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Celebrating Independence Day

On the 244th anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence, the United States of America finds itself in a war for its very survival.  Events are being brought to a head with the chaos and uncertainty of the COVID19 pandemic and shutdown of our economy; protests, riots, and looting occurring in major cities across the country in the guise of Black Lives Matter but infiltrated by avowed Marxists; an election year following four years of attacks on President Trump by the media, Democrats and Never Trumpers; the Russia hoax, the Ukraine hoax, an impeachment farce… the list goes on.

The individuals and organizations behind the riots and tearing down of statues are in their last gasps of attempting to end our great republic.  They have been working for decades in our schools, colleges, media, and government offices to undermine our proud history.  What we are seeing is the culmination of a few generations of our indoctrinated youth who have never been exposed to the whole truth behind the founding of our country.  They are taught only the negative aspects of our founding and historical events.  They are carefully taught to hate everything about America.

As a young woman growing up in the 1960s and 1970s I learned a heartbreaking but powerful lesson.  Good and bad reside together within everyone.  We cannot judge people from our historical past based on our present reality.  Life rarely gives you a binary choice.  Nothing is black and white.

Our children are taught the founding fathers owned slaves so nothing they did could possibly have been good.  End of discussion.  We should be teaching them the complete story.

The Declaration of Independence was written to address the grievances of the Colonies against the King of England.  We have all read the “official” document in American history classes.  What we were not taught, and what we SHOULD have been taught, was the process which brought about this historic document; particularly the missing text of the original draft written by Thomas Jefferson, which  included the following paragraph, taken directly from transcription of “The Papers of Thomas Jefferson” at Princeton University:

“He has waged cruel war against human nature itself, violating it’s most sacred rights of life and liberty in the persons of a distant people who never offended him, captivating & carrying them into slavery in another hemisphere, or to incur miserable death in their transportation thither.  This piratical warfare, the opprobrium of infidel powers, is the warfare of the CHRISTIAN king of Great Britain.  Determined to keep open a market where MEN should be bought & sold, he has prostituted his negative for suppressing every legislative attempt to prohibit or to restrain this execrable commerce…”

As Jefferson points out in his “Autobiography by Thomas Jefferson 1743-1790” this clause was stricken because Georgia and South Carolina were not against slavery and in fact was necessary to continue since their agricultural economies relied heavily upon the practice.  Without the full support of all the Colonies the Declaration of Independence could not have been the transformative document and precursor to the establishment of the United States of America and the Constitution and thus was omitted in the final document in order to get unanimous support from all of the Colonies.

Until the mid -1650s many people came to the Colonies as indentured servants, with colonists paying their fare to immigrate.  These indentured servants worked off their debt for up to seven or eight years at the end of which they were given their “freedom papers” acknowledging their debt was paid in full.  Several of the Colonies and even some of the wealthier colonists themselves gave these freed people land and livestock to establish their own livelihood.  The truth is slavery in the colonies was instituted while under the rule of the British with blacks and whites alike owning slaves of all races.  Many colonists became abolitionists and were vehemently against the practice from its very beginning.

Jefferson acknowledged that during the turbulent Revolutionary War eradication of slavery had not been addressed and he wrote “this subject was not acted on finally until the year [17]78, when I brought in a bill to prevent their further importation.  This passed without opposition, (author’s bold) and stopped the increase of the evil by importation, leaving to future efforts its final eradication”.  Here we see again Jefferson’s personal commitment to the abolition of slavery in America.  This was an important advancement towards ending the practice, and also reveals the Founding Fathers shared the same commitment.

A little research would reveal Thomas Jefferson inherited his slaves from his father and father-in-law and the only slaves he purchased were to reunite families.  While it is also a known fact he kept a slave woman named Sally Hemings and most likely had several children with her, what is not taught is that she was his half sister-in-law, being his deceased wife’s half-sister.  Thomas Jefferson was probably the most enlightened and classic liberal of the Founding Fathers.

When the final draft of the Constitution of the United States of America was completed, Provision 107 from Article 1.9.1 stated “Until A.D. 1808 there shall be no prohibition or interference against the migration or importation of any persons which the “states now existing” shall consider proper for admission”.  In his book The Making of America, W. Cleon Skouson states: “This provision gave the states the RIGHT to continue importing slaves and bond servants for twenty years, but thereafter it gave the federal government the RIGHT to terminate it”.   Skousen elaborates by explaining that this was the compromise made by the original States to assure that three dissenting states; Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina; would sign the Constitution.  Although the consensus of the general populace favored the abolition of slavery, these three States required a period of time to phase out their economic dependence on slavery.  In the same year as the Constitution was written, the Northwest Ordinance was passed assuring that any new States acceding to the United States would be free states and no slavery would be permitted within their borders.

