Is a conservative counter-revolution possible?

I have no faith in a coming conservative counter-culture among today’s youth because they’ve never been taught that such a thing is possible.

Long-time readers know that, for many years, I’ve been commenting about how sheeple-like the young people in my children’s generation are. I was a little girl in San Francisco in the 1960s, but I certainly remember the rebellious spirit that animated the youth of the 1960s and early 1970s. They were pushing back against the traditional values of their parents and teachers.

In leftist Marin, though, in the first decades of the 20th century, the young people were entirely in sync with the leftist values of their parents and teachers. That appears to be true in liberal enclaves across America. It’s also the case that young people in changing communities (traditional homes, leftist teachers’ unions), will hew to their teachers’ values. My generation sneered at the teachers. (I still do because, with few exceptions, I found my children’s teachers to be singular ill-informed and not very bright.)

I assumed that, eventually, conservativism would intrigue these young people because it was the opposite of the stifling conformity imposed on them in their communities and their homes. After all, the media, the entertainment world, and the history books constantly tell us that the youth movement in the 1960s was a rebellion against the stifling conformity of 1950s America.

There hasn’t been a counter-revolution, though. Today’s young people are more sheeple-like even than my now-grown kids were.

I’ve finally realized what’s going on. In the 1950s, there was cultural conformity that aligned behavior with traditional American values. However, one of the values that Americans still honored was to teach young people actual American history and civics.

Students learned about the Bill of Rights. Their teachers emphasized the tremendous virtue of the First Amendment’s freedoms: speech, religion, assembly, protest, and the press. In other words, what I thought was youth’s natural rebellion was, instead, the fact that American young people had been inculcated with their inherent rights.

What’s different nowadays is that schools do not teach those values anymore. There is no institution that teaches our children that they have these inherent freedoms. Instead, their schools don’t just limit themselves to teach kids what to think (as opposed to how to think, using reason, not emotion). Instead, they teach the kids that independent thinking is dangerous and that speech that deviates from leftist conformity must be stifled.

The way I see it, if you raise kids in a generally conformist society but let them know that they have the right not to conform, you might end up with a counter-culture revolution. However, if you raise kids in a conformist society and hide the fact that they have inherent liberty to think, write, speak, protest, and assemble in ways counter to that conformity, young people aren’t naturally rebellious. Instead, they’re herd animals without inspiration.

In other words, we conservatives will never be the cool kids and rebels because, for the past 20 years, America’s youth, haven’t been taught that they have an inherent right to rebel. Instead, they’ve been indoctrinated to believe that free thought and free speech are dangerous.

Incidentally, that mindset explains how Democrats can sell what happened on January 6 — a protest that got out of hand but that did nothing to touch our governing institutions, and was never intended to do so — was an illegal “insurrection” or “coup.” With the Bill of Rights a dead letter to multiple generations of students, they believe that anything that challenges leftist ideas is an “insurrection” and must be quashed.

Image: 1950s family is in the public domain. The Woodstock concert attendees photo is by Derek Redmond and Paul Campbell and is used under a CC BY-SA 3.0 license.

Conservatives — we have to be our own deus ex machina

A theatrical deus ex machina will not appear in the next week to save us. We’re on our own but there are things we can do to save ourselves.

The news is clear about what’s happening today in America: The American private sector — social media, internet search engines, web hosting engines, 14,000 American companies, banks, media outlets — is systematically working to silence and destroy anyone who opposes the Democrat political agenda. For example, Mozilla’s leftist leadership, apparently finally over the “guilt by association” horrors of the McCarthy era (an era leftists still use as a rallying point), is reinstating guilt by association. It’s CEO, Mitchell Baker published a statement entitled “we need more than deplatforming.”

After applauding shutting down Trump, he had some specific prescriptions:

Changing these dangerous dynamics requires more than just the temporary silencing or permanent removal of bad actors from social media platforms.

Additional precise and specific actions must also be taken:  

Reveal who is paying for advertisements, how much they are paying and who is being targeted.

Commit to meaningful transparency of platform algorithms so we know how and what content is being amplified, to whom, and the associated impact.

