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Blacks and Asians

Here’s the reality behind the Democrat lie that Trump has caused black-on-Asian violence.

You probably know that there’s been an uptick in random, clearly race-related attacks against Asians. I’m under the impression that all, or most, of the attackers are black. Here’s a representative story:

The claim is that this is all Trump’s fault because he insisted on saying that the Wuhan flu originated in Wuhan, China. He also made it clear that he thought that the Chinese government, even if it didn’t create the virus in a lab or lose control of it, nevertheless deliberately lied about it and sent its citizens abroad to spread COVID. By saying such things, assert leftists, Trump turned Asian people into targets.

Let me restate that fine argument: The black people who presumably hate Trump (because of the media’s and Biden’s Fine People Hoax), nevertheless believed Trump implicitly about China’s responsibility for the virus. Then, despite Trump never having said a word about Asian people in America or in any way encouraging violence against them, these Trump-hating blacks took it upon themselves to get revenge against China by pushing over elderly Chinese people.

The media clearly think black people are idiots. Or they think Americans generally are idiots to believe that story. The fact is that it’s the leftist Americans (Democrats, progressives, socialists, etc.) who are that stupid if they believe this kind of media crap.

Allow me to tell you what’s really going on here: Blacks dislike Asians because they resent them. Incidentally, Asian immigrants, being incredibly racist in their home countries, despise blacks, whom they view as an inferior race. This Chinese commercial is Exhibit 1:

You can find Exhibits 2 through infinity across all of Asia if you spend just a few minutes looking. When I was growing up, the Chinese-born parents of my friends, all of whom liked me, nevertheless made it clear that their child’s friendship with a white kid was permissible only because, with the girls, these were obviously mere friendships while, with the boys, they were obviously nothing more than friendships. Nothing would have enraged them more than if I’d been dating one of their sons.

But this post isn’t about Asian immigrants looking down on blacks or whites. It’s about why blacks dislike Asians: It’s because Asians show that the black problem isn’t slavery; it’s culture.

Starting in the 1970s, Chinese immigrants began to pour into America. Coming from a communist country they had nothing. They didn’t speak the language (or anything related to the language) and they had no real marketable Western skills. They squeezed multiple families into cramped slum apartments and took whatever hard, dirty work came their way.

Oh, and they demanded that their children do well in school. That was the Number 1 thing: Do well in school. And the Chinese kids did exactly that.

After doing well in K-12, they went to state colleges and universities or, if they were super smart and very lucky, got scholarships to prestigious colleges and universities. They worked hard in higher education, aced their classes, got great jobs, and bought houses in the suburbs where they moved their hardworking parents and grandparents. They were model minorities: Minimal crime, incredible academic performances, good jobs, increased affluence.

Things are different among blacks. Ever since the Civil Rights Movement, blacks have sneered at academia. If you want the details, read John McWhorter’s Losing the Race: Self-Sabotage in Black America. In it, he details a culture in which doing well in school and staying out of trouble is “acting white” and a bad thing.

This is the mindset BLM advances: doing math, being ambitious and punctual, working hard, being respectful — those are all signs of white, cultural imperialism being used against blacks. The fact that blacks could do those very things themselves and succeed is irrelevant. What matters is that across the activist black world, in the schools among the kids, and in the streets among the gangs, the message is relentless: Hard work and other behaviors that lead to academic and professional success are the internalized self-loathing that comes from systemic white racism.

Put another way, the message that is now writ large across America thanks to BLM is that black failure is white people’s fault because white people put unreasonable demands on blacks. We’re told that, because of the dislocation of the slavery that ended 160 years ago, and because of the genuinely systemic racism of the Jim Crow era (which only a small proportion of people still experienced) , blacks can’t be expected to perform up to white standards. Only a racist would expect that.

But then you have these Asian people, tiny, speaking a foreign language, navigating a completely alien culture, often living in the same slums as the black people — and damn their hides, they’re mastering the system. Their kids do great in school and the families amass wealth. It proves that, no matter the grim circumstances in people’s backgrounds, through those despicable “white” attributes (hard work in school and out), they can succeed.

In the last 30 years or so, the successful Far Eastern Asians (mostly Chinese and Korean) have been joined by the South Eastern Asians from the Indian subcontinent, who are, on average, the highest-earning people in America. Their culture also puts enormous stress on academic achievement and it pays off.

I’ll share a little racist secret with you: I think blacks are every bit as capable as whites or Asians, or pinks or greens, for that matter. There is nothing inherently wrong with blacks. Genetically, they’re people who live on a bell curve like everyone else, with a broad spread of physical and mental talents.

What’s wrong with blacks is that, since the 1960s, they’ve allowed white Democrats to impose upon them a culture of failure and to convince them that this is their natural, inherent black culture. When they see Asians arrive without even the advantage of speaking English and then do well, it infuriates them. Rather than confronting their Democrat puppet masters about the racist lie being used against them, they take out their rage on the nearest convenient objects. These “objects” happen to be fragile, elderly Asian people, whom they smash to the curb as the only way they can think of to lash out at an unjust system.

These frustrated blacks, trapped in a cycle of poverty and crime, are right that the system is unjust but that injustice isn’t because of those innocent Asian victims. It’s unjust because white elites in the Democrat party and their black kapo enforcers in BLM and the race hustlers in the media are running an ugly, obscene con job on blacks to keep them in a perpetual state of servitude. The goal is to ensure that Democrats can rely on black’s loyal votes in perpetuity.

And the really big Democrat joke on the blacks is that, having attained total federal power, the first thing the Dems are doing is opening the border and giving citizenship to 30 million illegal Latin Americans. These are the people who compete with poor blacks for jobs and housing, and who will make black votes irrelevant. The Democrats will have all the votes they need from the new Hispanic population.

Democrat efforts to use and abuse blacks ended with slavery and Jim Crow. However, they eventually figured out that they could control blacks completely with a vicious, destructive simulacrum of kindness that would destroy them, turning generations of young blacks into mindless people committed to violence and dependent on the government. And once these grievously manipulated people had fulfilled their Helter Skelter purpose of destroying America’s successful economic, social, and political culture, the ruling class could abandon them in favor of the easier-to-manage Latin Americans, who haven’t yet learned to bridle at doing menial labor for the Nancy Pelosis and Joe Bidens of this world.

But back to the Asians, there is something that might console these blacks who are brainwashed enough to think that it’s the Asians, not the Democrats, who are their enemies. Asians invariably send their kids to college. In the last 20 years, colleges have become so wacked-out with Wokeness and identity-politics, that their children are getting deeply propagandized, just as surely as blacks have been.

Asian children, instead of feeling superior and accomplished, are being taught that they’re victims. And once they learn that, they’ll fail too, just like all the other identity groups the Democrats demean and exploit.

And that’s why there’s an uptick in black violence against elderly Asian people.

The Democrats’ Helter Skelter approach to racial politics

The Democrats seem determined to foment a race war in America. Are they intentionally trying to replicate Manson’s Helter Skelter theory?

