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Vassar Bushmills

The Grand Game

Almost everyone has a opinion about Twitter and Facebook. Conservatives consider them capricious in the way they handle “political speech” on their sites, rewarding Leftist views while punishing flag-waving Love-America attitudes.

Both are hostile to American-style democracy and values.

But as long as the American political class, including Republicans, is in the grip of elitists who want to permanently disenfranchise Americans who are below their standard for full citizenship, (approximately 92%), we simply have to learn to make-do with this circumstance until we can show these people the door. That’s already a work in progress.

Either way, there will be an eventual reckoning.

Along with Google, I believe Facebook to be a world-class malevolence on a totally different level than Twitter. G&F engage in the dark arts of blending mass mind-control and subliminal messaging with the general idea that humankind can be molded into any living, breathing shape they would want us to be.

Heavy stuff.

World thinkers began seeing the dark possibilities of this futuristic world as early as the 1920s, even before movies had become talkies. By the 1950s television had hypnotized America’s children, proving the power of free commercial advertising to sell sugar-coated cereal to kids who hadn’t two dimes in their pockets. Vance Packard called these “hidden persuaders”, pointing his finger at Madison Avenue in our golden age of mass media in the 1950s. But in the 1930s it was called “propaganda” when the only tools the state could employ were radio and the superman film imagery of Leni Riefenstahl. Leave it to American admen to transform those tools to a free market.

It was only a matter of time before newer and more subtle technologies would get out in front of this desire to manipulate and control the masses for both profit and control.

As for the skin ordinary Americans have in this game of thrones, Individual Liberty is a very recent insertion into human history. And since it was so commonplace in America, Americans generally lost sight of just how precious jewel it is. So, we stopped teaching this to our children 1-2 generations ago. The absence of that teaching partly explains the kinds of people we see today on Twitter.

The general idea has been than with the magic of technology super-men can control other men without the jack-boot thuggery once required to subjugate them. Just watch people walk around like Zombies today, looking at their cell phones while tripping over sidewalks and, if old enough, you will be reminded of children being sold Lucky Charms on Saturday morning TV.

In this state leftists believe they can avoid having to send all but the religious off to re-education camps.

It’s believed that once we lose this taste for individual liberty it will be lost forever, since there is already  diminishing knowledge as to how human freedom came into being in the first place. And no known academic discipline to inquire how or when it might arise again[…]

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Vassar Bushmills

From a political fad in 2016, to a trend after the 2018 mid-terms, Infanticide has become a full blown rallying cry for Democrats around blue state America. Our Lady Penguin laid this development bare just a few days ago in her “a murder by any other name is still murder” expose of the new Infanticide law in New York, and the effort by other states, New Mexico, Rhode Island, and Virginia to get on the Execution train even before it’s left the station.

No one can say in  prose what every moral human in America must feel about this outrage better than Lady Penguin. So read it.

I’ll only speak to the speed with this band-wagon effect has developed, meaning that the Left has taken full leave of its moral senses (killing babies) without any forthought about what killing babies really means.

If you want a 3-minute mind-picture of just what killing babies is like, I offer this testimony of a now-reformed New York abortion doctor, Dr Lavatino, who describes a second tri-mester abortion in detail. (I know, it’s not how you had it pictured. “Hey, there’s a real person in there, a real breathing baby”…and a doctor has to take that child out piece-by-piece and stack its parts up like cordwood to make sure they got everything. Probably not even most of the foot-stomping “absolute right to do whatever I want with my body” shriekers know that’s how it’s done, or that some clinics now have on-staff nurses whose sole purpose is to muffle the crying sounds of the victim, just so everyone in the room can walk out guilt-free. How medieval.

It’s not just the lies the abortion industry has to tell its victims just to get them into the surgery, but worse, the extraordinary lengths they will go to disguise to themselves, actually self-hypnotize, the barbarism they are committing, even as they commit it.

I’ll guarantee no young pregnant about-to-abort mother has ever pictured her fully-formed 22-week old baby dying this way…for she wouldn’t be there if she did.