Turn on by default the tools to amplify factual voices over disinformation.

Work with independent researchers to facilitate in-depth studies of the platforms’ impact on people and our societies, and what we can do to improve things.

In other words, pure McCarthyism: Are you now or have you ever been a member of the Republican party? Or a Trump supporter? Or someone who refuses to kneel when shown the American flag or hearing the national anthem?

It’s not surprising, of course. Do you remember that, back in 2008, Mozilla fired Brendan Eich, who created JavaScript and co-founded Mozilla, because he believed marriage is between a man and a woman? He moved on, thankfully, to found Brave, which I use as my browser.

Meanwhile, on the political front, congressional Democrats will impeach Trump again in a (futile) attempt to prevent him from a second crack at the presidency. They are also trying to boot from federal and state office anyone who claims that the election outcome resulted from fraud.

In the face of this profoundly un-American activity, I get a lot of emails promising me things. They promise me that Trump activated the insurrection act so that he and General Flynn can retake America. They promise me that pictures of Hunter Biden with 10-year-olds — and proof that Joe Biden was complicit — are about to be released. They promise me that Italy leaders, from the Pope on down, have been or will be arrested for (a) pedophilia, (b) murder, (c) interfering in the American election, or (d) all of the above. They promise me that people deep within the U.S. government have been turned and will publicly confess their election sins.

All of those emails are deus ex machina emails. Deus ex machina means “the god from the machine.” It was a theatrical device with roots in the ancient Greek theater. When the plot reached a point at which no human agency could save the beleaguered characters, a crane (the machine) would lower onto the stage an actor dressed as a god. There’d often be exciting noises and smoke to maintain the image. And then that “god” would set things right and ensure a happy ending. It’s a fiction. It’s not reality.

There is no insurrection act, there are no Italian confessions that anyone is going to act upon, there are no hidden witnesses about to come out. And even if all of that were true, the Democrats have clamped down on the engines of communication that would allow anyone to hear their sounds. Remember the philosophy question asking, “If a tree falls in a forest and no one is there, does it make a sound?” Same goes here: If the truth is spoken but all the megaphones have been seized, can anyone hear?  No. The answer is no.

But… (You knew I was going to leave you on such a downer note, right?)

There actually is a deus ex machina here. It’s us. We are the ones who can make things right. I haven’t yet figured out how to deal with the election system, but we can make change against the private sector:

Social media: As we’ve long known, social media is not “free.” We have “free” access because the real money comes from advertisers who want to reach us. If conservatives get off social media — and I mean off, off — the advertisers lose interest. Democrats routinely destroy private businesses with boycotts, something I’ve found appalling. I no longer find it appalling. Any business that supports the suppression of speech deserves to die. Let a few conservative media types stay on social media so as to keep an eye on what’s going on. I recommend Twitchy, which stays abreast of Twitter so you don’t have to.

For the same reason, because of my paying work, I also have to stay on social media for stories but believe me that I won’t post there. (I just have to figure out how to stop the automatic posting I do now with this site. I set it up, but don’t remember how. Give me some time on that one.)

The flip side of this is that it’s time to go back to the old way of doing things: Follow your favorite conservative sites. Conservative sites are currently heavily dependent on social media for their traffic. If you’re going off social media, you need to support your favorite sites in another way. You can pay for an annual subscription, donate to their PayPal accounts, or simply visit them every single day, even if you don’t have time to read anything. If you have a site, reinstate the old practice of a “blog roll.” That lets your followers know which conservatives sites you think are worth following. Back in the day, this networking was how conservatives changed politics change before the switch to social media — and it’s how it can happen again. I’ll put together a blogroll over the next few weeks.

Also, cast your mind back to the fact that, even before social media, we used to communicate. We did it via emails, via phone calls, via snail mail, and via getting out and talking to people face to face. For the time being, there’s also this:

Boycott businesses and China: It’s time for us to do without, which isn’t a bad thing anyway considering how tight money is. As I said, I used to oppose mass boycotts but I’ve changed my mind. Stop buying anything from Amazon, which shut down Parler, except for conservative books or publications in line with what Sarah Hoyt recommends. I know Amazon is convenient, but there are other sites that will also mail products to you. And people like me, who hate shopping in brick and mortar stores had better learn how again.