So this Independence Day, as we see anarchists rioting, looting and tearing down statues and memorials representing our history and celebrating our founders, we should be reminded – one of the reasons the Revolutionary War was fought was to break away from England and a monarchy that brought slavery to our shores.  The Declaration of Independence was our first step towards equality for all.

And finally, we must resolve to teach our children the true and complete history of America and not just the skewed anti-American version Marxists have been teaching in our schools.

Our future depends on it.



Bookworm Beat 6/13/20 — all the interesting things out there

This Bookworm Beat is a mish-mash of all the interesting things I’ve seen today whole browsing the “interwebs.”

Leftists libraries and the new Orwellian world. The Royal Holloway library, part of the University of London, has proudly announced that it will begin censoring its collection. Where Western libraries once sought to expand human knowledge and stood against censorship, the leftist moment is all in favor of ridding the world of any ideas that counter the leftist narrative:

It’s now racist to say police aren’t murderers. I first rode on the Bay Area Rapid Transit system (BART) in 1974. It was a wondrous thing in those days. It’s less wonderful now. It’s dirty, it seldom runs on time, and certain stations, especially in the East Bay, are extremely dangerous for passengers because of both evil and crazy people.

In 2009, a BART police officer shot and killed Oscar Grant. The officer argued — and video appeared to support — that he’d thought Grant might be armed and meant only to taser Grant, who was resisting handcuffs. At the end of the day, the officer was convicted of involuntary manslaughter, not murder.

That was 11 years ago but to the race hustlers, these things never go away. On Thursday, during a BART directors’ meeting, one of the Directors, Debora Allen, argued that it was wrong for members of the public to claim that BART officers “murder” people:

“‘BART PD murders people?’ That’s not true,” Allen said. “The definition of murder is the unlawful premeditated killing of one human being by another. It’s just simply a false statement. Statements like this right now at a time of such turmoil and unrest really — I can only guess are politically motivated.”

That statement is factually true. In addition, Allen is a director of BART. One would like to think that she’d speak up for it and its employees. But not in the Orwellian and McCarthyist world of the left. Allen is racist!

Later in the meeting, BART board president Lateefah Simon strongly denounced Allen’s comments.

“When I hear the dog whistles that are consistent with the political agenda that uplifts structural racism, that black men and women who succumb to unlawful use of force by law enforcement were to blame — it is unconscionable and it is racist,” Simon said. “I completely disavow the comments that were made earlier.”

And remember how I wrote yesterday about the wokesters’ desperation to out-do others in proving their purity on aligning with Black Lives Matter, something I compared to mourners at Kim Jong-Il’s funeral? Right on cue:

On Twitter, BART director Janice Li echoed Simon’s comments, writing that Allen’s comments were “vicious, toxic, and racist.”

No healthy society can survive this kind of hysteria, racial sensitivity, and panicky “me-tooism.” These people need to be ignored so that their insanity, which is antithetical to a free society, just fades away.

Tom Cotton is taking a stand against cancel culture. I just bloviate at my blog about the terrible dangers of cancel culture. Sen. Tom Cotton, who is rapidly becoming one of my favorite people in D.C., uses his bully pulpit to make a difference:

On Thursday night, Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) eviscerated the terrifying “cancel culture” that seeks to silence anyone who dares disagree with leftist dogma. Cancel culture animates the vandalism against statues — including those of black volunteer troops for the Union fighting against slavery — along with the abortion of television shows and the firing of people.


“What is the logical conclusion? What is the end of the cancel culture? I will tell you what it is. It is right here in this city, Washington, the District of Columbia. That’s where it will end if we don’t put an end to the madness now,” Cotton warned.

“Just up the Mall is the Washington Monument. Are we gonna tear the Washington Monument down? Are we going to rename it the Obelisk of Wokeness?” the senator asked.

“Up the Hill is the Washington National Cathedral where so many times we have gathered as a nation over the years to mourn our great leaders, to pray for God’s protection and deliverance in moments of national strife and struggle,” Cotton continued. “Are we going to rename the Washington National Cathedral the ‘Temple of Reason’ as the Jacobins did to Notre Dame during the French Revolution?”

“And what are we going to call this city? Can’t call it Washington. Can’t call it Columbia,” he said, rejecting “Columbia” because it is a version of Christopher Columbus’s name. “Gotta come up with new names, all around.”

“I will say this, the cancel culture, whether in its Maoist or its Jacobin forms, ultimately is animated by a single idea, that America, at its core, is fundamentally irredeemable and wicked,” Cotton concluded. “I reject that claim fully, wholeheartedly. America is a great and noble nation, the noblest nation in the history of mankind, that has struggled throughout our history, imperfectly but ceaselessly, to live up to our founding creed that all men are created equal. The single greatest defense against tyranny, against racism, against oppression. [Those are] the stakes of this debate.”