Still this reflects an intentional kind of self-delusion that begins with someone else, somewhere else. People behind the curtain. Both the Nazis and Soviets went to great length to pass “those who were about to die’ through several levels of paper-pushing and hand-stamping so that only a handful of men and women would actually come away with blood on their hands. Everyone else had some level of deniability  and conscience assuaging available to them[…]

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NY/NJ Islamic Terrorist Taken into Custody after Gun Battle

Ahmad Khan Rahami, 28-year-old a native Afghani man sought by the FBI and New York/New Jersey law enforcement in Islamic terrorist attacks, one early Saturday in Seagate, New Jersey and another Sunday evening in the Chelsea area of Manhattan, NYC is now in custody after a gun battle with law enforcement.

The episode began to unfold moments after law enforcement sent text alerts to a specified area in Linden, New Jersey informing residents to be on the lookout for the suspected jihadist describing Rahami as “armed and dangerous.”

During the brief shootout, two members of law enforcement were wounded. One officer was hit with flying glass and other took a bullet to the chest but was not seriously wounded due to his bulletproof vest….

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NYC: J’Ouvert, West Indian Parade Violence leaves 2 Dead, 5 Wounded.

It’s that time of the year again when nearly a million revelers from across the globe converge upon Eastern Parkway Brooklyn, New York for the annual Labor Day parade, correction West Indian Day Parade and J’Ouvert Festival.

Recognized for its costumes, colors, food, revelry and display of Caribbean flags everywhere, West Indian Day Parade and J’Ouvert Festival is known for the bloodshed, violence and death that occurs, this year’s festivities being no different.

J’Ouvert “unofficially” begins around midnight even though many of the began weeks to days earlier and yes, it is an all-night celebration of dancers, people dressed up in costumes, some in masks and steel bands on trucks.

Combine that with alcohol, summer weather conditions, drugs, the ingestion of other toxic chemicals non-stop for the next 24 hours, sometimes longer and you have spontaneous combustion — VIOLENCE.

Hours before the sun would rise on this year’s J’Ouvert revelries, two young people would be dead and five others wounded.

Tiarah Shanice Poyau (Facebook).
Tiarah Shanice Poyau (Facebook).

Tiarah Poyau, a 22-year-old student, a St. John’s University grad student (photo above) with a promising future lay dying on a Brooklyn sidewalk after daring to tell some inebriated thug who approached her from behind and began grinding his body against hers to “get off me.” The thug, Reginald Moise, according to witnesses pulled a gun on the 22-year-old killing her instantly.


Tyreke Borel (Facebook)
Tyreke Borel (Facebook)

The other was 17-year-old male from Trinidad and Tobago, Tyreke Borel, a high school senior and aspiring car mechanic  (photo above) killed just hours after his mother warned him not to attend J’Ouvert.

New York Daily News

The mother of 17-year-old Tyreke Borel said through tears Monday that she’d cautioned her son to stay home for J’Ouvert, but the teen had insisted on joining the revelry where he was shot and killed.

“He was just a lovely child who wanted to enjoy the Labor Day. I told him to be safe. But he’s 17. He didn’t want to stay home,” said Alima St. Clair at her Flatbush apartment….

Borel who arrived in New York four years ago was killed at 3:45 a.m. by a stray bullet to the chest at the corner of Empire Boulevard and Flatbush Avenue as he sat alone on a park bench taking a break from the revelry.

Poyau was killed 30 minutes later at 4:15 a.m. shot point blank in the right eye at Empire Boulevard and Franklin Avenue a little more than a block from where Borel was killed.

A 72-year-old woman was shot in the hand and arm, her wounds are not life threatening and a 23-year-old woman who was stabbed declined medical attention and before day’s end, there would be more shootings.

[Particularly, discomforting is the death of Tiarah Poyau who at first glance reminded me of a family member.]

Noted on Poyau (who interned at Price Waterhouse)’s LinkedIn page the following:

My greatest achievement was in Spring of 2014 when I studied abroad in Paris, Rome, and Seville. Apart from being able to get away for a while, I was given the opportunity to push my limits and be responsible for my personal growth and development journey.
Since, I have used all tools available to me to enhance my professional image. My ultimate goal is to be an accountant at a prestigious firm where I can constantly learn new things and pursue opportunities at firm locations around the world.
I am seeking an internship where I can get real-world experience with new technology, learn to communicate effectively with clients, and challenge my intellectual abilities. I am always interested in meeting new people, hearing success stories, and acquiring helpful bits of knowledge at every chance I get.