Across America, the current Democrat policy is focused with laser-like intensity on fomenting racial discord. This is true within federal and state governments and within large corporations that are staffed with woke college graduates. Here are just a few examples from recent days. I could easily find, not dozens, but hundreds of more examples, maybe even thousands:

1. Coca-Cola has confirmed that it was training its employees to “try to be less white,” a racist notion if there ever was one.

2. Washington state illegally funneled COVID relief money to radical political groups based upon racial criteria.

3. Jodi Shaw, an incredibly brave former Smith employee, wrote a public resignation letter in which she detailed the demeaning racist harassment she suffered because she is white.

4. An experienced administrator in the Bronx is suing her school district based on her allegations that the district harassed her relentlessly and then demoted her because she shared a Holocaust story about her family and refused to give a “Wakanda salute.”

5. Although it’s a “north of the border” story, this report out of Canada fits in perfectly with the Democrat approach: a school district is hunting down anonymous students who dared to set up an Instagram account claiming that all people are created equal and should be judged by the actions, not by the color of their skin.

6. Oregon’s official policy now is that math as it is currently taught in schools is racist because it requires students to give the right answers — and that requirement is a dangerous example of inherent white malevolence and a determination to destroy other races.

7. The Oregon story leads me generally to what’s going on in American schools. On Friday, Tucker Carlson devoted his entire hour-long show to reports of the way in which America’s public schools are intentionally demeaning whites on solely racial grounds:

Watch the video while you can for I’m sure it will be pulled soon.

8. Kristen Clarke, who is Biden’s nominee to the DOJ’s Civil Rights Division, has claimed that whites are genetically inferior and that race must factor into every decision in America.

And of course, there’s the official White House and Democrat party line that events on January 6 were the actions of armed white insurrectionists attempting a coup. The various federal Democrat people and entities make this claim even though the only ones armed were law enforcement officers, one of whom killed a woman; it’s apparent that leftists were heavily involved in fomenting and then acting in the events of January 6; and neither Trump nor his supporters have ever done anything other than to claim that Trump’s policies will benefit everyone and that we should all be treated equally. That last notion, of course, is a sure sign of white supremacy in the year 2021.

We are not witnessing the random actions of a few racial crackpots. Instead, across America, at every level — education, corporations, and government — the Democrat message is clear: Whites are inherently inferior and their “genetic traits,” which shamefully include punctuality, ambition, loyalty, reliability, and good math, are dangerously racist.

Before 1860, the message in large parts of America was that blacks were inherently inferior, a policy that propped up slavery. That led to a Civil War resulting in 650,000 Americans dead out of a population of only 31.5 million.

Between 1865 and the 1960s, the message in large parts of America was that blacks were inherently inferior, a policy that propped up Jim Crow and true systemic racism. That is, across America, various governments and many institutions (i.e., large corporations, especially banks) had policies that openly discriminated against black people. This destroyed lives, blighted talent and hard work, and led to the vast social dislocation of the 1960s, something that provided an opening to communists and that still affects America today.

Now, in 2021, the message the Democrats are sending across America, one being hammered home with increasing ferocity and with the power of the state to enforce it, is that whites are inherently inferior and, on top of that, evil. Whites therefore need to be abused, demeaned, diluted (via illegal immigration), and systematically shut out of America’s civil society.

Here’s the irony behind this un-American, dangerous sentiment: This anti-white policy comes down via white people (Biden, Pelosi, Schumer, and other whites in D.C.; and Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Jack Dorsey, Jeff Bezos, and other whites who amassed power through technology). When I look at the problem through that filter, all I can think of is Charles Manson and “Helter Skelter.”

Older readers will remember what Helter Skelter means. At bottom, it was simply a song from the Beatles’ edgy White Album. Charles Manson, though, was sure that the phrase, the song, and the album itself had a deeper meaning.

Wikipedia does an adequate job of summing up the Helter Skelter philosophy that Manson created and that inspired his followers to brutally slaughter seven people in the Los Angeles hills (hyperlinks and footnotes omitted):

Charles Manson had been predicting racial war for some time before he used the term Helter Skelter. His first use of the term was at a gathering of the Family on New Year’s Eve 1968 at Myers Ranch near California’s Death Valley. The scenario had Manson as the war’s ultimate beneficiary and its musical cause. He and the Family would create an album with songs whose messages would be as subtle as those he had heard in songs of the Beatles. This would not merely foretell the conflict but would trigger it by instructing “the young love”, meaning white American youth, to join the Family, and it would draw the young, white female hippies out of San Francisco’s Haight-Ashbury.

Black men would thus be deprived of the white women whom the political changes of the 1960s had made sexually available to them and would lash out in violent crimes against whites. Frightened whites would retaliate with a murderous rampage, and militant blacks would exploit it to provoke a war of near-extermination between racist whites and non-racist whites over the treatment of blacks. Then the militant blacks would arise to finish off the few whites who survived; in fact, they would kill off all non-blacks.

In this holocaust, the members of the enlarged Family would have little to fear; they would wait out the war in a secret city that was underneath Death Valley which they would reach through a hole in the ground. They would be the only remaining whites upon the race war’s conclusion, and they would emerge from underground to rule the blacks who, as the vision went, would be incapable of running the world. At that point, Manson “would scratch [the black man’s] fuzzy head and kick him in the butt and tell him to go pick the cotton and go be a good nigger”.

Incidentally, regarding the sexual element in Manson’s theory, it’s noteworthy that, to celebrate Black History Month, Northwestern University created an interactive “BDSM FUNdamentals” workshop:

And here’s a bonus: The class on how bondage and polygamy can be employed to score said liberation will be taught by a “two spirit Black and Indigenous facilitator and healer.”

That’s right — participants will learn from “Vee AKA: Electr0papi (They/She),” who’s reportedly “an electro play and fire play enthusiast as well as a rope suspension top.”

A lot of really bad 1960s ideas are flowering now, thanks to the seeds planted and nurtured in academia (which especially affect Silicon Valley), as well as the 1960s/1970s generation holding power in D.C. (see the aforementioned Biden, Pelosi, Gates, etc.). I’m beginning to fear that one of these really bad ideas is an updated version of Charles Manson’s Helter Skelter theory of a race war followed by total white control over black people. Steeped in this highly racist, anti-white ideology, it doesn’t matter to these people that blacks make up only 13% of the population. They don’t care that this racial balance means that it’s unlikely blacks will prevail in such a war and more likely that, after some unspeakable brutality on both sides, they’ll lose the war.

What matters is that they badly want a war. And if it’s a war they want, I’m terrified that it’s a war they’ll get.

Conservatives — we have to be our own deus ex machina

A theatrical deus ex machina will not appear in the next week to save us. We’re on our own but there are things we can do to save ourselves.

The news is clear about what’s happening today in America: The American private sector — social media, internet search engines, web hosting engines, 14,000 American companies, banks, media outlets — is systematically working to silence and destroy anyone who opposes the Democrat political agenda. For example, Mozilla’s leftist leadership, apparently finally over the “guilt by association” horrors of the McCarthy era (an era leftists still use as a rallying point), is reinstating guilt by association. It’s CEO, Mitchell Baker published a statement entitled “we need more than deplatforming.”