Black Lives Matter collides with Gay Pride Month: The left has gained its power by dividing Americans into little victim groups and then telling these groups that Republicans hate them and want to destroy them. The truth is that Republicans don’t hate members of these victim groups, although they disagree strongly with the anti-American, anti-constitutional ideas that animate those who embrace their victim identities.

But back to leftist divisions. In a classic case of “you reap what you sow,” the “warload” controlling Seattle’s new nation — the Capitol Hill Autonomous  Zone — turns out not to like gays:

As we’ve previously reported, the Democrat/media-driven rush to “cancel” anyone who decides to think for themselves instead of participating in left-wing groupthink in the aftermath of the death of George Floyd is at a fever pitch, with professors, media figures, and pro-sports icons among those being tossed into the fire left and right.

But in an ironic twist of fate, a cancel notice may soon be coming for Raz Simone, the “warlord” of the radical Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ) in Seattle, Washington as old homophobic tweets from his Twitter account have surfaced that appear to be legit based on various web archive websites (language warning):

Sister Toldjah has much more and I urge you to check it out. I just think it’s incredibly funny the way the Black Lives Matter movement and Gay Pride have collided. We know that blacks are one of the most homophobic demographics in America. June will be leftist autophagy month as far as I can tell.

“Don’t confuse me with facts!” I’ve written before at my blog about the left’s resistance to any facts that challenge the narrative. As far as you, my readers, were concerned, that hat was just my say-so. Ami Horowitz, however, put himself at risk to prove that it’s a phenomenon that extends beyond the leftists I know personally:

(And did you catch the homophobia?)

Candace Owens. Owens caught fire in 2017 when she made a clever video about confessing to her parents that she was a conservative. I loved it and linked. I then heard from other people that she might be a grifter, so I wrote about that too.

Since then, however, Owens’ allayed my concerns about her being a grifter. As far as I’m concerned, she’s been a stalwart and courageous defender of conservative values. Moreover, she understands how to conduct herself in the brave new world of social media politics, something many conservatives (myself included) can’t do.

Not everyone likes her. Kira Davis, another black conservative whom I read and respect, does not like Owens. She’s written a lengthy post about her problems with Owens. Davis believes that Owens’ willingness to point the finger of blame at pathologies within the black community isn’t helpful but, instead, just makes her a cute pet for white conservatives.

Obviously, I disagree. I don’t know about Owens being a cute pet, but I do know that I agree with her that blacks need to stop looking to whites, especially white Democrats, to fix them. They have to fix themselves, just as individuals with problems (alcoholism, anorexia, being a jerk) need to fix themselves. When I, an older white woman say that, people either ignore me or call me a racist. It’s harder to do either when a charismatic young black woman says the same. Still, I think Davis’s post is worth reading for its insight into tensions among black conservatives.

On Friday, Owens again showed why she matters to the Blexit movement when she engaged in some wonder social media jujitsu after Chappelle made her the subject of a gross attack because he disagrees with her about George Floyd. What Chappelle can’t stand is that Owens pointed out that, while Floyd’s death may have been a problem, that does not make Floyd was a saintly figure who deserved three funerals and being canonized. Unlike a saint, Floyd didn’t do any acts to show his faith. All he did was take a bunch of drugs and die while a police officer restrained him. Floyd was a lousy human being. He had a long criminal record, including beating and terrorizing a pregnant woman during a home robbery. And even though everyone talked about his trying to get his life together, the reality was that he was taking dangerous illegal drugs in large quantities. This is not a saint and Owens is right to say so.

Chappelle, though, who became well-liked in part for his honesty about racial matters (his blind, black KKK leader sketch is hilarious) was not going to accept anyone attacking the new black saint. In his new comedy special, he didn’t get funny about Owens, which would have been acceptable; he just got vicious in a misogynistic way:

“I seen Candace Owens try to convince white America, ‘Don’t worry about it. He’s a criminal anyway,’” Chappelle says.

“I don’t give a f*** what this n***** did,” Chappelle says, referring to Floyd. “I don’t care what this n***** did. I don’t care if he personally kicked Candace Owens in her stanky p****. I don’t know if it stanks, but I imagine it does. If I ever find out, I’ll let you know for sure.”

Chappelle is off my watch list. Making clever jokes to show your disagreement is one thing. Launching that kind of attack is a complete failure of intellectual and moral decency and competence. Gosh, Dave . . . if only you’d been funny.

Anyway, I said that Owens deserves her reputation because of her social media jujitsu skills. Here’s how she responded to that attack:

I doubt Chappelle will have the courage to take her up on that offer, but it would be interesting if he did.

Black Lives Matter is just another part of the left’s BIG LIE *UPDATED*

What we’re seeing with the Black Lives Matter movement is the BIG LIE — and it’s not the slander that cops are killers. This BIG LIE is even worse.