On her Facebook page is a photograph dating back to May of this year of the deceased dressed as a geisha. As is also the case of young Tyreke Borel, both had the world at their feet but instead two bright lights have been snuffed out by those who have no regard for the life of another.

Some of the incidents occurred during J’Ouvert and the others hours later during the parade. Most occurred within the same area several blocks away from the location where 43-year-old Carey Gabay, an aide to Gov. Andrew Cuomo was killed last year when hit by stray bullets during a shootout between gang rivals.

Gabay and one other person was also shot and killed in the midst of J’Ouvert festivities.

Every year, someone’s blood spills on the streets of Brooklyn during J’Ouvert. Every year someone ends up in the morgue and after each incident profiteers, i.e., party organizers, government bureaucrats, vendors, etc. race baits and takes offense at anyone who complains about the parade’s history or suggests that it should be discontinued.

All pretend that the violence is not that bad, a fluke or out of the ordinary for these events. Many blame those crazy Americans because no one from the Caribbean community would commit such acts of violence.

Before the sun set this Labor Day, De Blasio as his predecessors did before him held a photo op much like last year’s promising to reign in gun possession, crime, street gangs and violence even threatening to make this year’s festivities the last of that which should have been done away with two decades ago.

Then by noon the following day, with last night’s dog and pony on record, all threats suggesting the cessation of these annual festivities are walked back.

While great sound bites to those buying the bull, threats to reign in the possession of firearms are threats against the legal ownership and possession not access to illegal firearms, the tide of which are virtually impossible to control.


In the following video, Commie Bill is talking loud and saying nothing.

Same time, next year.


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Obama Judicial Appointees: ‘Murder Jews, No Harm, No Foul’

As the AP reported, a three judge panel for the U.S. 2nd District Court of Appeals tossed out a $654 million jury verdict for damages against the Palestinian Authority and the PLO today for terrorist attacks it coordinated and sponsored in Israel that killed or wounded Americans.

The court’s ruling was based on a very curious interpretation of the law involved, the U.S. Anti Terrorism Act, which allows American victims of foreign terrorist attacks to sue state sponsors of terrorism in U.S. courts for damages.

The original verdict was the result of a case called Sokolow v. PLO that was tried by jury in the Federal District Court in Manhattan and was brought by American victims and survivors of six terrorist attacks in Israel between 2001 and 2004. The evidence showed clearly that not only had the PLO under Yasser Arafat planned, financed, and executed the attacks but that it continued to pay generous stipends to the perpetrators and their families.

The 2nd Circuit refused to allow any of the evidence linking the Palestinian Authority and the PLO to the attacks and the attackers to be heard, although as a sop, they admitted the attacks occurred and were ‘horrendous’.

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At which point I ask what kind of loser shoots sea otters?

I know, I know, we Conservatives are supposed to hate animals, nature, etc. Well that is simply untrue. In fact it is nothing more than Left wing BS. Take me for example, I am awed by nature, Gods only perfect creation. Yes, I know, he created us, but people and perfection? NAW! Anyway, what loser would shoot a sea otter!

Authorities are on the hunt after someone shot three seaotters in California, according to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

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NYC Pols Defend Nixing TLC English Proficiency and Written Exam for Prospective “Yellow Taxi Drivers”

If you have ever ridden in a New York City yellow cab, odds are that you’ve experienced a cultural and language barrier between yourself and a yellow cab driver, many of whom pretend not to know English until it’s time to collect the fare.

If, like myself, you are an American or from elsewhere and speaks English, then at least once, you have asked yourself, “who did this guy pay off to secure a hack license,” or “who took the English proficiency exam for this individual” or worst yet, “who in the exam room helped this dope to cheat on the test?”

Well wonder no more because as of last Friday, the barriers that appears to have never been in place from the jump have been removed; and so it goes that with the elimination of the NYC Taxi & Limousine Commission (TLC)’s English Proficiency and Written Exam, yellow taxi drivers are no longer required to speak English.

Instead, the exam to acquire a hack license is now available in several languages, “to accommodate non-English speakers” while kicking sand once again in the faces of those of us who believe that not just taxi drivers but anyone with whom we do business in the United States should speak English[…]

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