After applauding shutting down Trump, he had some specific prescriptions:

Changing these dangerous dynamics requires more than just the temporary silencing or permanent removal of bad actors from social media platforms.

Additional precise and specific actions must also be taken:  

Reveal who is paying for advertisements, how much they are paying and who is being targeted.

Commit to meaningful transparency of platform algorithms so we know how and what content is being amplified, to whom, and the associated impact.

Turn on by default the tools to amplify factual voices over disinformation.

Work with independent researchers to facilitate in-depth studies of the platforms’ impact on people and our societies, and what we can do to improve things.

In other words, pure McCarthyism: Are you now or have you ever been a member of the Republican party? Or a Trump supporter? Or someone who refuses to kneel when shown the American flag or hearing the national anthem?

It’s not surprising, of course. Do you remember that, back in 2008, Mozilla fired Brendan Eich, who created JavaScript and co-founded Mozilla, because he believed marriage is between a man and a woman? He moved on, thankfully, to found Brave, which I use as my browser.

Meanwhile, on the political front, congressional Democrats will impeach Trump again in a (futile) attempt to prevent him from a second crack at the presidency. They are also trying to boot from federal and state office anyone who claims that the election outcome resulted from fraud.

In the face of this profoundly un-American activity, I get a lot of emails promising me things. They promise me that Trump activated the insurrection act so that he and General Flynn can retake America. They promise me that pictures of Hunter Biden with 10-year-olds — and proof that Joe Biden was complicit — are about to be released. They promise me that Italy leaders, from the Pope on down, have been or will be arrested for (a) pedophilia, (b) murder, (c) interfering in the American election, or (d) all of the above. They promise me that people deep within the U.S. government have been turned and will publicly confess their election sins.

All of those emails are deus ex machina emails. Deus ex machina means “the god from the machine.” It was a theatrical device with roots in the ancient Greek theater. When the plot reached a point at which no human agency could save the beleaguered characters, a crane (the machine) would lower onto the stage an actor dressed as a god. There’d often be exciting noises and smoke to maintain the image. And then that “god” would set things right and ensure a happy ending. It’s a fiction. It’s not reality.

There is no insurrection act, there are no Italian confessions that anyone is going to act upon, there are no hidden witnesses about to come out. And even if all of that were true, the Democrats have clamped down on the engines of communication that would allow anyone to hear their sounds. Remember the philosophy question asking, “If a tree falls in a forest and no one is there, does it make a sound?” Same goes here: If the truth is spoken but all the megaphones have been seized, can anyone hear?  No. The answer is no.

But… (You knew I was going to leave you on such a downer note, right?)

There actually is a deus ex machina here. It’s us. We are the ones who can make things right. I haven’t yet figured out how to deal with the election system, but we can make change against the private sector:

Social media: As we’ve long known, social media is not “free.” We have “free” access because the real money comes from advertisers who want to reach us. If conservatives get off social media — and I mean off, off — the advertisers lose interest. Democrats routinely destroy private businesses with boycotts, something I’ve found appalling. I no longer find it appalling. Any business that supports the suppression of speech deserves to die. Let a few conservative media types stay on social media so as to keep an eye on what’s going on. I recommend Twitchy, which stays abreast of Twitter so you don’t have to.

For the same reason, because of my paying work, I also have to stay on social media for stories but believe me that I won’t post there. (I just have to figure out how to stop the automatic posting I do now with this site. I set it up, but don’t remember how. Give me some time on that one.)

The flip side of this is that it’s time to go back to the old way of doing things: Follow your favorite conservative sites. Conservative sites are currently heavily dependent on social media for their traffic. If you’re going off social media, you need to support your favorite sites in another way. You can pay for an annual subscription, donate to their PayPal accounts, or simply visit them every single day, even if you don’t have time to read anything. If you have a site, reinstate the old practice of a “blog roll.” That lets your followers know which conservatives sites you think are worth following. Back in the day, this networking was how conservatives changed politics change before the switch to social media — and it’s how it can happen again. I’ll put together a blogroll over the next few weeks.

Also, cast your mind back to the fact that, even before social media, we used to communicate. We did it via emails, via phone calls, via snail mail, and via getting out and talking to people face to face. For the time being, there’s also this:

Boycott businesses and China: It’s time for us to do without, which isn’t a bad thing anyway considering how tight money is. As I said, I used to oppose mass boycotts but I’ve changed my mind. Stop buying anything from Amazon, which shut down Parler, except for conservative books or publications in line with what Sarah Hoyt recommends. I know Amazon is convenient, but there are other sites that will also mail products to you. And people like me, who hate shopping in brick and mortar stores had better learn how again.

If you can afford to do so, avoid Walmart, whether online or in person. Walmart is effectively a Chinese front. It destroyed American businesses by undercutting every American manufacturer by pushing cheap goods from China. If you do have to shop there, try to avoid Chinese-made products.

And yes, if a product is made in China, and you can get by without it, DON’T BUY IT. When it comes to cheap consumer goods, we’re like crack addicts keeping our dealers in money. I was reading boxes like crazy yesterday when I went out shopping and discovered that I can make do without all kinds of things. Thankfully, the home fire extinguisher was made in Mexico.

While I encourage you to buy American, if you buy things, buy from patriotic companies. If at all possible, don’t buy from the companies who belong to the Business Roundtable, because it’s their organization that’s trying to kick Trump out of office in the few days left to him. You’ll be surprised to discover how many products you can do without. For example, is there anything the Coca Cola company makes that’s actually good for you? They peddle products that make Americans fat, unhealthy, and poor.

I understand that we still live in the world and that we’re going to buy stuff from those 14,000 companies. However, I urge you to go through the list and figure out what you can do without. If we all trim down our purchases, those companies are going to hurt.

If you haven’t already, unless your college is Hillsdale, stop sending it money when you get those alumni requests. All American colleges and universities are hotbeds of leftist indoctrination. I don’t care about their football or basketball teams, and nor should you. Those are just ways to inveigle more people into the propaganda machine.

Other ideas for our being the gods from the machine that save us are welcome here. This is just a start. But for goodness sake, we’ve got to stop funding the people and nations that despise us. We’ve got to stop being the money trees funding our own destruction.

If you’re feeling despair, well, I am too. But as I keep saying, depression and despair are passive emotions. Democrats would be delighted if we were depressed and despairing. Instead, we have to be the engines of change. Turn those feelings into anger and optimism. We can act and we will act.

And let me be perfectly clear: I am talking about legal, non-violent action. Dig out Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals and follow them. He advocated clever, non-violent tactics, and he was exactly right, as we know to our cost. Remember, the tactics are good; it was just the leftist goals that were bad.

Copy the Democrat boycott machine. And remember that it wasn’t just that Democrats stopped buying products. They would inundate the companies they were boycotting with phone calls, emails, letters, etc., letting the companies know exactly what was coming their way.