Right now, a whole lot of us are being bullied to parrot the slogan that “Black Lives Matter.” Before I get further into the weeds here, let me explicitly say that I’m not arguing that black lives don’t matter. I’m saying that the melanin content of people’s skin is irrelevant to me. At the largest level, all lives matter, because I value the human race. I think we do come into the world a blank slate, each of us worthy of respect.

As people move through life, regardless of what they look like, their sex, their chosen bed partners, their choice of job, etc., I continue to treat each person I meet as if he or she matters. I treat everyone nicely and assume (correctly, most of the time), that they’ll treat me nicely too.

However, that respect and niceness stop when people’s behavior moves beyond the pale. I don’t like liars, murderers, thieves, bullies — in other words, I don’t like hardcore leftists. They tell lies and, using those lies as a springboard, they bully and, eventually, kill people to steal their wealth and their liberty.

Believe it or not, despite the move to defund the police, the left’s worst lie isn’t that unarmed blacks are being slaughtered by rogue cops, although that is quite a big lie.  here’s the data:

There are between 39 and 42 million blacks in America, and they make up 13-14% of the American population. They also make up 13.3% of the police officers in America. Police departments are not discriminating in hiring.

After Ferguson, the WaPo started obsessively tracking all police shootings in America. According to that list, in 2019, police shot and killed 1,003 people, 249 of whom were black. Fourteen of those black decedents were unarmed. Those unarmed black victims are equal to around 0.000034% of America’s black population. That is not a black genocide at police hands.

However, even that number is misleading, because while the men killed were not carrying guns, they were all dangerous. Only three of the fourteen officers involved in those shootings were criminally charged.  Another one of the shootings was clearly an accident, while one death remains murky.  As for the other nine deaths, each involved a situation in which the decedent, although not armed with a gun, violently attacked officers.

The most common weapon used to attack officers was a car. One person tried to choke the officer.  The news reports don’t detail the other non-gun weapons the decedents used against the police, but we can assume fingernails, fists, knees, feet (shod or unshod), and anything nearby that could be used as weapons (rocks, boards, ballpoint pens, etc.). Before police shot one man, he was so violent he sent two police to the hospital and even a taser couldn’t stop him.

Doing the percentages again, in 2019, police officers who’s behavior was so heinous it justified criminal charges killed at most 0.000007% of American blacks. While each of those three deaths was a terrible individual tragedy, it’s scarcely an indictment of policing across America.

But as I said, those lies about police and black deaths, while a powerful weapon in Democrats’ hands are not the BIG LIE.

Here’s the BIG LIE that Democrats and their activist arms (Black Lives Matter, the NAACP, the mainstream media, etc.) tell: They claim that blacks aren’t as good as other races. That’s right, for all their crocodile tears about blacks, they actually see blacks as subhuman beings to be manipulated for power. And sure, some of the people doing the manipulating are blacks themselves. There are always people who are so unprincipled, they will sell anyone down the river….

A little history sets the stage:

When the British began colonizing the Caribbean and North America, slavery was still the norm around the world. Indeed, it was the norm throughout human history.

When you conquered another people,  you had three choices: Walk away from them, which would allow them to fight again; slaughter them all, which was a brutish and wasteful business; or enslave them, which enriched you with their labor. You were especially enriched if you didn’t care whether your slaves lived or died — and that was the way of the world before the Jewish Bible insisted that even slaves had some human rights.

By the early 17th century, 1,600 years of Biblical teaching (both Old and New Testament) was raising Europeans up from a world in which cruelty, including slavery, was interwoven in the fabric of people’s lives. Still, when the British started colonizing areas in which sugar, tobacco, cotton, and indigo could be grown, slavery was still acceptable enough that it was seen as the most economically feasible way to create wealth in the new world and transfer it to the old.

The British originally tried to use the Irish, whom they despised, as their slaves. That effort failed only because the Irish, stubbornly, kept dying from heat and malaria in the intemperate climates found in the Caribbean and the American south.

That’s why the British turned to African marketplaces, where they bought people whom warring tribes had kidnapped and Muslim traders sold. It was a “trade” because everyone was involved, including the Africans themselves. Indeed, the legal case in America that established slavery as an acceptable practice came about because Anthony Johnson, a free black man who had come to America as an indentured servant, went to court when another black man claimed to be an indentured servant (subject to release) rather than Johnson’s slave.

As the 17th century turned into the 18th century, something happened in America, a combination of the Enlightenment and the Great Awakening. A large segment of the population realized that we are all God’s children. Moreover, they could no longer ignore that the 8th Commandment (Thou shalt not steal) must apply to stealing liberty as well as to stealing property.

The slave owners weren’t stupid. They knew this to be true. As the world modernized and civilized, the only way they could justify their economic dependence on slavery was to dehumanize people of African descent. Once they were dehumanized, like a dog or a cow, the 8th Commandment no longer applied.

