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Angela Rye, a case study in Racial Obsession Syndrome

First the story

Appearing as a guest on Tuesday’s CNN Newsroom with Carol Costello, liberal CNN political commentator Angela Rye hyperbolically asserted that Donald Trump’s “Make America Great Again” slogan reminds her of slavery and the days when black Americans were assaulted with dogs and water hoses.

Even though the Republican presidential candidate has stated that the 1980s is an era that he believes America was “great,” and has focused on jobs lost by what he believes are unfair trade deals as factors in America not being as “great” as in the past, the CNN commentator linked his slogan to the days of extreme racism against the black population: “I also think when you start your campaign with a slogan like ‘Make America Great Again,’ when some of us hear shackles in our minds or we hear dogs and see fire hoses, that’s not an era we want to go back to.”

Now, Ryes response, no matter how idiotic, should be no surprise. After all, anyone who has ever listened to her understands she would find something racist in ordering a hot dog at a baseball game… Read the rest here

Media Pushes CNN Poll showing Trump Drop and Ignore Zogby Poll, NBC Poll showing Trump Bump

Did you watch the debate on CNN last Wednesday? No? Well neither did 54% of the people that responded to the CNN Poll that the media headlined as Trump drops, Fiorina jumps. The largest block of respondents – 32% – admit that they only listened to the media coverage after the debates and not the debate itself. And add in another 18% who offered an opinion on the debates yet neither saw the debates or listened to the coverage in the days that followed. That means that half of the respondents either made up their opinions without facts or allowed the biased media to mold their opinion.

And to set the debate in proper perspective, 44% of the questions were either to Trump or mentioned Trump. And I do not recall a single question mentioning Trump that was not some kind of attack on him. There were no questions designed to give a sense of Trump’s accomplishments, only those that focused on what CNN hoped would be negatives as far as Trump is concerned. And there were no questions that highlighted the failures of the Obama Administration and how the candidates would handle things differently. In fact, it seemed to me that whenever any candidate started criticism of either Obama or the Democrat candidates, the moderators shut them down.

So it is my opinion that both the debate and the poll are seriously flawed and any conclusions one may draw from either are basically useless.


While the media talked up Fiorina as the big winner and Trump falling like a stone (after a debate designed to do just that) there are a number of questions and statistics in the CNN poll that the media simply ignored because they didn’t fit the narriative that CNN was trying to push. And don’t think for one minute that Fox News wasn’t on the same page as CNN. There were several other polls that have come out since the debate that no one was reporting. More on those later. For now, let’s look at the internal numbers in the CNN poll and what they tell us.

If you want to look at the numbers CNN released, the poll itself is here in pdf format.

One of the first things I noticed is 20-30% of those polled had never heard of most of the candidates. Trump and Bush had the highest name recognition where pretty much everyone had heard of Trump and 7% had not heard of Jeb Bush. And I would wonder how many of those 7% thought Jeb was a former president. Fiorina was the 3rd least recognized – even after the debate – with 30% never hearing of her. Only Scott Walker (35%) and John Kasich (39%) did worse.

Now let’s take a look at some of the demographics within the CNN poll between Trump and Fiorina.


Men Women Winner
Trump 26% 21% Trump
Fiorina 14% 17%

Trump gets support from more men and more women than Fiorina.


< $50,000 > $50,000 College? Winner
Trump 21% 25% 21% Trump
Fiorina 10% 19% 16%

Trump wins in all income groups and does better among college educated voters.

Political Ideology

Independent Republican Conservative Winner
Trump 14% 28% 21% Trump
Fiorina 21% 12% 19%

Fiorina bests Trump with Independents, but Trump does far better among Republicans and Conservatives

On Issues

The Economy Illegal immigration Foreign policy Social issues, such as abortion and same-sex marriage
Trump 44% 47% 22% 15%
Fiorina 11% 4% 8% 14%

So while the media chooses to focus on the fact that after a barrage of 44% of the questions being designed to damage Trump he falls 8 points from the previous poll prior to the debate, no media outlet is reporting on the areas that did not change. On the economy Trump fell just 1 point from the previous CNN poll, he gained 3% on illegal immigration and fell 4 points on Social issues. There was no prior polling on foreign policy.

So despite falling in the overall numbers in the CNN poll, Trump remained steady on the important issues and blows the rest of the candidates away.

But as I watched Fox News this weekend, they reported over and over on the CNN poll, but not a peep on the Zogby Poll that was released on Saturday showing Trump increased his lead to 33% up from 31% pre-debate. Zogby does show Fiorina with a bump, but only to 7% up from 2%. And Zogby also shows the same in the demographics – Trump leads among every group.

Real estate mogul Trump has widened his lead to 20 points in a brand new Zogby Analytics poll taken after the second Republican presidential debate. The new poll of 405 likely Republican primary/caucus voters nationwide with a margin of sampling error of +/- 5.0 percentage points, conducted September 18-19, shows Mr. Trump with 33% (up 2 points from his pre-debate 31%). In second place is neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson who actually dropped 3 points to 13%. Former Hewlett Packard CEO Carly Fiorina, widely considered to be the big winner in the debate, moved up from just 2% last week to 7% and fourth place in the new poll – just 2 points behind former Florida Governor Jeb Bush’s 9% (which is exactly where he was last week).

Texas Senator Ted Cruz moves up a point to 5%, followed by Florida Senator Marco Rubio, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, and Ohio Governor John Kasich all tied at 4%. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, who by many accounts, had a good debate night, stayed at 3%.

The biggest losers in the post-debate poll – besides Dr. Carson’s drop – were Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker who fell from 5% to 2% and former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee who polled 2% (down from 4%).

Mr. Trump’s lead is across the board, among most major sub-groups – 36% among men, 30% with women, 30% Republicans, 39% independents, 29% moderates, and 31% conservatives.

And another poll ignored by the media for the most part (NBC and MSNBC reported the poll, but it was their poll) was a NBC poll conducted 9/16 – 9/18 with the bulk of responses after the second debate. Fiorina showed a bump in this poll, but the bump was more in line with Zogby’s findings as she went from 8% the previous poll to 11%, a 3 point bump. Trump, however, went from 22% to 29%. Also in line with the Zogby poll direction for Trump. And this poll showed similar drops in support for Scott Walker as the others.

So with 2 out of 3 polls showing increased polling numbers for Trump, it seems pretty clear that the media – including Fox News – have an agenda for selecting the next president that excludes Trump.

Establishment Republicans, Democrats and mainstream media have all united against Trump and in favor of any other candidate. And a lot of people find that to be a good reason to support Donald Trump.


Article written by: Tom White

My Question for the CNN Reagan Library GOP Debate: Are Economic Sanctions on Iran Moral

If I were permitted one and only one question for the 16 (Let us hope Gov. Gilmore is invited) candidates at the September 16 debate hosted by CNN and held at the Reagan Library it would be this:

Iranian economic sanctions:  Most of the GOP field seems to be for them even though one prominent US Senator suggested the effect was to ruin or destroy the Iranian economy.  How do you defend as moral economic sanctions that hurt innocent people that have no say in their own government?  If not, how would you change the sanctions regime?

I plan to send this post to CNN for their consideration.

Here is the blog post on the Senator who supports sanctions even though it is hurting the economy.

Here is another about the morality of sanctions with a surprise.

Article written by: Elwood "Sandy" Sanders