Get involved in local organizations, where change happens first. Get on the school board, get on the water board, get on the local college board, volunteer to work with immigrants (including those damn illegal ones) so that they get exposed to conservative ideas instead of only socialist ones. Follow that stupid leftist mantra: Be The Change.

Leftists took the culture; we can re-take it — and we can do it without a single smidgen of violence. Why? Because the leftists will help us. First, their coalition is a house of sand. They divided, and then subdivided, and the sub-sub-divided people into dozens of victim/identity groups and told all of them that the enemy was on the right. With the right routed, there is nothing to hold these groups together. They will destroy each other in the rush for spoils. I’m waiting for the day when the Squad realizes that Pelosi is an old white woman wrongfully occupying a spot that belongs to one of them — and brutally de-thrones her.

Second, as we’ve witnessed in Democrat-run states this year, they may be ruthless, but they’re also utterly incompetent. Their gift is destruction. They have no other abilities.

To sum up this post: Things are really bad. There is no magical deus ex machina who’s going to appear in the next nine days to save America. Therefore, it’s up to us to act. We have the power — the legal, non-violent power — but we have to stop waiting for someone else to do it for us.

I’ll leave you with the words of Harry Truman, harking back to a time when Democrats still had American values:

IMAGE: Lauracorominas. CC BY-SA 4.0

Are the Democrats waking the sleeping giant?

Democrats and monopartiers think they’ve won today but they may have sown the wind and will reap the whirlwind, by waking the sleeping giant.

There are a few points I find myself making in my responses to emails from worried and unhappy people. There’s a common thread I’m seeing in my own writing, so I thought I’d see if I could pull it all together in this post.

Here’s a preliminary but important point: Don’t give in to depression and despair. Both of those are emotions that encourage passivity.

No matter what is coming down the pike, we are effective only if we’re energized. In that regard, I have to give the leftists credit for keeping anger as their battery power for four endless years.

We constitutional patriots are going to do it differently: We’re going to combine anger at a fraudulent election process with optimism and patriotism. That mixture of righteousness and the happy warrior spirit is the source of true power. It will keep us going whether our fight ends with Trump’s second inauguration or whether we keep the American flame burning until Trump’s second election or the election of any one of a number of extraordinary conservative young people coming up in America today.

And now for my sleeping giant point: A lot of people despair that not enough Americans, including disappointed Trump voters, will act going forward. Instead, they will become the numbed vassals of the tech tyrants and our new Chinese overlords.

I think that the people worrying about this outcome aren’t taking into account the huge efforts Democrats and other members of the monoparty (more on that monoparty, below), all of whom control the Deep State, have made to wake that sleeping American giant. Up until these efforts, the reality was that working- and middle-class people were not activists and were the last people to man their barricades. They simply had too much to lose.

As I’ve said over and over for years, people with mortgages, car payments, apartment rent, dependents, retirement funds and, most important, a stable or rising standard of living will never rock the boat. This is why, incidentally, ordinary FBI agents were perfectly agreeable when they saw their superiors engage in the Russia hoax. Even if their consciences bothered them, their mortgages and 401K plans bothered them more.

But what happens when the party about to take complete political power deliberately destroys the working and middle classes? And note, please, that when I say “the party,” I mean the monoparty. This isn’t just Democrats, although it’s mostly Democrats. It includes RINOS, NeverTrumpers, and monoparty “Republicans” who go where the money and power are.

So I ask again, what happens when this monoparty engages in politics that are manifestly intended to destroy the working- and middle-classes while enriching preferred constituents? And I’m not just talking here about the lockdowns, which wiped out American restaurants (bastion of family businesses), mom-and-pop stores, hair salons, etc. And it’s not just that these policies, by shutting down ordinary businesses and otherwise trapping people in their homes, enormously enriched the big retailers (Walmart, Amazon, etc.) and the tech tyrants (Microsoft, Google, Facebook, etc.).

Instead, I’m also talking about Nancy Pelosi admitting she refused to agree to another stimulus bill because it would have benefitted Trump, not Biden. And Oregon’s unconstitutional decision to use Wuhan virus relief money only to benefit minorities, not similarly situated non-minorities. And the way politicians (mostly Dems, but also a few Republicans) have been flouting their own rules, as if to rub everyone’s face into the way they’re being destroyed. And the AMA’s decision, after hundreds of thousands are claimed to have died from the Wuhan virus (numbers I question), to announce suddenly that, with Joe Biden heading for the White House, hydroxychloroquine is now an approved medicine. If that was as politically driven a decision as it appears, the members of the AMA are mass murderers. And I’m talking about Bill Gates placidly announcing that the lockdowns should continue into 2022 just to make sure everything is his version of safe. And I’m sure you can come up with your own examples of the monoparty not just putting its collective thumb on the scale, but doing so blatantly and with glee.

We’re seeing a perfect storm here: The monoparty (mostly Democrats) have engaged in policies that have destroyed, and are destroying, everything that kept working- and middle-class people stable and non-rebellious. Not only that, they’ve done so in the most offensive ways possible, continuously reminding these same working- and middle-class people that, even as their lives are being ruined, the protected classes are subject to different rules and are doing just fine, thank you very much. They’ve also worked hard to sow racial divisions, so that Americans cannot come together to fight this oligarchy. And just to ice that toxic cake, this whole lockdown might have been stopped instantly if the monoparty hadn’t decided that a medicine Trump recommended must instantly be treated like poison.

And then, on top of it all, to gild the icing on that toxic cake (yeah, yeah, metaphors run amok), the monoparty commits blatant election fraud to push into the White House a man who never left his basement, who inspired no enthusiasm, who had negative coattails, who has a 48-year record of corruption and stupidity, who pimped out his son to America’s geopolitical and economy enemies for cash, who dances to China’s tune, and who is drifting into senility.

People who have nothing left to lose, and who see unworthy people stealing everything they have, are a people ripe for rebellion. These are not college students with imaginary grievances or mentally-ill (and often criminally perverted) Antifa types who are ripe for a riot or some fun looting. Instead, these are people who responded to Pearl Harbor, or who rose up in the Warsaw Ghetto, or who fought the most powerful military in the world in the second half of the 18th century, or who engaged in the Battle of Athens.

Right now, the corrupt American media, working with the tech tyrants, is ridiculing these Americans, hiding information from them, and trying to brainwash them into thinking all is well. All is not well. I think bad things, really bad things, are going to happen.

I don’t say this with relish. I have always lived a protected, peaceful life, and I both hoped and assumed that my life would continue that way until I died in my bed of advanced age. I never wanted to replicate my parents’ experience of Depression, dislocation, and war. Even now, I still pray that, when these anguished, disenfranchised, dispossessed Americans rise up, they can still do so through our traditional, peaceful, democratic means: Freedom of speech, the ballot box, and the free market.

But I’m worried. I won’t lie to you. I’m very worried. Being worried, though, doesn’t mean I’m giving in to that despair I warned about at the top of this post. I’m going to do my bit, as best as I can through my writing, to be that happy warrior. As I see it, my job, using my skill, is to help America work it’s way back to a constitutionally-governed, free market, decent and moral nation, rather than a racially-riven, economic basket case, governed by a tech oligarchy beholden to China.