Dehumanizing. That’s what it’s all about. That’s the really BIG LIE.

In 2020, the era of government dehumanization that supported both slavery and Jim Crow is gone. Less than 15% of the population consists of people who were older than about five or ten in 1964, when the Civil Rights Act went into effect. In other words, only a small percentage of the American population felt the effect of systematic and systemic racism — or was responsible for it.

As those of us who grew up in the 1970s and 1980s know, there was lingering cultural racism going on even after all governments were banned from institutionalizing racism. Perpetrators did it in a spirit of stupidity or ignorance. We know better now, whether we’re Paula Deen or Ralph Northam and Joy Behar, neither of whom is as “woke” as s/he pretends to be. That attitude, thankfully, is gone from all but the most ignorant or meanspirited.

Yet despite sixty years of legal and cultural change, blacks are still being dehumanized. They are still being treated as less than fully human. And those heinous behaviors are still coming from the Democrat party, a party that is now wholly given over to the far left.

It’s the left that claims that blacks, unlike all other human beings in history are incapable of rising above past prejudice. And no, it’s not because of their skin color. Asians are easily distinguishable from whites, and they used to be subject to ferocious discrimination. Less than eighty years ago, President Franklin Roosevelt (a Democrat) threw every Japanese person in America, whether native-born or not, into concentration camps. But the Asians are doing very well in America despite that, earning the nickname “model minority.” Other recognizably non-white populations (e.g., East Asians who come from the poverty and dysfunction of India or Hispanics who don’t buy into the victim myth) do well too.

But leftists tell blacks that it is impossible for them to rise above poverty, damaging cultural behaviors, or the psychic pain of stupid people saying stupid things. Unlike every other group in America for the past three hundred years, leftists assure blacks and each other that blacks cannot overcome being downtrodden. They cannot do well in school because they’re downtrodden. They cannot be responsible at their jobs because they’re downtrodden. They cannot resist the lure of violence and crime because they’re downtrodden. They cannot stay away from substance abuse because they’re downtrodden. They cannot stay married and raise their children in stable, two-parent homes because they’re downtrodden.

What leftists are really saying is that blacks are genetically defective because of their race. If you’re born black, the leftist world view holds that you’re infantile, a creature of uncontrollable impulses, and neither very bright nor capable of hard work. If this sounds familiar, it’s because it’s exactly what leftists said of blacks in 1960 and 1860 and 1760 to justify enslaving them or otherwise depriving blacks of their civil rights: Blacks aren’t fully human. They can’t handle rights or responsibility or education . . . or freedom. The only difference this time around is that leftists phrase their insults in gentle, loving terms, thereby tying blacks to their abusers.

No wonder that blacks abort their children in such extraordinary numbers. They’re being told by the people they trust most that they’re less than human. For those helpless, defective people, Planned Parenthood (just as Margaret Sanger intended 100 years ago) is there to help. In public, it insists that Black Lives Matter. Behind clinic doors, it’s the biggest killer of blacks in American history.

So there’s the BIGGEST LEFTIST LIE OF ALL: Blacks are not fully realized human beings. They never have been and they never will be. That’s why I hate leftists, regardless of their race, color, gender, sexual orientation, sexual identity, or whatever label they plaster on themselves and on others. They always dehumanize people, whether to use them, as they do with blacks to get votes or with slaves to get labor, or to slaughter them, as they did the Jews and the gypsies.

Incidentally, at a subliminal level, all leftists understand that theirs is a binary system. They’re either at the top or the bottom. Right now, it’s amusing to see the purges going on, with leftists attacking other leftists. It’s the Mensheviks and Bolsheviks all over again. But when you see the frantic virtue signaling, with every business in America trying to outdo all the other businesses by showing more empathy for blacks than the next person or by confessing more guilt, this is what you’re seeing:

Every one of the people lining the street as Kim Jong-Il’s body was carried away was trying to cry louder than the next person. It’s like the old joke about the bear:

A bear surprises two hikers. One of them takes off at a dead run. The other hollers after him, “What are you doing? You can’t outrun a bear!” The first hiker, still running, hollers over his shoulder, “I don’t have to outrun the bear. I just have to outrun you.”

Right now, the virtue signalers are trying to outrun each other. Those that survive, the fastest and most agile, will then turn their deadly attention to you. They’re already dehumanizing you. Remember what Hillary said? You’re a “basket of deplorables.” Joe Biden just announced that 10-15% of Americans just “are not very good people.”

When I go on my Facebook feed and look at what the lefties post, what’s as interesting as the articles they post attacking Trump and Trump supporters is the chorus in the comments. Each commenter piles on frantically, trying to be more insulting than the next person in describing people, rather than challenging ideas: “Piece of sh*t,” “disgusting,” “disgusting white trash,” “clowns,” “slug,” “moron,” “bitch,” “dick.”