If you can afford to do so, avoid Walmart, whether online or in person. Walmart is effectively a Chinese front. It destroyed American businesses by undercutting every American manufacturer by pushing cheap goods from China. If you do have to shop there, try to avoid Chinese-made products.

And yes, if a product is made in China, and you can get by without it, DON’T BUY IT. When it comes to cheap consumer goods, we’re like crack addicts keeping our dealers in money. I was reading boxes like crazy yesterday when I went out shopping and discovered that I can make do without all kinds of things. Thankfully, the home fire extinguisher was made in Mexico.

While I encourage you to buy American, if you buy things, buy from patriotic companies. If at all possible, don’t buy from the companies who belong to the Business Roundtable, because it’s their organization that’s trying to kick Trump out of office in the few days left to him. You’ll be surprised to discover how many products you can do without. For example, is there anything the Coca Cola company makes that’s actually good for you? They peddle products that make Americans fat, unhealthy, and poor.

I understand that we still live in the world and that we’re going to buy stuff from those 14,000 companies. However, I urge you to go through the list and figure out what you can do without. If we all trim down our purchases, those companies are going to hurt.

If you haven’t already, unless your college is Hillsdale, stop sending it money when you get those alumni requests. All American colleges and universities are hotbeds of leftist indoctrination. I don’t care about their football or basketball teams, and nor should you. Those are just ways to inveigle more people into the propaganda machine.

Other ideas for our being the gods from the machine that save us are welcome here. This is just a start. But for goodness sake, we’ve got to stop funding the people and nations that despise us. We’ve got to stop being the money trees funding our own destruction.

If you’re feeling despair, well, I am too. But as I keep saying, depression and despair are passive emotions. Democrats would be delighted if we were depressed and despairing. Instead, we have to be the engines of change. Turn those feelings into anger and optimism. We can act and we will act.

And let me be perfectly clear: I am talking about legal, non-violent action. Dig out Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals and follow them. He advocated clever, non-violent tactics, and he was exactly right, as we know to our cost. Remember, the tactics are good; it was just the leftist goals that were bad.

Copy the Democrat boycott machine. And remember that it wasn’t just that Democrats stopped buying products. They would inundate the companies they were boycotting with phone calls, emails, letters, etc., letting the companies know exactly what was coming their way.

Get involved in local organizations, where change happens first. Get on the school board, get on the water board, get on the local college board, volunteer to work with immigrants (including those damn illegal ones) so that they get exposed to conservative ideas instead of only socialist ones. Follow that stupid leftist mantra: Be The Change.

Leftists took the culture; we can re-take it — and we can do it without a single smidgen of violence. Why? Because the leftists will help us. First, their coalition is a house of sand. They divided, and then subdivided, and the sub-sub-divided people into dozens of victim/identity groups and told all of them that the enemy was on the right. With the right routed, there is nothing to hold these groups together. They will destroy each other in the rush for spoils. I’m waiting for the day when the Squad realizes that Pelosi is an old white woman wrongfully occupying a spot that belongs to one of them — and brutally de-thrones her.

Second, as we’ve witnessed in Democrat-run states this year, they may be ruthless, but they’re also utterly incompetent. Their gift is destruction. They have no other abilities.

To sum up this post: Things are really bad. There is no magical deus ex machina who’s going to appear in the next nine days to save America. Therefore, it’s up to us to act. We have the power — the legal, non-violent power — but we have to stop waiting for someone else to do it for us.

I’ll leave you with the words of Harry Truman, harking back to a time when Democrats still had American values:

IMAGE: Lauracorominas. CC BY-SA 4.0

Help wanted translating article about coronavirus vaccines

A 2012 scientific study about mRNA vaccines for coronaviruses seems to suggest problems down the line that nobody is talking about now.