Look to Mossyrock, Washington, if you want to see how this begins:

What do I think of the Democrats’ COVID-19 management?

A truly thoughtful, open-minded Democrat friend asked me what I thought of the COVID-19 lockdowns. This was my first pass answer.

I am opposed to the lockdowns. Fortunately, I’m in an economic class that can handle them. People who cannot telecommute or live on their savings are being destroyed. I believe what is happening now is evil.

We know a lot more about the virus than we did in the spring. We have better treatments and we know who’s at risk. The smart thing is to protect the vulnerable, masks in crowded places or for those who want them and get back to normal. And here’s something for you to chew on: John Hopkins did a study showing that deaths in 2020 were average overall, a study that was pulled because the authors didn’t like that people made use of it to advance arguments with which the authors disagreed. The bottom line, as many conservatives have argued, is that COVID-19 hastened the deaths of those who would have died anyway. A tragedy? Most certainly. Losing even one day from a loved one is a tragedy, but you don’t offset tragedy by destroying a country.

Right now, I can’t help wondering what’s driving people like Oregon’s governor. Has she decided that avoiding a single coronavirus death is worth destroying millions of lives, with the attendant increase in suicide, depression, substance abuse, crime, spousal and child abuse, deaths from untreated diseases such as cancer and heart disease, etc.? Can she explain why you can’t have people in your home or go to the Mom & Pop store, but Walmart and Costco are just fine? Also, can those governors explain why they were copacetic with mass riots in the spring, at the peak of the virus, but God forbid you celebrate Thanksgiving?

And the hypocrisy — the Denver may, Gavin Newsom, Andrew Cuomo, Gretchen Whitmer, and more — they all made it clear that the rules don’t apply to them. That either means they think that, godlike, they are immune or, more likely, they know that what they’re doing makes no difference to the virus. If that’s true, all their rules are either because they enjoy the power or because they’re achieving a goal other than the spread of disease. The obvious short-term goal was to destroy Trump. The longer-term goal seems to be to break the back of the middle- and working classes that are not on board with the Democrat party’s agenda.

People will go along with this for a while, especially if the leaders keep them in a state of fear. However, at a certain point, time blunts the fear and people begin to realize they’re being used and abused. Then, you have a true revolution, not the carefully choreographed BLM rallies, but true revolution. I fear that.

One Democrat with whom I spoke accused me of heartlessness because “people will die.” People will always die and a pandemic that, averaged out over the country, has a 99% survival rate should not merit killing the country to “save” it.

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Watcher of Weasels 2020-11-19 22:36:36

The Democrats had a comprehensive plan for election fraud but Trump’s massive victory, plus an inexorable computer algorithm, ruined it all.

I listened to the press conference that President Trump’s legal team gave today. Because I’ve been following this story extremely closely since the election, none of them said anything that surprised me. I’m betting, too, that nothing surprised any of you. Trump’s legal team knows that Trump supporters have been paying very close attention to the evidence of fraudulent election activity that’s been accruing since November 3.

The point of this press conference was to force the media — that is, the mainstream media — to listen to the narrative. The very first question out of CNN, though, showed that the media, like the heathen idols in the Bible, “have mouths, but they speak not; eyes have they, but they see not; They have ears, but they hear not….” (Psalm 135).

After Rudy Giuliani had carefully explained the on-the-ground vote fraud, Sidney Powell had equally carefully explained the massive fraud committed with the Dominion vote systems, and Jenna Ellis had scolded the media for its utter lack of curiosity, the CNN “reporter” shouted out: “Is your goal in this to pressure officials and lawmakers in the battleground states to block or delay certification so the GOP can pick their own electors? Is that the end game here?” In other words, “All I heard was blah-blah-blah, so I assume Trump is trying to cheat.”

Having lived and breathed this news since the election, I believe that I’ve finally figured out a simple way to explain what happened to those in the media who are more open-minded, as well as to everyday Americans who want a map to explain this complicated story. It should start, as all good stories do, with

Once Upon A Time….

Once upon a time, in 2016, the Democrats were absolutely certain that Hillary Clinton would win the White House in order to serve Barack Obama’s third term. Because of that, the various branches of the Democrat party — the DNC, the Washington bureaucracy, the media, and the tech monopolies — made crucial two choices: They did not censor Donald Trump’s campaign because they assumed it would alienate Americans, and they didn’t cheat any more than Democrats have routinely cheated in elections for last 130 years or so.

To the Democrats’ absolute horror, Americans voted for Donald Trump, who openly declared that he was going to clean out Washington D.C. and free Americans from their unconstitutional servitude to and rule by a grotesquely overgrown federal government. In that moment, when the Democrats realized they lost, you can imagine that them as millions of Grouchy Marxes and Bugs Bunnys, outraged that their grifts had ended:

All four arms of the Democrat party had their assigned roles to end the American people’s seemingly successful rebellion against the Democrats’ grip on the American government.

The Bureaucracy’s/Deep States’ job was to oust Trump immediately by faking up the claim that he’d conspired with Russia and then, when that failed, with Ukraine. Barack Obama continued as the commander in chief for this coup attempt.

The media and the tech monopolies had a two-pronged assignment. The first prong was silence to Trump supporters and other conservatives, whether by lying about them, deplatforming them, or ignoring them into oblivion. This accelerated before the election with openly aggressive deplatforming and censorship (especially about Hunter Biden). The second prong was to amplify the Democrats’ messages, whether that Trump was uniquely evil and incompetent, that the Wuhan virus was the second coming of the medieval black death, or that Joe Biden was an intelligent, accomplished, and effective leader.

Finally, the DNC — or perhaps a much smaller cadre of people drawn from all four branches of the Democrat party — got the task of making sure that the November 3, 2020 election, unlike the November 8, 2016 election, ended with a certain Biden victory. This time, they weren’t taking any chances. And again, this was a two-pronged effort.

The first prong was to ramp up all the traditional forms of Democrat cheating. In this, they got a boost from their hysterical response to the Wuhan virus which gave them an excuse to urge people to vote by mail. In true blue states, they did this by executive or legislative fiat. In swing states, they put enormous pressure on their supporters to vote by mail.

For Democrats, the beauty of mail-in voting is that it’s the form of voting most vulnerable to cheating. Instead of having to sneak people into polling places and hoping they don’t get caught, with mail-in voting, the dead, the illegal aliens, and the imaginary people simply had to shuffle their way over to a mailbox. And thanks to ballot harvesting, even that chore was limited. A harvester could find as many dead, illegal, and imaginary people as possible (plus sadly non compos mentis people in old age homes) and funnel all their votes to the mailbox or registrar.

Democrats also relied upon poll worker chicanery, such as intentionally miscounting votes, losing Trump votes, repeatedly counting Biden votes, and accepting entirely illegal shipments of tens of thousands of Biden votes long after the voting deadline had ended. In more past elections than we will ever know, this was more than good enough to get a Democrat candidate over the top.