Blexit is the best thing that could ever happen to blacks but they’ve been so brainwashed into believing that they’re less than human, that their turning away from the loving hand promising to drag them out of the animal kingdom into which the left has placed them and place them where they rightfully belong, up here with the rest of the children of God.

UPDATE: This woman gets it (language warning):

(The image at the top of this post was the official “logo” of the 18th century British Anti-Slavery Party, which arise from the Great Awakening, a Christian Evangelical Movement.)

Who is Jussie Smollett and Why Exactly Should I Care?

Jussie Smollett is allegedly an actor. Couldn’t prove it by me. That’s him in the picture. Jussie was allegedly the victim of a very unusual crime recently. It staggers the imagination. Really.

Jussie lives in Chicago, and says he was allegedly the subject of a racial and homophobic attack on his way back from a Subway restaurant. At 2:00 AM.

Okay! There”s at least a hint of plausibility there. The temperature was -21°. Plus whatever wind chill there was.. They call Chicago the “Windy City”. I’ve been there. They’re not lying. Personally I’d have to be pretty doggone hungry to go out for a sandwich at 2AM, when the temperature was -21°, and I had to walk to get there. I’d probably lick the picture on the Cheerios box before I’d go out for a sub in weather like that, but that’s just me!

According to Jussie (think “Once upon a time”), he was on the phone with his agent when the attack occurred. Oddly enough, neither man would submit his phone to the police to be examined. Strange! He said that two men in ski masks, dressed in black, poured bleach on him, shouting “This is MAGA country!” and hung a noose around his neck.

Now, as the liberals say, “If true”… this would be a terrible thing. The police scoured all the available video and did come up with two figures walking. They are said to be “persons of interest”, but not suspects, as the video was captured 15 – 30 minutes before the alleged attack took place and they were moving away from where the attack took place.

“This is MAGA country!” I’ve never heard anyone outside of Twitter say anything like that, but if they did, would they say it in the very bluest city in one of the bluest states in the nation? Consider my credulity strained.

Oh, and the video they have of the victim show him moving out of the range of one camera and a minute later, into view of another, this time with a piece of rope around his neck, like a necktie. This might suggest that the entire “attack” took less than a minute, and afterwards, the victim casually strolled away without so much as a backward glance over his shoulder to see if his attackers might be in pursuit.

First thing, if it did happen, it would have to be premeditated. One doesn’t typically stroll around the streets of a major metropolitan city carrying a bottle of bleach and a rope. And your plan involves standing outside in -21 degree weather, with a humongous wind chill factor on the outside chance you’re going to find a black, gay liberal? At 2AM?? Heck of a plan, Brownie!

I’m told that household bleach freezes at around 18 – 19 degrees Fahrenheit. So, what? I pour bleach into a smaller bottle and keep it under my parka, to keep it liquid, hoping to heck that it doesn’t leak, or splash back on my all black outfit when I douse my eventual target? Good plan! We’ll call your black outfit with random bleach spots “Exhibit A” at your trial!

The reports don’t say what the “victim” was wearing, but unless he’s a complete moron, wouldn’t he have most of his face covered? Ski mask, scarf, hoodie, wool cap…something to keep him warm? How then did these two geniuses identify him as the black, gay cast member of a TV show they may or may not watch?

I won’t say there are holes in this guy’s story. I won”t say there are holes in Swiss cheese. I’ll just let the facts speak for themselves.


Mike A.K.A. Proof writes at Proof Positive

Photo by iDominick

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Are You Better Off Today Than You Were 8 Years Ago?

I think it’s worth remembering something Ronald Reagan said at the last debate against the incumbent Jimmy Carter a week before the 1980 election.

Here’s what then candidate Reagan said:

Next Tuesday is Election Day. Next Tuesday all of you will go to the polls, will stand there in the polling place and make a decision. I think when you make that decision, it might be well if you would ask yourself, are you better off than you were four years ago? Is it easier for you to go and buy things in the stores than it was four years ago? Is there more or less unemployment in the country than there was four years ago? Is America as respected throughout the world as it was? Do you feel that our security is as safe, that we’re as strong as we were four years ago? And if you answer all of those questions yes, why then, I think your choice is very obvious as to whom you will vote for. If you don’t agree, if you don’t think that this course that we’ve been on for the last four years is what you would like to see us follow for the next four, then I could suggest another choice that you have.

We’ve lived under 8 years of Obama and are c0nsidering his acolyte to add at least 4 more.

Are you better off than you were 8 years ago?

  • Inflation is tamed but the result of that has been consecutive bubbles in the stock market that benefit the rich at the expense of the middle class or those living on a fixed income.
  • The unemployment statistics have been rigged. If we captured unemployment statistics using the same methodology in place in 1980 the unemployment rate would be double the current rate of 4.9%, with over a third of the country outside of the labor force.
  • Medical costs continue to soar, as does the cost of insurance. While Obamacare promised to boost access, it hasn’t delivered with an increasing number of insurers leaving the exchange market, leaving consumers with often no insurance choice at all.