Someone sent me to this article, which seems to say that mRNA vaccines against coronaviruses can actually make you dangerously vulnerable to subsequent coronaviruses by triggering cytokine storms:

An early concern for application of a SARS-CoV vaccine was the experience with other coronavirus infections which induced enhanced disease and immunopathology in animals when challenged with infectious virus [31], a concern reinforced by the report that animals given an alum adjuvanted SARS vaccine and subsequently challenged with SARS-CoV exhibited an immunopathologic lung reaction reminiscent of that described for respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) in infants and in animal models given RSV vaccine and challenged naturally (infants) or artificially (animals) with RSV [32][33]. We and others described a similar immunopathologic reaction in mice vaccinated with a SARS-CoV vaccine and subsequently challenged with SARS-CoV [18][20][21][28]. It has been proposed that the nucleocapsid protein of SARS-CoV is the antigen to which the immunopathologic reaction is directed [18][21]. Thus, concern for proceeding to humans with candidate SARS-CoV vaccines emerged from these various observations.

Here are my questions: Did I understand the above language correctly? Is that actually what it says? And if it does say that, does anyone know whether the current vaccine has been engineered to avoid this outcome? Or alternatively, does anyone know whether this article is a debunked outlier?

I’m in no rush for the current vaccine. The march of time is, of course, inexorable but I haven’t yet aged into the cohort that is dangerously vulnerable to the Wuhan virus. I also get sunshine and take Vitamin D, baby aspirin, and a multivitamin with zinc and Vitamin C. I have limited contact with other people because my life is now, as it has always been, set up to work from home.

I’ve also never liked being first in line for brand new things unless it’s a movie I know I’ll like. Let other people be the guinea pigs for new products or new healthcare techniques. I like waiting until things are tried and true (and the prices have dropped). But if I understand the article correctly, it appears that this vaccine may never be tried and true. That might explain healthcare workers’ resistance to the vaccine although many I know in the medical field were first in line.

Anyway, if you have experience in reading this kind of scientific article, I’d certainly like to hear what you have to say. My ignorance on this subject is huge and good information is hard to come by nowadays.

In 2021, is there such a thing as a “margin of fraud” in elections?

With computer voting machines, it’s entirely possible that the “margin of fraud” concept has been superseded by pre-programmed victories.

One of the things I check out every day is the Morning Report by J.J. Sefton over at Ace. I have absolutely no idea how J.J. manages to process and summarize that much material but every day, there it is, all processed and summarized. What caught my eye in today’s Morning Report was this:

“Peach State election integrity is the pits!”
Georgia Election: Loeffler and Perdue Need Turnout to Exceed Margin of Fraud

Under the old system, you could assume that perhaps 2% of your opponent’s votes would be faked (cemetery votes, underage, out of district, etc.). If that 2% was correct, you couldn’t just calculate your victory to be 51% to win. Your victory would have to be 53% to accommodate the imaginary votes. The great the fraud, the more you had to up your game amongst legitimate supporters. If you fail, you end up with John F. Kennedy beating Nixon in exchange for his promise to the mob to unionize federal workers — a promise he kept.

In so many ways, that election was the beginning of the end. Unionizing federal workers opened the door to a level of corruption that even Franklin D. Roosevelt, a hard core wealth-class socialist wouldn’t contemplate.

For those unfamiliar with the problem, in a normal union situation, both labor and management have skin in the game. Both want the company to survive and both are reliant on the marketplace for money. If either gets too greedy, they risk killing the goose that’s keeping their golden eggs flowing.

In the government context, though, neither of the two parties has any skin in the game. Labor understandably wants more money and the government representative has an interest in getting more money for labor, in exchange for labor’s promise to donate to the Democrat party. (It’s always about Democrats, since JFK started this scam.) The taxpayer is not at the table. He’s just the endless piggy bank. This is how you end up with a federal labor force that’s 90% Democrat and is willing to go to any lengths to keep a reforming Republican from getting elected — and, if that Republican gets elected, will violate any laws (because they’ll protect each other) to destroy him.