But Democrats still had a niggling worry: Trump had shown remarkable sticking power with his supporters. They remained fiercely loyal for the entirety of his term, despite the non-stop slanders hurled at him. As the election neared, they turned out in their thousands and tens of thousands to hear him. The polls that ostensibly showed a massive Biden wave seemed — ahem — “suspect” when people compared Biden’s 12 people rallies to Trump’s 52,000 people rallies . . . in Pennsylvania.

The Democrats, though, had an ace up their sleeve. No, not an ace. All four aces. No, that’s wrong too. Democrats had a whole deck of aces up their sleeves.

Their aces came in the form of Smartmatic voting machines running Dominion software. The Dominion/Smarmatic system (henceforth, “Dominion”) was uniquely positioned to assure the doddering Biden’s (and the rapacious Harris’s) victory.

Dominion had its genesis in Hugo Chavez’s Venezuela. The inventors specifically intended them to throw elections. That was their purpose. Thus, the Dominion systems weren’t there to record and count votes; they were there to change votes.

The Dominion systems had headquarters in Canada and England; vote counting centers in Barcelona, Spain, and Frankfurt, Germany; George Soros ties; and, in the case of Dominion Software Systems, a vice president, Eric Coomer, who is a fanatic Trump hater and Antifa supporter — and who was heard promising his Antifa friends that he could and would use his position at Dominion to ensure that Trump lost.

Here’s what the brains behind the Democrat party assumed would happen: Their traditional level of cheating would be more effective than usual thanks to the boost they got from the Wuhan virus. Indeed, the cheating might be so good that, standing alone, it would defeat Trump. Trump’s old-fashioned get-out-the-vote effort would pale compared to the Democrats’ get-out-the-illegal-vote effort.

Still, every plan needs an insurance policy. For the Democrats, the plan was the Dominion systems. The plan wouldn’t apply in super red states, of course, because there was no way the Democrats could claim that Biden could win in South Carolina or Tennessee. And it wouldn’t work in Texas, which had the intelligence to reject the Dominion system because of its vulnerability to massive fraud. And of course, it was unnecessary in super blue states.

After all, despite the mess Democrats have made of California and New York, people in those states have been brainwashed into thinking Republicans are worse than Satan (or, as Bandy Lee, a Yale psychiatrist, said, Trump is worse than Hitler.) Because these people cannot allow themselves to be seen as supporting Satan, Hitler, or Trump, they’ll always vote Democrat, no matter how much the party is destroying them.

For those states, though, that were a bit unreliable — Arizona, Michigan, Wisconsin, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Virginia, etc. — the Democrats knew that Dominion was there for them. After all, if you’re going to strike at the king, you’d better be able to kill him in a single blow. You need that Plan B.

Here’s what was supposed to happen: For the most part, the traditional cheating would ensure that Biden won in most, or even all, of those shaky swing states. However, Democrats assumed, if he didn’t win, his eventual loss in any one of those states would be by a small margin — hundreds, maybe a few thousands, of votes. In that case, the Dominion systems had their directions programmed into them.

The Dominion systems had two algorithms. (It’s still unclear to me if the systems decided which algorithms to apply or if humans did.) They could delete Trump votes while creating votes out of whole cloth for Biden or they could transfer Trump votes to Biden. Once they’d done that, they would ensure that any additional votes, whether real or fake, were always counted to favor Biden. The point was to give Biden a little boost, not an obvious one; it would be just enough to hand him a believable victory.

You’ll note that this system was set up so that it would be impossible for Trump to win. He could not possibly have campaigned in a different way so as to get more votes. Whatever his vote tally, the Dominion system would make sure Biden got just a little more. Really, it was a perfect plan. It would be invisible, there’d be no hoi polloi to testify about it, and it was foolproof.

Except that it wasn’t foolproof at all.

What the Democrats hadn’t counted on was that Trump wouldn’t get just a few hundred or even a few thousand more votes than Biden. Instead, Trump would get an extraordinary tidal wave of votes. His lead over Biden when the polls closed would be in the hundreds of thousands. The Dominion Plan B wasn’t set up for this margin of victory. Unfortunately for Democrats, it was the only plan they had.

In the wee hours of November 4, the important swing states suddenly announced that they were stopping counting, something absolutely unheard of in a presidential election. What they were really doing was regrouping in the face of this disaster. Eventually, though, they did the only thing they could: They triggered the algorithm for Plan B.

And this is where they learned that computers can be lousy co-conspirators.  Computers lack subtlty. Told to engage in a plan of action, they’ll follow that plan, whether it’s for 600 votes, 6,000 votes, or 600,000 votes. And, being computers, they operate with robotic precision.

The result was inevitable: The computers destroyed all statistical probability. When the marvelous number nerds who haven’t been sucked into the evil world of the tech tyrants looked at the voting patterns in the states in which Trump had been leading before Biden suddenly shot to victory at 4 a.m., they discovered statistical and mathematical impossibilities. Here are just some articles detailing the craziness:

If you don’t want to read all those articles, some of which overlap, this simple video from The Gateway Pundit tells its own compelling story:

Democrats hate the inexorable laws of economics and mathematics, but they are inexorable and now they’re stuck with them.

Having put all this information out there, here’s where the Sorcerer’s Apprentice comes in. You remember that segment from Disney’s 1940 movie, Fantasia, don’t you?

The sorcerer assigns to Mickey Mouse, his apprentice, the task of bringing in some buckets of water to clean the place. Mickey, being lazy, decides to put his rudimentary magic skills to work instead. He casts a spell on the broom, which carries in the water and settles in for a nap.

Mickey awakens to find the room flooded, for the broom, like a robot, keeps following the magic command. Mickey has no idea how to stop the broom and, when he takes an ax to it, he only multiplies the broom, massively increasing the problem. The only thing that saves him is the sorcerer’s intervention.

The Democrats are like Mickey the apprentice. Rather than doing the hard work of getting out the vote — actually, the impossible work, given their candidate and their platform — they decided to cast a spell on the voting system in the form of a cheating algorithm. They assumed they’d get a little boost, and then the election would be over and everything would be better than before.

Instead, like that magic broom with the water buckets, the Dominion systems kept going and going, robotically doing what it took to give Biden an edge. The systems created a flood of votes, just as Mickey’s broom created a flood of water.

Were Democrats really differ from Mickey Mouse is that he had the sorcerer to fall back upon to remedy the situation, followed by a good kick in the pants. The Democrats, though, cannot magically make the evidence of their crime go away. Moreover, if justice finally plays out as it should, rather than a good kick in the pants, many of the Democrats behind this extraordinary banana-republic fraud are going to find themselves on kitchen duty in a prison somewhere in America’s heartland, the place they hate most of all.

As Democrats make lists, remember that communists gotta communist

The Democrat party’s sudden lust for lists shouldn’t surprise us. That’s what communists do: They make lists and then purge their enemies.