Is America respected throughout the world as it was?

  • Ask the Chinese who are busy turning the western Pacific into their swimming pool.
  • Or the Russians who shot down an airliner full of civilians, annexed a chunk of a neighbor, and support a regime that made a joke of Obama’s red lines.
  • Or ISIS who formed in the power vacuum left in Iraq after Obama refused to negotiate a status of forces agreement with the Iraqi government.
  • Or the Taliban who is gradually reestablishing the safe haven that it once had that provided the launching pad for the greatest mass murder in American history.
  • Or North Korea which continues to refine its nuclear and missile capabilities without censure.
  • Or the Jihadis who have struck dozens of times in Europe, killing hundreds all over the continent and making Americans who travel there think twice, the way we once did when we traveled to the Middle East in the 1970s.

Do you feel that our security is as safe, that we’re as strong as we were eight years ago?

  • The Boston Marathon bombing.
  • The Pulse Nightclub attack in Orlando.
  • The San Bernardino massacre.
  • The Fort Hood shooting.
  • The Recruiting Center shooting in Chattanooga.
  • The 2016 Attack on the Dallas Police.

And how about the relations between the races after 8 years of America’s first black president?

  • The 2009 BART riots after the police shooting of Oscar Grant.
  • The 2010 BART Verdict riots. Another one occurred weeks later.
  • The 2010 Westlake district riots after police gun down a Guatemalan immigrant.
  • The 2012 Anaheim riots after multiple police shootings in which Manuel Diaz was killed.
  • The 2013 Flatbush riots after NYPD shoot and kill Kimani Gray.
  • The 2014 Ferguson riots after Michael Brown was shot and killed by Fergusson police.
  • The 2014 riots in NYC, Berkeley, and other cities after a grand jury refuses to indict Eric Garner.
  • The 2015 Baltimore riots after the death of Freddy Gray.
  • The 2016 riots in New York, Baton Rouge, St. Paul, Chicago and other cities after the police shootings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile.
  • The 2016 riots in Milwaukee.
  • The 2016 riots in Charlotte after the shooting of Keith Lamont Scott by police.
  • And the year isn’t over.

As Reagan said, “And if you answer all of those questions yes, why then, I think your choice is very obvious as to whom you will vote for.” That choice today would be Hillary Clinton. And if you don’t, then your choice is clear. Donald Trump may not be Ronald Reagan, but having lived through the nightmare of the 1970s not once but TWICE thanks to Hillary and Obama, he is the only sensible choice.

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Do Black Lives Matter or does only the narrative matter?

Obama spokesman Josh Earnest revealed a deeper truth when he said of US engagement with ISIS that we are “in a narrative fight.” How true. In all matters, the Left shapes a narrative untethered from reality — and then forced American law and culture to conform to this narrative. Nowhere is this more apparent than with Black Lives Matter.

The Leftist Narrative Does Not Care About Black Lives

If Black Lives Matter, the protesters would be in Obama’s Chicago every single day, standing as a human bulwark protecting innocent people from the killers among them.

If Black Lives Matter, the protesters would spread out to failing schools and (a) help maintain order so that children can learn and (b) impress upon the children that knowledge is the key to freedom and personal financial stability.

If Black Lives Matter, the protesters would be agitating for right-to-carry laws in majority black communities so that law-abiding citizens can readily defend themselves against men who ignore the gun control laws controlling America’s most dangerous communities.

If Black Lives Matter, the protesters would be working as hard as possible to shut down all of the Planned Parenthood facilities situated (as Margaret Sanger once dreamed) in primarily black communities that often abort more black babies than are born.

If Black Lives Matter, we would accord American blacks the dignity of expecting them to conform to the life plan that sees so many white people achieving economic stability: get educated, get married, get a job, have children, and make sure daddy sticks around. Instead, the professional Left contends that it’s racist to preach this colorblind conduct to an American cohort that, in the early 1960s was ascending the economic ladder based on this behavior until Johnson’s Great Society chased fathers out of the home in favor of welfare checks from Uncle Sam.

If Black Lives Matter, the infamous “talk” that black parents have with their children wouldn’t tell them that whites are out to get them but would, instead, tell them (a) in any interaction with police, follow their orders and save your fight with them, if you have one, for later when you won’t get shot and (b) reinstate the black middle-class pattern predating the Great Society: education, marriage, children…. Parents would teach their children to become masters of their destiny, not flotsam and jetsam drifting through increasingly perilous waters to an inevitable violent death.

To read more, please go here.