JFK’s election also started our downhill slide because his assassination broke something in middle-class American. They became deeply vulnerable with that assassination and the left rushed into to fill that empty space. Part of the left’s tactic, of course, was to claim — all evidence to the contrary — that it was a right wing conspiracy that killed Kennedy. Suddenly, Republicans had the mark of Cain.

JFK’s election and subsequent assassination also put Johnson in the White House. Johnson was a much more effective president than Kennedy would have been. He ruthlessly exploited the Civil Rights Movement to Democrat ends, rather than to American ends, or even black ends. He also escalated the war in Vietnam, although Kennedy might have too. (It’s doubtful that Nixon would have done the same but who knows?)

Anyway, I’m digressing wildly. My original point is that the margin of error has always mattered.

However, if all the information about computer manipulated voting is true, there is no longer a margin of error. What I believe happened in the disputed states (and probably in most states with Democrat election management and Dominion or ES&S voting machines) is that the machines were set so that, for every one vote Trump got, Biden got 1.056 votes. The reason I offer that precise number, although I can’t find the link, is because I know I saw somewhere that Biden invariably ran 5.6% ahead of Trump in the states using Dominion voting machine. That lead is a little too perfect across multiple states. If that data is true, it sounds as if Biden’s lead had been built into the system ahead of time.

And that’s why I think that “margin of error” is an outdated concept. Whoever controls the machines wins. The vote will always come out with a perfect, pre-programmed lead for the Democrat candidate. Or as the 1871 cartoon from Harper’s Weekly about New York’s corrupt Boss Tweed says:

If you can’t read the fine print, the made up quote says, “As long as I count the Votes, what are you going to do about it? say?” Meanwhile, the pedestal against which he leans says “In counting there is strength.” Democrats have never changed and Republicans, being fools, never learn.

Libertarian John Phillips is Running for Decatur (IL) City Council and…

…he can get a matching donation up to $500…

There is a LPTV – Libertarian Party TV – hosted by Pat Ford and I just happened to hear his show – Candidate’s Corner – and he had a very articulate candidate for the Decatur (IL) City Council – John Phillips – and I am impressed!

I am not soliciting money. But if liberty-minded candidates want to help, here is the Phillips FB page! Can turn a Lincoln into a Hamilton!

Blogger Sanders is FOR Delegate Glenn Davis for the GOP Nomination for LG!

I Do Not Plan to Be a Delegate at the GOP Convention However

I was impressed with the names supporting Delegate Tim Hugo: Former state senator Dick Black, my very own senator Ryan McDougle and these other names (from emails from the Hugo campaign):

Tim Hugo has also been endorsed by Delegate Rob Bell (Albemarle), House of Delegates Caucus Chair Kathy Byron (Bedford), Del. Mark Cole (Spotsylvania), Del. Matt Fariss (Campbell), Del. Buddy Fowler (Hanover), Del. Margaret Ransone (Westmoreland), Del. Nick Rush (Montgomery), Del. Lee Ware (Powhatan), and Sen. Bill DeSteph (Virginia Beach).

So I thought I better make my views known: I respect Delegate Tim Hugo but I am FOR Delegate Glenn Davis. He should be governor. But let’s get him into the LG office and four years later Davis can run for Governor.

However, due to the possibility that the Libertarians might run a candidate for some office (I have recommended that the LP run their best candidate for LG in fact) that I will endorse here at the blog, I will not stand for delegate at the convention. I do encourage Republicans and Republican-minded voters to sign up in their local units and be a delegate for Glenn Davis. Be blessed in Jesus, Delegate Glenn Davis!

If the Senate cooperates, the Constitution offers an easy path to a Trump victory

Pence could still save the day, but the 12th Amendment has a Trump-friendly remedy if Senators refuse to accept Electoral votes.

I’m willing to admit up front that mine could be a whackadoodle theory. I’m not a constitutional scholar and I was hopped up on caffeine and really tired when the answer to the election fraud problem suddenly occurred to me. Still, if I’m not completely off my rocker, this theory could be what smooths the path to eliminating election fraud and retaining Trump’s rightful place in the White House.