By now, it’s old news that AOC and her squad members are taking down the names of people they intend to destroy once Drool-meister Biden, much like Paul von Hindenburg in 1933, is installed in office, with Kamala “Defund the Cops” Harris waiting in the wings:

As you contemplate the last entry in that long, long thread, keep in mind that AOC, despite being frighteningly stupid and ill-informed is the face of the modern Democrat party. Also keep in mind that AOC’s call for an enemies list, as well as her supporters’ willing responses, should not be a surprise because this is what victorious leftists do.

A few years ago, I was in Hue, Vietnam, which was a major area in which the Tet Offensive occurred. This was the battle that the U.S. military won but that the leftist in America ensured that America lost. What many people don’t know is that, while American leftists were snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, the people of Hue paid a terrible price. The Viet Cong slaughtered thousands of civilians as part of the usual purge that takes place when leftists are ascendent. My tour guide in Hue still remembered those days. “They were terrible,” he said. “So many died.” Maybe my imagination was working over time, but as I stood there at the Citadel, which still shows its battle scars, I could feel a terrible sense of grief wash over me.

Giovanni Guareschi, the anti-communist who wrote the delightful, gently humorous, and intensely humanist books about Don Camillo, the priest in Italy’s Po Valley, and his relationship with the town’s communist mayor, Peppone, knew all about purges. In Don Camillo and his Flock, a collection of short stories published in 1952, the story entitled “The technique of the coup d’etat, involves the town’s perception, during a complete blackout, that the communists had achieved a massive victory in the Italian election:

[The town’s communists] sat around uneasily by the light of a candle stump and cursed the power and light monopoly as the enemy of the people, until Smilzo burst in. He had gone to Roccaverde on his motorcycle to see if anyone had news and no his eyes were popping out of his head and he was waving a sheet of paper.

“The front has won!” he panted. “Fifty-two seats out of a hundred in the Senate and fifty-one in the Chamber. The other side is all washed up. We must get hold of our people and have a celebration. If there’s no light, we can set fire to a couple of haystacks near by.”

“Hurrah!” shouted Peppone. But Gigio grapped hold of Smilzo’s jacket.

“Shut your trap and stay where you are!” he said grimly. “It’s too early for anyone to be told. Let’s take care of our little list.”

“List? what list?” asked Peppone in astonishment.

“The list of reactionaries who are to be bumped off first thing. Let’s see now…”

Peppone stammered that he had made no such list, but the other only laughed.

“That doesn’t matter. I’ve a very complete one here all ready. Let’s look at it together, and once we’ve decided, we can get to work.”

Peppone and the others born and raised in the town are uncomfortable. After all, while they preach communism, they still make sure that Don Camillo baptizes their children. And of course, most of Guareschi’s books are about the deep friendship behind Don Camillo’s and Peppone’s moral and political rivalry. Gigio, though, is cut from a purer cloth, kind of like AOC and her squad:

At this point Brusco came into the discussion.

“You must be crazy,” he said. “You can’t go around bumping people off without thinking it over.”

“I’m not crazy, and you’re a very poor Communist, that’s what you are! These are all reactionary pigs; no one can dispute that, and if you don’t take advantage of this golden opportunity then you’re a traitor to the Party.”

Brusco shook his head.

“Nothing doing! It’s jackasses that are traitors to the Party! And you’ll make a jackass of yourself if you go around making mistakes and bumping off innocent people.”

Gigio raised a threatening finger.

“It’s better to eliminate ten innocents than to spare one individual who may be dangerous to the cause. Dead men can do the Party no harm. You’re a very poor Communist, as I’ve said before. In fact, you never were a good one. You’re a weak sister, a softie, I say; you’re just a bourgeois in disguise!”

With those threats in the air, Peppone and the other local communists fall in line — at least they appear to do so. Since this is Don Camillo’s little world, what they actually do is sneak over to Don Camillo and warn him. At the end of this dangerous night, the radio returns, the announcer says that the Front lost, and sanity returns. “Only one man didn’t escape and that was Gigio. He was proudly waiting for orders to set off the green rocket and, instead, he got a volley of kicks that left him black and blue all over.”

Guareschi wrote with charm and humor and he had great faith that the Italian character would rise above communism. Nevertheless, having experienced World War II and the attempted communist takeover in Italy after the war, he fully understood one of leftism’s most powerful urges: To purge and punish.

After all, while leftism often uses the ballot box to gain political control, it will always use the police state to maintain political control. And the easiest way to do that is to destroy your political enemies immediately so that everyone else in leftist-controlled societies learns a lesson: You will be ruined if you fight us. For now, we’ll destroy you economically but understand that, as we consolidate our power, we’ll have more options for enemies of the state.

We better hope Trump wins at the end of this election cycle because the alternative can be very ugly indeed.

If Democrats didn’t have double standards, they’d have no standards

The Democrats’ “You’re stupid, so shut up” response to claims about election fraud are the apex of their double standards.

We all remember the last four years: The public breakdowns, the “Trump is Hitler” garbage, the attempted coup, the “He’s not my president” crap, etc. And that was just Hillary. The whole left had a collective breakdown and they did so without any evidence whatsoever.

For three years, despite a complete absence of documentary or witness evidence, Democrats asserted with an absolutely straight face that Trump had colluded with Russia to win the White House. All they had was the classic conspiracy: invisible dots connected by imaginary lines. Notwithstanding the Mueller Report, which spent two years and $35 million dollars to find absolutely nothing, many still contend that the Russia Hoax was, in fact, true.

Since the election, the Trump team has assembled thousands of affidavits from ordinary citizens providing specific details about incidences in which they saw people charged with counting ballots violate rules. The people who signed these affidavits did so under the penalty of perjury. Post workers who blew the whistle took the risk that they’d lose their jobs. In addition to eye-witness statements, there are uncounted videos showing illegal or improper conduct in connection with vote counting.

The media (including Fox’s Neil Cavuto, among others) consistently state that the allegations about fraud in vote counting are “untrue” and “unfounded”:

Politico: “Trump camp stokes fear over unfounded claims of mass voter fraud in Philly”

NPR: “FACT CHECK: Trump Falsely Claims Widespread Fraud In Latest Election Speech”

HuffPost: “Trump Voters Have Been Primed For His Bogus Voter Fraud Claims For Years”

Washington Post: “GOP splits over Trump’s false election claims, unfounded fraud allegations”

I could do this all day. Every single media outlet calls the allegations “unfounded” or “bogus” or some variation on that. Understand that every media outlet is callin ordinary citizens liars.

The same double standards appear with the Democrats’ “shock” that Republicans are not accepting the media’s claim that Biden won the election. Democrats spent four years screaming about a stolen allegation based upon a the Steele Dossier. We know now that Hillary colluded with Russian operatives to buy that Dossier. Again, there was not a scintilla of evidence (and Andrew Weissman looked harded) that anyone other than Hillary — and certainly not Trump — colluded with Russia.

