that it is a powerful dynamic.

Mike Dickinson is the Republican Candidate for Richmond City Council District 1. I know that many of my readers are like, “wait a minute?! A Republican candidate running in the City of Richmond?!”

Yes, Mike Dickinson is the lone Republican in the race. Taking a look at the make up of Richmond’s 1st District, it is the only district in the city which President Trump won in 2016. It is possible that Mike Dickinson could become the lone conservative voice on the Richmond City Council.

In his bio, Mike Dickinson says the following, 

“My name is Michael Dickinson. Born in Richmond. Small business owner. 3-time VCU alumni (Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice, Masters in Urban Planning and a Phd in Public Policy). 

I decided to run for Richmond City Council because of the dire condition the city is in. The local leadership in Richmond has vanished. The Mayor and current City Council have been nowhere to be seen during the last months of unrest, leaving citizens and small business owners to fend for themselves! 

I have not always been a Republican, in my younger days I THOUGHT I was a Democrat. As I had life experiences running small businesses, meeting a missionary and journeying to God, my father passing away, coming to terms with my own mortality, and the democrat party becoming the party of aggrieved people rather than that of hard working people my views shifted. Plus President Trump brought me to the party with his America first non-apologetic style and his business sense. 

The biggest priority for the City of Richmond is that we need to restore order, provide leadership, and support our police. The protestors do not even KNOW what they are protesting- they protest Monuments and the Police Department – YET ignore the 50 years of neglect to city schools by democratic leadership! Time and time again democrats have bought shiny new things with taxpayer money at the expense of city students! Thats where the injustice is. We have 100 year old schools with rats and no air conditioning and democrat mayors like Levar Stoney, Tim Kaine, and Dwight Jones would rather fund Redskin training fields (11 million) and Breweries (33 million).  Even this year the current budget is filled with waste! Anyone, with any level of business experience, could easily cut 10-15% off of it without making difficult choices. Good example is 550k for a press office?

Instead of taking care of what we have, the democrat solution has time and time again be to build something new or to create a new tax. In the past few years my First District opponent has voted repeatedly with the mayor to raise taxes on property owners and businesses.

My priorities if elected will be to run the City as a business. Reduce business taxes. Reduce property taxes. Fix the schools. Support the police. Most importantly- stand up and act like a leader and not hide for 3 days as the city burns (what our mayor and city council members did) and yet they have not cleaned up any of the graffiti or vandalism.”

One of the most impressive things about Mike Dickinson in my opinion is that over the Labor Day Weekend he connected with VA 2A For Preservations Lovers. The Chesterfield County base second amendment rights organization. Together the group of concerned Virginians conducted graffiti removal from the concrete bases where the Confederate Statues once stood. Cleaning Graffiti with Strength & Unity in VA  is a Go Fund Me group created by VA 2A Preservation Lovers. Since August 11, 2020 the community and Neighbors have raised $5,571.00. 

So, to the constituents of the 1st District. What is it going to be for 2020 and beyond? You all have the ability to make change here and now. You all should take a chance and do it.

Nick Freitas Is Going to Have to FIGHT!

Spanberger Needs to Repudiate the Lies of her Supporters!

It’s started again: the pre-existing condition lie. Instead of trying to expand insurance coverage to more people, the Dems are reviving the lie about pre-exisitng conditions. Read these posts to learn more.

Now the pipefitters union came up with a severely misleading ad about pregnancy. It alleges that Freitas voted to allow employers to fire people for being pregnant. Well, guess what, pipefitters union, it’s been illegal under federal law to fire a person for being pregnant! Since 1978!

The bill Freitas voted again would have extended state civil rights law to pregnancy. Now it is certainly debatable if people need more protections under state law or is that too much bureaucracy when there is a federal remedy but that is a far cry from voting to allow employers to FIRE a person for being pregnant.

Nick Freitas needs to put out this ad:

I’m Nick Freitas and I call on my opponent to repudiate the lying and misleading ads stating I voted to deny people insurance if they have pre-existing conditions and that I voted to authorize employers to fire people for being pregnant. It’s been illegal under federal law since 1978 to fire an employee for being pregnant. Cong. Spanberger talks about her integrity. A person with integrity would immediately repudiate those ads and ask those PACs to stop running them.

And the next ad has to be about impeachment. Something with a line like this:

Instead of dealing with the nascent coronavirus, Cong. Spanberger voted to impeach President Trump for what amounts to a “nothingburger”.

We saw what happened last year with Republicans who wouldn’t fight. Ask Senator Sturtevant.