The House and the Senate will gather over the votes on January 6. At that time, as we know several House members and Sen. Josh Hawley, at least, will object to Electoral College votes based upon fraud. (For an overview of the evidence showing that there is overwhelming fraud, I recommend that you go here and here. Also, keep in mind that, while those are recent links, even more evidence of fraud has since emerged.)

Once that happens, both the House and Senate retreat to vote on those objections. We know that the House will vote to override the objections and accept the challenged Electoral College votes. But if the Senate refuses to — if more brave Senators add their voices to Hawley’s — that creates an unfamiliar situation.

Incidentally, I think these negative votes are clearly within Congress’s purview. Fraud voids everything. If the Courts refuse to consider fraud that doesn’t foreclose Congress from acknowledging fraud and saying that it vitiates Electoral College certificate.

But back to what happens if the Senate stands atop the mountain of fraud hollering “Stop.” There are a few theories for what happens then, based upon the 1887 Electoral Count Act.

One much vaunted theory is that Pence gets to make the call.

Another theory is that the state legislatures get to make the call.

Another theory is that the state governors get to make the call.

These are all theories. You want facts? Look to the Constitution, which spells it out. Keep in mind that, at the moment the Senate gives its thumbs down, there are no longer enough Electoral College votes to put any candidate over the top. So here’s what I think happens:

As I wrote in September, when no one was paying attention to this kind of thing, the Constitution is remarkably clear on the subject.  If there are not enough Electoral College votes to hand victory to any one candidate — as will be the case if the Senate refuses to accept Electoral College votes predicated on manifest and overwhelming fraud — the Constitution spells out who picks the winner: fifty members (one for each state) from the newly seated House of Representatives decide.

Here’s the Twelfth Amendment’s language:

But in choosing the President, the votes shall be taken by statesthe representation from each state having one vote; a quorum for this purpose shall consist of a member or members from two-thirds of the states, and a majority of all the states shall be necessary to a choice. (U.S. Const., Amendment 12, Clause 3.)

What’s of signal importance here is that the House as a body does not vote.  Instead, one House member from each state votes.  Handing the matter to the House in this way makes eminent sense because this is the body closest to the most recently expressed will of the American people.  If the Electoral College failed, at least the majority of voters in each state will speak through the majority of House members from their states.

Under the 20th Amendment, the vote takes place not with the currently seated House, but with the incoming House.  The incoming House has 27 states with a majority of Republican representatives, 20 states with a majority of Democrat representatives, and 3 states that are tied.  That spells a clear victory for Donald Trump.

In brief: If senators follow Hawley’s lead and take a stand against the fraudulently generated Electoral College votes, at that point, under the Twelfth Amendment, there is no elected president, and the matter returns not to the full House, but to a single representative from each state.  And so, Trump wins.

If you think I’m wrong and foolish, tell me so. But if you think I’ve got a point, please share this post or the underlying American Thinker article that I quote, above. The reason I ask is because, if I’m correct, what I just said actually matters.

Donald Trump and the Battle of the Teutoburg Forest

People have worried that Trump’s Democrat past taints him but the Battle of Battle of Teutoburg Forest predicts that it made him stronger.

I keep thinking of the Battle of Teutoburg Forest, in 9 A.D. It’s the reason the Romans lost their hold on Germania and were never again able to expand very far into the territory of the German tribes.

Arminius was a German prince whose tribe the Romans had conquered. The Romans took him away as a hostage so his father wouldn’t wage war. Arminius was accorded respect in Rome and trained in German fighting, eventually attaining the rank of equestrian.

Eventually, the Romans sent Arminius back to “Germania” as part of the Roman mission to conquer the German tribes. However, while there, Arminius plotted a return to his people and a revolt against the Romans.

When the Romans attacked, the Germans under Arminius’s command, rather than fighting wildly, as the tribes always did, fought in disciplined Roman fashion and completely defeated three Roman legions. Arminius managed to fend the Romans off for another 12 years before jealous Germanic nobles assassinated him.

After WWII, Germans were no longer allowed to learn about Arminius (whose name is the German “Hermann”) lest they once again get too big for their lederhosen.

