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Jeffrey A. Friedberg
Jeffrey A. Friedberg

Article, by Jeffrey A. Friedberg






The Left is so smart.

The Left is so smart, they are cancelling everything they may disagree with.

Cancelled: from conservative blogs, to college professors—thereby cutting off a harmless way for arm-chair warriors to self-express, vent, and post slogans.

They are closing those conservative routes of expression and protest.

What could possibly go wrong?

The Left is always “smart,” am I right?

They say, “smart,” all the time. Smart this, and smart that. As in, “Lord Obama engaged in ‘smart leadership.'”

It’s just smart.

It’s smart.

So—by cutting off harmless conservative outlets, the Left will no longer see things they might disagree with. You know, as in, the “Conservative Poison,” that gets posted, which they seem to fear.

In turn, those conservatives, posting slogans like,  “molon labe…lock and load…I kneel only to God,” and all that other leftist anathema—those “folks” now have conservative outlets closed to them.

No doubt they will just go away. The Evil Conserves. No doubt they now have no reason to “protest.”

No doubt they now have nowhere else to go. Nowhere else to disapprove or object to the Leftist takeover of America. And no other way of stating their “message.”

Conservatives are thereby stumped, cut off, pent up, frustrated, and…oh…I read where they are also, angry.”

But that will never cause a problem, am I right?

Leftists are too smart for that. It’s smart to be “smart.” They will just shut down the Conserves, shut them up, pen them in, eliminate them, remove their voices from Earth (the planet), and make them go away. Maybe even kill them.

I mean—what could go wrong with that?


When We Knew Who We Were–And What Restroom To Use.”


Jeffrey A. Friedberg – Impolite, and Brief

DEMS, 2020


There was a time….

….Not so long ago, when we knew who we were.

And we knew what rest-room to use.

America was Good.

Communism, drugs, criminals, poo in the street, and perversion were Bad.

But, Democrats, in 2019–with thanks to Barry Soetoro (Barack “Lightning” Obama)–have turned that all around, inside out, and upside down. 

We are told that a man can menstruate or give birth to a baby. That a woman can out-lift a weight-lifter, is more powerful than a locomotive, leap the tallest building in a single bound, outrun a bullet, lead a revolution, make another woman pregnant, or a man. Or something.

We are commanded that our children WILL “share” same-sex restrooms, showers, and facilities–with WHOMever–and that we WILL love it.

The most grotesque, bizarre, make-up clown-looking “drag queens” will roll–abdomen-to-abdomen–on the floor with our children in libraries, and we WILL love it.


We will honor, worship, and obey–homosexual, gay, lesbian, queer, cis-not-whatever, and every “transgender” whim. To criticize one of these “folks” is hate speech.

To speak the truth about “folks,” other than straight whites,  or about “religions,” other than Christianity, is hate speech.

Captialism BAD. Communism GOOD.

Orange Man BAD. Falling down Old Lady GOOD.

Misspelled words from Trump BAD. Murdered babies by Democrats GOOD.

“Nobody’s ‘grabbing’ THIS Pussy!” –

…and so-on. I could continue, but you know all this already.

There was a time when going to the movies was “safe.”

Sissy Spacek, CARRIE (1976) –

You knew that no heads would be ripped off. No faces would be eaten. That no blood would geyser. No eyes would be gouged out. That a woman would not give birth to the Devil’s son.

Mia Farrow, ROSEMARY’S BABY (1968) –

You dressed up for, “the movies.” You went with a date. You could afford To buy the tickets and snacks. You were shown to your seat by a polite usher with a flashlight. Popped corn could be had with actual, real, melted butter.

Nobody talked to–or yelled at–the screen.

You could see a triple feature on Saturday for a quarter.

You knew the movie was safe. You were safe. It was about a couple of crazy kids who wanted to get married. They went through tribulations, decisions, and altercations–but the girl eventually wound up with the right boy.

Movies back then were meant to be enjoyed.

They were escapist. They were safe. They were adventures to be enjoyed. They were morality plays. They told you how to live. They told you what not to do.

Movies taught the difference between right and wrong. Movies replaced Grand Mythology, but with the same lessons and information.

Not like 2019.


Today, all “entertainment” seems bent upon destroying America, obliterating its sweet traditions, and crushing the American spirit.

“Socialism” is really Communism.

And for a hundred years– Democrats have desperately wanted to replace our Golden Age with their own, repressive, Totalitarian Rule.

Thankfully, They are Now Out In The Open. Their masks are off. They no longer lie and obfuscate.


Because they think they can win the election in 2020.

Or–with their armed military wing–disrupt and cancel it. Nullify the election. Declare a “mistrial,” and themselves Winners Over Everything. Über alles….


America. What will be left of your Golden Age?

In 1931–Just 88 Years Ago….


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