Now, though, Trump supporters are being told “shut up.” James Wood had the best response:

Sen. Mitch McConnell didn’t do so badly either:

Let’s not have any lectures, no lectures, about how the president should immediately, cheerfully accept preliminary election results from the same characters who just spent four years refusing to accept the validity of the last election and who insinuated that this one would be illegitimate too if they lost again — only if they lost. The people who push this hysteria could not have any more egg on their faces than they do right now.

What you’ll also discover if you pursue those links is that the Democrats’ and NeverTrumpers’ argument against conservative/pro-Trump contentions is “shut up.”

Whatever you do, don’t let the same Democrats who still claim, without evidence, that Trump isn’t their president, gaslight you into giving up on Prsident Trump’s fight now. This fight is real, it’s big, and we can and should win.

(As an aside, and I don’t have time to develop it, look at the double standards re the Democrat virus: If conservatives gather — for example, at Trump rallies — we’re all going to die. If leftists gather — whether BLM, Antifa, or Biden parties — nothing bad will happen.)

One more thing: Remember that Biden is a truly awful human being. He’s been a government parasite for 48 years. He sold our country out to the Chinese, the Russians and anyone else who would pay him. He has a history of open racism, whether because of his friendship with KKK types or his awful pronouncements about race. Even if he isn’t an active pedophile, he’s a creep around little girls. There is a credible sexual assault allegation against him. Politically, he’s been wrong on every issue. He’s continually and falsely accused Trump of being a racist and, by implication, accused half of America of being racist. He’s a known liar and plagiarizer.

By any metric, Biden isn’t the chewing gum that gets stuck to the bottom of your shoe. That’s too kind. He’s the mixture of chewing gum, slimy hawked loogies, and dog poop that lies at the edge of every gutter in every big city.

It’s not Covid-19; it’s not the Wuhan virus; it’s the Democrats’ virus

While the virus known as Covid-19 originated somewhere in China, if you want to know who weaponized it, the real culprits are the Democrats.

One of the problems that the Democrats had going into 2020 was Trump’s refusal to be Hitler. Trump didn’t round-up Jews; he embraced them. Trump didn’t put the LGBTQRSTUV squad in concentration camps; he pretty much ignored them (unless they were Ric Grenell, in which case they occupied important government positions). Trump didn’t enslave blacks on plantations; he brought them the most economic prosperity they’d ever achieved in America (and same goes for Hispanics). Trump didn’t aim for world domination; he refrained from starting any wars at all. Trump didn’t destroy the economy with his mad tariffs; he immeasurably strengthened it with lower taxes, less regulation, and truly fair trade deals. Trump didn’t kill or imprison illegal aliens; he just stopped letting them in and, along the way, developed a good relationship with Mexico’s president. As each opportunity presented itself, Trump was defiantly NOT HITLER.

For the Democrats/Progressives/Leftists/Socialists/Communists (hereinafter, “Democrats”), this was a disaster. It was bad enough that every single probe, right up through the impeachment hoax, proved that Trump was as pure as driven snow. This was true for his politics and his past business dealings. We’ve probably never had a president in at least the past 150 years who was so clean. Even Harry Truman came up through the filthy Pendergast political machine, but not Donald Trump.

In January, the Democrats were too busy with the fauxpeachment to take much notice. By February, though, they realized that it was the best thing ever to happen to the Democrat party. Here’s what they were able to do with the virus:

Democrats were able to get Americans used to draconian restrictions on their lives. It must have fascinated the Democrats to see how many limitations they could incrementally impose on America.

Democrats were able to run a fake candidate, using the virus as an excuse to hide him from the people.

Democrats were able — temporarily — to destroy the Trump economic juggernaut and, along the way, substantially enrich their rich Democrat friends, everyone from Jeff Bezos to the Waltons to all of Silicon Valley.

Democrats were able to use this economic destruction to make more people dependent on the government, including the future need for government healthcare.

Democrats were able to get rid of tens of thousands of elderly people, along with a whole lot of other people who were frequent healthcare users. Elderly people and those with chronic illnesses are always a problem in socialist systems. They’re no longer contributing to the system, but they’re high users, especially in healthcare. Killing these people may not have been the original plan, but it certainly was a side benefit.

All of that was useful, but in the short term, the Democrats put into place two immeasurably important things:

Democrats were able to justify completely overriding legislation regarding voting and, whether by fiat or legislation from Democrat legislatures, to switch to mail-in voting. The Democrats mailed out millions of ballots, regardless of whether people were alive, were interested in voting, or had moved from their original addresses. With all those ballots out there, anything was possible.

And best of all for their political purposes, Democrats were finally able to call Trump Hitler: He wasn’t a “world domination Hitler or a “concentration camp Hitler.” Instead, by pointing to the 230,000 people alleged to have died directly from the virus, Democrats successfully (wrongly, but successfully) were able to label Trump as the “Disease Hitler.”

Looking at the election, I am certain that, if Trump can successfully reveal the massive fraud behind the election, both on the ground and behind the scenes (using corrupt and corruptible voting systems), it will be apparent that Trump won resoundingly. But to the extent there were people who genuinely voted for Biden, many did so because, at long last, the Democrats were able to convince them that Trump is Hitler.

That’s why my new name for the disease that came here from China is the Democrat Virus. After all, it was the Democrat party that so successfully weaponized it against the American people and President Trump.


Saturday Night Live inadvertently explained lockdowns and riots

A little-noticed Saturday Night Live skit about the talking dog was a harbinger of all the disasters that Democrats wrought in 2020.

Saturday Night Live has always leaned left, although, perhaps because I was a Democrat in the 20th century, it didn’t seem as one-sidedly nasty as it is now. I’ve long thought that one of its funnier skits, at the height of the Iran-Contra scandal, was the one showing that President Reagan was actually a genius mastermind. Sure it blamed him for wrongful acts but it was still funny:

Most SNL political sketches, though, aren’t funny, they’re just biased. And then, not long after Trump was elected, SNL came through with another funny one. This time, a team of scientists led by Scarlett Johansson, figured out a way to translate animal thoughts — only to find out that Johansson’s dog was a free thinker. Whoever wrote the sketch actually emerged from the bubble long ago to see why Trump supporters thought as they did:

The sketch was hugely popular, especially among conservatives. I was looking for it today because I wanted to share it with a rare conservative friend who hadn’t seen and I discovered to my surprise that last December, SNL did another sketch with the same premise and cast of characters.

What’s fascinating about the later version, which is very funny, is that it reveals genuine leftist fear. The SNL writers are telling people that the impeachment won’t matter and that their primary candidates are a disaster. You’ll enjoy watching it:

As far as I’m concerned, this sketch tells you everything you need to know about the 2020 lockdowns and riots. Even in December, the Democrats knew they held a losing hand. Not a single one of their candidates could win and Trump was rocketing to victory, especially because of the economy. Trump had turned the economy around and people noticed. The only way to win was to turn the economy around again — to trash it, on purpose, so that people would abandon Trump. And that’s what the Democrats did.

The sketch is funny. The Democrats are both pathetic and evil. But that’s how leftists roll — they will literally (and I mean that word in its dictionary sense) destroy a country to obtain power.