So why am I thinking of Arminius?

Trump was a Democrat for a long time. He worked in a frequently Democrat-run city in a frequently Democrat-run state. He socialized with all the power players, from the Clintons on down. Trump saw what Democrats were doing. With his connections, he knew who they were and how they operate.

Now Trump, like Arminius, is leading a revolt against a ruling class he knows intimately. As we get ever closer to January 6 and January 21, it gives me hope that Trump can be the new Arminius, using his inside knowledge of the Democrats to defeat them. And because we don’t live in the assassination made first few centuries of the “anno domini” era, I fully expect Trump to have a much better ultimate ending than poor Arminius did.

If I Had A Pint (Or Two) With Nigel Farage…I’d Say Build a Liberty Party in the UK!

Now Liberate the British People!

If I had a pint with former UKIP Leader and former MEP Nigel Farage – first, I’d probably need two! Maybe meet at a pub – I would carefully pour the hot and sweetened tea into a pub glass over ice but I would be hono(u)red to buy his pint! – but even over the phone would be fabulous!

I might need the first pint to say: Few ordinary people (especially in the UK) can say they changed the course of their nation’s history and maybe the history of the world. A toast: To Brexit! Glasses clang together…

It is easy to forget what Brexit actually means. When Farage left the Tory Party in 1992 to start the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) as a protest against the original Maastricht Treaty…

Having joined the Conservative Party as a schoolboy, he left in 1992 in protest over John Major’s signing of the Maastricht Treaty and went on to found UKIP in 1993.

Question Time, BBC, March 28, 2007

…and advocate for Great Britain to leave the European Union to say it was quixotic is an understatement. No chance. (Had I been British I would have among the first to sign up!) Impossible. Never will happen. But it did! Let us now give praise – I might even raise my glass to Jesus and His Providence in giving people vision to seek freedom!

In the succeeding years, UKIP and euroskeptic Tories (and a few Labourites) agitated for more and more independence and sovereignty for the UK in the EU and for getting out altogether. Farage never got elected to the UK Parliament (not yet) but he used his election to the European Parliament as a platform and a huge EU-wide microphone for speeches that while I might have been more diplomatic were effective in skewering the EU leaders as arrogant and obnoxious globalists. I would say the anti-EU movements in Poland, Hungary, Italy and other nations drew influence and encouragement from Farage. In the 2014 European elections, UKIP won the most seats in the proportional representation election, beating all the leading parties for the first time since 1906. (And Farage did it again – with the Brexit Party in 2019!) This blogger called it “Christmas in May!

Now it would be time for a second pint! And I digress. Here is what Nigel Farage should do:

First, get this book. I would take any privatizing of the National Health Service off the table by ensuring a referendum before there are fundamental changes in the NHS. But most of the rest of the ideas of Carswell and Hannan are on the point: Get rid of unelected quangos, increase the power of local governments (and taxes too BUT they will be truly accountable), and speak out against anti-liberty laws and regulations. Also come up with a REAL British Constitution, based upon historical liberties fought for by past generations and not mucked up with new “rights” created by globalists. Something like the Ninth Amendment for the written British Constitution.

As we finish the second pint, write the platform/manifesto for the new party – he is calling it Reform (there is a UK Libertarian Party and I am sorry they might get demolished in the rubble) – the truth is: The UK needs to be free. Now you have freed Great Britain from the EU, the pols have no excuse, it is time to free the UK and give power to the people.

Finally, some thanks is in order. As we lifted up our glasses, I would toast to: Farage and UKIP banned racists from their party. Here is what I wrote citing the near-extinction of the British National Party:

But please, UKIP, do not turn into a racist party.  You are too good for that.  Your strict policy on barring former members of truly racist parties like the BNP, helped take those parties out of the picture as a serious political force.  Don’t ban the burka or give dog whistles to anti-Muslim racists.  Rather become a liberty party.

Nigel Farage ought to be knighted for this alone. If I had the honor to have my blog read by the Queen, that would be my first suggestion. People who make positive, fundamental changes in the United Kingdom ought to be knighted.