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[AUDIO] A dramatic reading of a rebuttal to Lionel Shriver’s plea to end “cultural appropriation” totalitarianism

A new thing called cultural appropriation is suddenly in the news lately. Just yesterday, designer Marc Jacobs was in the news because the Social Justice Warriors were appalled that his runway models — mostly white — wore fake, multi-colored dreadlocks.  (SJWs have a real problem with white people wearing dreads.) That they said, speaking in English, which is probably not a “heritage tongue” for many of them, was impermissible cultural appropriation. To his credit, Jacobs had a great bitchy comeback and refused to apologize. Jacobs is not the only cultural icon pushing back against the totalitarian impulse behind the SJW’s attacks on so-called “cultural appropriation.”

Lionel Shriver, a well-known American novelist, got invited to give the keynote speech at the Brisbane [Australia] Writer’s Festival. Her speech was entitled “Fiction and Identity Politics.” However, she had a surprise for an audience expecting her to tell them that the only person who can write about American Blacks is an American Black, the only person who can write about gay men is a gay man, etc.  Instead, she launched a polite and comprehensive attack against the stifling effect on fiction when an author stands accused of cultural appropriation. For those of us who value free speech, and who fear the totalitarian instincts behind the social justice warrior’s attacks on free speech through the vehicle of identity politics, it was a call to arms:

I hate to disappoint you folks, but unless we stretch the topic to breaking point this address will not be about “community and belonging.” In fact, you have to hand it to this festival’s organisers: inviting a renowned iconoclast to speak about “community and belonging” is like expecting a great white shark to balance a beach ball on its nose.

The topic I had submitted instead was “fiction and identity politics,” which may sound on its face equally dreary.

But I’m afraid the bramble of thorny issues that cluster around “identity politics” has got all too interesting, particularly for people pursuing the occupation I share with many gathered in this hall: fiction writing. Taken to their logical conclusion, ideologies recently come into vogue challenge our right to write fiction at all. Meanwhile, the kind of fiction we are “allowed” to write is in danger of becoming so hedged, so circumscribed, so tippy-toe, that we’d indeed be better off not writing the anodyne drivel to begin with.

A good start to a speech, right? It got better from there. Shriver’s factual starting point was an incident at Bowdoin College, a small, prestigious liberal arts college way up in Maine (annual tuition around $45,000). Bowdoin’s grammatically creative “purpose” statement promises that it offers incoming students an “intellectual challenge and personal growth in the context of an active and engaged learning community closely linked to the social and natural worlds”:

A liberal education cultivates the mind and the imagination; encourages seeking after truth, meaning, and beauty; awakens an appreciation of past traditions and present challenges; fosters joy in learning and sharing that learning with others; supports taking the intellectual risks required to explore the unknown, test new ideas and enter into constructive debate; and builds the foundation for making principled judgments. It hones the capacity for critical and open intellectual inquiry – the interest in asking questions, challenging assumptions, seeking answers, and reaching conclusions supported by logic and evidence. A liberal education rests fundamentally on the free exchange of ideas – on conversation and questioning – that thrives in classrooms, lecture halls, laboratories, studios, dining halls, playing fields, and dormitory rooms.Ultimately, a liberal education promotes independent thinking, individual action,and social responsibility.  (Emphasis mine.)

Think of this self-praise when you think of the incident Shriver talks about:  Two well-respected Bowdoin students threw a tequila party for a friend and, in keeping with the theme, gave guests little miniature sombreros:

To read more (and hear the audio), please go here.

The Bookworm Beat 9/6/16 — the “cough, cough, cough” edition and open thread

Hillary’s cough has sounded awfully familiar to me — and today I finally figured out what Hillary’s endless coughing jags bring to mind. To back up a minute, though. . . .

As anyone following the news knows, Hillary’s been coughing a lot . . . an awful lot. Just today, while campaigning in Cleveland, Hillary practically coughed a lung out. Moreover, she was rude enough to cough into her hand, which has been de trop ever since the swine floor, rather than her elbow, the more socially acceptable way to cough:

Watching Hillary hack away, I finally figured out where I’ve heard that cough before. Think back, way back, to the Ernie Kovacs Show. I’m too young to have watched it in its first iteration, but I did see it when it was replayed on PBS back in the 1970s. One of the images that stayed with me was Kovacs’ character “Eugene,” who brings sound effects to everything he does. Near the end of a sketch, he checks out the books on a shelf, with one of those books being Camille (the English translation of Alexander Dumas fils’ La Dame aux Camélias). I’ve queued the following clip to the correct moment, but if it doesn’t start correctly, go to 9:51.

Yup. Hillary sounds exactly like the consumptive prostitute coughing in Ernie Kovacs’ comedic moment. I won’t draw any analogies, although I can’t help but add that the prostitute in Camille was surprisingly virtuous, ending any actual comparison with Hillary. What I will say is that I’m glad to have chased down the fugitive memory that was haunting me every time I heard Hillary hack.

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